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Boxcover for Glory Holes Of Las Vegas
Glory Holes Of Las Vegas 

Release date: 8/9/2005
Reviewed on: 12/21/2005

Starring: Andy Hunter, Steven Richards, Dillon Press, Jason Ridge, Nick Capra, Andrew Adams, Bo Knight, Mario Cruz, Rik Jammer
Studio: Oh Man

Directed by: Bruno Riccelli
Review brief: Synopsis: A guy is seated at a table writing his thoughts in a journal regarding his adventures in seeking out glory holes in Las Vegas. Might be worth a rental if all the Kristen Bjorn & Falcon titles are on long wait... 6/10 rating We get 12 scenes (125 minutes) of okay to decent sex scenes with various buff guys. The sex ranges from glory hole sucking to a differnt rooms/setups where the full sucky/fucky takes place. The nasty talk is present but not in all scenes. There's alot of ball sucking & ass rimming which is decent. One guy takes his cock and shoves it up his own ass and fucks himself. The negative: Too much doggie and not enough missionary. After every scene there is also too much Las Vegas shots...we get it, you're in Vegas and it looks cool at night. Theres also a scene with multi glory holes and various guys that goes nowhere. Nobody cums and nobody fucks. The scene just ends and we get another "Vegas shot" of our guy taking a Gondola boat ride. There's also a scene where a guy plays a priest taking a confession of another man..the confessional is a glory hole.
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Boxcover for Trouser Treats
Trouser Treats 

Release date: 5/22/2004
Reviewed on: 12/21/2005

Studio: Man's Best

Review brief: Synopsis: A bunch of polish guys (non english and they looked Polish) pretend to be architects and business men surveying the woods on where to put a building (I guess) Wow..pathetic...looks like its from the 80s with the clothing style. What we have here is BAD PRODUCT once again from Arena. Two guys fuck and suck in an outhouse. Camera angles are terrible. Video and sound is horrendous. After their romp, they head to some battered building and meet up with a few more guys in bad clothes. They all then have sex while techno music plays.
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Boxcover for Backside Boys
Backside Boys 

Release date: 5/24/2005
Reviewed on: 12/21/2005

Starring: Bob, Rock, Jack, Felipe, Victor, Rodrigo, Alexandre, Diego
Studio: South American Pictures

Review brief: Lo-Down: Another Arena title..and what does that mean? Lame mechanical sex with half hard dicks. Non subtitles. Brazilian or Italian guys. This one really pushes the boundaries of bad product. Running at about 118 minutes, all we get are 4 sex scenes stretched to endurance of patience levels. Nothing original.
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Boxcover for Romans and Gladiators
Romans and Gladiators 

Release date: 9/30/2005
Reviewed on: 12/21/2005

Studio: South American Pictures

Review brief: Another "Arena Title" (This company is lamo) Synopsis: Guy is sitting in his room when all of a sudden a book magically appears on a table. He walks over to the book, opens it and sees a photo of 2 guys kissing. The photo comes alive in the pages and the scene transfers to the guys in the book. This happens 4 tiresome times in about 84 minutes. The last sex scene has one of the people from the book materialize in the guys room, and they then proceed to have the same lame mechanical sex that we seen in the previous 3 segments. Cocks can barely maintain full erection in all the segments. This also had many spots where the disc had minor pixelation. The dvd had zero scratches on it so I guess its a cheap dvd authoring company.
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Boxcover for Stripped Naked
Stripped Naked 

Release date: 3/16/2004
Reviewed on: 12/21/2005

Studio: South American Pictures

Review brief: Lo-Down: 14 sex scenes...actually 7 with the same guys; just stretched out to 14 in the Menu section. 112 minutes. A non English presentation with no subtitles. The guys seemed to be either Brazilian or Italian. No setups or situations..just cheaply produced porn by someone who bought a consumer video camera. Guys walk into camera focus and proceed to suck, and try to shove flacid dicks into man ass. *Yawn The sex was ALL mechanical and lame. Nobody enjoyed anything. They just went thru the motions. Not one cock was able to maintain a full erection. In many spots the disc had minor pixelation. The dvd had zero scratches on it so I guess its a cheap dvd authoring company.
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Boxcover for Ass Slammin' Sex Addicts
Ass Slammin' Sex Addicts 

Release date: 11/6/2005
Reviewed on: 12/1/2005

Starring: Randy Mixer, Sparky O'toole, Ryan Yeager, Danny Sommers, Ty Jones, Blake McDonald, RA Richards, Pierce Daniels, Tad Garrett, Johnny Dawes, J.D. Slater, Brad Mason, Jeff Tracey, Les Stine, Paul Monroe, Tony Madison
Studio: Tool Factory

Review brief: Short and not so sweet... ...A compilation of scenes from "HIS VIDEOs" past releases featuring stuff from the 70s, 80s & 90s. Released by the "Tool Factory," I wonder if a "tool" put this crap together. Touting 4 hours of gay ass slamin, this was nothing more than terribly edited, no heat, and overall worthless sex scenes...15 in all. Not one scene was worth a damn.
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Boxcover for Brazilian Holiday
Brazilian Holiday 

Release date: 2/22/2005
Reviewed on: 10/14/2005

Studio: Oh Man

Review brief: Synopsis: Several brazilian gay guys cruise for hook-ups amid scenic oceanside views. Its in a foreign language but subtitles are provided. No heat sex with big uncut cocks follow. Scene 1: Begins on a beautiful beach as we see a nice looking bronze boy exiting the ocean. He strikes up a conversation with a light skinned brazilian, and soon they're headed into the rain forest. Once there, Our light skinned guy begins sucking on his new found friends big bronze cock. The sucking goes on a little too long, but the scenery along with a small rock waterfall is nice to look at. Our bronze man then does some rimming and rubbing the head of his cock around soon to be bottom boys' nice tight tiny shaved asshole. Just when I think some barebacking is gonna commence, a condom "magically" appears on the big cock (which is fine, but I hate the way condoms show up out of the blue) Our top takes his time edging his big pole into that tight ass. Soon its in and fucking away while our receiver moans in exquisite pain.
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Boxcover for Polish Pleasures
Polish Pleasures 

Release date: 11/1/2004
Reviewed on: 10/13/2005

Studio: Oh Man

Review brief: Synopsis Someone gave a no talent director the okay to make a gay fuck flick. The result is a bunch of uninspired Polish guys cruising the woods and ruins in search of cock and ass. Poles on poles ensue. Scene 1: Starts off with an opening montage of decent looking clean cut guys in various locations either beating off or sucking one another while shots of a man wearing a demon mask pretending to play the violin appears at the end of each segment...oh... his cock hangs out while he plays the violin btw. Why? My guess is, he is some sort of "sex muse." Our two guys pair off in a bombed out looking building and proceed to have passionless mechanical sex which includes some rimming & sucking foreplay. The entire opening montage with the boring sex lasts 18 minutes. Sex Rating:2/10 Scene 2: This begins with a guy walking thru the woods. He stops to piss (we never see him pee) then moves on. Another guy is seen walking along and he also stops to piss (which we do see) One of the guys stops and sits on a tree stump to jerk off.
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Boxcover for Surfboys Taken Downunder
Surfboys Taken Downunder 

Release date: 12/18/2004
Reviewed on: 10/8/2005

Studio: Arena

Review brief: Set in and around the beautiful beaches of Australia, "Surfboys Taken Down Under" features a gorgeous cast of fit & trim surfer types. The movie is directed by Mike Esser and condoms are used. Jake is a photographer. He and his boyfriend Rory are on vacation in Aussie land. Jake, a cute brunette is snapping photos of Josh, a hot looking blonde posing against the crashing waves of the beach and rocks. He's wearing a skimpy red speedo which our photographer coaxes him out of with some extra cash (I would too) Soon Jake is naked as well and both guys are rolling around on the beach while the surf splashes all around them ala "From Here to Eternity." They then retreat behind some rocks and take turns sucking each others hot cocks. The scene ends with our blonde friend getting jerked off and cumming. Our next scene has 2 hot brunette surfer-boys exiting the ocean with their boards. They are soon out of their tiny black speedos and play wrestling on the beach as their dicks flop around. They both end up lying down and making out.
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Boxcover for Till He Comes & Fantasy Isle: Double Feature
Till He Comes & Fantasy Isle: Double Feature 

Release date: 8/12/2005
Reviewed on: 10/5/2005

Studio: Alpha Male Entertainment

Directed by: Mike Esser
Review brief: Note: Till He Comes arrives as a double feature (2 disc) movie. The other flick is Fantasy Isle (see below.) The ratings above are for Till He Comes. Both movies are directed by Mike Esser. Till He Comes Not everyone loves a movie that hits you with action immediately. (I like some sort of set up) but if you do, "Till He Comes," a poor wanna be attempt at romance porn ensues. Basically, its about two guys, Pearce and Mike,(I had a hard time deciphering charactors names cause the audio is sub-par thru-out the movie... usually, there is music playing so dialogue.. as well as plot are virtually non existent) Pearce is on the rebound after breaking up with Mike who loves to cheat... though both still cant get over each other. After a brief montage of Englands' backdrop, we enter a bedroom where Pearce & his current boyfriend Hugh are in bed nude and kissing. They both give each other really nice blowjobs. Pearce has a big uncut cock with enough succulent forskin to nibble on for days. All this hot dick sucking builds up the heat to... sadly, uneventful ass fucking.
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