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Boxcover for Trunks

Release date: 5/29/2005
Reviewed on: 7/24/2005

Starring: Jack Ryan, Jason Hawke, Marco Paris, Owen Hawk
Studio: Hot House

Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Review brief: Directed by: Steven Scarborough Starring: Alex Fuerte, Kirk Ziegler, Enzo Grimaldi, Shane Rollins, Jason Hawke, Owen Hawk, Marco Paris, Troy Punk, Ricky Martinez, Fredrick Ford, Jack Ryan Synopsis Trunks was shot on location in Palm Springs, at the Ca at la Posada. It appears to be a very nice resort, with a big pool, a cozy hot tub, and lush panaramic views. Scene 1 Enzo Grimaldi, Kirk Ziegler Scene 1 starts out in a hot tub, with furry Enzo sucking Kirk's cock and ass. Both guys are nicely built, and Kirk sure has a nice, long, uncut weiner. The action moves out of the tub, where Enzo gets fucked in a couple different position. As hot as Kirk is, he comes off as somewhat mechanical. I would have liked to see a little more interaction between these two while they go at it. There's one spot where Kirk sucks on Enzo's ear while he's fucking him which is hot as hell. But that lasts, what, 5 seconds? The rest of the scene Kirk barely even touches Enzo at all.
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Boxcover for Cum Suckers 7
Cum Suckers 7 

Release date: 2/20/2004
Reviewed on: 6/20/2004

Studio: Factory Video

Review brief: Director: Frank Parker & Scott Morris Starring: The Men of San Francisco. A couple of guys I recognized who showed up in a number of scenes: Billy Wild and Steve Parker. Carlos Morales is here too, albeit very briefly. Its a shame there was no way to put names to all the other faces, as there were some really hot guys in this comp. Story: Cumsuckers 7: Overload is a compilation of cumshots from the last batch of movies from the San Francisco Fetish Factory. What makes this cumshot compilations more compelling than most is that a good 60 or so of these cumshots are landing directly in someones mouth! Extras: There are a couple of interesting extras along with Cumsuckers 7. First up is a feature called Fun Cum Facts, which splashes a bunch of interesting cum facts across the screen, like: The average load is 15 calories.
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Boxcover for Desires Of Men
Desires Of Men 

Release date: 9/22/2003
Reviewed on: 10/26/2003

Studio: Marcello Reeves

Review brief: Director: Marcello Reeves Starring: Marcello Reeves, James Devereux, Mario Ortiz, Jared Scott, Pavel Fox, Alex Mazza, Jesse Mitchel, Felipe Carson, Kingsley Long, Eryk Kapena Story: There isnt really a story here, just Marcello dreaming about 4 different scenarios. I wouldnt go so far to say this is a full blown leather pic (like Link or Fallen Angel) but there is significant leather in each scene. [ /image ] --> Scene 1: Marcello himself stars in the first scene, with some guy I dont recognize (actually, I dont recognize any of the other guys in this movie). Neither one of these 2 are in real prime condition. Marcellos pecs are a little saggy, and the other guy has a bit of a gut. Marcello does have quite a bit of charisma, though, and pretty much carries this scene. I especially liked how he fingered the other guys pussy-hole. After Marcello gives his friend a good fucking, the scene ends with a very nice oral cumshot. Marcello blows all over his buddys wide-open mouth.
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Boxcover for Skin On Skin (Arena)
Skin On Skin (Arena) 

Release date: 9/18/2003
Reviewed on: 10/1/2003

Studio: Arena

Review brief: Director: Uncredited (and for good reason) Starring: Samuel Bueno, Vitor Hugo, Marlon Dias, Ramom Lemos, Leo, Ronaldo, Richard, Alan Story: No story here, just random Brazilian guys fucking. [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Scene 1: Things start out promising enough Our hunky cover-boy hops onto a comfy bed and starts servicing 2 nice cocks. Theres just a few minutes of oral before the other two guys start taking turns on his ass. I should point out that the bald guy in this scene has some kind of skin issue. Im not sure what it is (body acne, lesions?) but he should really get that cleared up before performing in any more porn. So right when we get to the point where Im expecting some cumshots, the scene all of a sudden whisks us away, to an outside pool area, where the same bottom is getting fucked by some other guy. Strange.
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Boxcover for Jawbreaker

Release date: 5/14/2002
Reviewed on: 9/23/2003

Starring: Anthony Gallo, Alex Stone, Hunter Scott, Vince Rockland, J.T. Sloan, Bo Summers, Jeff Mitchell, Chip Daniels, Dave Logan, Daryl Brock, Sean Diamond, Doug Perry, Mark West, Ty Russell, Andrews, Jake, Scott Russell, Tony Idol, Rod Majors
Studio: Catalina

Review brief: Director: Josh Eliot Starring: Chris Champion, Tony Idol, Vice Rockland, Hunter Scott, Jake Andrews, Bo Summers, Alex Stone, Jeff Mitchell, Doug Perry, Dave Logan, J.T. Sloan, Anthony Gallo, Mark West, Sean Diamond, Daryl Brock, Rod Majors, Scott Russell, Ty Russell, Chip Daniels Story: Theres 4 escaped convicts on the loose, and its up the sherrifs office, the FBI, and a cast of hot, hunky men to track them all down. [ /image ] --> Scene 1: Cops Vince Rockland and Hunter Scott capture Tony Idol and force him into a hot little threeway. First Vince fucks Hunter, then Hunter fucks Tony. Vince has never really been a fan of mine, but he certainly gets the job done here. [ /image ] --> Scene 2: This is the first scene starring horse-hung Chris Champion. He and Jeff Mitchell work over prisoners Bo Summers and Alex Stone. Chriss cock is huge, and he is a nice looking guy, but he comes off a little too trade for me. All he does is get blown, and fuck Alexs ass. Meanwhile Jeff is getting boned by Bo.
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Boxcover for Carny: Directors' Expanded Edit
Carny: Directors' Expanded Edit 

Release date: 9/18/2003
Reviewed on: 9/8/2003

Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: Director: Brian Mills and Harold Creg Note: This is the Directors Expanded Edit, which contains a very wet watersports scene. This scene may not be present in your copy if you dont buy Carny directly from or Cast: Dred Scott, Miguel Leonn, Hank Real, Tag Adams, Danny Vox, Jake Corwin, Kalaban, Bud, Danny Lopez, Gil Corez, Rick Pantera, Sam Ford, Ben Damon, Rocco Vidal Rant: Before we dive too deeply into Carny, let me take a minute to talk about peer to peer porn sharing. Titan included a nice little message at the beginning of the DVD, reminding us that its illegal to post movies on the web, and all that jazz. It would have been a perfectly acceptable message, if it werent for the incredibly loud siren and machine gun noises going off in the background.
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Boxcover for ManPlay MP-008
ManPlay MP-008 

Release date: 5/27/2003
Reviewed on: 8/20/2003

Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: Cast: Jake, Will, Parker, Ben, Owen, Devon, Chris, Trip Its been a while since Ive written a review, but Manplay 8 is giving me some serious déjà vu. Remember that review of Manplay 7 I did a while back? Well, this one is pretty much the same, except theres an 8 in the title. Seriously. The guys, while different, have the same look to them. The sex is pretty much the same; the format (one long orgy) is the same. Its even shot on the exact same set (though theres a green light on in the background instead of #7s blue light). I swear, if I was colorblind, I would have a real tough time telling these 2 movies apart. What I Liked: The good news is that theres more fucking in 8. Manplay 7 had extended sequences of oral that went on for far too long. Theres a few more bottoms in the batch this time, too it seems. What I didnt Like: Most of the things that bothered me in 7 still bother me in 8. I wish we had actual scenes instead of this never-ending fuck-a-thon. There arent any stand-out hunks in this version, either.
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Boxcover for ManPlay MP-007
ManPlay MP-007 

Release date: 3/28/2003
Reviewed on: 6/25/2003

Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: Director: Uncredited Cast: Parker, Fabian, Mateo, Jake, Carlo, Rob, Michael, Scott For Starters: This is the first Manplay title Ive seen, so I didnt really know what to expect. Turns out, Manplay 7 is basically a two hour-long orgy, starring 7 different guys. In most cases, not all seven guys are on the set at once, and theres no scene structure at all. What I Liked: While there are only 7 stars, they do cover the spectrum nicely. Some are smooth, some hairy, some older, some younger, and theres even a few bald ones in there. I found most of them attractive, but the nice thing about these guys, is theyre attractive in an attainable way. Sure, you can lust after the Titan A stars like Patrick Knight and Dred Scott all you want, but the chance getting down their shorts is virtually zero. These guys, on the other hand, are the kind of good looking guys youll find at your friendly neighborhood gay bar, wholl be willing to take you home and fuck your brains out after a few drinks. Carlos is by far my favorite in the bunch.
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Boxcover for Country Bares
Country Bares 

Release date: 4/2/2003
Reviewed on: 6/18/2003

Studio: Arena

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Casey & Peter OBrian Cast: Ryan Foxx, Christian Luke, Danny Rhymes, Kyle Richards, Bo Kingsley, Alal Gregory, Marck Cirrano, Atom Masters, Joey Torres Story: A group of city slickers, on their way to a cabin in the woods, get lost and end up at a ranch full of country bumpkins. Most of the scenes involve older guy/younger guy pairings. Scene One Starring: Marck Cirriano, Atom Masters, Joey Torres Holy cow, is this painful to watch. First off, there are no bears in this scene. Marck is more of a cub than anything. The old guy in this scene (Atom) has no business being in porn. That sounds cruel, but he seriously has never seen the inside of a gym in his life. Hell, hes got a bigger gut than me! To top it off, he cant get an erection.
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Boxcover for Hole, The (Jet Set)
Hole, The (Jet Set) 

Release date: 5/31/2003
Reviewed on: 6/2/2003

Starring: Michael Knight, Jeremy Tucker
Studio: Jet Set

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Wash West Cast: Tag Eriksson, Josh Hammer, Jason Adonis, Derec Lang, Vince Taylor, Sam Tyson, Adam Killian, T.J. Hart, Jeremy Tucker, Anthony Holloway, Trent Atkins, Lorenzo Vargas, Damon Ivy, Kip Bravo Michael Knight, Rex Everything Story: If someone told you the plot to The Hole, youd probably say, Thats the stupidest thing Ive ever heard. Same goes for The Ring, the movie The Hole is spoofing. Absurd or not, it somehow still worked in The Ring, and thanks to Wash Wests expert directing, it works in The Hole. See, theres this video tape that somehow turns you gay 7 days after watching it.
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Boxcover for Private Man 3: Prick A Porter
Private Man 3: Prick A Porter 

Release date: 2/21/2003
Reviewed on: 5/18/2003

Starring: Dave, Tony, Cherry, George, Ronny, Micky, Nicola, Antony, Cherry Poppens
Studio: Private Man

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Sebastiano Brogi Cast: Atis, Antony, Black Csaba, Cherry, Dave, Franky, George, Gregor, Micky, Nicola, Ronny, Tony, Yoe Story: Prick A Porter shows us the seedy side of the fasion business. Witness the love, betrayal, backstabbing, and buttbanging that all happens behind the scenes of a famous fashion show. Scene One Starring: Atis, Cherry, Black Csaba Boy, these are some seriously weird names these guys have. Cherry? What the hell? Black Csaba? He's not even black! Black actually reminds me a buffer Leonardo DiCaprio (which is not a good thing). Cherry is actually pretty damn hot. Too bad he couldn't get a hard-on to save his life. Atis (aka Janas Volt) is looking as good as ever. After everyone gets a chance to suck some cock, Cherry ends up getting fucked by Atis. It's all very mechanical, and no one seems to really be enjoying themselves.
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Boxcover for Nexus

Release date: 5/6/2003
Reviewed on: 5/5/2003

Studio: Raging Stallion

Review brief: Director: Chris Ward Starring: Carlos Morales, Rik Jammer, Tony Serrano, Tom Vaccaro, Bruce Jennings, Riley Porter, Fyre Fli (yes, his name really is Fyre Fli) Nexus marks the second installment of Chris Wards stunning exploration of the Art of the Orgy (Sexus, the first installment, was released late last year). Sadly, I missed Sexus, but, as you can imagine, there isnt really any story or anything that ties these flicks together. To be honest, with only 7 stars, I was a little wary of popping this one into my DVD player. I wasnt sure if I was going to be able to sit through an hour and a half of 7 guys rolling around in one big pile of naked flesh. Luckily, Chris Ward knows better than to subject his viewers to that. Instead, the orgy is used more as backdrop to split up the different scenes. First up, Tony Serrano and Rik Jammer pair off. Neither one of these guys usually trips my trigger, but somehow here, theyre able to keep my interest. Next up, Bruce Jennings slips his fat sausage into Riley Porter.
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Boxcover for Backstage Pass (Hot House / Bullwhip)
Backstage Pass (Hot House / Bullwhip) 

Release date: 3/28/2003
Reviewed on: 5/4/2003

Starring: Shawn Justin, Dallas Taylor, Beau Saxon, Jack Tower, Scott Baldwin, Damon Wolf, Claude Jourdan, Ray Ed Harley
Studio: Bullwhip Video

Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Cast: Zak Spears, Jack Tower, Beau Saxon, Damon Wolf, Shawn Justin, Ray Ed Harley, Scott Baldwin, Claude Jourdan, Dallas Taylor Director: Steven Scarborough Story: Im pretty much convinced now that Bullwhip is just naming these flicks randomly. Here was have 5 unrelated sex scenes, none of which have anything to do with a Backstage Pass. Scene 1 Starring: Ray Ed Harley When the best scene is a solo, you know youre in trouble. Ray is completely gorgeous! Hes got a great build, is slightly furry, and has a wonderful cock. He strips down to a nice dirty jockstrap, jerks off, and even briefly shoves a screwdriver up his ass! Hot! Scene 2 Starring: Scott Baldwin, Jack Tower Well this is where things start to go downhill. Apparently Scott is being held after class for jerking off. Jack gives his ass a few whacks with a ruler before diving on Scotts cock. In case you missed it, Jack is Scotts teacher.
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Boxcover for Sex Psycho
Sex Psycho 

Release date: 1/28/2003
Reviewed on: 4/16/2003

Starring: Derek Cameron, Jason McCain, Gregg Rockwell, Paul Johnson, Robert Harvey
Studio: Thor Productions

Directed by: Thor Stephens
Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Thor Stephans Cast: Derek Cameron, Jason McCain, Gregg Rockwell, Jon Ashe, Paul Johnson, Ben Archer, Sal Correlli, Robert Harvey Story: Derek Cameron plays a man haunted by sexual blackouts and a strange man dressed in leather. The story is laid on pretty thick, but is fairly interesting the first time though. What I Liked: The highlight of the whole movie for me was easily the second scene, with Jon Ashe and Paul Johnson. Not only was it incredibly hot, but ingeniously directed. These two studs make out in the lobby of a dentist office that has these huge 10 foot windows looking right out onto main street. While Paul gets the fucking of a lifetime, you can see people walking by outside looking in. It's pretty surreal. Both these guys are gorgeous, but I have a soft spot (or should I say a hard spot?) for Paul... what a hunk! This is probably one of my favorite scenes of the year. Derek's random encounter with Ben Archer was a pleasant surprise.
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Boxcover for On the Mark
On the Mark 

Release date: 3/28/2003
Reviewed on: 4/12/2003

Studio: Bullwhip Video

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Steven Scarborough Cast: Aiden Shaw, Jake Andrews, Donnie Russo, Zak Spears, Dave Logan, Tyler Scott, Steve Maverick, Dex Westen Story: Theres no story here, just a random assortment of 4 scenes. Between the scenes are short interviews of most of the actors. The best is easily Aidens. Hes very soft spoken, and just comes off as incredibly adorable. Scene One Starring: Aiden Shaw, Jake Andrews The first scene is easily the best. Aiden Shaw isnt on a whole lot of DVDs right now, and since hes always been a favorite of mine, I was pretty stoked to see this scene. Im not sure what it is about Aiden that gets me going it could be his smile, his perfectly toned body, or maybe its that enormous cock? Anyway, Aiden gives Jake a nice hard fucking. Both guys are obviously really into, and work up a nice sweat.
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Boxcover for Shiftin' Gears (Pacific Sun)
Shiftin' Gears (Pacific Sun) 

Release date: 4/19/2001
Reviewed on: 4/6/2003

Starring: Shawn Justin, Wolf, Duncann Starr, Michael Brawn, Daryl Brock, Sean Davis, Phil Bradley
Studio: Pacific Sun

Directed by: Bill Hunter
Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: William Hunter Cast: Duncan Starr, Phil Bradeley, Michael Brawn, Sean Davis, Darryl Brock, Shawn Justin, Wolfe, Mike Lamas, Ethan Michael Ayers, Tanner Reeves, Kyle Hunter Story: Ill be honest, I dont really know whats going on here. Something about Duncan Starr driving through the desert, and somehow he keeps running into people having sex (or telling stories about sex). Its all very loosely tied together. What I Liked: First off, Im completely and madly in love with Phil Bradley. How can you look at that picture of him on the cover, and not want to have his children? His threeway with Tanner Reeves and Shawn Justin is incredibly hot, which is a miracle, since in most videos, I truly despise Tanner Reeves. Somehow Phils presence makes Tanner more palatable. Darryl Brocks impaling of Wolfe is another awesome sight. Theres a little bit of oral at the beginning, but the majority of this scene is balls to the walls ass-pounding.
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Boxcover for First Crush (Fresh Cut)
First Crush (Fresh Cut) 

Release date: 12/11/2002
Reviewed on: 2/20/2003

Starring: Jason Branch, Mark West
Studio: Fresh Cut

Directed by: Tony Alizzi
Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Tony Alizza and Rick Tugger Cast: Chip Nicolas, Chris Bolt, Scot Craven, Bret Wolfe, Rhett OHara, Trent Austin, Johnny Doom, Jason Branch, Mark West Story: Watch as five young studs finally get to relieve some sexual tension with that special person theyve been lusting after. What I Liked: Well, first things first, Chris Nicolas (the hunk on the cover) looks incredible! Hes got a truly amazing body, and a great uncut cock. I usually want to FF through most solo scenes, but I just couldnt stop myself from running my eyes over every little inch of his perfect body. Damn! The final scene with Scott Craven and Jason Branch is also a work of art.
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Boxcover for R.E.M.

Release date: 1/30/2003
Reviewed on: 1/29/2003

Starring: Patrick Knight, Sean Paris, Dirk Lang, Oscar Leon, Carlos Marquez, Josh O'hara, Brock Webster
Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: Director: Harold Creg and Brian Mills Cast: Patrick Knight, Sean Paris, Carlos Marquez, Oscar Leon, Andreas, Brock Webster, Dirk Lang, Josh OHara Story: No, this isnt a porn about Michael Stipe (thank GOD). Instead, R.E.M is a stylish look into the subconscious of four hunky Titan men. Scene One Starring: Carlos Marquez, Dirk Lang Carlos dream is up first, and its a doozy! Carlos has an incredible body, and what better way to show it off, then as a naked waiter at some posh, dimly lit restaurant. Dirks not nearly as buff as Carlos, but hes got a great big dick (and an attitude to match). Theres some really clever camera work here, that makes it look like theres 2 Dirks one eating out Carlos ass, and the other stuffing his monster cock down Carlos throat. Finally, Carlos gives up his hole on top of a giant silver platter.
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Boxcover for Holler (Director's Hardcore Edit)
Holler (Director's Hardcore Edit) 

Release date: 12/14/2002
Reviewed on: 1/22/2003

Starring: Dixon Parker, Drew Peters, Dean Johnson, Marc West, Ben Foster, Sean Paris, Billy Wild, Sam Ford, Joey Dino, Slate Rassado, Leo Tanner
Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: Note: This review is of the Directors Hardcore Edit, and is only available directly for and If you buy this from anywhere else, the pissing, fisting, and probably the electro-zapping buttplug will be edited out. Director: Brian Mills and Harold Creg Cast: Sean Paris, Sam Ford, Joey Dino, Billy Wild, Marc West, Dean Johnson, Ben Foster, Slate Rassado, Dixon Parker, Drew Peters, Leo Tanner Story: I have to admit, white trash is one of the odder themes Ive ever seen in porn. At least there arent any mullets Scene One Starring: Billy Wild, Leo Tanner, Sam Ford Boy, I really dug this scene. Billy Wild comes home from the store just in time to suck his step-daddies dicks. And this is some prime time dick suckin right here. Billy sure knows his way around a cock. Before you know it, these guys are pouring beer on each other, pissing all over the place, and just plain fucking each other silly.
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Boxcover for Colton

Release date: 11/18/2002
Reviewed on: 12/30/2002

Starring: Brad Benton, Adam Wolfe, Jay Ross, Colton Ford
Studio: All Worlds Video

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Chi Chi LaRue Cast: Colton Ford, Tino Lopez, Brad Benton, Adam Wolfe, Jim Slade, Chad Williams, Jay Ross, Gavin Braun, Jason Land, Rob Ramoni Story: Colton Ford introduces each of the four scenes ( he stars in all four). He actually talks to his reflection in the mirror, who shows him the different sides of his personality. Quite frankly, its painful to watch, so keep your fast forward button handy. Scene One Starring: Colton Ford, Jason Land Holy crap, Colton looks incredible in this first scene. He starts out in a suit, and when Jason strips off Coltons shirt, his pecs and biceps are all POW! Colton is completely ripped! (and hairy too!) Its a great scene, and Colton really gives Jasons ass a workout.
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Boxcover for G.I. Jocks
G.I. Jocks 

Release date: 11/18/2002
Reviewed on: 12/26/2002

Starring: Randy Mixer, Randy White, Rob Cryston, Johnny Rahm, Alex Carrington, Marc Saber, Johnny Rey
Studio: VCA

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Gregory Marks Cast: Johnny Rahm, Rob Cryston, Marc Saber, Alex Carrington, Randy White, Johnny Rey, Randy Mixer Story: As the story goes, these army buddies meet up every year for some kind of war games, where the loser gets fucked. We dont actually see the war games, but it sounds somewhat like paintball. (Or course, no one actually has any paint on them, so my guess is they all decided to skip the games and head straight to the sex.) What I Liked: Well, Ill give this flick 1 thing: Its filled to the brim with jockstraps! Damn near every person here is wearing a strap (initially), and not one is one of those boring white ones. Theres black ones, and blue ones, and green ones The first real sex scene (with Rob Cryston and Marc Saber) is actually decent. Rob is kind of a hit or miss guy for me. It usually depends on his partner whether or not I enjoy him.
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Boxcover for Hologram

Release date: 11/25/2002
Reviewed on: 12/5/2002

Starring: Randy Mixer, Shawn Justin, Max Holden, Gender, Randall Maxxon, Zak Spears, Brock Hunter, Sal Antonio, Michael Chads
Studio: VCA

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Chi Chi LaRue Cast: Zak Spears, Michael Chads, Shawn Justin, Randy Mixer, Max Holden, Brock Hunter, Dylan Fox, Callan Lange, Rod Phillips, Randall Maxxon, Sal Antonio Story: Odds are someone was watching Star Trek when then came up with the idea of Hologram. Who hasn't seen one of those crappy holodeck episodes and fantasized about what you'd do in your own holodeck? Hologram tells the story of 3 guys who take their friend to a new sex club called Hologram for his birthday. Somehow, the makers of Hologram have harnessed the power of the holodeck to create realistic sexual adventures for their patrons.
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Boxcover for Posing Strap
Posing Strap 

Release date: 10/21/2002
Reviewed on: 12/2/2002

Starring: Randy Mixer, Blue Blake, Dave Logan, Zak Spears, Mark West, Johnny Rey
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Chi Chi LaRue Cast: Mark West, Zak Spears, Randy Mixer, Blue Blake, David Logan, Johnny Rey, Matt Dietz, Jimmy Toro, Lance Bronson Story: A museum exhibit of 50's gay erotica sends Zak down memory lane, giving his new friend an insider's look at all the torrid sex that went on behind the scenes. What I liked Zak Spears is the main attraction here. He looks incredible, and does a great job in both of his scenes. The first is an all oral with Lance, and while Lance doesn't reciprocate much, the cumshots are extra tastey. In his other scene, he tops Blue Blake and Jimmy Toro. I just can't say enough good things about Zak. I swear, I'd get a hard-on watching him hang wallpaper! Of course, if you love guys in posing straps, there's quite a bit of that here.
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Boxcover for Big Guns (Catalina)
Big Guns (Catalina) 

Release date: 12/10/2002
Reviewed on: 12/1/2002

Studio: Catalina

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: William Higgins Cast: Mike Henson, Jeff Quinn, John Davenport, John Rocklin, Chris Gray, Kevin Williams, Chad Douglas, Kevin Wiles, Mike Ryan, Rocky Armano, Jeff Boote Story: I have to admit, I can't really figure out what the point of the story is. It's barely there, but enough to tie the scenes together. It has something to do with naval officers on their break. What I liked Big Dicks! There are some true monsters in this video. First off, I have a major thing for Chad Douglas... he's one of those big dicked daddy types that makes my blood boil. His scene with Kevin Wiles is incredible! There's some great penetration shots, and you can really get an appreciation of how enormous Chad is. You can't talk about monster dicks without mentioning John Davenport.
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Boxcover for Private Man 1: Sword Master
Private Man 1: Sword Master 

Release date: 10/16/2002
Reviewed on: 11/24/2002

Starring: Attila, Richard, Ferenc, Gyorgy
Studio: Private Man

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Sebastiano Brogi Cast: Attila Joma, Attila Koti, Charles, Attila, Ferenc, Gyorgy, Krisztian, Richard Frank, Mihaly, Miklos, Richard Stamp Story: In order to stop the slaughter of his people, the leader of a band of German barbarians (Mihaly) offers himself up as a slave to the Roman Emperor. Scene One Starring: Atilla Joma, Kristzian This scene just baffles me. Here we have Atilla Joma, Emperor of Rome, being pampered by two incredibly handsome and buff slaves... but who does he decide to have sex with? Some pasty-assed, out-of-shape, balding servant boy. Kristzian looks so out of place in this movie, it's not even funny. He just plain doesn't fit in with the rest of these big, buff euro hunks. If you must know, Atilla ends up fucking Kristzian, but it isn't even close to being erotic. Definitely not a good way to start out a movie.
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