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Boxcover for Sorority Initiations
Sorority Initiations 

Release date: 12/6/2002
Reviewed on: 9/1/2004

Studio: Midnight

Review brief: "Sorority Initiations" Studio: Midnight Producer: Marcus Pinkhunter; Photographer: John Stevens; Casting: Media Model Management Starring: Francesca, Suzy, Joe, Kimberly, John, Stephanie, and Peter. This DVD was basically from a photoshoot. At the beginning of every scene there is sort of an introduction to the couples with a man asking couples if they would like to come model for the day. All of these scenes are done in slow motion and with a camera going off. If you aren't a really patient person this definetly is not for you. Scene One: A very attractive girl (Francesca) and her partner are up first. It takes them a while to undress each other, then there is a very sensual blowjob. There is very little (if any) thrusting involved. Most of the time it is just penetration and posing for the camera. There is some reverse cowgirl and then she turns over and rides him. She has a very beautiful backside that we are treated to. We get to see the piledriver next. She sucks his dick very lightly again and it just finishes with him licking her foot.
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Boxcover for Sorority Babes 2
Sorority Babes 2 

Release date: 9/9/2002
Reviewed on: 8/30/2004

Starring: Pat Myne, Adam Wilde, Shelbee Myne, Bobbi, Lee Stone, Sky Taylor, Sunrise Adams, Summer Tyme
Studio: Dreamland

Review brief: Sorority Babes 2 Studio: Dreamland Starring: Sunrise Adams, Lee Stone, Shelby Mine, Pat Myne, Summer Tyme, Adam Wilde, Sky Taylor, and Bobbi. Scene One: Sunrise Adams and her partner start the scene off with basic touching, getting to know each other. This all takes place in what looks like some kind of a backroom. She gets on her knees and starts to suck him off. I thought I heard someone talking in the very distant background at one point or another during the BJ. He pulls up a chair and starts to eat her out. After a while he turns her around and gets ready for some doggystyle action, but she looked really uncomfortable on that small chair in this position. Next up was some reverse cowgirl. Next thing you know she is on her back and he's giving it to her pretty good. Once again she didn't look too comfortable, this time she had to put her left arm on the floor to keep her balance on the chair. He pulls out and says "open that mouth" and she takes it in the mouth.
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Boxcover for Skipping School
Skipping School 

Release date: 2/6/2002
Reviewed on: 8/29/2004

Starring: Charlie, T.J. Hart, Dominica, Adajja, Zana
Studio: Erotic Angel

Review brief: "Skipping School" Studio: Erotic Angel Stars: Charlie, T.J. Hart, Dominique, Adajja, Zana A Video By: Blake Johnston; Production Manager: Racine Jones; Music By: Lawrence Tisch; Camera Operator: Ricky Howserton; Edited By: Yury Gates; Colorist: Michael Jamestwon; Digital Mastering By: Wasatch Range Bytes I must first say that I am reviewing "Skipping School" from the compilation DVD called "Sorority Sluts" Scene One: The first scene begins with an attractive looking girl (Dominique) standing outside smoking a cigarette and playing around with herself. She is not the biggest breasted girl around, but if you're like me that doesn't matter. A guy startles her and asks if she wants to come inside. Starts off with a very brief blowjob before he turns her over into 69 position. She is constantly busy flipping around her hair at this point instead of focusing on the blowjob. Some nice reverse cowgirl action gets going with good close-ups. She gets on all fours and some really nice doggystyle starts up, there's a bit of hair pulling involved as she tries to look back at him.
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