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Boxcover for Spyboy

Release date: 11/23/2004
Reviewed on: 10/30/2005

Studio: Hot House

Directed by: Max Lincoln
Review brief: I wasn't much impressed by the clunky, over-bearing plot-line here. However, when you find some hotties from the UK (they're not all freckled with bad teeth and pale skin it appears) and mix them with hot Germanic stock from the continent, you have a combination that is sure to make any man cum himself dry. What's more, these boys know how to fuck! The sex is passionate, almost animalistic, and the well-deserved cumshots are the perfect ending to many of these very hot scenes. In scene one: Bonk (Chris Cooke), our spyboy, is engaged in a suck scene with P (his assistant). Towards the end, the voice of Bonk's boss, K, comes over the intercom asking if Bonk is "coming" (the play on words here is with "cumming" of course). P then responds, "soon, sir". However, their's no deep breathing or anything other than normalcy in P's voice so it's hardly believable. P moans a lot and busts nut all over his lower belly. Bonk then coats P's writhing chest (the load was awesome, but Bonk did little more than breathe heavy when he dumped it).
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