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Boxcover for Breeding Season
Breeding Season 

Release date: 6/25/2006
Reviewed on: 7/16/2006

Starring: Christian XXX, Dylan, Alan Gregory, Caedon Chase
Studio: Treasure Island Media

Review brief: It may be a time of year, or it may be a place in your life, but every man experiences a BREEDING SEASON. It's the time when you take or are taken, when one man claims another in the most primal way possible by planting his seed deep inside, owning the other man body and soul. MORE men, MORE big ol' swinging cocks dripping sperm, MORE gaping manholes begging for loads. Well, BREEDING SEASON is an answer to that. The filmmakers threw out all the stops, and brought in a gang of wild fuckers including the likes of Brad McGuire, Nick Piston, Alan Gregory, Ethan Sexxtin, Matt Walker, Steve Parker, Austin Shadow, Caedon Chase, our latest super-cumhole discovery Dylan, Jerry Stearns, A.J. Long, Pete Venturi, Jay Taylor, Brad Stevens, Jon Eagle, "Spit", Carl Barnes, Jake Ryan, and brand-new T.I.M. exclusive Christian. It's a DVD 2-DISC Set because the action couldn't fit in to anything less. Disc 1 is all couplings and three-way breeding sessions plus a scorching-hot four-way.
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Boxcover for Ten + (Plus)
Ten + (Plus) 

Release date: 2/23/2006
Reviewed on: 3/17/2006

Starring: Baby Boy, Jay Lopez, Joey Jay, Erec Estrada, Manny Montilla, Bob Low, Lukas Rockhard, Ricco Furtado, Skip Vincent, Jason Forest
Studio: GAI Studios

Directed by: Ginetto Di Masolo
Review brief: If you are into big thick meaty cock this video is for you. From the opening scene with the pizza deliver fantasy we have all had. When the tip turns out to be getting fucked with an almost 11 inch cock. This film will please anyone that likes to see a nice big cock ride a tight ass. What's great is the film features one interracial fuck session with a black guy who's cock is so long I thought I could touch it from my couch. To an older younger fuck session. To the explosive final scene where the guys cock is so thick, enormously thick that I sat there with my mouth open in awe. It had to be about the size of my calf around and for the bottom to take it all was so impressive. If you like large meaty cocks, take my word this video is for you.
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Boxcover for Young and Furious (US Male)
Young and Furious (US Male) 

Release date: 12/14/2005
Reviewed on: 3/17/2006

Studio: U.S. Male

Review brief: Eastern European men always will get me going. Especially young twinks like in Young and Furious. These films takes a group of hot young amateur guys together in one big room and lets happen what happens. There is really no plot of acting needed, just pure sex. I will say that Zdenko and Rastislav are the two hottest guys in this DVD and that in itself makes it a worthy purchase. From a long suck session at the beginning to a great ass rimming before the cocks get nice and hard and start fucking. Make sure you save yourself for the last scene where everyone cums. I know I did, twice, and then watched it over again.
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Boxcover for Are These Guys Straight ??? 2
Are These Guys Straight ??? 2 

Release date: 1/13/2004
Reviewed on: 3/17/2006

Starring: Bishop, Ethan Ellis, Jack Henry, Jake Jones, Scout Masters, Diesel Owens, Jonathan Swift
Studio: Royal Video

Review brief: Are There Guys Straight??? #2 This almost 2 hour movie is basically a typical J/O video. Watch as a hidden camera captures real working guys, working to get themself off. Starring Biashop, Janathan, Diesel, Ehtan, and Jack. This J/O video showcases each guy taking a shower. Nice and wet, playing with their cocks and some with their assholes. Then each guy gets nice and hard and strokes themselves off. What's great about this film is you can tell by the performance and the attitude that this is the first time these guys have ever appeared on camera. That in it self is a turn on for me!!! I love seeing virgin meat getting me off. There are basically no bonus features, only a nice chapter selection that lets you navigate the scenes well. The audio tends to sucks, but Im not buying this to hear anything, I want to see the guys. Are These Guys Straight #2 might seem like a typical j/o movie, but there are some hiddens treats and hot guys to get you going. Im not big on no sex videos, but this one is a keeper.
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Boxcover for Pussyman's Blow Bang
Pussyman's Blow Bang 

Release date: 4/15/2005
Reviewed on: 12/17/2005

Starring: Brandon Iron, Kyle Stone, Steve Taylor, Guy DiSilva, David Pussyman Christopher, Scott Lyons, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Caesar, Steven French, Juan Cuba, Jackie Moore, Dick Delaware, Leah Luv, Trina Michaels, Jim Beem, Lefty Lane, Sara Jay, Lefty Larve
Studio: Legend

Directed by: David Christopher
Review brief: I'm a huge fan of Blow Bangs. I was estatic to see there was one with Trina Michaels, Jackie Moore, and Leah Luv. The other girl Sarah was hot too. Unfortunately this didn't live up to my expectations and here's why, but first of all here's what I liked. What I liked: The girls were all extremely hot and I'm not a big fan of blondes. Trina Michaels is one of the hottest girls in porn. I love blow bangs, and there was no shortage of cocks (about 12) for these fine girls to suck. What I disliked: The set up of the blow bang. It's done with a wrestling/ boxing ring theme like the International Cocksucking Championships. Each girl can take 2 or 3 guys at a time which is okay but didn't meet my expectations. I wish there was an angle option that you could focus on which ever girl you wanted at any time. Sometimes I'm in a Trina mood and they show Jackie. I felt like the cameramanship (if that's even a word) was very poor. I also was led to belive that each girl could be taking on much more cocks at a single time. I don't think any girl takes on more than 3 at one time.
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Boxcover for Straight To Bed (Arena)
Straight To Bed (Arena) 

Release date: 2/4/2005
Reviewed on: 12/16/2005

Starring: Ben Damon, Michael Vista, Jack Sanders, Rob Romoni, Park Wiley, Andrew Adams
Studio: Arena

Review brief: "Straight to Bed" is a movie that tells the story of wives setting up their guys with other men in order to prevent the guys from wanting 3 ways with other women and them. Jack Sanders and Park Wiley start us out as they are watching a football game. Park seduces Jack and a nice little sex scene starts that ends with Jack fucking park very nicely and cumming on his face. Michael Vista and Sean Steele are up next. When Michael comes over to do some home repairs he comments on how good a cook he is in the kitchen and in the bedroom. This of course peaks Michael's curiosity and low and behold they start fucking. Sucking and fucking ensues with Sean fucking Michael and cumming on his face. There is a lot of face cumming in this video if you like that stuff. Andrew Addams seduces straight man Raphael Shawn sucking him and getting his cock ready to plow his ass. They fuck any way possible giving Raphael's uncut cock a nice work out. The best looking guy in this film Rob Romoni and the astoundingly handsome Fredrick Ford and Ben Damon.
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Boxcover for Bear Party 1
Bear Party 1 

Release date: 4/29/2005
Reviewed on: 12/16/2005

Studio: Arena

Directed by: Ken Slater
Review brief: I thought I would expand my mind and try to review Bear porn. big mistake. It was very hard for me to get through this film. I like big beefy hairy men, but I guess I only like them when they are playing with me. Seeing them in a film just turned me off. It's not that it's not a good DVD, it just didn't do anything for me, so I can't give my honest opinion on this.
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Boxcover for Spring Chickens 9
Spring Chickens 9 

Release date: 10/16/2004
Reviewed on: 12/16/2005

Starring: Kat, Chanel Chavez, Randi Wright, Dillan Lauren, Sammie Rhodes
Studio: Diabolic

Directed by: Chico Wang
Review brief: This is a fairly decent gonzo flick by Diabolic. The women are extremely hot and perform well. Most of the scenes are 2 guys one 1 chick and DP's. What I liked: Dillian Lauren, Kat, and Asia all doing B/B/G scenes. The Dillian scene is really good in the bed of a pick up truck. What I disliked: Chanel Chavez interracial scene. I don't know why the studios throw an interracial scene in a perfectly good movie. There's enough interracial films out there to please their audience, and not everyone is into them (me included.) Chanel is hot, but I don't like the scene. The Spring Chicken theme is kinda goofy too. The girls cluck like chickens which is kinda stupid and gets annoying. Overall I would reccommend this film to fans of 2 guys and a girl, DP, and Dillan Lauren fans. I'm a Dillan fan now cause of this.
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Boxcover for Bi Nurse Therapy
Bi Nurse Therapy 

Release date: 8/24/2004
Reviewed on: 12/10/2005

Starring: Rocky Summers, Oliver Smile, Lukas Lucky, Joska Kalvoda, Caroline Brel, Kristina Linhart, Luccy Bialek, Tereza Walker, Jarda Dvoska, Mike Drew, Andrew Matyasz, Ruddy Holubec, Stanley Kovacs
Studio: U.S. Male

Directed by: Alan Pelican
Review brief: There is something so hot about two men that are fucking a woman. She is sucking their cocks. They are eating her out. Then out of the blue one of the guys starts to suck the other guy. Bi porn that involves men interacting with each other gets me so hard because it has this masculinity behind it that makes me blow. This film is no exception and one of the best I've seen, mainly because of the HOT HOT HOT men. These guys you can tell are 100 straight and were just in need of some extra cash. They look uncomfortable kissing, sucking and especially getting fucked. I swear it had to be the first time they were with another guys. The last scene in particular is so hot because of the size of Andrew's cock. It is so thick and long that when he was fucking the girl I shot my load, but then when he turned and started to fuck the guy I shot again. It's like watching two frat boys go wild one night. Who cares about plot or acting.
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Boxcover for Bed Heads
Bed Heads 

Release date: 9/14/2005
Reviewed on: 12/10/2005

Starring: Jason Ridge, Trevor Knight, Arpad Miklos, Bobby Williams, Corbin Michaels, Tony Bishop, Troy Punk
Studio: Adonis Pictures

Review brief: Bobby Williams and Trevor Knight are up first in this film. Bobby is having a crazy dream from which Trevor wakes him. Bobby doesn't want to make up cause the dreamis about their landlord and a guy whose car broke down. Bobby tries to fall back asleep to continue the dream, but Trevor insists he tell it to him. Troy Punk and Arpad Miklos are the first part of the dream Bobby talks about. It's great to see these two big hunky men get it on. This has to be the best scene since its just filled will testosterone. After that Trevor wants to tell Bobby a scene about a real experience that happened to him. He talks about how he and the HOT Jason Ridge come together. Next up after that Bobby tells a story that involved himself in a 3 way. But of course the film ends with Bobby and trevor pleasing each other in another sex scene that is sure to impress. This film gives the viewer what they want, chiseled looking men, playing hard. I guess I just want a little more from a film. It got me off twice but I just wouldn't watch it again.
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Boxcover for Alabama Takedown
Alabama Takedown 

Release date: 12/9/2005
Reviewed on: 12/9/2005

Starring: Jon Galt, Owen Hawk, Bobby Williams, Cliff Rhodes, Jay Armstrong, Damon DeMarco, Spencer Quest, Joey Milano, Blu Kennedy, Colby Keller, Ken Mack, Luke Montana, Zack Evans
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Joe Gage
Review brief: Titan again puts together a 3 hour package of real looking men in real looking sex scenes with a twist for those who have the wrestling fetish. In Alabama Takedown Titan brings together some hot beefy masculine butch guys who love to fuck, suck, eat ass, piss, fist and wrestle. Directed by Joe Gage who has become well know for pushing the envelop with his steamy fuck fests. His hot dialogue and ability to put the camera in the most unusual places make Alabama Takedown a must see. Cliff Rhodes and Spencer Quest are two brothers whose wrestling school serves up fucking, sucking, rimming, and some raunch. Owen Hawk Ken Mack, Jon Galt, Bobby Williams, Cliff Rhodes, Colby Keller, Damon Demarco, Jay Armstrong, Joey Milano, Jon Galt, Luke Montana, and Zack Evans. These men get down and dirty wrestling there way to pure fucking. With coached topping their students. Coaches teaching their student how to fuck and suck. This all leads up to the big finish with a five man orgy! Where we get a three way fuck that will blow your mind and load.
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Boxcover for Squirt (Red Devil)
Squirt (Red Devil) 

Release date: 3/14/2005
Reviewed on: 9/30/2005

Studio: Red Devil Entertainment

Review brief: Squirt, hmmm, what can I say. Im probably the worst person to review a movie like this since Im not turned on at all by little guys. Now first off you have to realize that Squirt refers to height, and small little boy appeal of the guy, not squirting cum every where. So for me I just couldnt get hard in this film. But dont get me wrong, for guys who like that Twink, little boy look, this film is for you. The Box itself tells you that height plays a role in the film, the actors are not only listed with there names, but also there heights. The tag line of the film This time the little guys are on top Sets up that the tiny ones will be doing the fucking. Now like I said before, twinks arent my thing, but I showed this to some of my friends who do like the little boy look, and even they agreed that these guys are just not attractive at all,. Except for the last scene in the film, it was pretty hot and actually got me hard.
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Boxcover for Men In Blue
Men In Blue 

Release date: 3/14/2005
Reviewed on: 9/30/2005

Starring: Sharon Kane, Ron Jeremy, Gino Colbert, Paul Morgan, Rod Garetto, Brent Cross, Ryan Block, Blue Blake, Rich Raines, Michael Crawford, Cutter West, Scott Lyons, Juan Antonio, Zachery Scott, Andreas Bergane
Studio: Gino Pictures

Directed by: Gino Colbert
Review brief: Men in Blue is an older movie staring the then 90s porn star Blue Blake. This movie is what porn was like in the late 90s and is pretty basic when it comes to a simple story, with lots of sex, but honestly isnt that what you want? The first scene we have Blue going up two Paul Morgan and Gino Colbert and forces Gino to suck Pauls cock. Though Gino resist, he eventually succumbs to Blues force and does a nice job. This scene sets up the fact that Blue is a bad, drinking, drug taking cop on the wrong side of the law. Next we start to get more into the story, Blue is being questioned about his partners Death, a suicide, by Famous straight Porn star Ron Jeremy. This gives way to a flashback of how Blue, drugged and raped his last partner, Brent Cross. It was pretty hot if youre into the rape thing. Brent does a great job of just laying there while Blue does what he pleases. After being raped, he kills himself when he realizes what has happened. We go back to the question of Blue by Ron and find out that Blue once ran into two Gay cops.
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Boxcover for Private Man 3: Prick A Porter
Private Man 3: Prick A Porter 

Release date: 2/21/2003
Reviewed on: 9/30/2005

Starring: Dave, Tony, Cherry, George, Ronny, Micky, Nicola, Antony, Cherry Poppens
Studio: Private Man

Review brief: Prick a Porter was an interesting film to say the least, first off lets look at the production. The quality of the picture, the style and editing are great this film look like a high class movie, and not a porn. The biggest draw back is the dubbing of the lines. I would rather read there dialogue then listen to some stale English translation. This was the biggest draw back and I turned the sound off when I watched it a second time and liked it a lot more. The premise of the story is something about fashion, and trying to put on a fashion show. But who cares about that First off we have a three way between, Attila(so hot), Csaba and Cherry. Its an office setting which becomes a fuck fest very quickly. I have a thing for eastern European men, and this reinforces why. These guys are smoking. Not only are they in great shape, but they are so masculine when it comes to fucking around. They just have this energy and rawness about them. I love the fact that the director makes it feel real by not cutting away the kissing and rubbing. Next we are taken to backstage at the fashion show.
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Boxcover for Are These Guys Straight ??? 1
Are These Guys Straight ??? 1 

Release date: 1/13/2004
Reviewed on: 9/30/2005

Starring: Kurt Roberts, Cody Williams, Broderick, Dustin Knight, Pipokovis
Studio: Royal Video

Review brief: Are There Guys Straight??? #1 This almost 2 hour movie is basically a typical J/O video, but it has some nices suprises. First off lets get the ordinary out of the way. This would be in terms of Broderick, Pipokovis, and Cody. These 3 guys are the borning part of the video, basicall each one jacks off, takes a shower and thats it. Nothing really special about it, but dont let that turn you off. There are some great things about this video. First of is Kurt. Kurt is just a good guy to look at. Then we go to Dustin. I was able to watch Dustin a few times and still get off. This boy just is as straight as can be. Ive never seen anyone get so into jerking off like Dustin does. He is just moving around, making faces, using lube and just having a great time. For him to take so long to blow his load I could tell he was scared to be in front of the camera, but thats what I liked about it. Not only does this boy have a great body, but also a nice thick piece of meat and he strokes it well. Also, its not just his jerk off scene thats great.
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Boxcover for Bouncer, The
Bouncer, The 

Release date: 1/14/2004
Reviewed on: 9/30/2005

Starring: Jason Hawke, Tony Valentino, Ben Campezi, Jake Gianelli, Jim Slade
Studio: Big Blue Productions

Directed by: Blue Blake
Review brief: Blue Blake does the Boybuilder genre better than anyone has ever done it and its not exception with The Bouncer. Starring Jake Gianelli, Jim Slade, Ben Campezi, Tony Valentino, Jason Hawke, Wiktor Perseo, a special appearance by Gage Blake, and Introducing Tony Cage. This film written directed and produced by Blue Blake himself. So lets get the story out of the way, Straight Bodybuilders have sex, bottom line. There is actually a steroid selling type story to follow but the sex is what youve come for and man does it deliver. First off we have two solo scenes by Gage Blake and Tony Cage. Each one delivers for being just j/o. Each of these guys have killer bodies and amazing cocks. If you only put these two scenes on a DVD you would want to buy it. Now lets start with the sex, First up is Ben and Viktor. When the two find some money lying in Jakes house they decide to act out what looks like an escort scene. First off both these guys have killer bodies. They look great together, and look great sucking each other.
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Boxcover for Warehouse of Sex
Warehouse of Sex 

Release date: 11/18/2002
Reviewed on: 9/2/2005

Starring: Danny, Curt Baldwin
Studio: Jet Set

Review brief: Jetset again comes to us with a look at college age guys, in predictable situation. This one takes place at the Jetset warehouse. The story is pretty basic and easy and can be looked at like this, 3 pairs of guy each have sex in the warehouse, each pair of guys act like they're straight but of course that changes in a matter of seconds. Pretty simple story, if you want plot or detail then move on. This movie is about the sex, and let me tell you Jetset doesn't do it any better than this. First off we have Derec Lang and Danny, Danny has been in quite a few movies before, even some straight flicks if your into that, Derec how ever is pretty knew to the scene and had only done a J/O video before this. You can tell from the beginning that Derec is nervous being his first time on camera with a guy, his dialogue sounds stale but who cares. This man is HOT. First we have Derec telling Danny he needs to do things for him that other workers do, do down comes Derec's shorts and reveals a beautiful ass. I instantly almost blew my load seeing that thick beefy body and that nice round ass.
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