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Boxcover for Polish Pleasures
Polish Pleasures 

Release date: 11/1/2004
Reviewed on: 10/13/2005

Studio: Oh Man

Review brief: Synopsis Someone gave a no talent director the okay to make a gay fuck flick. The result is a bunch of uninspired Polish guys cruising the woods and ruins in search of cock and ass. Poles on poles ensue. Scene 1: Starts off with an opening montage of decent looking clean cut guys in various locations either beating off or sucking one another while shots of a man wearing a demon mask pretending to play the violin appears at the end of each segment...oh... his cock hangs out while he plays the violin btw. Why? My guess is, he is some sort of "sex muse." Our two guys pair off in a bombed out looking building and proceed to have passionless mechanical sex which includes some rimming & sucking foreplay. The entire opening montage with the boring sex lasts 18 minutes. Sex Rating:2/10 Scene 2: This begins with a guy walking thru the woods. He stops to piss (we never see him pee) then moves on. Another guy is seen walking along and he also stops to piss (which we do see) One of the guys stops and sits on a tree stump to jerk off.
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Boxcover for Asian Desires 2
Asian Desires 2 

Release date: 6/13/2005
Reviewed on: 10/13/2005

Starring: Serena, Akiko, Sara Mitsuki, Yukari Mizuno
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Synopsis: Amateur Asian girls, worse than amateur Asian guys, creampies and boring direction follow Vol.2 in a series I have no intentions of revisiting or even bothering with Vol.1 Scene 1: Opens in the midst of action (if thats what ya call it) We have a homely looking red haired Asian guy holding a vibrating bullet to a girls clit while she gives him uninspired head. They move into some RC & CG and its clear this guy is out of shape and doesn't know how to fuck. At first I thought the girl was kinda cute, but when he went for some doggie, I counted no less than 5 major zits on her ass and that was it for me. I was turned off for the rest of the 26 minutes...what almost made me swear off porn for good was the most extreme disgusting close-up of creampie I have seen on a TV...*shudder..ick... Sex Rating: -0/10 Scene 2: Holy crap..this was essentially the same as scene 1! Same room, same guy, same vibrating bullet and almost shot for shot the SAME sex scenes! The differences are a new girl briefly using a Hitachi Magic Wand.
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Boxcover for Black and Nasty 7
Black and Nasty 7 

Release date: 9/1/2005
Reviewed on: 10/10/2005

Starring: Mr. Marcus, Wesley Pipes, Pink, J. Monty, Cece, Taya Silvers, Prince Yahshua, Capri Styles
Studio: West Coast Productions

Directed by: Alexander DeVoe
Review brief: Synopsis: Alex Devoe directs 6 decent looking girls with natural titties, slender bodies, shaved pussies and great asses. Horny girls into sucking and fucking big black cock along with some dirty talk ensues. No condoms Scene 1: Starts off with a guy sneaking into a lady's house and sniffing her undergarments. She enters wearing a baby-doll outfit and catches him. She tries to run away but he catches her out back by the pool. She gets bent over for some hot pussy eating. She tries to escape and gets caught again. Our guy starts eating her pussy and asshole and now she's into it (and so am I) He whips out his big black dick and she starts sucking his tool. What I liked was every now and then he would withdraw and start eating her pussy again with abandon. They fuck in a variey of positions and the sight of his thick cock pulling her inner pussy lips out on each upstroke is hot. He pulls out and cums in her mouth and on her face. She sucks the cum off his cock; but our Mandingo hasnt had enough, so he starts fucking her pussy again, pulls out and cums on her ass.
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Boxcover for Surfboys Taken Downunder
Surfboys Taken Downunder 

Release date: 12/18/2004
Reviewed on: 10/8/2005

Studio: Arena

Review brief: Set in and around the beautiful beaches of Australia, "Surfboys Taken Down Under" features a gorgeous cast of fit & trim surfer types. The movie is directed by Mike Esser and condoms are used. Jake is a photographer. He and his boyfriend Rory are on vacation in Aussie land. Jake, a cute brunette is snapping photos of Josh, a hot looking blonde posing against the crashing waves of the beach and rocks. He's wearing a skimpy red speedo which our photographer coaxes him out of with some extra cash (I would too) Soon Jake is naked as well and both guys are rolling around on the beach while the surf splashes all around them ala "From Here to Eternity." They then retreat behind some rocks and take turns sucking each others hot cocks. The scene ends with our blonde friend getting jerked off and cumming. Our next scene has 2 hot brunette surfer-boys exiting the ocean with their boards. They are soon out of their tiny black speedos and play wrestling on the beach as their dicks flop around. They both end up lying down and making out.
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Boxcover for Just Over Eighteen 12
Just Over Eighteen 12 

Release date: 7/28/2005
Reviewed on: 10/6/2005

Starring: Dave Hardman, John Strong, Steve Taylor, Mark Wood, Elise, Brett Rockman, Mark Ashley, Allie Sin, Tina Fine, Saana, Vanessa Michaels, Denice K.
Studio: Red Light District

Directed by: David Luger
Review brief: Synopsis: 6 sex scenes featuring young girls between 18 & 19. All of them are slender with natural titties and shaved pussies. Each scene starts out with a short intro asking the girl her age and why she wants to fuck on video. Each segment is shot indoors in a home. Each scene offers something different from bjs, pussy eating, 69, cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, doggie, missionary and some anal...basically, the full spectrum of positions and sex acts are present here. No condoms used. Scene 1: Denise is an 18 year old from Denmark...loved her accent! Denise has brown hair thats in pigtails...her body is near perfect and she has an AWESOME ASS!...too bad this segement didnt feature any anal. She gets double teamed by some pretty big cocks which she attacks with abandon. The scene runs 33 minutes (way too long, especially when no anal is featured and the guys didnt even bother feasting on her pussy or licking her do ya run 33 minutes and not eat any pussy or ass?) Both cocks pop in her mouth.
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Boxcover for Pornocopia (Adam & Eve)
Pornocopia (Adam & Eve) 

Release date: 8/6/2005
Reviewed on: 10/6/2005

Starring: Dani, Lars, Candi Apple, Keeani Lei, Hailey Young, Felicia Flint, Justin Max, Veronika Raquel, Tony Armanno, Little Diva
Studio: Adam & Eve

Directed by: Ron Royster
Review brief: Pornocopia is a series of 5 vignettes + a bonus solo scene. Each vignette is titled. Goddess of the Bay: Starring Veronika Raquel & Justin Maxxx. This is clearly the best of the 5. This 21 minute fantasy starts out where our bay nymph is wandering thru an attractive setting of trees and water. She has (natural) medium size titties and a totally shaved meaty pussy..YUM! Our nymph goddess begins masturbating while every now and then licking the pussy juice off her fingers. Our Prince of the bay (Justin) shows up to assist in her endeavers. He licks and sucks her titties, eats and fingers her pussy and does what all men do to pussy...fucks that pussy! But before he does, our goddess returns his oral favors by giving some of her own. Its obvious she is enjoying licking and sucking his shaved cock and balls...I love when performers enjoy their work! She then straddles his hard cock, working it over with some cowgirl/reverse cowgirl positions, before he takes her from behind while they both stand.
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Boxcover for Till He Comes & Fantasy Isle: Double Feature
Till He Comes & Fantasy Isle: Double Feature 

Release date: 8/12/2005
Reviewed on: 10/5/2005

Studio: Alpha Male Entertainment

Directed by: Mike Esser
Review brief: Note: Till He Comes arrives as a double feature (2 disc) movie. The other flick is Fantasy Isle (see below.) The ratings above are for Till He Comes. Both movies are directed by Mike Esser. Till He Comes Not everyone loves a movie that hits you with action immediately. (I like some sort of set up) but if you do, "Till He Comes," a poor wanna be attempt at romance porn ensues. Basically, its about two guys, Pearce and Mike,(I had a hard time deciphering charactors names cause the audio is sub-par thru-out the movie... usually, there is music playing so dialogue.. as well as plot are virtually non existent) Pearce is on the rebound after breaking up with Mike who loves to cheat... though both still cant get over each other. After a brief montage of Englands' backdrop, we enter a bedroom where Pearce & his current boyfriend Hugh are in bed nude and kissing. They both give each other really nice blowjobs. Pearce has a big uncut cock with enough succulent forskin to nibble on for days. All this hot dick sucking builds up the heat to... sadly, uneventful ass fucking.
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Boxcover for Inside Deep Throat
Inside Deep Throat 

Release date: 9/22/2005
Reviewed on: 10/4/2005

Starring: Georgina Spelvin, Al Goldstein, Linda Lovelace, Harry Reems, Larry Flynt, Annie Sprinkle, Gerard Damiano, Andrea True, John Waters, Charles Keating, Wes Craven, Dennis Hopper, Erica Jong, Ruth Restheimer, Dick Cavett, Camille Paglia, Hugh Hefner, Bill Maher, Norman Mailer, Alan Derschowitz, Larry Parrish, Gore Vidal, Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Wertheim
Studio: Universal

Directed by: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato
Review brief: A documentary exploring the societal impact the adult film known as Deep Throat had on mainstream America. "Deep Throat" was just another X-Rated adult film when it was made in 1972. Finished in six days, for the sum of $25,000, (financed by the mob) the film to date has grossed over $600 Million dollars. Inside Deep Throat makes a decent albeit incomplete attempt at explaining how & why it became so popular. The documentary explores the subject of pornography, and how the U.S. Government under Nixon had a problem with it. It's interesting to note the timeliness of this documentary in light of the current Bush Administrations' recent witchhunting pronouncement on an all new "war on porn"... It seems the events of 30 years ago are trying to replay themselves and makes Inside Deep Throat a must see. Deep Throat was made by former hairdresser and acclaimed porn director Gerard Damiano and starred an actress who went by the screen name of Linda Lovelace.
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