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Boxcover for Le Maitre Chanteur
Le Maitre Chanteur 

Release date: 1/1/2007
Reviewed on: 1/23/2008

Starring: Lea Martini, Mephisto, Mylena, Bruno Sx, Pascal, Sandra de Angelis, Fanny Garreau
Studio: Alkrys Films

Directed by: Patrice Cabanel, Christian Lavil
Review brief: Le Maître Chanteur is the story, told in two parts, of a woman blackmailed into various degrading sexual encounters. Léa Martini plays the lead role, and her fans are probably the only ones who should consider getting this movie.
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Boxcover for Thomas Zupko's Abyss
Thomas Zupko's Abyss 

Release date: 1/15/2002
Reviewed on: 3/20/2006

Starring: Brandon Iron, Brian Surewood, Valentino, Wanda Curtis, Mickey G., Anthony Crane, MoJo, Gauge, Stevie, Kristi Myst, Krista Leigh, Mr. Pete, James Hidell
Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: This is just a quick note to warn anyone thinking of purchasing the DVD of this movie that Extreme has removed the second scene and the bonus scene so as to fit it onto a low-capacity DVD. Unfortunately, Extreme, that is to say Rob Black, did not see fit to provide a new cover announcing this fact, so there's no way to tell by looking at the cover whether or not you're getting a chopped-up version. Hence, the "unacceptable" rating.
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Boxcover for Die Möse der Witwe
Die Möse der Witwe 

Release date: 12/8/2004
Reviewed on: 12/3/2004

Studio: Goldlight

Review brief: Title: Die Möse der Witwe (aka Racconti Napoletani: 'o diario 'e frateme) Cast: Meryl Box, Angela Benni, Anita Dark, Anita Blond, Diana Stevens, Dalila, Backey Jakic, Joe Melly, Joe Calzone, David Perry, Sergio Avolio (either Joe Melly or Sergio Avolio is an alias for Jean Yves Le Castel). Please note that although Diana Stevens and David Perry are in the cast list, neither appears in the movie. Cut to the chase: A typical Salieri movie, it is well shot but short. The plot revolves around JYLC reading a diary. It is only notable for an anal from Anita Dark and the fact that the women all kept their eyes closed during all or most of their sex scenes. Features: Italian or German soundtrack Slideshow of shots from the movie 2 bonus scenes from other Salieri titles ( this feature is only available if you choose the German soundtrack) Scene selection Scenes: 1) Dalila and JYLC Not knowing either German or Italian, I couldn't follow the narration so I missed out on the 'why' of the scenes.
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Boxcover for Grand Theft Anal 3
Grand Theft Anal 3 

Release date: 1/22/2004
Reviewed on: 2/4/2004

Starring: David Perry, Angelika, Mark Wood, Jessica Fiorentino, Kathy Anderson, Luisa de Marco, Kurt Lockwood, Dana Vespoli, Joahcim Kessef, Joachim Kessef, Dana Vispoli, Nikita (Czech)
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Directed by: Wendi Knight
Review brief: Title: Grand Theft Anal 3 Director: Wendi Knight Cast: Luiza DeMarco, Katherine, Jessica Fiorentino, Angelica, Nikita, Dana Vespoli, Mark Wook, Kurt Lockwood, David Perry and Joachin Kessef. Cut to the chase: This is the 3rd installment of Zero Tolerance's all-anal series. With the exception of Dana Vespoli's scene, it was shot in Prague with Czech women. I recommend it to people who like anal but don't like it too rough. I say this despite Dana playing the submissive and some scenes abounding in A2M and gapes. Features: Main menu Play Movie Scene Selection Special Features - Photo Gallery - Behind the scenes (Quaze goofing,shooting some stills, bits of the teases, etc) - Striptease - Cumshot loop Scenes: 1) Jessica and Joachin This scene takes place in a large white room with a shallow ornamental pool in the middle and various plants distributed around it. I suppose that's classy, but it made for some annoying echos. Still, I'll take that over cheesy music.
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Boxcover for From Her Ass To Her Mouth
From Her Ass To Her Mouth 

Release date: 1/13/2004
Reviewed on: 1/23/2004

Starring: Randy Spears, Melanie, Erik Everhard, Alberto Rey, Joel Lawrence, Ariana Jollee, Jamie Brooks, Katrina Kraven, Lilly Thai, Dana Vespoli, Scarlet O'Whora, Britney Madison, Dana Vispoli
Studio: Red Light District

Directed by: Vince Vouyer
Review brief: Title: From Her Ass To Her Mouth Director: Vince Vouyer Cast: Scarlet, Ariana Jolliee, Jamie Brooks, Katrina Kraven, Lilly Thai, Lucy Thai, Dana Vespoli, Melanie X, Britney Madison, Joel Lawrence, Erik Everhard, Tony T, Alberto Ray and Randy Spears Cut to the chase: The title pretty much says it all. Every girl does A2OGM, except for Lucy and Dana. The other girl for Lucy's scene flaked, and Dana's partner Lilly didn't do anal, so no A2OGM there. The best things about the movie were the girls, and Vince could sell Lucy's BTS footage all by itself. I also like the fact that there were variations in the scenes. For instance, sometimes clothes stayed on, sometimes they didn't. Sometimes there was vaginal sex, sometimes there wasn't. It was nice not knowing exactly what each scene would be just from watching the first one.
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Boxcover for Look What's Up My Ass 2
Look What's Up My Ass 2 

Release date: 12/31/2003
Reviewed on: 1/13/2004

Starring: Haley, Steve Holmes, Mr. Pete, Manuel Ferrara, Sandra Romain, Jenny Love, Marilee, Haley Paige, Katja Kassin, Lucy Lee (Czech)
Studio: Legend

Review brief: Title: Look What's Up My Ass #2 Cast: Marilee, Haley, Jenny Love, Sandra Romain, Katja Kassin, Lucy Lee, Steve Holmes, Manuel Ferrara and Mr. Pete Cut to the chase: Wow! This is the best anal DVD I've seen in a while. Not all the scenes are great, but with Manuel Ferrara (every girl's wet dream of the latin lover) and Steve Holmes (the man who loved women) doing most of the plowing, the interaction was just fantastic. Add to that generally excellent production values and the fact that Lex wasn't in any hurry to get the girls out of their clothes during their scenes and you have a movie that'll stay in my player for some time to come. There are only two points that I fault this DVD on.
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Boxcover for Machos

Release date: 12/19/2003
Reviewed on: 12/18/2003

Studio: Blue One

Review brief: Title: Machos Cast: Kate More, Oceane, Chipy Marlow, Laura Angel, Maeva Exel, Elodie Cherie, Olivia de Treville, Nomi, Helene Sylver, Cynthia, Ian Scott, Bruno SX, Ed, Steve, Titus, Sebastian Barrio and a bunch of others. Cut to the chase: This is the story of two horn-dogs who get turned into women so they have to experience the other side. It's silly but mildly amusing, especially Kate More's performance as Bruno in a woman's body having sex for the first time. Interestingly, there's no penetration shots in the film. All the women except Olivia de Treville get sodomized, and Elodie, Cynthia and Nomi get DP'd as well. It won't set the world on fire, but if you like the cast then you'll probably be happy with the DVD. The dialogue is in French. PS - condoms are used throughout the movie. Features: Main menu Chapters Ad for the movie Making of Scenes: 1) Olivia and Ian Bruno, Ian and Ed(?) come to catch some rays on the beach. Olivia, wearing a skimpy black bikini, is snorkeling nearby. Ian decides to go for a swim and tries to chat her up.
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Boxcover for La Femme du Pecheur 2
La Femme du Pecheur 2 

Release date: 12/15/2003
Reviewed on: 12/15/2003

Studio: Java

Review brief: Title: La Femme du Pecheur 2 Cast: Angelica Bella, Jennifer Dior, Lea Martini, Veronica Bella, Dolly Golden, Magella. Bruno SX, John Walton, Xavier, Pascal, Jean-Michel and others Cut to the chase: This is a French version of an Italian movie. The credits at the end are missing, so I'm not sure about ID's. I have no idea why the movie got this title, other than the fact that the original "La Femme Du Pecheur" did so well. At any rate, Jennifer Dior plays some kind of psychic who can transport people to their fantasies, or something like that. Angelica is her girlfriend/lover, and spends most of her time looking at Jennifer's photos. There are a couple of decent sex scenes in the movie, but it's really fairly bland. There appears to have been a little tracking problem during the mastering of the DVD, as we get an occasional line across the bottom.
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Boxcover for Asiatrik

Release date: 12/16/2003
Reviewed on: 12/15/2003

Studio: Box Office

Review brief: Title: Asiatrik Cast: Bamboo, Lee Hanh, Virginie, Marcene, Natalie and some guys Cut to the chase: Patrice Cabanel's attempt at art porn is visually tiring and a total failure as pornography. Too bad, because Bamboo, at any rate, looked really nice in her outfit. Run, don't walk, away from this one. Features: Main menu Chapters Scenes: 1) Everyone The entire movie takes place in an oriental looking room with a large matress in the middle. The girls come in and out of the action with Bamboo being the 'mistress' who's usually present in some fashion. The film alternates between brief moments of clarity and interminable crossfades and montage shots. Bring your dramamine if you insist on watching. Rating: D An important note about DVD compatibility: This DVD is formatted in PAL, Region 2. It will not work on most stand-alone DVD players made for the American market.
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Boxcover for Anal Teen Tryouts 2
Anal Teen Tryouts 2 

Release date: 11/26/2003
Reviewed on: 12/13/2003

Starring: Alex Sanders, Mark Davis, Jon Dough, Julian St. Jox, Capri, Brian Pumper, Mick Blue, Tristan, Allison Wyte, Lyla Lei, Tristan Seagal, Demi Marx, Jamie Brooks, Cameron James
Studio: Devil's Film

Review brief: Title: Anal Teen Tryouts 2 Cast: Allysin Whyte, Capri, Cameron James, Demi Marx, Jamie Brooks, Lyla Lei, Jon Dough, Alex Sanders, Brian Pumper, Julian St. Jox, Mark Davis, Mickey Blue, Trsitan Cut to the chase: I supposed this is an anal audition series, though I'm not sure why Lyla qualifies. At any rate, most of the girls are cute enough, so you'll probably enjoy this if you're following any of them. Allysin and Jamie have the best scenes. Features: Main menu Chapters - the 6 scenes Photo Gallery - a fairly large set of stills Trailers - some other Devils Films titles and some photo galleries from others Scenes: 1) Allysin, Jon & Mark Allysin is a pretty, freckled redhead. I assume everybody already knows who Jon and Mark are. Despite her claim she can't do deep throat, the guys manage to get their large cocks pretty far down Allysin's throat repeatedly. There's some POV blow-job, otherwise it's a fairly standard series of positions before Mark's dick appears in her ass.
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Boxcover for Lost Angels: Wanda Curtis
Lost Angels: Wanda Curtis 

Release date: 11/19/2003
Reviewed on: 12/5/2003

Starring: Randy Spears, Wanda Curtis, Venus, Anais, Nick Manning, Anthony Hardwood
Studio: Ninn Worx

Directed by: Ethan Kane
Review brief: "Lost Angels: Wanda Curtis" is an excellent example of Michael Ninn's work, highlighting both his strengths and his weaknesses. Ninn's strengths lie in his understanding of lighting, his eye for settings and his ability to frame the best shots. His representation of female as Goddess fits well with pubescent boys' fantasies, but also accounts for his weakness, which is the difficulty he has in conveying the jungle heat of passionate sex. Goddesses, after all, do not have to sleep, eat or go to the bathroom; neither do they pick their nose, scratch their ass or become wildly animalistic in the bedroom, more's the pity. Nevertheless, while Ninn is a far cry from Rocco 'nasty, nasty' Siffredi, he does produce excellent sexual eye candy. This particular example contains 5 scenes featuring Wanda Curtis. The first two are the best scenes, in that they most closely adhere to Ninn's own vision.
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Boxcover for Consentantes

Release date: 11/21/2003
Reviewed on: 11/20/2003

Studio: Marc Dorcel

Review brief: Title: Consentantes Director: Alex Perry Cast: Lea Martini, Jade, Veronique LeFay, Chris Dittman, Tony De Sergio and others Cut to the chase: Fans of Lea Martini will enjoy her in this movie, but as a sex film it barely rates a B. While color and lighting were very nice, the shots were often of anonymous body parts, and the editing lacked continuity. When I think of what Lea's beauty deserves this kind of treatment just frustrates me. Features: Main Menu Films 6 sex scenes Contact information Previews The plot: Apparently, Lea is the wife of a rich man (Chris) who dabbles in art collection. For some reason a young countess, her lover and her daughter(?) are staying with Chris while Lea's away. When Lea returns she is very withdrawn and becomes upset when she finds a young man swimming nude in her pool. Upset or not, she can't keep from thinking about that stud muffin and ends up seducing him. But that's OK, because the daughter seduces Chris and, with her senses reawakened, Lea's love for her husband is rekindled.
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Boxcover for Der Boss
Der Boss 

Release date: 11/21/2003
Reviewed on: 11/19/2003

Studio: Blue One

Review brief: Title: Der Boss Director: Fernando H Cast: Kelly Trump, Dru Berrymore, Uta Mielke, Susanna Engel, Zenza Raggi, Steve Holmes, Horst Kallinke, Theo White (Franco Roccoforte) Cut to the chase: I had a really hard time following this French version of a German release, but, in a nutshell, Kelly and Horst do a hostile takeover of Zenza and Steve's company, or something like that. Steve plays the bumbling partner who ends up shooting Zenza when they have a falling out, which appears to fulfill Kelly's evil plan. In between, everybody fucks everybody else for no good reason. Dru and Kelly each have two scenes and put in very nice performances. The guys tend to keep their clothes on during the sex scenes so you gals may be disappointed in this one. No condoms were used. Features: Main menu Film Scenes - jump to the six sex scenes Film announcement Other film announcements (Blue One's top twelve) Scenes: 1) Dru and Zenza Dru and a lab-coated assistant work in a room containing some chem lab type stuff.
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Boxcover for Delires Obscenes
Delires Obscenes 

Release date: 11/14/2003
Reviewed on: 11/9/2003

Starring: Lea Martini, Jade, Roberto Malone, David Perry, Holly, Andrew Youngman, Dolores, Elodie Cherie, Bruno Sx, Magella, Elodie Chérie
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Directed by: Alain Payet
Review brief: Title: Délires Obscènes Director: Alain Payet Cast: Lea Martini, Elodie Cherie, Jade, Magella, Holly, Dolores, David Perry, Roberto Malone, Andrew Youngman, Bruno SX, Alain Lyle Cut to the chase: Fans of Lea Martini should definitely get this movie as we see plenty of this modern-day Venus throughout the film. While the sex scenes are shorter than today's American standard, they are well shot and well lit. The women are fabulously dressed and sexy as can be. The plot revolves around David Perry, who has a series of sexual experiences after being given a clock by Alain Lyle, who tells him the clock runs backwards and recounts episodes in his life.
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Boxcover for Au Dela Du Miroir
Au Dela Du Miroir 

Release date: 11/14/2003
Reviewed on: 11/8/2003

Studio: Marc Dorcel

Review brief: Title: Au Dela Du Miroir (Beyond the Mirror) Director: Michael D'Angelo Cast: Julia Channel, Backey Jackic, Barbara Doll, Peter Ryan, Cindy Power, Dylan, Nitteta, Mario Von Belldon, Mamy Moore Cut to the chase: This film is a vehicle for the beatiful Julia Channel. It was made fairly early in her career, when they were still spelling her first name 'Ghulia.' The sex scenes aren't up to today's standards, but fans of Ms. Channel should definitely check the movie out nonetheless. Features: Main menu Film Scenes Bonus - Sex reportage: Almost 30 minutes of Laura Angel getting made up for and doing a photo shoot, while she talks about her life - Bandes Annonces - previews of three films - Internet site - Contact Information Scenes: 1) Julia and Dylan Julia has an argument with her boyfriend at a bar. She goes home and dreams about the bartender. Julia looks absolutely fantastic in this scene but, unfortunately, the sex only lasts about 4 minutes and isn't edited very well. Sigh.
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Boxcover for Charnelle Julia
Charnelle Julia 

Release date: 10/22/2003
Reviewed on: 10/21/2003

Studio: Magma

Review brief: Title: Charnelle Julia Cast: Julia Chanel, Draghixa, Wendy, Marianna, Samia, Christoph Clarke, Eric Weiss 'und als' Cut to the chase: The box says Charnelle Julia, the movie title is 'Teeny Power;' go figure. Two women return from a cruise and party with their friends. The scenes are explained in voice-overs but, frankly, who cares? The plot is unimportant. Overall, I would have to say this movie is more frustrating than satisfying. Barring the first scene, there's either too much going on or shots are too short, or something is detracting from the sex. Bottom line, I recommend it to Julia Chanel fans for the first scene; I suggest Draghixa fans rent it if possible. Christoph Clarke fans will probably like it, since he's in most of the scenes. Features: Main menu Scene Selection - 8 scenes Language - Deutsch, English, Francaise Trailershow - 90 second shorts from 9 other Magma productions Scenes: 1) Julia, Christoph and maybe ?Eric? Julia is a dusky-skinned beauty; everything about her looks good in this scene.
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Boxcover for Bezaubernde Hexen
Bezaubernde Hexen 

Release date: 10/18/2003
Reviewed on: 10/17/2003

Studio: MMV

Review brief: Title: Bezaubernde Hexen Cast: Kelly Trump, Bennita, Vlasta Richkova, Titus Steel, Hakan, Reinhard, Bea Frisch, Anica Miller, Chris Charming, Horst Kalinke, Helge F., Opa Hansen, Olga Hansen, Olav Schuster and Miro Cut to the chase: A movie about a modern coven of witches, this features a few bad magic tricks and a couple of good sex scenes. Not understanding the language may be a curse or a blessing in this instance, but as there's lots of dialogue, you may find that there's not enough sex for the money. I recommend this to Kelly Trump fans; most others will probably want to avoid it. The Story: Kelly is convinced by Titus to have sex with him, but gets ticked when he leaves immediately after he's cum. In revenge, she gives him a six-inch nose; guess he told one too many lies. We go through some asides so the girls can have sex and we can see some bad magic tricks, after which Titus and his pal, played by Chris, kidnap one of the coven members and have sex with her.
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Boxcover for Adultere

Release date: 10/16/2003
Reviewed on: 10/15/2003

Studio: Colmax

Review brief: Title: Adultere (Illecit Intimacy) Director: Alex Perry Cast: Lea Martini (Jean Martini), Eros Barbaro, Anita Dark, Liane Prince, Robert Waldream, Terry Thot, Jeff Abbbott, Erik Burk (one of these is Bruno SX) Cut to the chase: Despite the services of the lovely Lea Martini and dazzling Anita Dark, this movie fails to be very arousing. While it may have been a dick-stiffener in it's day, the fact is that most sex shots are either very close-up, or distant. The result just doesn't stand up to today's standard. Of course, if you're a hardcore fan of either lady, you may still want to include this DVD in your collection. The story: A young man comes to tutor the daughter of a sick count. The count's young wife (Lea) wastes no time in seducing him. After a short while, the daughter (Anita) decides she wants him for herself.
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Boxcover for La Dresseuse (The Trainer)
La Dresseuse (The Trainer) 

Release date: 10/15/2003
Reviewed on: 10/14/2003

Studio: Blue One

Review brief: Title: La Dresseuse (The Adjuster) Director: Alain Payet Cast: Zara Whites, Lea Martini, Kate More, Dru Berrymore, Fovea, Oceane, Daniella Rush, Mark Barrow, Bruno SX, Phillipe Dean, Ramon, Kevin Long and Yan Scott Cut to the chase: This is billed as the 'explosive return of Zara Whites.' According to the cover, it earned the Hot D'Or in 1999 for 'Meilleur Realisateur Europeen'...Best European Director? Anyway, my French-to-English translator says the title means 'The Adjustor,' but I suspect it's 'The Ringmaster.' At any rate, just looking at the female cast should tell you that this one has plenty of eye candy, and I assure you they get put to good use. My main complaint is that Zara only did girl/girl, darn it. If you're new to Euro-porn, this wouldn't be a bad one to start with (but see the note at the end of this review first). I would describe it as mild raincoater.
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Boxcover for CKP

Release date: 10/13/2003
Reviewed on: 10/13/2003

Studio: Colmax

Directed by: Mario Salieri
Review brief: Title: CKP Director: Mario Salieri Cast: Selen, Joy Karin's, Michela Soavi, Maria Sanchez, Eliana Dante, Judith Rastik, Olivia Del Rio, Nikita, Serena Ippolitit, Mauricia Parker, Federica Silvestri, Elvira Storace, Ekat Porel, Sandy Foster, Emanuala Ponti, Maria Grazia Rovelli, Rosa Gentile, Elia Antonelli, Francesco Malcom, Roberto Malone, Valentino, Don Fernando, Silvio Evangelista, John Walton, Tony Hackster, Danny Moriello, Marco Tidona, Sergio Santini, Massimo Palazzi, Salvadore Cafiero, Sergio Musumeci, Filippo Battaglia, Eric Silvestri, Franck Cremona Note: As usual for Salieri's works, I can't identify many of the players, however one of the actresses is actually Lea Martini. Cut to the chase: This is a movie about the war in Chechnia and families who end up on opposite sides in the conflict. As usual for Salieri, the sex tends to be non-consensual, however the sex scenes are longer than his usual fair. They don't come close to the gonzo standard, but they're usually more than a minute or two.
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Boxcover for Die Braut (The Bride)
Die Braut (The Bride) 

Release date: 10/13/2003
Reviewed on: 10/12/2003

Starring: Zenza Raggi, Roberto, Kelly Trump, Laura Angel, Tittus Steel, Mandy Mystery, Steve Vincent, Reinhardt, Beate Breitner
Studio: EuroVisie

Review brief: Title: Die Braut (The Bride) Cast: Kelly Trump, Laura Angel, Nicci Lütt (Mandy Mystery), Beate Breitner, Zenza Raggi, Reinhard, Steve Vincent, Tittus Steel, Roberto (I don't know Steve, Tittus or Roberto, so I'm guessing as to who's who in their scenes). Cut to the chase: This is a silly movie about Kelly getting married and the problems caused by her picking an outlandish red wedding dress. I recommend you ignore the plot and enjoy some nice sex from Kelly, Laura and Mandy. The director appears to have a breast fetish as each sex scene starts with the woman's breasts being kissed and bitten. Hey, I can live with that. The EuroVisie version of the DVD I purchased suffers from pixelation in one scene. You might want to go with MMV's version instead. Features: Menu with chapter selections. Scenes: 1) Mandy and Zenza Kelly's fiance and her sister go at it in the living room. Mandy, wearing a very short plastic skirt and a training bra throughout, looks particularly fetching; yum. As she isn't wearing panties, Zenza get's right to it.
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Boxcover for Concetta contre la Mafia
Concetta contre la Mafia 

Release date: 10/11/2003
Reviewed on: 10/10/2003

Studio: Colmax

Directed by: Mario Salieri
Review brief: Title: Concetta contre la Mafia Director: Mario Salieri Cast: Selen, Anita Dark, Diana Stevens, Flavio Gioia, Angela Benni, Anna Turchesi, Adelina Pryor, Dalila, Margherita Dominicis, Don Fernando, David Perry, Luigi Salomone, Franck David, Joe Melly, Nicola Torrisi, Joe Calzone, Mario Massetti, Mateo Biseti Note: a change in format - Due to the fact that this is not a gonzo flick, I have revised my usual review formula to (hopefully) deliver the additional information I feel a plot-driven picture requires. Also, this film is dubbed in French, so my observations as to plot are derived from the pictures, not the dialogue. Cut to the chase: This is a movie about the mafia, sex and violence. It is part two of a series, 'Concetta Licata' being the first. I should note that a Salieri sex scene does have a point in the plot, usually an unpleasant one. Salieri's sex scenes also tend to be very short. They're usually about power, or male gratification, or some other unhappy motive.
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Boxcover for Nasty Nymphos 6
Nasty Nymphos 6 

Release date: 5/12/2003
Reviewed on: 10/9/2003

Starring: Peter North, Roxanne Hall, Mark Davis, Mike Horner, Vanessa Chase, Steve Drake, Mr. Marcus, Jon Dough, Julian St. Jox, Alex Dane, Tony Montana, Shaunee Cates, Kristi Lynn, Nick Pierce, Montana, Tony, Jordan Justice
Studio: Anabolic

Review brief: Title: Nasty Nymphos 6 Cast: Alexandria Dane, Roxanne Hall, Kristi Lynn, Vanessa Chase, Shawnee Cates, Jordan Justice, Mark Davis, Jon Dough, Tony Montana, Nick Pierce, Peter North, Mr. Marcus, Mike Horner, Julian St. Jox and Steve Drake Cut to the chase: There's good stuff to be had here, but one can't call it an outstanding effort. As usual, the music was too loud for my taste much of the time, and the camerawork reflected the ad hoc nature of the sex. Features: A chapter menu, including the names of the performers in each scene, and a Cumshot Recap. A photo gallery from the movie; there are no controls over the selection or pace. I was puzzled by the inclusion of some 'anonymous body part' shots in here. What's the point? Web site info DVD releases (available on the back side of the DVD) Scenes: 1) Alexandria, Jon and Mark Alex is an attractive woman with some Oriental facial features. She reveals that she's 25 and would like to send this tape to her ex-husband.
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Boxcover for Nasty Nymphos 5
Nasty Nymphos 5 

Release date: 4/28/2003
Reviewed on: 10/8/2003

Starring: Tom Byron, Misty Rain, Chad Thomas, Sean Michaels, Mark Davis, Melissa Hill, Mike Horner, Anna Malle, Rebecca Lord, Tera Heart, Jon Dough, Tess Newhart, Dominique Winters
Studio: Anabolic

Review brief: Title: Nasty Nymphos 5 Cast: Rebecca Lord, Tess Newheart, Melissa Hill, Anne Malle, Tera Heart, Misty Rain, Dominique Winters, Mark Davis, Tom Byron, Mike Horner, Jon Dough, Sean Michaels, Brett Ryan and Chad Thomas. Cut to the chase: An average DVD which has it's moments. There are a few good parts for anal fans, and Rebecca Lord is always good eye candy, but this didn't wear as well as some of the others in the series. The technical problems lowered my rating. Features: A chapter menu, which didn't work on my player. I had to stop the DVD, dismount and remount it to continue. The menu includes the names of the performers in each scene, which is a nice touch, and a Cumshot Recap. A photo gallery consisting of about 90 seconds of glam shots and outtakes from the scenes; there are no controls over the selection or pace. Web site info DVD releases (available on the back side of the DVD) Scenes: 1) Rebecca and Mark Rebecca had recently arrived in the US when this scene was done so her knowledge of English was still limited.
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Boxcover for Nasty Nymphos 8
Nasty Nymphos 8 

Release date: 5/27/2003
Reviewed on: 10/7/2003

Starring: Tom Byron, Sean Michaels, Mark Davis, Rocco Siffredi, Kelly Trump, Alex Jordan, Cherell, Marine Cartier, Janet Jacme, Angela Whorney
Studio: Anabolic

Review brief: Title: Nasty Nymphos 8 Cast: Janet Jacme, Alex Jordan, Marine Cartier, Angela Whorney, Cherelle, Kelly Trump, Mark Davis, Sean Michaels, Tom Byron & Rocco Siffredi. Cut to the chase: An oldie but goodie, featuring real chemistry and real orgasms. I recommend it to couples who enjoy anal and to any raincoater who doesn't require the ultimate in nastiness. Features: A chapter menu, including the names of the performers in each scene, and a Cumshot Recap. A photo gallery from the movie; there are no controls over the selection or pace. Web site info DVD releases (available on the back side of the DVD) Scenes: 1) Janet and Sean In the requisite interview at the beginning of the scene, when asked if she was going to make love or have sex on this shoot, Janet replied, 'both.' The chemistry displayed by these two performers bears out that assertion. A list of the acts performed may be in order, but it fails to capture the reality. Fans of kisses and orgasms will be pleased with this scene, as I was.
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