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Boxcover for Free Ride
Free Ride 

Release date: 5/2/2003
Reviewed on: 2/10/2004

Starring: Asia Carrera, Steven St. Croix, Mia Smiles, Dee, Randy Spears, Shaena Steel, Eric Masterson, Wendy Divine, Flick Shagwell
Studio: Adam & Eve

Directed by: Bud Lee
Review brief: You know, if a sex scene isnt scorching it should at least look like fun. Free Ride has both: a fun scene with Asia Carrera and Steve Hatcher and a hot lesbian encounter featuring Dee and Mia Smiles. It also has three other scenes that arent particularly one or the other, but which arent any worse than average, either. So director Bud Lee hits .400 with this one, and thatll keep him in the majors. If you care, Free Ride is a ghost story about a woman blamed for defiling a rich familys son and forever afterward cursed to walk the same stretch of road until she should witness true love. Or something like that. It even makes a certain amount of sense up until that lesbian scene, when for some inexplicable but wonderful reason Asia Carrera, the ghost, suddenly turns into Mia Smiles. In any case, it all gets started when Randy Spears and Shaena Steele meet pretty Asia on a lonely backcountry road. The first scene, the fun one, is Asias explanation of how the curse came about. Steve Hatcher is the beloved son; Asia is the star.
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Boxcover for Enchanted

Release date: 5/29/2003
Reviewed on: 1/19/2004

Starring: Tom Byron, Sean Michaels, Serenity, Chloe, Tony Tedeschi, Jacklyn Lick, Heaven Leigh, Mickey G., Alyssa Love, Reo D'Genero, Heaven Lee
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Jim Enright
Review brief: Serenitys a modern day witch who falls in love with mortal Tony Tedeschi. She could have him in an instant, of course, if she used her magical powers, but shes never felt anything like this before, and, as she tells her brother (Tom Byron), she wants to get Tony the old-fashioned way anyway, without spells. So what does she do? She spreads her legs on their first date. This could have been funny if this had been, say, the second sex scene in the movie and if the point was that Serenity is so na´ve in the ways of mortals that she thinks if Tony will fuck her he must also love her. Instead, its the last scenewhich means its love at first sight, which means Serenity didnt have to bother, which means she could have spent her time making a better movie. Enchanted (1997) is a low-energy romp directed by Jim Enright. The last Jim Enright film I reviewed was Babes Illustrated 5. He managed to screw that one up with close-ups and poor editing. This time around, hes got a better handle on his camera, but a lousy ear. Okay, remember, this is a story film.
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Boxcover for Babes Illustrated 5
Babes Illustrated 5 

Release date: 8/16/2003
Reviewed on: 1/3/2004

Starring: Kaitlyn Ashley, Felecia, Caressa Savage, Tiffany Mynx, Shanna McCullough, Monique DeMoan, Shyla Foxxx, Tracy Love, Celine Deavoux, Celine
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Jim Enright
Review brief: Girls: Average to better than average Scenes: Four 2-girl, one threesome, one 5-girl group Energy: High Enthusiasm: High Emotional Intimacy: Low Kissing: Sparse Foreplay: Very little Toy Use: High, including dildo, two-headed dildo, vibrator, strap-on, and butt-plug Jim Enright is cuckoo for close-ups. Not the inserts that emphasize and enhance the action, the confusing and annoying kind that somehow detract from it. Being the respected, acclaimed, award-winning armchair porn director I am, I believe Ill give Jim a tip. Jimdont shoot sex; shoots girls having sex. Big difference, my friend. Babes Illustrated 5 was killed in the camera and buried in the editing room. It isnt awful, it just isnt very good. And this despite a cast of willing and enthusiastic girls who, with better direction (and fewer toys), could have made something special. This is a movie with a plot. Sexy, 40 double-D Shyla Foxxx is looking for the mother who abandoned her when she was two.
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Boxcover for Serenity In Denim
Serenity In Denim 

Release date: 9/18/2003
Reviewed on: 12/28/2003

Starring: Ian Daniels, Felecia, Serenity, Eric Price, Shayla LaVeaux, Brad Armstrong, Steve Drake, Dolly Golden, Tabitha Stevens, Jon Dough, Amber Michaels, Devin Wolf, Alexa Rae, Sterling, Sydnee Steele
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Brad Armstrong
Review brief: When I was growing up my friends and I all had our own ideas about the ideal measurements for a woman. My ideal was 36-24-36. You gotta love a woman whose body so perfectly embodies your boyhood fantasy, as Serenitys does mine. And shes pretty, to boot. Though theres little enough reason for this film to be called Serenity in Denim, she is the featured performer, appearing in three of the films six scenes and running the sexual gamut from straight (a boy/girl coupling with Brad Armstrong) to lesbian (a threeway with Shayla LaVeaux and Felecia) to bisexual (a scene with Sydnee Steele and Ian Daniels). You probably already know which of these youre likely to prefer; I figured, for me, it would be the lesbian threesome. Brad Armstrong has made a pretty movie. Gorgeous women, nice clothes, excellent lighting, evocative, well-dressed sets. Each scene has its own visual theme; yes, its superficial, but it is pretty. At least one reviewer has likened Armstrongs visual approach to MTV.
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Boxcover for Fresh New Faces 2
Fresh New Faces 2 

Release date: 8/26/2003
Reviewed on: 10/6/2003

Starring: Sophia, Victoria, Pascal St. James, Toni Ribas, Michael Stefano, Ben English, Dani Woodward, Janet Taylor, Mason Storm
Studio: Platinum X Pictures

Directed by: Michael Stefano
Review brief: Michael Stefanos Fresh New Faces 2 is a hell of a porn movie for undiscriminating fans of meaningless sex. Reasonably attractive girls, solid (if strictly utilitarian) camerawork, and everything from blowjobs to double-penetration to cum-swallowingits all there, just waiting for the right lustful overlay from the viewer to give it spice. Because spiceLordy, thats what this film is missing. Gonzo? Yesbut any comparison with the likes of Ed Powers or Randy West is way off base. Whatever we might think of Ed and Randy, its pointless to deny that they have personality. Its no use arguing that when they screw a girl, it isnt without bravado and a perverse sense of accomplishment. Michael, on the other hand, well, hes just in it for the sex. This movie opens with its best-looking girl, Dani Woodward, being interviewed by Michael in front of a slate gray wall.
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Boxcover for Castings 15: Anita's First Time
Castings 15: Anita's First Time 

Release date: 1/31/2003
Reviewed on: 9/21/2003

Starring: Roxanne Hall, Philippe Dean, Victoria, Anita Blond, Mona Lisa, Franck Versace, Richard Langin, Philippe Soine, Dailany, Clarisse, Elysa Mell
Studio: Private

Directed by: Pierre Woodman
Review brief: I like porn, but when I watch the Castings movies I cant help rooting for chicks who tell Pierre Woodman that they arent interested in doing what he wants them to do. Theyre the underdogs, after all. And because Woodman occasionally includes a failure in his movies, their segments are far and away the most dramatic. Yet as Woodman himself points out, all the girls tell him that at first; certainly its a constant refrain in this film. So its the most reluctant chicks who are the most interesting, and no one here, in Castings 15, is more reluctant than Anita, an 18-year-old blonde who claims to be a virgin. So powerful is our desirelet alone our willingnessto suspend disbelief that I was mentally urging Anita off the bed and out the door despite knowing full well that the subtitle of this particular film is, Anitas First Time. Let me tell you a little bit about Anitas first time. This cute blonde who is morphed into a sexy vixen by the covershoot photographer begins by saying she wants to be a film actress.
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Boxcover for Girl Power (Adam & Eve)
Girl Power (Adam & Eve) 

Release date: 5/2/2002
Reviewed on: 9/14/2003

Starring: John Decker, Michael J. Cox, Jill Kelly, Brick Majors, Alexandra Silk, Shay Sweet, T.T. Boy, Brittany Andrews, Peter North, Steve Hatcher, Roxanne Hall, Stacy Valentine, Mark Davis, Eric Price, Evan Stone, Chloe, Tony Tedeschi, Juli Ashton, Randy Spears, Liza Harper, Tina Tyler, Johnni Black, Shayla LaVeaux, Shanna McCullough, Mike Horner, Tyce Bune, Cheyenne Silver, Rebecca Lord, Angelica Sin, Silvia Saint, Tyler Sweet, Ashton Moore, Gwen Summers, Alicia Rio, Rich Handsome, Julia Parton, Angela Austin, Herschel Savage, Sydnee Steele
Studio: Adam & Eve

Review brief: I dont quite know what to make of Adam & Eves Girl Power, but I know I dont much care for it. All the boxcover tells us is that its about four hours long, so we can deduce that its a compilation. But what a compilation! This thing starts out with a series of blowjobs excised from various unidentified films, shifts into a compilation-within-a-compilationa film called Girls Who Like to Rideand ends with three random girl/girl scenes. All thats missing is the kitchen sink. Four bloody hoursand it never gets better than the first six-minute blowjob. Okay, maybe thats because after the 18th blowjob nothing short of Gwen Summers coming through the TV screen like that chick in The Ring to screw each of us personally could save this movie.
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Boxcover for Sabrine Maui Exposed
Sabrine Maui Exposed 

Release date: 4/13/2003
Reviewed on: 8/25/2003

Starring: Jade, Charmane Star, Sabrine Maui
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: Ed Powers got a piece of Sabrine Maui before Randy West did, but Randy got to cum on her face; poor Ed has to settle for his signature buzz-kill: emptying his condom on her tits. Sometimes, I guess, you pay a price for being first. Sabrine Maui Exposed features the pretty, young starlet in three scenes. Eds, from More Dirty Debutantes 208, comes first, followed by Randys, from Up and Cummers 102. Ed gets her back again in the third scene, from Real Naturals 18, but this time she gives herself to Cherry Rain and Justin Time (a kid who never fails to put the boy in boy/girl). The best thing about the first two scenes is Sabrine herself. Shes very vocal and appears quite confident in front of the camera. Ed lets her masturbate with a dildo up to the moment she announces shes cumming, then he steps in and has his condomed way with her. Randy, too, must use a condom, but he gets his facial anyway. Randys trouble is holding it: his scene is much short than Eds. The third scene is the one I was looking forward to.
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Boxcover for My Play Toy
My Play Toy 

Release date: 4/25/2003
Reviewed on: 8/4/2003

Starring: T.J. Hart, Aria
Studio: Smash Pictures

Directed by: Suitcase Jones
Review brief: My Play Toy, starring TJ Hart and Aria, is just about the nuttiest porn movie Ive ever watched. Now, I watched it because I was curious, curious to see what an interactive DVD sex simulator might be. Ive seen interactive scenes before and learned right away I wasnt a fan, but I thought perhaps an entire disc might be different. Anyway, it was worth a look. If you like these kinds of things, you can stop reading now. Like certain fetishes, I just dont get it. Maybe it takes an imagination in some ways shaped by video games. I couldnt tell you, though, because Dragons Lair was about as far as I went in that directionand if you remember when that came out, you know how far behind the times I am. In any case, what weve got here is a series of short scenes accessible through various menus and sub-menus. The main menus are Tease, Fetish, and Sex. Interestingly, Blowjob falls under the Fetish heading, along with Titty Fuck and Foot Fuck. I dont get that, either, really, though Aria takes a load in the face. But a load of what? I said this movie was nutty.
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Boxcover for Best By Private 42: Redheads On Fire
Best By Private 42: Redheads On Fire 

Release date: 3/27/2003
Reviewed on: 7/10/2003

Starring: Natasha, Philippe Dean, Eva Falk, David Perry, Dina Jewel, John Walton, Rich Handsome, Mona Lisa, Franck Versace, Richard Langin, Nick Lang, Frank Major, Philippe Soine, Julia Taylor, Mephisto, Sebastian Barrio, Zsofi, Elone, Pascal St. James, Jennifer Red, Erika Fire, Jack Slater, Maria Bellucci
Studio: Private

Review brief: Portrait of a Private Girl. Shes sexy, young, and most likely Hungarian; a trooper who takes it in the ass deep, hard, and fast, and is nearly as willing to accommodate two cocks at once in a double-penetration scenario; shes a girl whos decided that if money comes without orgasm, so much the simpler for her; and no matter how many cocks are thrown at her in a given scene, shes going to make damn sure she doesnt give a respectable blowjob to any of them. Portrait of a Reviewer Who Loves Sexy, Young, Hungarian Women Who Arent Afraid of a Little Anal Activity, But Is Sick And Tired of Chicks Who Never Cum and Who Think A Headjob Counts as a Professional Sexual Performance.Oh. Well, picture painted, I guess. I know, I knowwho watches a Private film for the blowjobs, anyway? My problem is, unless theres a chick on the boxcover trussed up like a Christmas turkey with a ball-gag in her mouth, porn is pretty much porn to me, and I approach it all with much the same hopes and expectations; to wit, pretty women and great sex.
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Boxcover for Second Chance
Second Chance 

Release date: 4/15/2003
Reviewed on: 7/5/2003

Starring: Steven St. Croix, Randy Spears, Jay Ashley, Cherokee, Dave Cummings, Frank Bukkwyd, Alexis Amore, Aurora Snow, Cameron, Jezebelle Bond, Fujiko Kano, Avy Scott
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Jim Enright
Review brief: Jezebelle Bond, I wrote in my notes for the first scene of Wickeds Second Chance, smiles like a whore whose only thought is to get Steven St. Croix off; she never comes close on her own. Little did I know the reason for that when I watched the scene. Director Jim Enright cleared it up for me later as I perused this discs Behind the Scenes featurette. Turns out that Ms. Bond appears here in her first ever boy/girl scene on camera. And thats an interesting fact, I think, but it didnt make me like the scene any better. However, I will say in her defense that Jezebelles performance isnt the worst thing in this movie. Written by Melissa Monet, this is the story of John, an old man (he looks to be in his 50s) whos just buried his best buddy, Harry. Or thinks he has. What John doesnt know is that his friends death was a sham, cooked up to provide him a second chance at lifein a younger body, with a successful career and all the women he can handle.
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Boxcover for Wide Open Spaces (VCA)
Wide Open Spaces (VCA) 

Release date: 2/18/2003
Reviewed on: 7/5/2003

Starring: Sindee Coxx, Jeanna Fine, Misty Rain, Felecia, Juli Ashton, Tina Tyler, Kelly O'Dell, Nina Hartley
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Wesley Emerson
Review brief: Hollywood actress Kelly ODell moves from L.A. to a cabin in Montana for some peace of mind, but discovers that in Montana, if youre a lesbian, finding a piece of tail is a more difficult proposition. Wide Open Spaces (1995), directed by Wesley Emerson, is first-rate first-generation porn. I say first-generation because it looks like the kind of movie youd make if Hollywood were your inspiration rather than other porn films. The story isnt very good, but its serviceable and pleasant and it keeps the movie on track. It is, in other words, an excellent first attempt. I say first-rate because the sex is performed by a cast of cuties who know exactly what theyre doing and how to get their enthusiasm over on screen. Its rare for every scene in a porn movieany porn movieto be compilation-worthy. Im referring to an ideal compilation, one where the words best of actually mean something. Yet thats the case here. You know I mean what I say if Jeanna Fine is a member of the cast. Jeanna has her admirers, but Im not one of them.
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Boxcover for Devinn Lane Show Episode 2
Devinn Lane Show Episode 2 

Release date: 5/1/2003
Reviewed on: 6/30/2003

Starring: Billy Glide, Ruby, Evan Stone, T.J. Hart, Pat Myne, Stephanie Swift, Amber Michaels, Kaylynn, Gia, Voodoo, Devinn Lane, Frank Fortuna, Nicole Sheridan, Kristal Summers, Madison Day
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Devinn Lane
Review brief: If you can get your mind around the idea that two of the Violation of series of films could win the award for best girl/girl, that the series itself could win as best seriestwicethen you probably have a higher regard for AVN than I do. While I dont disagree with everything AVN stands for, I think their credibility in the girl/girl arena is somewhere south of nil. Devinn Lanes credibility takes a substantial hit in The Devinn Lane Show 2: Less Talk More Action. Taking her cue from a top ten list devised by the editorial staff at AVN (the top ten things theyd like to see more of in porn), she builds a scene with T. J. Hart around double masturbation and camera babble (thats when a porn star talks to the camera, trying to coax a reaction out of the audience that the lousy sex isnt capable of producing on its own). The resultnot to put too fine a point on itis, of course, crap. But then Devinns sense of what constitutes good girl/girl is highly suspect anyway.
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Boxcover for Asian Fever 11
Asian Fever 11 

Release date: 4/1/2003
Reviewed on: 6/29/2003

Starring: Yoko, Nan, Kaylani, Ba, Nem
Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Anderson, Ray, Ray Anderson
Review brief: I like Asian girls, so Im watching Hustlers Asian Fever 11 and thinking maybe Ive hit something pretty good because the first scene has something. Its not a what, its a whobut whom the who is is anybodys guess since nobody bothered to identify the girls in this movie. There is a cast list, though, and the first name on it is Nem, so maybe thats her. And what Nem has is a convincing desire for sex and loads of confidence. Without recourse to dirty talk or violence, she quietly dominates the scene (and her partner) in the way a porn starlet shouldand just let the guy keep pace. Nem takes the cowgirl position to heart. Oh, its still inside the box porn, but its good inside the box porn, and Nem, at least, is pushing at the sides. You know, theres not another girl in the cast that has what Nem has, and that includes Kaylani Lei, whose scene in Babes Illustrated 12 was a smoker (although, come to think of it, it was Sabrine Maui who provided most of the sparks in that scene). The other four girls arent docile, they just arent as hot to get theirs as Nem is.
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Boxcover for Best By Private 43: Asian Girls
Best By Private 43: Asian Girls 

Release date: 4/18/2003
Reviewed on: 6/25/2003

Starring: Felecia, Julia Ann, Julian St. Jox, Don Fernando, Swanny, Alain Deloin, Kimi Ji, Syren, Suzan Nielsen, Joe Verducci, My Lee, Frank Gunn, Zana Sun, Pascal St. James, Ian Scott, Asian Shan, Sabrine Maui, Nick Manning, Toni Ribas, Fujiko Kano, Lylly Berty
Studio: Private

Review brief: Privates Asian Girls compilation is heavy on threeways. The dumbest one stars My Lee, Suzan Nielsen, and some guy. What were supposed to believe is that My and Suzan are lovers, but that My has an eye for the lads, as well. So when Suzan comes home one day to find My sucking this guys dick, she is, of course, shocked. Despite Suzans heterosexual virginity, My and the guy, however, soon convince her to join in. To this point, Im with the scene. Im groaning inwardly at the banality of it, but Im with it. And just now, at the point when our brains are supposed to power down so that we can redirect our energies southward, the sex becomes so stupid that it trips a switch somewhere and shunts all that clean, erotic energy into quite the wrong organ. It wound up firmly lodged in my spleen. I dont ask for so much. All I want is for a scenes setup and its payoff to have some relationship to each other. But if My and Suzan were ever lovers, it must have been on another planet, one where good sex means not having to say you eat pussy.
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Boxcover for Bare Necessities
Bare Necessities 

Release date: 2/24/2003
Reviewed on: 6/18/2003

Starring: Ian Daniels, Ruby, Steve Hatcher, Kyle Stone, Randy Spears, Nakita Kash, Chennin Blanc, Keri Windsor, Cheyne Collins, Sabrine Maui
Studio: Adam & Eve

Directed by: Roy Karch
Review brief: It just depends on how you watch porn. If you watch it with a vengeance, narrative just gets in the way. If youre more inclined to sit back and let the movie do some of the work, even the stupidest storylines can make a difference, simply by humanizing the actors. Adam & Eves Bare Necessities doesnt have much of a story, and what it does have is typically inane, but the performers seem to like it, and it shows in the sex scenes, most of which are pleasant and energetic. The movie begins with an almost girl/girl encounter as Keri Windsor, who runs a lingerie shop out of her home, offers advice and opinion to Chenin Blanc. That the scene never really takes a sexual turn was not a move calculated to appeal to girl/girl fans such as myself, but what the hellI was still trying to figure out how Keri managed to make a buck by selling baby dolls out of her house. The answer, I think, comes when lovers Nikita Cash and Ian Daniels show up.
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Boxcover for Young Latin Girls 3
Young Latin Girls 3 

Release date: 3/26/2003
Reviewed on: 6/16/2003

Starring: Valentino, Joel Lawrence, Amanda, Zoltan Cowboy, Mark Ashley, Aimee Tyler, Hennesy, Alex Rox, Kelli Tyler, Trixi Kelly, Zolly
Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Anderson, Ray
Review brief: Hustlers Young Latin Girls 3 is a vignette film. The first vignette, Late for the Show, stars Mark Ashley and Amanda. It opens with Amanda lying in bed and Mark standing over her, telling herand I know youre ahead of me herethat they are too late to make the movie theyd been planning to see. Whats a couple at a loose end going to do? Ray Anderson wrote and directed this picture and I think Ive just given you a representative idea of what his writing is all about: its explanation (or exposition) rather than narrative. Why does this matter? Because Latin Girls 3 could have used the boost a decent situation, one integrated with the sex, can supply. This isnt an awful movie, but it isnt a very good one either. The young Latin girls on display, though attractive, arent terribly enthusiastic about their work. They make the right sounds and assume all the right positions, but they arent particularly active. Maybe its their inexperienceAimee Tyler has made more movies than her four co-stars combined.
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Boxcover for More Than a Handful 12
More Than a Handful 12 

Release date: 4/10/2003
Reviewed on: 6/8/2003

Starring: Eric Masterson, Vanda, Kelly Fire, Richard Kranium, Brittney Skye, Anthony Hardwood, Mary Carey, Avy Scott, Ben English, Cailey Taylor, Hamilton Steele, Rebecca Love
Studio: Metro

Directed by: James Avalon
Review brief: The porno mind isnt necessarily a terrible thing to waste, but Im convinced that it is often terribly wasted. If the porn audience is so disinterested in dialogue that it fast-forwards through itwhich is a point repeatedly made in More Than a Handful 12why does director James Avalon begin each scene with several minutes of bickering? The answer, I think, is for comic effect; but its a weird joke that asks us not to fast-forward through the same pointless crap its poking fun at. The idea is none of Avalons plans for his erotic thriller are working out. Actors dont show, props are missing, and those performers he does have havent bothered to read the script. (I just came here to fuck, says one chick. Not use my brain. Thats why I left college.) Each scene presents a new problem, another reason to argue for a few minutes before Avalon accepts the inevitable and shoots the sex, hoping to restore the story later.
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Boxcover for Basically Becca
Basically Becca 

Release date: 3/19/2003
Reviewed on: 6/1/2003

Starring: Mark, Serenity, Juli Ashton, Erica, Nikki, Brian, Keri Windsor, Eric Masterson, Devinn Lane, Wendy Divine, Scarlette, Rene, Kristal Summers, Dan, Becca, Kira Reed, Barb, Sweet Georgia, Mark Webb
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Juli Ashton
Review brief: Juli Ashtons Basically Becca, tries very hard to be entertaining. Not entertaining in a porno way; entertaining in a regular movie way. I think Juli wants us all to grab a date, nuke a bag of popcorn, and settle down on the sofa for an evening of fun. Sure, its crazy, but I cant explain a movie that attempts to be informative, humorous, and eroticsometimes all at the same timeany other way. Its popcorn porn, and its weird as hell. Juli begins in an educational vein. After introducing us to amateur webcam girl Becca, Juli asks Becca to give us a taste of her internet offerings. Becca obliges by masturbating with a vibrator in a chair in front of a full-length mirror while Juli watches from the bed. Except that Juli doesnt just watch, she interjects a few questions somewhere in the middle of the show. Why? Because the sex isnt important, the webcam experience iswhich is also why Beccas performance tails off shortly thereafter without an orgasm. The internet experience is fully exploredthat is, exploitedin this movie.
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Boxcover for Sakura Tales 2
Sakura Tales 2 

Release date: 3/3/2003
Reviewed on: 5/26/2003

Starring: Pat Myne, Cheyne Collins, Loni, Sabrine Maui, Brett Rockman, Mark Ashley, Slim Shady, Lyla Lei, Denis Marti, Nyomi Marcela, Jade Feng, Kimmy Kahn, Aliyah Likit, Jazz Duro
Studio: DVSX

Directed by: Alex Ladd
Review brief: Sakura Tales 2 stars seven chicks and a bunch of cocks. Yeah, its one of those movies. Alex Ladd directs like a guy who enjoys seeing girls get nailed but doesnt want to deal with the fact that he isnt wielding the nail gun. So, except when unavoidable, the guys are reduced to their dicks, which have all the personality of a biological Sybian and arent as fun. With the machine, the girls only have to worry about getting themselves off; here, the burden of orgasm is on the dicks and that leads the girls into one rote position after another until the obligatory facial mercifully lets them off the hook. Without question the worst scene in the film is the fourth, which is ideally suited to Ladds style. Lyla Lei, dressedas all the girls are at some pointas a schoolgirl waits for a friend by the side of the road. A couple of yahoos drive up in a truck and sucker Lyla into sex with the promise of a ride. Lylas a willing patsy, of course: she plays the movies only confirmed slut.
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Boxcover for Racquel On Fire
Racquel On Fire 

Release date: 1/9/2003
Reviewed on: 5/25/2003

Starring: T.T. Boy, Debi Diamond, Racquel Darrian, Derrick Lane, Bridgette Monroe, Kimberly Kane
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Gordon Van Der Meer
Review brief: You know why Racquel Darrian rates the title of 1990s Racquel on Fire? Because people like me see Raquels name in a movie and our pants start going crazy. You cant complain about marketing if youre going to let yourself be sucked in by it so easily. But Racquels one of those girls whos just too pretty for porn; watching her is like seeing that babe in the office elevator or the one you cant keep your eyes off of at the local mall get naked and spread her legs. She doesnt seem to have any business being in pornand I dont care how horny she is. Shes got two scenes in this movie. The first is a lesbian tryst with Bridgette Monroe, the second a straight romp with Derrick Lane. Shes not exactly on fire in either one. Thirteen years ago, Racquel was just entering her second year in the business and she was only twenty-one or two years old. Shes already got the looks, the charm, and the eagerness to be a star, but her technique still needs work. She gives Lane a lengthy blowjob, but never takes him deep. She cuts short cunnilingus with Bridgette in order to finger her.
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Boxcover for Private Movies 4: The Other Face of Pleasure
Private Movies 4: The Other Face of Pleasure 

Release date: 1/24/2003
Reviewed on: 5/4/2003

Starring: Gabriella, Alberto Rey, Alissa, Sebastian Barrio, Guy Joachim, Petra Short, Lynn Stone, Manuel Ferrara, Mandy Bright, Jodie Moore, Black Widow
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: What is the other face of pleasure? It could be, if you buy the storyline in this film, a more exotic, riskier approach to sex. But I think its something more fundamental than that and a little more fun. The Other Face of Pleasure is Antonio Adamos sly poke at himself and his traditional approach to porn. Adamos fans may find themselves doing a double-take at this movie. It isnt what weve come to expect from the director: same amount of sex, same crisp and clear photography, the usual beautiful girls, but with a different emphasis. Adamo, who adores anal sex, provides only two examples of it in six scenes. Each includes double-penetration, another Adamo favorite, butjust twice? Somehow it doesnt seem right. And what about his money shots? All his actors cum, of course, but not one of them is allowed to do so on his partners face; theyre forced to aim instead for her tits. This complete disregard for the facial is damn near sacrilegious for an Adamo film. The other face of pleasure, it seems, is a lighter, more traditional form of sex.
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Boxcover for Private Penthouse Box Set
Private Penthouse Box Set 

Release date: 1/31/2003
Reviewed on: 5/2/2003

Starring: Jessica, Maria, Eva Falk, Dora, Claudia, Nikki Anderson, Wanda Curtis, Silvia Saint, Caroline, Mercedes, Kate More, Daniella Rush, Claudia Jamsson, Laura Angel, Chanel, Sophie Evans, Klara, Jeweliette, Lea de Mae, Estelle, Laura Dark, Sonia Smith, Sandra Russo, Lynn Stone, Daniela Ogniberie, Devils, Geneviever, Krystal De Bor, Natash, Raika, Sophie Evansm, Vennse, Vornica Misel
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: If you count yourself among Antonio Adamos fans, the Private Penthouse box set of six of the directors films from 2000-2001 is nothing short of a treasure trove of erotic entertainment. Fans of Sylvia Saint will want to pick it up for the four titles graced by this pretty blonde starlet. The lovely Nikki Anderson stars in two of the movies, and she wont disappoint her admirers, either. Private Penthouse stands as one the best porn collections the industry has yet produced. If you like Adamo. This collection includes Call Girl, Fashion, Dangerous Things, Dangerous Things 2, Italian Flair, and The Last Muse. Its imperative, I think, that you appreciate the way Adamo goes about the business of shooting a sex scene to really enjoy these pictures. Not the hack a lot of directors are, Adamos style is unique. Now, whether its uniquely enjoyable or singularly frustrating depends on what you like. My own view leans heavily toward the latter. What I appreciate most about Adamo is his eye for beauty.
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Boxcover for Reality 7: Wild Adventures
Reality 7: Wild Adventures 

Release date: 9/15/2002
Reviewed on: 4/29/2003

Starring: Claudia, Brigitte, Michelle, Sandy, Christina, Claire
Studio: Private

Review brief: Little Als Restricted Area and Andrew Youngman & John Waltons Wild Wheel Sex may be reason enough to pick up a copy of Privates Wild Adventures, number 7 in the companys Reality series. Thats not easy to say since these two scenes comprise only about 25 of the total movie. In distinctly different ways, however, they demonstrate how good porn can be with a little technical know-how and some imagination. Not that the rest of the film is in any way substandard Private fare. But thats all it is, standard issue. Antonio Adamo weighs in with yet another Roman scene, Romani Erectus, an MMF scenario that, except for the set, has about as much to do with Rome as Spaghetti-Os. On the other hand, it isnt quite as artificial as Kovis No Brake Girls and another segment called Bon Appetit. Both of these scenes are two-couple affairs. In Private movies, that means the girls rarely if ever touch each other and sooner or later one of them will be abandoned in order to squeeze in the obligatory double-penetration shots.
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Boxcover for Reality 11: Singularity
Reality 11: Singularity 

Release date: 2/12/2003
Reviewed on: 4/16/2003

Starring: David Perry, Alissa, Francesco, Franco Roccaforte, Choky Ice, Lynn Stone, Gina Blonde, Bob Terminator, Mandy Bright, Ramon Nomar, Vanessa Virgin, Robby Blake, Greg Centauro, Gina Dossantos, Csoky Ice
Studio: Private

Review brief: Two Asses in the Snow. Thats the title of the sixth segment in Singularity, the eleventh installment in Privates Reality series. It has a certain frigid ring to it. This, of course, is the problem. What I didnt like about Singularity is that all of the sex scenes have in common a businesslike approach that doesnt waste much time on passion. In the sixth scene, Gina Blonde and Vanessa Virgin are used by three guys like a couple of those latex sex dolls that advertise easy access to every orifice, except that these dolls come with a voice chip that moans with simulated orgasmic pleasure. The following sceneanother of Antonio Adamos elegies to Roman decadence called Veni, Vidi, and Vice (I came, I saw, and vice?)begins with Liza and Alissa unenthusiastically marking time with each other until Bob Terminator shows up for his Porno 101 lesson. The films other sex scenes arent quite as bad as these, but they arent much better either. Lucrecia Del Toros Aristocratic Sex is set in pre-Revolution France.
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