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Boxcover for Girls' Nite with Shane 2
Girls' Nite with Shane 2 

Release date: 10/24/2002
Reviewed on: 10/29/2002

Starring: Ruby, Gabriella, Shane, Raylin, Nikkie Love, Holly Hollywood, Chantz Fortune
Studio: Odyssey

Review brief: Normally when I get a new dvd, I immediately search the chapter selection for the best scenes. Chapter three looked exciting: three hot babes, a dazzling brunette, a perky little-tittied blonde and an enormously sexy chick with dark, reddish hair. As the scene progressed, you could almost cut the sexual aroma with a knife. God, these chicks really like each other and it shows. I just had to know the name of the enormously sexy chick with the dark, reddish hair. Luckily, the dvd has a biography list. I scrolled down. Nope, not her. Not her either. What? HOLLY HOLLYWOOD? I couldnt believe it. To me, in all the skin flicks Ive seen her in, Holly always gives bland performances, a seemingly typical fake lesbian - you know what I mean guys... Could this be the SAME Holly Hollywood? And by god, IT IS. Man, shes hot in this, and part of me still cannot believe its really her! On with the review: the movie starts with Shane (non sex role, alas) talking girly things and saying what a bunch of gorgeous beauties she has in store for us.
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Boxcover for Sky's Slumber Party 7
Sky's Slumber Party 7 

Release date: 8/30/2001
Reviewed on: 9/12/2002

Starring: Inari Vachs, Sky, Cheyenne Silver, Violet Love, Blair Segal, Tara, McKayla Matthews, Deja Blue
Studio: Odyssey

Directed by: Shane
Review brief: I've only ever watched one of these "Slumber Party" movies and I almost fell asleep. As a consequence, this one is pretty dreary too. Some of my favorite porn stars are in it: Inari Vachs, Cheyenne Silver and Tara. The rest, don't make much impression on me. I must say, I usually check out the chapters before watching the whole movie. Straight away, none of them had much appeal. The girls, apart from my favorites above, just weren't pretty or sexy enough and the sex was so lacking. It just seemed so staged. The only redeeming scene was the second half of the one featuring Inari, Cheyenne and Tara. The best bit being Cheyenne (OH MY GOD, I AM IN LOVE!) lying on a table in the shower room, her gorgeous legs wide open and she's playing with herself. Tara moves in quickly to lick her pussy. Then Inari gets out a dildo and both Inari and Tara start fucking Cheyenne, with Inari licking and sucking on Cheyenne's clit. Cheyenne wastes no time cumming. And that's it. The highlight of the dvd. The extras include some "missing" scenes which are boring and very badly lit.
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Boxcover for Chasin' Pink
Chasin' Pink 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 8/3/2002

Starring: Asia Carrera, Jill Kelly, Ruby, Felecia, Dee, Johnni Black, Yvonne, Chasey Lain, Tia Bella, Meka, Coral Sands, Shawnee
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: Johnni Black
Review brief: I was advised not to buy this lesbo dvd. I am glad I took that advice, because Chasin' Pink is utter garbage. I won't waste your life any longer than necessary telling you why it's bad, it just is. For starters, the picture looks like it was filmed on the same camera used to shoot the Keystone Cops flicks! The sex is so lame, and the scenes so uneventful, I advise you to spend your hard-earned cash elsewhere. The extras too are mostly straight scenes and they're OLD and boring. Felecia has two scenes, the first lasting less than two minutes and the second isn't much longer. The lighting is really bad too. It was filmed in what looks like a genuine police cell, but I could be wrong. The theme here being that the movie is a take-off of the long running realism Cops TV series. The so-called multi-angles are a waste of time too.
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Boxcover for I Love Lesbians Too!
I Love Lesbians Too! 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 8/1/2002

Starring: Felecia, Stacy Valentine, Jenteal, Ashley Renee, Avalon, Coral Sands, Nicole Lace, Angelique, Crystal Knight, Raveness, Autumn Day, Misty Knight, Lynn Monroe, Patrica
Studio: New Machine

Directed by: Randy West
Review brief: The second movie in the I Love Lesbians series sees Felecia and Rayveness meet for the first time. Perhaps not in person, but pussy to pussy, tongue to tongue. When I saw the box cover I had longed to see their scene. I had read so many great reviews on other web sites, it had become a "must see" for me. But this movie is quite old in porn terms. It was made in 1997. Both Rayveness and Felecia look sweet and young. But their long-awaited sexual encounter isn't great. The biggest turn-off for me is Rayveness' HAIRY pussy. It just looks so unappetising. In every other porn flick I've seen Rayveness in, she's always been shaved, but like I say not here. Nevertheless, the pussy fancier Felecia is, she goes down on the pert boobed Rayveness with relish. The pussy eating is quite nice, but there is far too much hair. Yuk, sorry, guys - a definite no no. Rayveness then takes her turn eating out Felecia. Then follows the traditional dildos and fingers. I had expected more from this pair, but the scene was warm, not hot.
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Boxcover for Cockless 2
Cockless 2 

Release date: 8/18/2001
Reviewed on: 7/28/2002

Starring: Sasha, Serena, Michele Raven, Emanuel, Tina Toy, Kelton
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: As much as I loved Cockless #7, I can't say I thought too much of Cockless #2. The second in the series has many flaws, notably the last scene which features three girls who do not gel. Frankly, they can't be bothered, and the "sex" sucks. Probably the worst performer is a blonde chick who hails from Russia or somewhere. I couldn't quite catch what she said due to the nervousness in her speech. She's a nice looking girl, but she has never done it with a girl before and it looks like she doesn't want to do it with a girl. This scene drags like a snail pulling a 20 ton truck! It lasts for about 40 minutes and is a waste of time. So you're left with two remaining scenes. The first one is between Emanuelle and Tina Toy. This pairing is nothing to write home about. The girls aren't very attractive (one looks like a transsexual, but isn't) and the sex is lame. I give this scene 3 out of 10. Scene two features the sexy Michele Raven (she from Teacher's Pet #2. Yummy!) and Kelton, a pretty girl in a sexy green dress. This scene rocks.
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Boxcover for Cockless 7
Cockless 7 

Release date: 1/6/2002
Reviewed on: 7/26/2002

Starring: Cherry Rain, Jacynda, Kameron Mist, Kylie Samone, Barby Dare
Studio: New Machine

Directed by: Ed Powers
Review brief: I never used to like Ed Powers. The man is a cross between Woody Allen and, errrrr...Ed Powers! He also acts like Woody Allen. Those thick glasses, the creepiness of the short and skinny 40-plus dude chasing after young girls (over 18 of course!) isn't very appealing. So it was with mixed expectations that I watched Cockless #7, part of his new all girl series. I had thought the picture quality would be poor. It was in fact very good. I had thought the camera would be anywhere except where the action was. I was wrong. Ed centres on the action with great and clear close-up shots. They're lingering too, which I love. One single pussy eating session lasted for more than 40 minutes non stop. It was excellent. I love the way blonde beauty Barby Dare sucks pussy. She does it so passionately. She just fixes her mouth on the pussy like a vice and won't let go. I defy you not to get a boner watching her perform. She's definitely a star of the future. Felecia, watch out! There are two scenes here. First a foursome, which I absolutely loved.
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Boxcover for Pussy Playhouse
Pussy Playhouse 

Release date: 11/6/2001
Reviewed on: 7/23/2002

Starring: Sindee Coxx, Felecia, Victoria, Catalina, Caramel, Lindsey, Zana
Studio: Wildlife

Directed by: Bobby Rinaldi
Review brief: I've always liked Sindee Coxx, but there was a time about three years ago when she piled on a whole load of weight. She was still a good performer, though, if a little uneasy on the eye. In Pussy Playhouse Sindee has slimed down dramatically, losing Id say about two stone. She looks - not great - but good, and seems physically fit for a few years yet in front of the camera. Pussy Playhouse is the first instalment in a new all-girl series starring Sindee (a renowned pussy eater!) and some newcomers. First impressions are the picture quality is acceptable, but there is no music at the start of the movie. It seems weird to see the titles rolling and the cast doing their thing and no music. Never mind. The best performances come from Sindee (of course), Felicia Fox and a very tasty chick called Samantha Sterlyng. Felicia receives a dildo and cums on cue. We see her pussy juice running down then the scene is cut. Id have thought Sindee would have at least licked it up.
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Boxcover for Blonde Brigade, The
Blonde Brigade, The 

Release date: 11/26/2000
Reviewed on: 7/21/2002

Starring: Jill Kelly, Allysin Chaynes, Ian Daniels, Julian, Felecia, Evan Stone, Daisy Chain, Tabitha Stevens, Bobbi Bliss, April Flowers, Ginger Paige, Tracy Love, jessica drake, Dillion Day, Olivia Parrish, Sydnee Steele
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Jim Holliday
Review brief: I know its two years old, but theres no denying, The Blonde Brigade is an excellent straight movie - and heres that coming from a reviewer like me who specializes in lesbian DVDs! Anyway, I just so happened to have it sent to me last week, so I want to endorse it. Just because its a straight movie, dont get thinking there isnt any dyke content. Are you joking? There are loads. Look at who the director is. None other than Jim Holliday himself. Hes the man with the plan. Jim has to be one of the best porn directors around. Its his willingness to let the performers perform, he doesnt interfere and stifle the action. Another thing with Jim is that he isnt into this garbage arty style, which boasts flashing lights, slow motion and black and white modes. Not Jim. He delivers top quality porn, and the sexiest girls. And the picture and sound are always excellent too. reviewer has already outlined the scenes so I wont repeat them. Suffice it to say, that if you do anything in the next few days, rent or buy The Blonde Brigade.
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Boxcover for Flash! (Wicked)
Flash! (Wicked) 

Release date: 7/23/2001
Reviewed on: 7/19/2002

Starring: Shay Sweet, Felecia, Kylie Ireland, Serenity, Temptress, Stephanie Swift, Miko Lee, Devinn Lane, Holly Hollywood, Jezebelle Bond
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Red Ezra
Review brief: I really do fear for the state of lesbian porn movies where the major studios are concerned. The MTV-style flashing lights, slow motion, smoke and mirrors are really just getting too much to put up with. I find them so boring and ANNOYING, because they get in the way of the action. I blame Brad Armstrong for all this arty garbage. Hes led the way as far as I am concerned. Many a time he has brought the best girls together only for movies to fall flat with flashing lights, slow motion and black and white scenes. When I was sent the Flash DVD to review, my immediate thought was excellent - a great cast. Felecia, Serenity, Shay Sweet, Temptress, Devinn Lane, Stephanie Swift, and up and coming muff diver Holly Hollywood. But while the movie was attractively filmed, it is not boner inducing; it doesnt send the pulse racing. I stand apart from all the other reviewers on this web site when I say I was bored with it. Flash is just like a Where the Boys Arent skin flick. High on art, low on actual sex.
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Boxcover for 75 Nurse Orgy, The
75 Nurse Orgy, The 

Release date: 12/12/2000
Reviewed on: 7/14/2002

Starring: Mila, Alyssa Allure, Jessica Jewel, Gabrielle, Phyllisha Anne, Candy Apples, Cheyenne Silver, Deja Blew, Blair, Teri Starr, Azlea Antistia, Fiero, Bobbi Bliss, Ericka Lockett, Maren Beautte, C.J. Bennett, Peach, Venus Milan, Cherry, Laurel Canyon, Ginger Paige, Tracy Love, Randi Storm, Vivian Valentine, Amia More, Charlene Aspen, Laurie Holmes, Shelbee Myne, Ivory Blaze, Lena Ramon, Ariel Cassidine
Studio: Vivid

Review brief: Lesbian sex, I can't get enough of it. Not that I am a woman - just an ordinary guy who loves seeing girls eating pussy. The 75 Nurse Orgy lasts just over 2 hours but there are few memorable moments. Stars like Cheyenne Silver and Shelbee Myne are listed on the box cover as being in the movie, but blink and you'll miss them. Cheyenne pops up well over an hour into the action, but all we side is the side of her body as she (presumably) takes a dildo. Shelbee's appearance is even more fleeting. Two minutes into the movie she gets her pussy eaten for around 80 seconds and that's the end of Shelbee! The rest of the movie drags on. Hardly none of the girls look like they're really into the sex. The only redeeming part is 1 hour 40 into the movie when Bobbi Bliss and Inari Vachs enter the action. Bobbi's pussy is licked and sucked by an eager veggie eater, an older woman with reddish dark hair, and Bobbi is clearly enjoying the attention. Elsewhere Inari's juicy slit is being worked over by a Chinese chick, who sticks her tongue into Inari, sucks and laps up the juices.
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Boxcover for Sluts Of The Nyle 2
Sluts Of The Nyle 2 

Release date: 1/24/2001
Reviewed on: 12/14/2001

Starring: Chloe, Charlie, Shanna McCullough, Tabitha Stevens, Nina Hartley, Jewel De'Nyle
Studio: Jill Kelly Productions

Directed by: Jewel De'Nyle
Review brief: I've come late (no pun intended!) to sex starlet Jewel De'Nyle. I've seen her in a few skin flicks, but I watched this DVD ages ago, and didn't recognise her. First of all, in this movie Jewel is a little cutie-pie, as if butter wouldn't melt in the proverbial mouth! Her sexy, enhanced boobs and cute smile won me over, but she is hardly recognisable as the foul-mouthed slut she so often portrays in her movies. Whether it is intentional or not is another matter, but I much prefer the girlie sweetie-pie she is in this movie. Best sex scene of all (from my point of view) is the lesbian scene between her and Nina. I especially liked Nina sucking on Jewel's pussy, and giving her a right finger fuck. The look on Jewel's horny face is excellent. It's a shame really why the director decided to cut away from the scene when he did, because the pussy-licking scene is the best in the movie (Nina on Jewel). The other lesbian scene is a let-down. Charlie fails to excite in a rather drab veggie affair. All in all, though, a nice movie.
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Boxcover for Real Female Orgasms!
Real Female Orgasms! 

Release date: 2/22/2001
Reviewed on: 9/24/2001

Starring: Jill Kelly, Alexandra Silk, Melissa Monet, Misty Rain, Roxanne Hall, Leanni Lei, Felecia, Tiffany Mynx, Julie Meadows, Chloe, Elena, Daisy Chain, Debi Diamond, Alexandra Nice, T.J. Hart, Olga, Stephanie Swift, Keisha, Teri Starr, Melanie Stone, Nici Sterling, Marina, Coral Sands, Sabrina Johnson, Alicia, Kaylynn, Wendi Knight, Regan Starr, Zarina, Natasha Blake, Nicole London, Giselle Yum, Samantha, Heather Lynn, Lita Chase, Taren Steele, Julianna Sterling, Brianna, Shelbee Myne, Anne Howe, Charlese LaMour, Justine Romee, Nina Whett, Ashly Sage, Felicia Ryder, Alexandra Quinn, Elle Angel, Integra, Chipy Marlow
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: Patrick Collins
Review brief: Rent or buy an Elegant Angel video or DVD and should be sure of a good night of filthy porn viewing. Not so with this DVD. Real Female Orgasms is a real disappointment which is a pity considering it's from Patrick Collins of all people. For starters, the scenes are way too short, lasting on average seconds, and you never see much of the lead up to the orgasms, which I cannot believe are all real anyway, simply because not all of them look real! Chloe in particularly gets on my nerve ends with her silly manic movements, legs and arms all over, twisting her face, eyes rolling which is obvious fakery. Can someone please tell her to stop it? Thanks, buddies! Another point is that there are no male cum shots here, but there are one or two female ones (in particular when a chick cums in Tiffany Minx's mouth, but this is the only and rare highlight of the DVD). The picture quality ranges from bad, to average, to bad to poor. There is no plot. There is no point.
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Boxcover for Silk Ties
Silk Ties 

Release date: 10/31/2000
Reviewed on: 9/8/2001

Starring: Alexandra Silk, Felecia, Inari Vachs, Temptress, Dee, Shayla LaVeaux, Tyce Bune, Alexandra Nice, Melanie Stone, Devin Wolf, Chris Charming, Doomy Moore, Cheyne Collins
Studio: Fallen Angel

Directed by: Alexandra Silk
Review brief: What a surprise I got when I watched this DVD, which was directed by that petite ball of fun and frolics, Alexandra Silk. As a matter of fact, I was already a follower of Silk's performances, but now she's into directing, I'm an even bigger fan of her. Silk Ties has some excellent sex scenes and all the camera work is spot on (no Brad Armstrong type views of burning candles! See my review of "Where The Boys Aren't #9"). Particular scenes which stand out are the Dee, Doomy Moore, Felecia romp; and a bath tub frolic starring Alexandra Nice, Temptress and Tice Bune. Both chicks are HOT, but Temptress is a bit on the skinny side in this movie. She's also heavily made up on the eyes, I almost didn't recognise her.
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Boxcover for Where The Boys Aren't 9
Where The Boys Aren't 9 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 9/7/2001

Starring: Dyanna Lauren, Christy Canyon, Jenteal, Janine Lindemulder, Chasey Lain, Alexis
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: Paul Thomas
Review brief: You could dress Jenteal up in workmens clothes and boots and shed still be sexy. Unfortunately, although Ms Teal looks absolutely stunning in this skin flick, she cannot save it from the mess it is. Directed by Brad Armstrong, WTBA9 starts off well with Christy Canyon licking Jenteals pussy and ass, but the scene is way too short, and is marred with Armstrongs fancy for putting inanimate objects in the way of the action. This trend of interrupting the lesbian sex for the sake of art has no place in porn - to my mind anyway. Were then shown another sex-bomb, Chasey Lain, in the role of a tarot card reader, which leads us into the next scene starring Chasey, Janine and Dyanna Lauren. The direction is appalling although the girls look stunning. Just as the action appears to be hotting up, Armstrong puts the brakes on it again and were stuck in a sort of Andrew Blake style mode; attractive girls, nice scenery but youre not likely to get a boner. Or wet if youre a chick. Nikki Tyler cant even save the day in a scene set during the 1950s.
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Boxcover for Carnal Secrets
Carnal Secrets 

Release date: 8/7/2000
Reviewed on: 9/5/2001

Starring: Jill Kelly, Brick Majors, Brandon Iron, Julie Meadows, Temptress, Chris Cannon, Dee, Obsession, Halli Aston, Erik Everhard, Vivian Valentine, Bonita Saint, Bunny Luv
Studio: Knob Ryder

Review brief: I usually like anything Temptress is in - and with Jill Kelly in this movie as well, you'd think it would be a good skin flick. Unfortunately, it isn't. And it isn't even worth renting, never mind buying. Carnal Secrets is garbage in every respect. Bad acting, script and camera work are the most notable flaws. And what a waste of great porn chick talent. Director Father John may as well be a priest for all he's done to ruin what should have been great sex scenes. The opener has Jill Kelly romping in what looks like the dead of night. Will someone turn the light on, please! Cut to sexy trio Temptress, Dee and some other chick whose name I do not know. This "lesbian" river scene is shot during the day, but it is quite pathetic. Obviously, the three babes put their heart and soul into it, and they're clearly enjoying licking one another's pussies. BUT, the entire scene is in SLOW MOTION! What was going on that day? Did Father John drop his camera in the water? As we all know, Temptress has a beautiful pussy and nice juicy clit.
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