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Boxcover for Heat (Titan)
Heat (Titan) 

Release date: 1/25/2001
Reviewed on: 1/25/2003

Starring: Michael Vincenzo, Blake Harper, Chris Steele, Jason Branch, Lance Gear, Yuri Breshnev, Jon Galt, Alec Martinez, Nick Nicaste, Brice Patton, Victor Racek
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Bruce Cam
Review brief: Cast (in order of appearance): Alex Martinez, Yuri Breshnev, Victor Racek, Chris Steele, Michael Vincenzo, Brice Patton, Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Lance Gear, Jon Galt, and Nick Nicaste PLEASE NOTE: This is a review of the single disc, "censored" version of HEATthe one available from all sources. It does NOT include the "water sports" described in the last scene in JoeBlow69s review. Ive watched countless gay videos, going all the way back to the 1970s; but Ive never seen one to equal HEAT! The previous reviewers evaluations are right on; this is one for the ages. However, I want to add my two cents worth to say that HEAT doesnt need the rough stuff to rank at the very top of gay porn. The so-called "censored" version is excellent! I wont review the action in detail; JoeBlow69 has done a great job, so read what he has written.
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Boxcover for Stryker Force
Stryker Force 

Release date: 10/25/2002
Reviewed on: 1/3/2003

Starring: Jeff Stryker, Robert A. Harris, Williams, Kevin, Hammond, Steve, Jim Pulver, Doug Cory, Ted Dowell, Gavin Jeffrey
Studio: Huge Video

Directed by: Matt Sterling
Review brief: I first saw Stryker Force years ago (the copyright says 1987, seems earlier than that somehow) and decided to revisit it. Im a big fan of hunky, smooth guys with big dicks, and there are certainly enough in this film to fill the bill. Also I remembered and often fantasized about a hot scene with Jeff Stryker and Steve Hammond and wanted to see if was really as good as I remembered. The video starts off with Jeff, Steve, and John Farley (purporting to be Steves dad) meeting to set up an implausible story line having to do with a fortune in lost diamonds which Farley wants the guys to recover for him. There is no love lost between Steve and his father or between Steve and his "cousin," Jeff; but the 2 boys agree to join together to try to get the diamonds. Before they leave for the jungle, however, were treated to a 2-man tryst in a box car between Jim Pulvar and Ted Dowell, while outside Steve Hammond and a band of very hunky shirtless friends posture and flex. Pulvar isn't the most handsome or best built guy you'll see, but he's hung nicely and puts his meat to good use.
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