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Boxcover for Private Film 27: The Gigolo
Private Film 27: The Gigolo 

Release date: 12/18/2000
Reviewed on: 12/11/2001

Starring: Gabrielle, Laura, Olivia, Tanya, Monica, Franck Versace, Richard Langin, Sylvie, Philippe Soine, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Joy
Studio: Private

Directed by: Pierre Woodman
Review brief: Just how spoiled can Americans get when it comes to their porn? Well, as a film genre, the discriminating viewer probably agrees that good looks, beautiful bodies, attractive locations, a good story (hell, just any story period would be nice!) and hot, steamy sex is what makes a good adult movie. When it comes to porn production, everyone agrees that bright clear images with intelligible, dynamic sound are a must.
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Boxcover for Supermodel 2: Lene's Day Off
Supermodel 2: Lene's Day Off 

Release date: 11/8/2000
Reviewed on: 9/30/2001

Starring: Asia Carrera, Kaitlyn Ashley, April, Buck Adams, Chante, Jay Ashley
Studio: Vivid Wave

Directed by: Bud Lee
Review brief: To paraphrase a certain super-movie slogan, "if you haven't seen the first part, then you haven't seen the best part!" which can be applied to this sequel to SUPERMODEL, a Wave Video release which was a pretty damn good mid-nineties movie that deserved a second chance at finding a wider audience on DVD. Although the "prequel" stood on its won as a complete, self-contained film, SUPERMODEL 2 features most of the same characters and refers to the original crime story as the first, but I found the sex to be less imaginative and less heated overall. The story is interesting by porn-standards, involving a mystery criminal and the subsequent investigation by detective Buck Adams, but the movie works better as just plain old porn. Even though Lene is the star of the show, allow me to sing my first praises over Leena, an auburn- haired sex bomb with a fantastic figure and gorgeous looks.
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Boxcover for Model Wife
Model Wife 

Release date: 12/15/2000
Reviewed on: 7/29/2001

Studio: Caballero

Review brief: When Zara White first burst onto the adult movie screen in early 1990, she just so happened to appear in two of the very best works of erotica ever made: "House of Dreams" directed by Andrew Blake, and "Buttman's Ultimate Workout" directed by John Stagliano. Both movies received lots of critical acclaim, and both were extremely popular with an audience who were hungry for quality videos amidst the eighties glut of hardcore junk. Dark-haired, thin and with stunning good looks, Zara became a star overnight with the obviously winning combination of beauty and carnality. In both HOD and BUW, she appeared with the now legendary Rocco Siffredi, performing anal on camera and delivering a performance which made audiences (and their private parts) stand up and take notice. Zara then began to star in other videos, none of which really maintained the quality (not to mention success) of her work with Andrew Blake (where she had another scene with Rocco) or with Evil Angel (as she appeared in Buttman's European Vacation).
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Boxcover for Best by Private 14: Zodiac
Best by Private 14: Zodiac 

Release date: 11/10/2000
Reviewed on: 5/27/2001

Starring: Diana, Monika, Andrea, Regina, Sandra, Lolita, Helen Duval, Demia Moore, Cassandra Wild, Gili Sky, Cecile, Laura Kat Woman, Gabrielle Scream, Julia Spain
Studio: Private

Review brief: Essentially a "greatest hits" collection of scenes taken from Private's vast catalog of exceptional videos, "Private Zodiac" serves as an excellent primer to those who have not yet ventured into getting their porn from sources overseas. Sure, Vivid, VCA, Wicked, Evil Angel and other studios do a damn good job of keeping our adult entertainment habits alive and intact, but even those American companies understand that there is a lot of good stuff to be seen in Europe. Hence, we get the Marc Dorcel line of videos from Wicked, and Rocco's movies are always top sellers once they arrive in the States.
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Boxcover for Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2
Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 2 

Release date: 5/16/2001
Reviewed on: 5/19/2001

Starring: Misty Rain, Chad Thomas, April, Kevin Long, Lou Valmont, Titof, Angela Tiger, Pascal White, Nataly Dune, Ian Scott, Ovidie
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Misty Rain
Review brief: By any other standard, "Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex Vol. 2: Wild in Paris," is a complete success and shows that the brilliant hardcore gonzo videos directed by women still live thrive, even in Shane's absence (recent volumes of "Shane's World" have not lived up to the predecessor of their departed originator). So with that in mind, it should be noted that like "Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex Vol. 1: Cannes Festival Du Film 2000" this title is actually an all-around winner of a dirty movie. However, when compared to "Volume One" of Misty Rain's best video work yet (her "Misty Cam" work of the late 1990s was a bit lackluster, I thought), "Volume Two," like all sequels of certified blockbusters, falls just a wee bit short of true greatness. Naturally, Misty does terrific work whenever she performs for the camera, and her opener with English-illiterate Titof is simply Misty magic, with all the passion and extended foreplay one expects from this sex kitten.
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Boxcover for Heartache

Release date: 1/5/2001
Reviewed on: 3/28/2001

Starring: Ian Daniels, Steve Hatcher, Missy, Liza Harper, Charlie, Brad Armstrong, Tyce Bune, Stephanie Swift, Mickey G., Petra, Syren, Herschel Savage, Sydnee Steele
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Brad Armstrong
Review brief: Golden girl Missy looks sweetly demure, but always desirable in HEARTACHE, a Brad Armstrong- directed feature video about infidelity and temptation, which are always dependable vehicles for hot sex in any porn film, or any Fox-TV show for that matter. Old man Herschel Savage plays the husband of young Missy, who has a sexual longing and need for fulfillment which is convincing in this soap opera-ish tale (thankfully, the title of this movie has nothing to do with that old Bonnie Tyler song from the late seventies). The movie takes place amidst Spanish settings and costumes, which add to the feel and texture to the story. Wicked never ever cheats on giving their viewers simply superb production designs, and the attention to detail here (and in any porno) should be noted and appreciated. The tension is sparked by the appearance of drifter Tyce Bune, who stumbles upon Herschel's estate, and who is not at all shy about expressing his interest in Missy.
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Boxcover for Raw Sex 4 (New Machine)
Raw Sex 4 (New Machine) 

Release date: 2/10/2001
Reviewed on: 3/27/2001

Starring: Randy West, Jordan McKnight, Jack Hammer, Christina Angel, Suzi Suzuki, Bridgette Belle, Nicollete, Ray Swayze
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: RAW SEX 4 is yet another pseudo-pro-am series of contrived sex scenes videotaped without any pretense to plot or concept. Actresses are interviewed on-camera by Mr. West, right before they ease into a suck and fuck scene, usually with their obliging host (I can't believe the amount of fresh, young babes this guy gets! Anna- Nicole Smith has a lot in common with the girls here!). If all this sounds familiar, that's because this title follows the tried and true formula of Randy West's UP AND CUMMER series. With the exception of the amateur element found in that long-running title, RAW SEX is fairly indistinguishable from any of his previous work: the camera work, settings and direction are overall simply more of the same (sadly, I am now more familiar with Randy's bedroom decor than the furniture in my own home). Mind you, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially when you consider that this method has continued to garner popular acclaim and industry- recognized success even after seventy volumes.
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Boxcover for Up and Cummers 78
Up and Cummers 78 

Release date: 2/10/2001
Reviewed on: 3/24/2001

Starring: Shay Sweet, Ian Daniels, Randy West, Carla, Katie Gold, Cheyenne Silver, Carmen, Oliver Sanchez
Studio: New Machine

Directed by: Randy West
Review brief: Now fast approaching its 100th volume, UP AND CUMMERS is a generally good series which often approaches greatness so long as you like the featured pro-amateurs appearing in any particular feature. But among the standout volumes in the series (like Leena's appearance in #12 and Jenna Jameson's in #10 and 11), the viewer sometimes has to endure the occasional clunker...which brings me to this DVD under review... The seventy-eighth edition of Randy West's UP AND CUMMERS series is saved at the very last minute (actually, last 40 minutes) by a Katie Gold/Shay Sweet/Ian Daniels/Randy West foursome which is full of hot and heavy sex, as well as fairly creatively directed and photographed.
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Boxcover for Diva X: The Movie
Diva X: The Movie 

Release date: 1/24/2001
Reviewed on: 3/17/2001

Starring: Rebecca Lord, Taylor Moore, Kanako, N'J DeBahai, Daphne
Studio: Gen XXX

Review brief: After having had prior misfortunes of being exposed to other volumes of the DIVA X series (under the "Sinthetic" production label as released by Pixis), I braced myself for the worst when I had the opportunity to review DIVA X: THE MOVIE. However, given my partiality to brunettes who just so happen to look like Rebecca Lords, I could not resist the opportunity to see her in action. As it turns out, the other actresses in the movie aren't too shabby either, especially Japanese beauty Kanako and sexy brunette NJ. All three of them perform in straight girl-guy scenes which are surprisingly average, and if that sounds like damning this video with faint praise, then you have to realize that quality, in my experience, has never a strong suit with the DIVA X titles. Rebecca Lords plays hostess and "guide" to all four sex scenes, which precede her own saved for ending of the video. She is forced to utter some inane lines directly to the camera, which captures her in black and white.
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Boxcover for Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex
Misty Rain's Worldwide Sex 

Release date: 2/10/2001
Reviewed on: 2/22/2001

Starring: Misty Rain, Chad Thomas, T.J. Hart, Oceane, Valentino, April, Julian St. Jox, Robert Rosenberg, Nicol Taylor, Venus, Dominicia Leoni, Ian Scott, Peter Rain, Lynn Stone
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Misty Rain
Review brief: One look at the DVD cover of this new release from Digital Sin might prompt a cynically reflexive reaction in any discrimintating porn collector: Oh, no...yet another gonzo series calamoring for our attention in an already saturated porn market? For a genre which was originated by John "Buttman" Stagliano and perfected by the likes of Seymore Butts and Shane, any new gonzo title can't just hack out the same "roving video camera with commentary" approach which has become a hoary cliche, especially in the hands of lesser talents. However, the supersexy and naturally playful Misty Rain brings her bubbly character and uninhibited sex practices to infectiously arousing use here in volume one of her new travelogue series: MISTY RAIN'S WORLDWIDE SEX VOL. 1: CANNES FESTIVAL DU FILM 2000. This hyperextended title is quite a mouthful of words for anyone to swallow, even if they could deep throat as well as some of the actresses in this video.
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Boxcover for Barbara Broadcast (VCA)
Barbara Broadcast (VCA) 

Release date: 11/28/2000
Reviewed on: 2/13/2001

Starring: Sharon Mitchell, Jamie Gillis, Bobby Astyr, Annette Haven, Constance Money, Cami Graham, Alan Marlow, Michael Gaunt, Clea Carson, Peter Andrews, Camilla Farrell, Sybil Kingmaner, C.J. Laing, Wade Nichols, Zebedy Colt, David Savage, Suzanne Mcbain, Shirley Peters
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Henry Paris
Review brief: While BARBARA BROADCAST is a true classic in the annals (or is that "anals?")of adult movies, I must admit that this film has never been, and probably would never will be, a favorite of mine despite this superb DVD presentation by VCA Classics. As it so happens, my ardent interest in porn coincided with a time where videotape reigned supreme, and where any incompetent with a video camera, a flood light, and a hotel room could easily make their own pornographic masterpiece. Suffice to say, I completely missed the era of true blue movie classics of the seventies and early eighties (which included titles like DEEP THROAT, INSATIABLE, ROOMMATES, and BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR) for which porn historians like Jim Holliday sing their praises. Still, though I lack the cultural background to appreciate fully the golden age of adult movies, their overall erotic effect is not lost upon me, nor should it be lost upon anyone who enjoys watching carnally raw, hot sex.
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Boxcover for Wicked One, The
Wicked One, The 

Release date: 9/28/2000
Reviewed on: 2/1/2001

Starring: Jill Kelly, Patricia Kennedy, Tom Byron, Peter North, Mark Davis, Tony Tedeschi, Jenna Jameson, Tyffany Million
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Greg Steele, Brad Armstrong
Review brief: There is no question in my mind that Jenna Jameson epitomizes the prototypical porn babe: blonde, flashy, curvy and with a eye-popping, healthy chest courtesy of Dow Corning, it's easy to see why she has become America's hardcore sweetheart. However, I will admit that with the exception of her earliest appearances in Old Man Randy West's UP AND CUMMER series (in particular the previously reviewed UP AND CUMMERS #11, where she is, in the words of Robert Palmer, "simply irresistable"), I have not exactly been a member of her fan following. To me, she just doesn't have the appeal of a Ginger Lynn, Nikki Dial, or even Ashlyn Gere, to name a few undisputed legends of porn. And her 1995 starring role in THE WICKED ONE does nothing to change my mind. Beginning with an opening scream and scrawled warning, "Don't fuck with Jenna" on the DVD's menu, this release from Wicked is a fairly good porn package, and co-stars some overlooked favorites like Tiffany Million and Channone, as well as present-day superstars like Jill Kelly.
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Boxcover for Bad Penny (Adam & Eve)
Bad Penny (Adam & Eve) 

Release date: 9/14/2000
Reviewed on: 1/30/2001

Starring: Billy Glide, Tony Tedeschi, Tina Tyler, Mike Horner, James Bonn, Nina Hartley, Shaena Steel
Studio: Adam & Eve

Directed by: Bob Chinn
Review brief: Directed by legendary Bob Chinn, a director who has been in the business when Traci Lords' videos were "legal" (and who actually made a movie or two with her in them), BAD PENNY is a surprisingly pedestrian affair, despite the presence of the equally legendary Nina Hartley, who plays the title role. Even though this DVD has been released under the Adam & Eve "Premium Collection" label, the contents in terms of story and extras are nothing special, and in fact, barely rise above average. Even more disappointing, the mature but still beautiful Ms. Hartley only appears in two straight guy-girl scenes, both of which take place in the same room with the same guy! So in reality, the viewer gets only four different scenes in this flick, none of which are wholly memorable. The plot is about seems rather complicated at first, but once you realize that the story really doesn't go anywhere, you can break it down to its basic elements.
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Boxcover for When Rocco Meats Kelly 2
When Rocco Meats Kelly 2 

Release date: 9/20/2000
Reviewed on: 12/10/2000

Starring: Rocco Siffredi, Carmen, Kelly, Betty Blue, Alba Dea Monte, Holly One, Rumica Poa, Edina Blonde
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Rocco Siffredi
Review brief: WHEN ROCCO MEATS KELLY 2 is the highly praised sequel to the modern mainstream classic, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY. Just a joke, folks. Actually, this title from Evil Angel may be somewhat tortuously named [only Rocco Siffredi Productions could use the word "meat" as a verb!], but is entirely appropriate for a movie starring one of the most recognized male performers in porn history. However, let me be perfectly honest...I prefer Rocco's work under the creative direction from superior directors like John Stagliano and Andrew Blake. In what very well may be the set of blue movies of all time, FACEDANCE 1 and 2, Stagliano showcased his Euro stud's enviable talents with some very hot and superbly staged sex scenes (including the anal stunner with Chrissy Ann and the wildly choreographed "blindfold orgy"). Likewise, in SECRETS and HOUSE OF DREAMS, Blake captured the incredible beauty of Zara Whites and Raven in heatedly athletic sex scenes which never lost the trademark artistic beauty for which this director is known.
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Boxcover for I Swallow 5
I Swallow 5 

Release date: 11/26/2000
Reviewed on: 12/9/2000

Starring: Nick East, Brian Surewood, Annie Anderson, Steve Taylor, Juliana, Monique, Guy DiSilva, Rodney Moore, Steve Austin, Eve Eden, Anne Howe, Annika LaRue, China
Studio: Odyssey

Directed by: Rodney Moore
Review brief: If you think that volume five of Rodney Moore's I SWALLOW series is just more of the same work from the King of Cream, then you would be only partially correct. After thoroughly enthralling and grossing out the viewer with some incredibly nasty swallowing in the first two I SWALLOW videos, this latest edition is comparatively routine and lackluster.  Even with five full length scenes, and one quickie swallow saved as a coda to the program, this is my least favorite edition of this specialty series, and thus, a disappointment. Don't get me wrong:  the sexual performaces are still first rate, with all the women sucking and fucking like they were participants in a freaky sexual Olympics.  In particular, dirty-blonde Julianna Sterling and Monique throw their bodies and souls into a opening scene mini-gangbang which seems to run on pure kinetic energy.  And China Lee is sexy as hell as a coy participant in Rodney Moore's goofy role-playing.
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Boxcover for Nice Rack 4
Nice Rack 4 

Release date: 11/8/2000
Reviewed on: 12/6/2000

Starring: Vince Voyeur, Mark Davis, Jon Dough, Misty, Erik Everhard, Tera Patrick, Cherry Lee, Casey, Dorian Grant, Leandra
Studio: Anabolic

Directed by: Vince Vouyer
Review brief: A cleverly descriptive and aptly titled series from Anabolic, NICE RACK continues in the company's tradition of giving steamy hardcore in a well-developed package.  This fourth edition of the series is a pretty clear winner overall, and will only disappoint those who don't like raw and nasty fucking and sucking, or other who actually prefer to see silicone packed into a porn star's chest like stuffing in a turkey.  Of course, it does help that NICE RACK #4 also happens to feature one of the most popular starlets of the new millennium, namely Tera Patrick, who is always stunning in appearance and performance.  This two-hour, twenty minute production features six straight sex scenes with six different actresses.
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Boxcover for Anabolic Cum Shots 4
Anabolic Cum Shots 4 

Release date: 11/13/2000
Reviewed on: 11/19/2000

Starring: Deborah Wells, Jewel Valmont
Studio: Anabolic

Review brief: Volume #4 of CUMSHOTS is more of the same superb collection of orals and facials collected and compiled from Anabolic's apparently vast archives of climactic porn scenes. As with previous volumes, almost every scene in CUMSHOT #4 is "good" at worst, and "amazingly filthy" at best. This particular genre obviously is meant to appeal to those who like to see a woman's lips, tongues, eyes, cheeks, forehead and hair covered with testicular yogurt. And if the viewer gets to see a little cum-swapping and swallowing, well, that's just a bonus! As is tradition with Anabolic titles, this edition of CUMSHOTS offers the viewer a generous one hundred and forty minutes of back to back and wall to wall footage. However, I did notice that compared to the the original first volume, the scenes collected here are not nearly as memorable. A few excerpts are notable, and are collected from the studio's flagship title, THE GANG BANG GIRL.
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Boxcover for Bring'Um Young
Bring'Um Young 

Release date: 11/8/2000
Reviewed on: 11/16/2000

Starring: Vince Voyeur, Mark Davis, Jon Dough, Mickey G., Erik Everhard, Nature Blossom, Bella, MoJo, Paige Sinclair, Gauge, Skylar Knight, Adriana Sage
Studio: Anabolic

Directed by: Jon Dough
Review brief: Contrary to the misleading title, BRING 'UM YOUNG has nothing to do with the Mormon-based University [drum roll], but rather, is just another porn DVD from the decidedly non- conservative institution known as Anabolic Video. Of course, any xxx-rated movie with a title like this is bound to raise a few eyebrows as well as other body parts, but rest assured, there are no Traci Lords-aged girls in this feature. But like the BARELY LEGAL series from Hustler Video, this video is an obvious (and commendable, might I add) attempt to pander to the dirty old man/woman buried deep in every porn watcher's heart. However, once you get past the novelty of seeing young and the restless at play, maintaining viewer interest in this series will ultimately depend on the strength of its fucking and sucking scenes. Thankfully, BRING 'UM YOUNG meets up to Anabolic standards for raw, uninhibited, and adulterated white hot sex.
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Boxcover for Anabolic Cum Shots 1
Anabolic Cum Shots 1 

Release date: 11/13/2000
Reviewed on: 11/15/2000

Starring: Lovette, Stacy Valentine, Johnni Black, Kimberly Jade, India, Dina Jewel, Tara Monroe, Blair Segall
Studio: Anabolic

Review brief: For those who don't want to waste their porn viewing time on superfluous scenes involving, character, plot, foreplay, fellatio, cunnilingus, or intercourse, then without a doubt Anabolic CUMSHOTS is a must-own DVD! Since the company's entire library of videos will certainly take awhile to make its way to the DVD format, it is only fitting that the viewer enjoy a "greatest hits" cumpilation of money shots, most of which are among the nastiest ever shot in porn history. Of course, hot and filthy cumshots should be no surprise from a company like Anabolic, which is why I was especially interested in reviewing this particular title over all other compilations of this genre.
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Boxcover for Photoplay (VCA)
Photoplay (VCA) 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 11/14/2000

Starring: John Decker, Billy Glide, Steve Hatcher, Vicca, Colt Steele, Tyce Bune, Stephanie Swift, Angelica Sin, Nikita, Rayveness
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Bud Lee
Review brief: PHOTOPLAY stars VCA contract girl and breathtaking beauty Vicca in a "Bud Lee Joint" about the trials and tribulations of a photographer (played by Tice Brune) for dirty magazines. Appropriately enough, Vicca and her comrade in sex, Nikita, play models, and of course these these slender, long-legged beauties fit into their roles like a condom. Actually, brunette cutie Stephanie Swift plays the photographer's estranged wife, who seems to be handling her husband's career just fine whenever she finds solace in the arms (and other body parts) of Colt Steele. Since fair is fair, Tice also gets his shot at his models, and everyone else seems content to have sex with one another (if only my life were this complicated). Obviously, the appeal of PHOTOPLAY does not lie in it's story and screenplay (which isn't exactly up to David Mamet standards), but in its sex, which is plentiful, though not outstanding.
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Boxcover for Gangbang Girl 11, The
Gangbang Girl 11, The 

Release date: 11/8/2000
Reviewed on: 11/13/2000

Starring: Deborah Wells, Lady Berlin, Stephanie Duvalle
Studio: Anabolic

Directed by: Christopher Alexander
Review brief: After a few lackluster editions of this popular series following Selena Steele's impressive performance (in numbers 7-8) , THE GANG BANG GIRL returns to fine form with smoky and sexy brunette Deborah Welles headlining this three ring circus with fellow Euro actresses Monique and Berlin. Sporting an alternate photo to the original VHS boxcover, GBG #11, in my humble but informed opinion, marked a decisive uptrend and consistency in erotic heat and video quality which made this series exceptional. Although #11 isn't my favorite edition (hands, err...down, Francesca Le's performance in #13 left me breathless with awe and wonder over her carnal nastiness and has yet to be matched), just watching supermodel-esque brunette Deborah ravaged (in the purely playful sense, of course) by nine guys (even if one of them happens to be the repulsive Tony Montana) is worth the purchase price of admission alone.
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Boxcover for Sex Safari
Sex Safari 

Release date: 7/22/2000
Reviewed on: 10/15/2000

Starring: Jill Kelly, Alec Metro, Inari Vachs, Eric Price, Evan Stone, Jessica Jewel, Mia Smiles, Chris Cannon, Randy Spears, Brad Armstrong, Stephanie Swift, Mickey G., Erik Everhard, Sterling
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Brad Armstrong
Review brief: I have to admit that when Stephanie Swift first came onto the blue movie scene, I was not much of a fan. There was no doubt that she's cute as hell, and since I have a special effection for raven-haired brunettes, Ms. Swift should have been placed high on my list of new favorites...But for some reason, I chose to overlook her many porn appearances while searching for titles starring Inari Vachs or Tera Patrick; I just wasn't that interested. However, thanks to the good people at Wicked and Adult DVD Talk, I have now jumped on the bandwagon (as I recently have done with Jenna Jameson based on her appearance in UP AND CUMMERS #11 --- better late than never) and have become a Stephanie Swift devotee with SEX SAFARI, a star vehicle which shows this sexy thing at her best. Of course, the overwhelming use of rubbers in all the "poking the whiskers" scenes can be a bit intrusive in a porn fantasy, but what the hell...this DVD is a digital wet dream for any fan of hers.
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Boxcover for Heartfelt 2
Heartfelt 2 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 10/8/2000

Starring: Brick Majors, Billy Glide, Alec Metro, Shayla LaVeaux, Rick Masters, Laura Palmer, Valentino, Randee Lee, Buck Adams, John West, Carla Lott
Studio: Ultimate

Directed by: Thomas Paine
Review brief: Since I somehow managed to miss the first HEARTFELT video upon its initial release, I can't comment how this sequel compares with the original. However, after viewing this rather hackneyed release, I have to imagine that the first movie was a little better (or at least somewhat popular) or else we would never have seen the likes of HEARTFELT 2. Although Shayla LaVeaux is prominently featured on the cover, and looks as gorgeous as ever, Laura Palmer has the real leading role in the nearly non-existent story. Shayla does have two girl-guy scenes, neither of which are very memorable or ourstanding in any way. The remaining five scenes are unfortunately average, despite some enthusiastic performances who try to generate a little "heart" in this lifeless movie. From the opening scene of this movie, things start off with a bang...a gangbang, to be exact, with Cara Lott at the center of five guys desperately trying to vye for her attention as well as for her sexual orifices. Unfortunately, Ms.
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Boxcover for First Lady, The (Les Nuits de La Presidente)
First Lady, The (Les Nuits de La Presidente) 

Release date: 8/23/2000
Reviewed on: 10/8/2000

Starring: Erika Bella, Philippe Dean, Roberto Malone, Laure Sainclair, Eva Falk, Katy Kash, David Perry, Coralie, Elodie Cherie, Rikky Dix, Marc Dorcel, Bruno Sx, John T
Studio: Wicked

Review brief: Laure Sainclair is again spotlighted in this Marc Dorcel video imported from the land of soft, smelly cheese and Jerry Lewis groupies and courtesy of Wicked Pictures. LES NUITS DE LA PRESIDENTE has been retitled THE FIRST LADY, which is a convenient if inaccurate translation for those who only took Spanish in high school. Even though this movie is less than two hours long, director Alain Payet manages to cram in a lot of tension and intrigue throughout eleven different and distinctive sexual situations. Yet, the movie never feels rushed, and the sex scenes are perfectly edited according to pace. The premise of the film, which is as original as they come in porn, Ms. Sainclair plays the President during the day, and a literal woman of the night, who is being blackmailed by some mystery villain" looks like a cross between Truman Capote and the Nazi who gets his face melted at the end of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. In order to protect her status, she is directed to engage in sexual encounters.
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Boxcover for Ultimate Erotic Fantasy, The
Ultimate Erotic Fantasy, The 

Release date: 6/25/2000
Reviewed on: 9/22/2000

Starring: Asia Carrera, Jeanna Fine, Steven St. Croix, Misty Rain, Felecia, Mark Davis, Julia Ann, Jenteal, Melissa Hill, Randy West, Shayla LaVeaux, Celeste, Debi Diamond, Steve Drake, Paula Price, Kaylan Nicole, Draghixa, Jenna Jameson, Aaron Colt, Nicole Lace, Crystal Gold
Studio: Ultimate

Review brief: Metro's ULTIMATE EROTIC FANTASY is simply a compilation of scenes from Ultimate's line of films, directed by Andrew Blake doppelganger Cameron Grant. There is no doubt that each and every scene on this disc is well-photographed, imaginative, and absolutely hot as hell when it comes to sex, but this is to be expected when you consider the source material. The overall presentation, however, is somewhat lacking and greatly undermines the superb content. The DVD "boxcover" looks pretty generic when it comes to beauty and design. In fact, the model posing next to the car on the packaging is not one I readily recognize (although I am guessing that it's Jenteal), and seems to be taken from another video not directed by Grant. Furthermore, not all the stills found on the back of the DVD cover (or incorporated in the photo gallery) are from scenes in this feature, although they are clearly taken from other works by the director.
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