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Boxcover for MILF Fever 4
MILF Fever 4 

Release date: 10/28/2006
Reviewed on: 11/23/2006

Starring: Cara Lott, Anthony Hardwood, Dana Hayes, Seth Dickens, Vanessa Videl, Alexi Carrington
Studio: Legend

Directed by: Rob Spallone
Review brief: Are those hot flashes or is this really turning me on? MILF Fever 4 2006, 1 hours and 20 minutes Legend/Visual Images Directed by Rob Spallone Starring Alexi Carrington, Vanessa Videl, Cara Lott & Dana Hayes What You Should Know: Its me again, the Bacon Love man and if theres a such thing as having MILF fever then I guess Ive got it. Im so happy to see these ladies finally get their day in the sun. I have never seen so much experienced pussy products on the shelves of my local sin bin. So many of these women have so much to offer and are so much naturally sexier than their younger, inexperienced peers. Why? Well, the reasons are legion; a list to long to offer here.
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Boxcover for Bacon Love
Bacon Love 

Release date: 7/15/2005
Reviewed on: 7/12/2006

Starring: Samantha Fox, Poison, Misty Mendez, Kimmy Lee, Zenova Braeden
Studio: Lava Releasing

Directed by: Oscar Myer
Review brief: Fish Dont Fry in the Kitchen, Beans Dont Burn on the Grill Bacon Love 2005, 1 hours and 51 minutes (released 7/21/2005) Cobra-Digital Directed by Oscar Myer Starring Poison, Zenova Braeden, Kimmy Lee, Misty Mendez & Samantha Fox What You Should Know: This might be the movie you never find. The movie you never thought youd want to see. The movie that even the performers who are in it might not want you to find and thought youd never want to see. They dont want you to see it, know that theyre in it or know of its existence. But thats where I come in. You cant hide from me, chubby chasers -- I know where to find you! You have to laugh out loud at just how unapologetically offensive the title is, first of all. A lot of BBW titles have the words fat, chunky or whatever in them, but Cobra Digital just said fuck it and called their joint Bacon Love and you still totally get from the title what its all about.
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