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Boxcover for Young Cream Pies 12
Young Cream Pies 12 

Release date: 7/24/2004
Reviewed on: 12/9/2005

Studio: New Machine

Review brief: What a MAJOR dissapointment! Featuring 6 scenes of crappy video compilations from the early to mid 90s (I'm guessing the dates from some of the mullet and goofy ass haircuts some of the males have.) Some "lo-lights".... Well, its called cream pies, which means the guys cum inside the girls...with the exception of one girl, we see poor pies with no cream. *Argh!!!!! My EYES!!!!!!!!! Seriously, if I had known Ed Powers was gonna be in this I would have SKIPPED this disc altogether! I dont know about real life..well I do if I judge how (I) have sex...and thats WITHOUT wearing my glasses..oh, and when I DO wear socks, they are nice WHITE SPORT SOCKS..not black dress socks! WTF????????? Another scene has some chick screwing her real life boyfriend... an overweight hispanic guy who just lays there cause his fat ass cant do too I aint got nuthin against overweight people..I used to be 50 lbs over once myself..but I am sure I wouldnt want to be filmed while FAT and naked!..Too much realism for is supposed to about fantasy. All in all, much ado about nothing.
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