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Boxcover for On The Prowl 3 (Dreamland)
On The Prowl 3 (Dreamland) 

Release date: 8/1/2001
Reviewed on: 2/22/2002

Starring: Nick East, Violet Love, Joel Lawrence, Miko Lee, Alex Foxe, Tanya Danielle
Studio: Dreamland

Review brief: Welcome to a new Millenium of premium porno! This is the best dvd disc you can own in 2001! Couples singles all should own it. Scene A hot red head girl named Alex Fox and her worth is her weight in gold. This girl has curves everywhere! Huge gigantic natural breasts. Her tits are out to here. Wearing a miniskirt she buys a Prowler. It's a nice shiny red car. When she picks up the big guy Joel Lawrence they they get off after they drive somewhere. He Comments Alex fox has sexy breasts. He say youve got such great tits. She comments on his big dick is so big and says wow.. He is nice to her and licks her poontang pie. Fingers that worthless cunt and comments on the sxiness of it. He gives her head. He fucks her. Then hes in the missionary position andf hes in the doggy possition. Shes says hes sos huges. Joel Lawrence is so large that he has to use both hands to jerk off his manly dick and still has lots of dick poking out of his hands. After the worhless woman gets comed on. She says something. The bitch dares to say now get your shit out of my car.
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Boxcover for BodySlammin' 2: Down & Dirty
BodySlammin' 2: Down & Dirty 

Release date: 9/28/2000
Reviewed on: 7/5/2001

Starring: Mark Davis, Nikki Anderson, Malitia, Wendi Knight, Judith Grant, Dru Berrymore
Studio: Digital Playground

Directed by: Alex Sanders
Review brief: A feature film from porn star Alex Sanders that was praised a few years back for it's quality. Scene 1 Missy and Alex Sanders make love. Alex Sanders takes his time pleasuring her vagina lips with his hand. He fingers and eats her out. He fucks her missionary position. He fucks her doggystyle. She gives him a blowjob while he fingers her shithole. He fucks her dirty doggystyle shithole. Cums buckets on her. Scene 2 A bunch of girls and two guys fuck them. Would have been a good scene if they'd only have the two blondes. Nikki Anderson looks fat in this movie. CRAP! Scene 3 A really pretty blonde babe is fucking Alex Sanders. She gives oral then vaginal sex to him. There's closeups of that pretty face. Alex Sanders cums on her shithole after the doggystyle fucking. He's still hard and fucks her butt. He pumps her in a beautiful side position showing her perfect body. She rubs her poon while he's fucking her doggystyle. He give her a facial. Scene 4 Wendy knight is fucked by Alex Sanders alone.
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Boxcover for How To Score A Whore
How To Score A Whore 

Release date: 4/28/2000
Reviewed on: 7/1/2001

Starring: Mila, Marilyn Martyn, Charlie, Candy Apples, Umma, Tera Heart, Megan
Studio: Metro

Review brief: This great movie is a masterpiece! It's also a compilation of typical metro films. Scene 1 Shelbee Myne is wearing a red white and blue bikini bottom. And charlie is kissing her. Then charlie put's in vibrator in Shelbee's poon. Charlie invites the guy watching to have his dick sucked. We get a perfect view of Shelbee Myne's ass while she's licking chrlie. Charlie eyes her male partner. He grabs the back of her hair as Shelbee is still tongueing beautiful charlie from behind. There's another view of Shelbee Myne's perfect White butt. Charlie is then fucked missionary and her breasts move. Shelbee Myne is being licked by charlie this time. There is then a close up of pretty Shelbee Myne's face. Charlie looks beautiful in this position and makes sounds. Shelbee Myne then licks her breast. They move into a doggystyle anal sex for charlie. While Shelbee Myne encourages him to fuck her ass. So does charlie. Shelbee Myne gets the vibrator thrust in and out her by charlie.
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Boxcover for Loves of Laure, The (L'Amour de Laure)
Loves of Laure, The (L'Amour de Laure)  

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 6/29/2001

Starring: Erika Bella, Laure Sainclair, Mike Foster, Regina, Andrew Youngman, Anita Blond, Kristina Swarcz, Vivienne, Donisz, Ferencz, Zsolt Walton, Dina Pearl, Illana Moore, Jean-Yves Le Castel
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Christoph Clark
Review brief: Synopsis 7 scenes, it's a romantic movie, in paris maybe, good theme music, extremely pretty women and Erika Bella! Scene 1 Husband and Vivienne have missionary, doggy straight sex. Sex acts are he licked her pussy before she sucked his cock. cum shot was on the mouth of the pretty little wife. Great heat and chemistry throughout. The wife has a Beautiful face! Scene 2 Laure Sinclaire asks a guy where is doctor love? And then she sucks his dick. Sex is standing missionary and sitting reverse cowgirl. He came on her mouth too. Scene 3 Christoph clark and his secretary. She was kinda ugly compared to Laure Sinclaire and Anita Blonde, more on anita blonde later. They have sex, there is anal sex in it as well. Heat was good for an ugly. There was a cumshot in the scene. Scene 4 This is second best scene of movie when Laure Sinclair and Anita Blond kiss and have girl girl sex. Scene 5 There are two guys in this scene, and two girls. Average looking but they both got great bodies.
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