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Boxcover for Real Sex Magazine 59
Real Sex Magazine 59 

Release date: 9/30/2003
Reviewed on: 4/30/2004

Starring: Alex Sanders, Rick Masters, Meghan Chavalier, Nicole, Sassy, Talon, Kayla Marie
Studio: Digital Sin

Review brief: Real Sex Magazine #59 is another in a long line of magazine-style videos from director William Wild Bill Wittrock. He interviews each girl for a few minutes before the action starts. Most have little of interest to say. Nicole Scott (billed simply as Nicole) is a slim redhead who works only with her s/o, Jonathan Cain. Shes cute; hes not, by any stretch of the imagination. Its pure torment watching this huge, unkempt fellow doing the nasty with a potential dream girl. Alas, it turns into a nightmare for me. She does some obviously painful anal before he delivers on her lips. Canadian blonde Meghan takes on Alex Sanders next. She also takes it up the ass, looks bored throughout, and finally swallows his pride. Kayla Marie (as Kayla) says shes half-Brazilian, and shows off her typical Brazilian butt, whatever that implies. Shes a brunette with a decent body and a shaved snatch. Rick Masters romps with her for a while before dropping his guy goo on her Brazilian butt. Batting cleanup is a semi-cute, 411, blonde, Sassy.
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Boxcover for Loveless

Release date: 12/18/2003
Reviewed on: 4/30/2004

Starring: Julian, Evan Stone, Sharon Kane, Eric Masterson, Cherokee, Chloe Jones, Lezley Zen, Mario Rossi
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: David Stanley
Review brief: Loveless is an entertaining flick that is a perfect example of bait-and-switch advertising. The box cover features gorgeous Chloe Jones, and shes got top billing in the credits. But this is really Lezley Zens vehicle. And while Lezley is no dog, shes not in Chloes class looks-wise. Chloe starts the action with a brief threeway with Evan Stone and another guy. The plotline is stupid and not really worth repeating (although Evan is pretty funny in his role). Suffice to say shes enticed to audition for a porno movie, the action is lukewarm at best, and it ends (after a very long jerkoff session) with a double facial. Lezley has a Jewish American Princess look to her, and she keeps a kind of bitchy but sexy persona going throughout. She asks Eric Masterson, her new neighbor, to be her partner in a fuck buddy arrangement, complete with no names exchanged and no falling in love. Eric resembles Chandler Bing in Friends, and Lezley looks a little like the Oh.myGod!!! Janice character from that same series.
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Boxcover for Vicious Streak
Vicious Streak 

Release date: 2/10/2004
Reviewed on: 4/15/2004

Starring: Evan Stone, Randy Spears, Dasha, Eric Masterson, Dillion Day, Sunrise Adams, Jasmine Lynn, Michelle Michaels, Betty Sue
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: David Stanley
Review brief: Vicious Streak is a strange little flick that leans toward couples-oriented, but throws in enough fetishism to possibly attract the fringe crowd. It starts off with Sunrise Adams as an apartment manager showing a vacancy to prospective tenant Evan Stone. Soon, she has seduced him (why he needs to be seduced by the gorgeous Adams is anyones guess) into a romp on the apartment floor. It ends with a chest cumshot. The next applicant for the apartment is Eric Masterson, who isnt as easily persuaded as Stone. He rejects Adams advances, which not only surprises Adams but intrigues her as well. Meanwhile, Dasha is getting down and dirty with a bald-headed Dillon Day in Adams office. Dillons character is supposed to be gay, and its hard to tell what motivates him to switch teams, other than the lovely Dasha. Dillon comes on her foot. Adams visits Masterson and makes another advance, but again he turns her down. Turns out hes going to be busy videotaping a lezout between Jasmine Lynn and Betty Sue.
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Boxcover for Only the Best of Models
Only the Best of Models 

Release date: 3/19/2003
Reviewed on: 3/30/2004

Starring: Claudia Chase, April, Kaylynn, Wendi Knight, Lola, Katja Kean, Noname Jane, Nikita Denise, Holly Hollywood, Sunrise Adams, Hannah Harper
Studio: Metro

Review brief: Only the Best of Models is a very good compilation from Metro. It features some of the hottest women on the planet and some steamy sex. Im not quite sure where they came up with that title, since none of the stars ever worked in a Models series as far as I can determine. The eight scenes are as follows (with the original feature in quotes): Holly Hollywood, Wendi Knight (Dangerous Flesh) Joel Lawrence, Lola (possibly Destiny Calling) Joey Ray, Kaylynn, Nikita Denise (Dream Love) April Flowers, Bobby Vitale (Rags to Riches) Brick Majors, Sunrise Adams (Sleepwalkers) Evan Stone, Violet Blue (Bachelor Party Girl) Alex Sanders, Claudia Chase, Katja Kean (Under Dressed) Hannah Harper, Tyce Bune (Will Power) Since most of these flicks have been reviewed on the Net, Ill just add that these are some of the best-looking ladies in the industry. They seem to always give fine performances, and these are no exception. There are six facials, one lezout, and one anal scene. Technically, the DVD itself is weak. There are no credits for the scenes or performers.
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Boxcover for Barely Legal 39
Barely Legal 39 

Release date: 9/15/2003
Reviewed on: 3/30/2004

Starring: Steven St. Croix, Bianca, Madison, Blake Palmer, Nicole, Domino, Lee Stone, Nick Manning, Katsuni, Nicole Scott, Jonathan Cain, Victoria Phillips, Corina Taylor, Bianca Pureheart
Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Clive McLean
Review brief: Barely Legal #39 features one of the most beautiful girls to ever do porn, Bianca. She alone makes this a worthwhile addition to any smut library. Her scene is the last of five, but it is definitely worth the wait. We open with a bit of behind the scenes action as director Clive McLean shows a cute blonde, newcummer Victoria Phillips, the ropes of how the scene will go down. After the standard voiceover (a tactic employed by several porn series that is both boring and stupid), Victoria starts playing with Domino, an attractive Latina with some of the longest hair in history (it travels down to the bottom of her butt). They are in a barn and being watched by Nick Manning. Soon, he joins the fun. Nick likes to show hes tough, so he talks dirty and calls the girls names throughout the scene. They go through the usual position changes before Nick deposits his load on both girls faces to finish a pretty good scene. Scene Two features Katsumi, an Oriental cutie with a French accent (nice combo!), and Lee Stone. Shes been abandoned on a deserted road.
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Boxcover for Naughty College School Girls 23
Naughty College School Girls 23 

Release date: 9/20/2002
Reviewed on: 3/29/2004

Starring: Bobby Vitale, Julian, Paris, Lee Stone, Melissa Milano, Angel Long, Brittney Skye, Elizabeth Del Mar, Daisy Dukes
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Scott Taylor
Review brief: Naughty College Schholgirls #23 is a pretty good piece of porn. The hot action overcomes the lack of any drop-dead beauties. There are no dumb setups or dialogue to ruin the atmosphere. And, although there is no anal sex, there is plenty of hard (but not abusive) sex. Cute blonde Angel Long (billed simply as Angel) is first out of the gate. Shes wearing a plaid skirt and knee-high socks. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, she sports hideous tattoos on her butt and hip. Overlook those however, and she is a sizzling performer. She sucks Lee Stones cock as well as anyone Ive seen recently, then goes through the standard position changes before opening wide for a shot of Lees juices. Attractive brunette Daisy Dukes (Melissa Milano) takes on Julian next. She also sports that Catholic schoolgirl outfit of knee-highs and plaid skirt. After too short a BJ, she spreads her legs in various positions, including a terrific reverse cowgirl.
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Boxcover for 18 and Natural (Dreamland)
18 and Natural (Dreamland) 

Release date: 4/14/2003
Reviewed on: 3/10/2004

Starring: Eric Price, Tony Tedeschi, April, Eric Masterson, Frank Bukkwyd, Lee Stone, Sunrise Adams, Ashley Long, J.R. Nelson, Taylor Rain
Studio: Dreamland

Review brief: If a major leaguer had a day at the plate the equivalent of 18 and Natural, he would go 5-for-5, knock in 8 runs, and score 5 himself. Those are All-Star numbers, and thats the best description for this Dreamland production. All five girls are beautiful, they give great performances, and the sex is well captured by director Cash Markman. Take away the nonsensical ramblings of the host, Frank Bukkwyd, and this is Cooperstown Hall of Fame material. Bukkwyd introduces each girl with a short (thankfully) interview during which he plays a British snob, trying to equate porn to Masterpiece Theatre. The jokes just dont work but, luckily, the idiocy lasts only a couple moments before the girls get down to business. Sunrise Adams is the leadoff hitter and she takes Eric Price deep on the very first pitch of the game. Shes blonde, shaved, and cute as heck. The two make a good couple, and they seem to be enjoying themselves as they go through the standard positions in a forest setting near an abandoned bus, ending in a sweet facial for Sunrise.
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Boxcover for 10 Magnificent Blondes
10 Magnificent Blondes 

Release date: 3/17/2003
Reviewed on: 3/10/2004

Starring: Jill Kelly, Inari Vachs, Sunset Thomas, Silvia Saint, Devon, Amber Michaels, Gina Lynn, Ava Vincent, Briana Banks, Tanya Hansen
Studio: Pleasure

Review brief: 10 Magnificent Blondes is a Pleasure Productions compilation. There are 10 scenes, in the following order (with original feature in quotes): Ava Vincent (facial), Evan Stone After Hours Amber Michaels (facial), guy (unknown) Tanya Hansen (facial), Steve Hooper Dream Sex Angelica Sin, Sunset Thomas (girl/girl) Fascination Inari Vachs (facial), Michael J. Cox Flesh for Fantasy Devon (facial), Jules Jordan New Breed #1 Jill Kelly (facial), Eric Price Understudy Silvia Saint (anal, facial), Jon Dough Voices Briana Banks (anal, DP), Marty Romano, Mickey G. Stacked #6 Gina Lynn (facial), Randy Spears Diamond Dog For you math majors out there, yes, there are 11 actresses (Angelica Sin is a brunette), so the title is a bit misleading. The scenes range from high quality (in both sex and production values) to poor. The lighting is very bad in several scenes (particularly Ava, Devon, and Jills). There are few, if any, natural bodied girls in this comp. Most of the actresses could be considered attractive at worst. I had never seen Tanya Hansen before.
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Boxcover for Trouble (Caballero)
Trouble (Caballero) 

Release date: 5/30/2000
Reviewed on: 3/6/2004

Starring: Tom Byron, Randy West, Victoria Paris, Jamie Gillis, Jacqueline, Tori Welles, Brittany
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Fred J. Lincoln
Review brief: Trouble, the 1989 Vidco release, stars Tori Welles, one of porns steamiest performers of all time. This is a decent flick, as directed by Fred J. Lincoln, but it includes most of the standard porn film clichés of that era. That is, marginal storyline, plenty of large breasted women (not a girl in the bunch), lots of from-behind camera angles (grrrr!), and quick cutaways after the money shot (another grrrr!). Tori wakes up one morning with amnesia, not remembering what she did the previous night, and not having the slightest idea of the identity of the dead guy laying next to her in bed. She splits and meets up with her attorney, Randy West. He tells her to go home, that hell take care of her mess. Next thing you know, Tori is in jail on murder charges. Randy the rat is in cahoots with Jacqueline, a busty brunette/redhead. Turns out its her husband lying in the morgue and theyve set up Tori as the fallgal to inherit his big bucks.
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