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Boxcover for Private Black Label 18: Desert Camp Sex Exchange
Private Black Label 18: Desert Camp Sex Exchange 

Release date: 5/17/2001
Reviewed on: 12/10/2002

Starring: Steve Holmes, Nick Lang, Chrystal, Christina Bella, Blond Panni, Mark Josilee
Studio: Private

Directed by: Kovi
Review brief: Good cinematography in porn means bad sex. Maybe this is because the sex looses all spontaneity when they try to plan all the shots, or the film makers try a little too hard make their films look like actual films. On the other hand, good cinematography is not always a bad thing, even in porn. You watch the porno film to get aroused, right? In this film you are treated to a lot of scenic views of landscapes, etc, and something which is lacking in a lot of films, a view of the ladies before they get undressed. All this enhances the arousal level. Not only that, the setup and composition of some of the shots is impressive. Sex against scenic background is a bit surreal. But, the porn film has to be about the sex, because porn actors are not usually very good actors, and the sex here has that jump cut feel.
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Boxcover for Reality 2: Pure Pleasure
Reality 2: Pure Pleasure 

Release date: 12/2/2001
Reviewed on: 11/22/2002

Starring: Carmen, Susy, Robert Rosenberg, Steve Holmes, Alex Mantegna, Melinda, Rita Faltoyano, Choky Ice, Nikol, Adriana Esteve, Laureen Kiss, Michelle Wild
Studio: Private

Directed by: Kovi, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Antonio Adamo
Review brief: The movie consists of outtakes from other movies bolstered with some 'behind the scenes' stuff. It gives you an OK sample of what the studio is about. There are lots of cum shots, anal sex, and pretty good looking women. The downside is that even though the outtakes are from different directors movies, they tend to have a very similar feel. The shots are obviously not spontaneous, they tend not to show the actual insertion (especially anal insertion, except for the 'Matador' series outtake). They just have a cookie cutter feel.
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Boxcover for Matador 3
Matador 3 

Release date: 6/7/2001
Reviewed on: 11/22/2002

Starring: Katy, Daniella Rush, Jessica May
Studio: Private

Directed by: Jean-Yves Le Castel
Review brief: If you like to see ugly women get fucked up the ass then this is for you. This is the type of film that shows repeated insertion of the penis into the woman's ass and the 'gaping asshole' shot. I wonder why only the really ugly women let themselves do this. Then again, maybe they are not so bad looking in real life, it is just the situation they get in surrounded by sleazy guys that takes of some of their charm. Don't get me wrong, this film isn't that much different (except for some minor elements of plot that serve only to annoy) from the others by this director, and obviously there is a market for it. There is also a scene where the two fellows cram a woman's butt at once, at least for a moment.
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Boxcover for Innocence Lost (Puritan)
Innocence Lost (Puritan) 

Release date: 7/19/2000
Reviewed on: 11/22/2002

Starring: Valentino, J.J. Michaels, Chandler, Briget Powerz, Chris Charming, Chandra Vega, Barrett Moore, Jade Marcella, Victoria Evans, Claudia D'Corazon, Amia Moore, Sly Stabone
Studio: Puritan

Review brief: Interesting sets, weird situations. The plot is something about a woman being damned to hell because she ran over a motorist. Notably: scene with Jade Marcela and Valentino - she plays the angel, he plays the devil. Very hot, and some intense anal ensues. Also has a scene with a very short woman, probably a dwarf. Interesting, especially her dance at the end. The sex is pretty hot and the plot is so bad it is good. The camera work is also good. The only thing against this is that it has a lot of the actors you see over and over again. Not all of the scenes are that hot.
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Boxcover for Marquis De Sade, The (Tip Top)
Marquis De Sade, The (Tip Top) 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 11/22/2002

Starring: Vicky, Mike, Rosa, Tanya, Valentina, Aliona
Studio: Tip Top

Directed by: Joe D'Amato, Luca Damiano
Review brief: Directed by Joe D'Amato and Luca Damiato, this is some of the finest & most depraved porn ever, especially since it stars Rocco. It is shot on film and is a high quality. The editing captures the most passionate Rocco ever, the woman are sexy, and the plot even almost makes sense.
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Boxcover for Hustler Platinum: Happy Birthday
Hustler Platinum: Happy Birthday 

Release date: 6/6/2001
Reviewed on: 11/18/2002

Starring: Judith, Sylvia, Sebastian, Katalyn, Alain Deloin, Karl Ben, Tavalia, Rob Terminator, Frank Major, Attilla, J.P.X., K. Sandra, Szylvia, Yann Scott, Beata, Laslie
Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Pierre Woodman
Review brief: The strong point of this video is some very nice scenery combined with some decent looking women having anal sex. The scenes with Beata, and Katyzora and Tavalia are the hottest. There are a few more scenes perhaps than the typical American porn film. Unfortunately the sex has a very staged and un-spontaneous feel, which is OK when the women are hot, but the garden scene with Szylvia is hard to watch (unless you like short haired women). The scene with Judith and JPX has lame dialogue that makes you cringe, and apart from that the scene (no intercourse here just oral) totally lacks energy. The plot is a typical porn film plot - that is, it is completely pointless even if you could understand it. The sex in the film is very mechanical, making this an average porn set in a slightly above average locale. Luckily the DVD lets you switch around and skip the lamest parts, although the dubbing into English is another sore point.
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Boxcover for Private Gold 45: Riviera 2
Private Gold 45: Riviera 2 

Release date: 5/17/2001
Reviewed on: 11/18/2002

Starring: Niki Blond, Alain Deloin, James Brossman, Henny, Sunny Blue, Aijja
Studio: Private

Directed by: Pierre Woodman
Review brief: Angelina Sweet is the hottest girl in this movie by far. The other girls are pretty average looking, and would probably look even worse if not for some high quality (for porn films at least) camera work and makeup. Also, Asian Shan is pretty hot. The locale and scenery are definitely above average for a porn film. On the other hand, the sex is pretty typical, with the director making sure (usually) to get the requisite oral/vaginal/anal/cumshot in. A lamentable exception is Angelina Sweet's scene - he has left the anal out of this scene, which is very dissapointing considering all of the other girls do it. As well, we don't see nearly enough of Asian Shan, which is dissapointing since the other girls aren't all that hot. Overall, the sex lacks spontaneity and the actors don't look like they are having that much fun. The DVD includes the usual DVD features including cast bios.
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