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Boxcover for One Way Or The Other
One Way Or The Other 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 8/28/2000

Starring: Jay Richards, Storm, Vincent Demarco
Studio: Sunshine

Directed by: Robert Prion
Review brief: "Attention all you modern-day bareback lovers: Robert Prion's got another one for you!" So says "Keeneye Reeves" at the website. After sitting through this loathsome video, I have two questions for Keeneye: Were we watching the same DVD, and where do I go to get my money back for this dreadful excuse for porn? First of all, the claim that this video contains material of interest to "bareback lovers" is a mighty big stretch: covermodel Rodd Champion (whose overgrown mohawk was SERIOUSLY unattractive) miraculously loses his condom when he pulls out of his partner after ten minutes of rubber-encased fucking. It's too bad that the FTC doesn't investigate false advertising in the adult DVD market... not only was the barebacking grossly exaggerated, but the quality of the manflesh was far from "some of hottest, most hung "normal looking" guys out there".
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