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Boxcover for Hellcats 2
Hellcats 2 

Release date: 12/19/2003
Reviewed on: 12/31/2004

Starring: Brandon Iron, Sean Michaels, Kitty, Delilah, Brian Pumper, Toni Ribas, Julie Night, Trent Tesoro, Kris Slater, Lauren Phoenix, Amber Rain, Luci Thai, Cameron James, Katja Kassin
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Joey Silvera
Review brief: Title: Hellcats 2 Cast: Deliah, Julie Night, Lauren Phoenix, Amber Rain, Cameron James, Lucy Thai, and Kitty. 1. Cameron James/ Lauren Phoenix, Three Some, Tongue Ring, Good Bodies, EL - Good, VL - Good, F on F oral, F on F = AL, Interracial, BJ, HM, DT, Slimy BJ, CG, Doggie Anal, Spoon Anal, ATM, PS = Facial. 2. Kitty (oriental) - Average Body with Tiny Tits, BJ, TJ, DT, PTM, Doggie, RCGA, Mish, Clit Ring, PS = Facial. EL = Average / VL = Average. 3. Lucy Thai - Good Body, BJ, DT, M on F Oral, M on F AL, Doggie, Mish Anal, EL/ VL medium, ATM, RCGA, PS = Facial. 4. Julie Knight/ Katja Kassin - Three Some, BJ, TJ, DJ, F on F = AL, F on F oral, Doggie anal, ATM, PS = Facial, EL/VL Good. 5.
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Boxcover for Sexual Predator 2 (Evolution Erotica)
Sexual Predator 2 (Evolution Erotica) 

Release date: 11/16/2004
Reviewed on: 12/30/2004

Studio: Evolution Erotica

Review brief: Title: Sexual Predator 2 Cast: Kat Taylor Rain Kami Andrews Deja Daire Charlotte Lee 1. Dja Daire - Excellent body - All Anal no vaginal in this scene, DT / BJ, RCGA, ATM, Spoon Anal, ToyS to anal to mouth, PD to anal, Doggie anal, PS to open mouth = weak. EL = Good, VL = Good. 2. Kat - Good body - BJ, TJ, DT, Facial Fuck, Mish, CG, Spoon, PTM, ATM, RCGA, Doggie Anal, PS = Facial, EL = Excellent, VL = Good. 3. Kami Andrews - Takes on Four Guys to Gang BJ, DT, TJ, F on M = AL, PS = Open Mouth Holding the all pops with one swallow. EL = Good, VL = Good. 4. Charlotte Lee - Good Body - BJ, TJ, Facial Fuck, RCGA, PTM, Doggie, Three Finger = Anal, Doggie Anal, RCG, Spoon Anal, EL = Good, VL = Good, Facial Blast. 5. Taylor Rain - Good Body - BJ, DT, TJ, Doggie, Finger Anal, Anal Beads, CG, Spoon Anal, RCGA, (Anal Plug Toy Stuffed in anus about six inches or more of this toy that is about 3 inches in diameter), M on F = AL, PD = Anal, EL = Good, VL = Good. PS = Facial.
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Boxcover for Enjoy 5
Enjoy 5 

Release date: 10/8/2004
Reviewed on: 12/20/2004

Starring: Julie Silver, Katsuni, Tera Voy, Vanessa Mae, Carrie Cruise, Lucy Lee (Czech)
Studio: Sinsational

Review brief: Title: Enjoy 5 CAST: Lucy (anal), Tera Voy (anal), Romana (anal/DP), Janet (anal/DP/DA), Jayda/Katsumi (anal), and Victorie (cover girl/ No anal). Overall Opinion: I have no idea why Sineplex has this series. This is my first time viewing one of this series. I have no idea what the first scene is about and why they have commentary in between each chapter. DVD does include fetish/chapter/photos/ bonus scenes. As always with Sineplex models are hot and ready to fuck. 1. Victorie - disappointing scene NO ANAL and what is it with the old guy in the scene. Basically Victorie has two separate sex acts in one chapter. One time with the old guy and one time with a younger guy. All basic positions no big surprises. Victorie has an excellent full body with big tits. With both men Victorie performs a basic BJ, M on F oral, Cow girl, spoon, doggie, Reverse cowgirl, pop shot to open mouth or pop shot to pussy. Low vocal and energy. 2.
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Boxcover for Swap the Pop
Swap the Pop 

Release date: 9/13/2004
Reviewed on: 12/14/2004

Starring: Sofia, Jessica Sweet, Sativa Rose, Smokie Flame, Nicole Parks, Brodi, Jordan Fleiss, Megan Martinez, Britney Rears, Staci Thorn
Studio: No Boundaries

Directed by: Corey Jordan
Review brief: Title: Swap the Pop CAST: Nicole Parks, Sativa Rose, Staci Thorn, Smokie Flame, Jessica Sweet, Tyra Bangs, Brodi, Megan Martines, Jordan Fleiss, and Sophia. Overall Opinion: Good Basic Porn, Nothing really amazing, Some pop shots are weak and what you see is saliva being swapped. No anal, No toys, No real good lesbian action, Just Straight Porn with Bald Pussies. All scene talk about the joys of swapping the pop and cum tasting (Except where noted). Dvd includes chapter menu and allow to jump to pop shot in chapter. Behind the scene footage also available. 1. Nicole Parks And Sativa Rose - Young Average Bodies, alittle fleshy - BJ = Throat Jamming, Doggie, Missionary, F on F Oral, PTM, Reverse Cowgirl, pop shot to open mouth and swapped back and forth. 2. Staci Thorn and Smokie Flame - Good Young Bodies - M on F oral, NO real BJ more like tasting, PTM, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie derby style, Weak Pop shot to open mouth, Good F on F make out scene. Good energy / Vocal. Short Scene. 3.
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Boxcover for Nasty Prospects 7
Nasty Prospects 7 

Release date: 11/4/2004
Reviewed on: 12/13/2004

Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Title: Nasty Prospects 7 CAST: Priscilla (anal), Maelynn, Lucy, Lika, Beatrice, Gina, Abby, and Leona (anal). Overall Opinion: Good Dvd, with chapter/Fetish menu/Photos, Girls are Mostly hot and eager to serve. As a prospecting film it is excellent. Better than dirty debutants by far, plus no dirty ed powers to ruin the scene. 1. Priscilla, Excellent Body, Scene starts off in the shower with masturbation and cleaning all holes for cock, BJ = Throat Jamming, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie anal, ATM, Missionary Anal, Good Session of Anal Pounding, M on F oral, and with a good facial. Medium Vocal/ Energy. Best Scene. 2. Maelynn, Excellent Body, Masturbation with toys to pussy and anal, BJ = Hand/Mouth Combo, M on F oral, Missionary, Doggie, PTM, Reverse Cowgirl, with an internal cum shot. Good Vocal/ Energy. NO ANAL. 3. Lucy, Excellent Body, Masturbation toys to mouth, BJ = hand/mouth combo, doggie, PTM, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Pop shot to open mouth. Good Energy/ Vocal. Eager Beaver. No anal. 4.
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Boxcover for Chili Buns 2
Chili Buns 2 

Release date: 3/20/2004
Reviewed on: 12/13/2004

Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Title: Chili Buns 2 Overall Opinion: Excellent DVD, Allows for Jumping to scene to scene, Chapter menu and Fetish DVD, The Girls Four are HOT and TIGHT, Two girls are average, and two are good. All girls are of Latin decent. 1. Herika and Bianca, Bianca the better looking of the two, (Both Girls perform the following -Toys to the anal with tasting, PTM, Doggie, BJ - hand/mouth combo, both have tight anus, and doggie anal). Bianca performs the following - F on F analingus, does a good throat jamming sessions, missionary, and missionary anal. Herika perfoms - F on F oral. Facial to herika blast to bianca buns. Good vocal/ energy. 2. Carol Dias and Paul Summer, Average bodies with good boody, (Both girls perfom - F on F analingus, Finger tasting of various holes, toys to all holes with tasting, BJ = Throat Jamming, Hand/ mouth combo, Cowgirl, doggie anal= good anal pounding, ATM, and reverse cowgirl anal). Carol performs - stand and ride, missionary, pile driver. Paula performs - Doggie. Medium Vocal/ Good energy. Facial blast to open mouth with poor aim.
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Boxcover for Seymore Butts International Tushy
Seymore Butts International Tushy 

Release date: 6/5/2003
Reviewed on: 12/13/2004

Starring: Steven St. Croix, Tyce Bune, Angelica Sin, Seymore Butts, Venus, Noname Jane, Rio, Herschel Savage, Alaura Eden, Jackie Moore, Mari Possa
Studio: Seymore Butts

Directed by: Seymore Butts
Review brief: Title: International Tushy CAST: Mari Possa, Allura Eden, Violet Blue, Rio, Angelica Sinn, and Jackie Moore. Overall Opinion: Average Film, Some really good anal pounding and eager actresses, but for some reason I am marking it average. It not the worse, but not the best porno I have ever seen. I think the older models with average bodies are making this go average. All models are awesome with eagerness to perform acts and give pleasure. Excellent DVD setup with chapter/fetish/bonus/behind scene footage. 1. Rio -Average, Brief M on F oral, BJ = hand/mouth Combo, F on M Analingus, Doggie, Doggie Anal/Good Pounding, BJ to POP to mouth shows on tongue. With a smile. Good vocal/ Energy. 2. Unknown (deflated boobs) and Violet Blue (Good body), BJ = Throat Jamming, Unknown F on Violet Oral, Doggie, Cowgirl, Analingus performed by Unknown M and F, Reverse Cowgirl Anal Uknown, Doggie anal Violet Blue/Good anal pounding, Inerternal Cum Shot to Violet Blue. Cum shot is drooled out of anus on to unknown stomach and then some vaginal oral performed on violet blue by unknown. 3.
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Boxcover for No Limits 9
No Limits 9 

Release date: 6/8/2004
Reviewed on: 12/13/2004

Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Title: No Limits 9 CAST: Gabriela, Wiska, Angela, Courtney, Nika, Karen, and Marina. Overall Opinion: Good DVD, But there are limits to what the female models will do. Gabriela and Nika do not do anal. Extreme Anal on cover only Courtney, Karen, and Marina do anything real remarkable. Angela was tight. There are moments of disappointments when models do not take part in all positions and double penetration should be done with toys and cock. This is not a S and M film which is good. The Models are HOT. 1. Gabriela and Wiska, Hot Models, Big dildo for Wiska, F on F analingus Wiska, Finger tasting with Gabriella to Wiskas mouth, Throat jamming sessions, (Both do Doggie, PTM, Cowgirl, and ATM), Brief M on F oral Gabriela, Missionary Gabriela, Doggie anal Wiska, Double Penetration Wiska, Open mouth Facial Excellent glob to Gabriela face, No anal For Gabriela. Excellent Vocal and Energy. 2. Anela, Hot Body, Masturbation scene to start with toys.
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Boxcover for Anal Teen Tryouts 6
Anal Teen Tryouts 6 

Release date: 9/8/2004
Reviewed on: 12/12/2004

Starring: Brian Surewood, Tommy Gunn, Sledge Hammer, Domineko, Kurt Lockwood, Alex Divine, Deja Daire, Hillary Scott, Sydnee Capri, Cali Marie, Kylie Marie, Joe Rock
Studio: Devil's Film

Directed by: Mike Metropolis
Review brief: Title: Anal Teen Tryouts 6 CAST: Kylie and Cali Marie, Hillary Scott, Deja Daire, Alex Devine, and Sydnee Capri. Cali Marie Does not perform anal. Bonus scenes are toys/masturbation scenes with everyone except the twins. Overall Opinion: Disappointing a twin movie should have lesbian, ATM, PTM, Anal, and be wild. All the girls are should be relatively new to anal not already worn out. Deja Daire saves the DVD her scene is worth seeing all others try to find them younger and thinner somewhere else. DVD does allow for jumping within the scene and has a chapter menu. No Fetish Menu. 1. Kylie (has tattoo on chest) and Cali Marie, Good Bodies, Tongue rings, M on F oral x2, BJ hand/mouth combo (no deep throat)x2.Ball Sucking x2, Cowgirl x2, PTM by Cali, doggie x2, doggie anal by Kylie. Medium Vocal/Energy. Pop Shot to open Mouth. Disappointing Scene. Length of scene is short too. 2. Hillary Scott - Average body with deflated tits, she is not a tryout by any means; She has been tried and worn out. Her anal passage mimics a second vaginal. Blind Folded briefly.
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Boxcover for Triple Stacked 5
Triple Stacked 5 

Release date: 11/17/2004
Reviewed on: 12/12/2004

Starring: Nina, Nancy, Margo, Priscilla, Katrin, Jaime, Vika, Danyelle, Christen
Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Title: Triple Stacked 5 CAST: Christen, Katrin, Vika, Danielle, Jaime, Margo, Nancy, Nina, Priscilla. Only reason marked a four and half is because the cover states all anal and two girls do not perform anal action. Overall Opinion: Excellent DVD the two girls that do not do ANAL are Christen and Jaime; and are not the hottest models. Tight anal penetration and ATM inside this DVD. Fetish menu, chapter menu, and trailers. Ability to jump around in the scene. 1. Christen, Katrin, and Vika. Excellent bodies, Excellent lesbian scene to start off, Vika and Katrin both take toys to anal with a DP action with toys. Vika gets a strap on a does Katrin and Christen. Enter Male - Vika/Katrin BJ with Throat Jamming session. Missionary for Christen,, Vika, and Katrin, Doggie Christen and Katrin, PTM for all girls, Anal Doggie Katrin and Vika, ATM for all girls, Anal Cowgirl Vika, Pop to all three Vika gets most to face. Good vocal/energy, Katrin and Vika are the hottest girls in this scene and they do it all with a smile. 2. Danielle, Jaime, and Margo.
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Boxcover for Brittney's Perversions 2
Brittney's Perversions 2 

Release date: 3/20/2004
Reviewed on: 12/11/2004

Starring: Lolita, Brittney Skye, Felix Vicious
Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Title: Brittneys Perversions 2 Cast: Brittney Skye (all Scenes), Penelope (anal), Vika (anal), Lolita, Jennia(anal), and Felix (anal). Overall Opinion: Good DVD, All actress have excellent bodies, but some of the scene look like the actresses dont know what to do (Probably because of a language barrier). I was hopping for Brittney to have the same energy level she had with Felix through out DVD and Positions. Brittneys Signature every scene she does deep throat. All Scene are two girls and a guy. Fetish Menu and Photo Gallery Brittney Excellent Body. 1. Penelope (P) (Excellent Body), Hand Cuffs (brief), Brittney (B) shows P how to do deep throat and the coaches P, P either first anal scene or had not done one in a while, P (Anal = pile driver), B performs anglingus on P, Reverse cow girl P, missionary B, B (Anal = Reverse Cow Girl and Spoon). M on F 69 position. P/B PTM, P/B ATM. Good Vocal / Energy. 2.
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Boxcover for Winkers 3
Winkers 3 

Release date: 11/11/2004
Reviewed on: 12/7/2004

Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Title: Winkers 3 Cast: Alexandra, Priscilla, Maranda, Margo, Danyelle, Sonea, Leona. Every Girl Takes Part in ATM, PTM, and anal. Overall Opinion: Excellent DVD, High energy with HOT/FRESH MODELS, Lengthy scenes pack full with action, fetish menu, and ability to jump from one fetish to another in a chapter. 1. Alexandra - HOT body - Finger play and toy play to anal, BJ - throat jamming, F on M Analingus, Reverse cowgirl, PTM, Reverse Cowgirl Anal, Missionary Anal, ATM, Gapping Anal, Doggie Anal, and pop shot on ass with BJ. High Vocal / Energy. 2nd best scene. 2. Priscilla and Maranda - Hot bodies - M on F/ F on F oral, Toy (umbrella) to Anal, F on F/ M on F/ F on M analingus, PTM, ATM, Gapping, BJ, (Anal - Doggie, Missionary, Vertical pile driver). Pop shot to open mouth then spit on ass of blonde, then licked pop off and everyone swaps the pop. Excellent Vocal/ Energy. Best Scene. 3.
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Boxcover for Cherry Cream Pie
Cherry Cream Pie 

Release date: 11/4/2003
Reviewed on: 12/6/2004

Studio: Digital Rain

Review brief: Title: Cherry Cream Pie Cast: Naudia Nyce (Best Scene), Erika Kole, Fallon Sommers (Good Scene), Simone (Puerto Rican). Overall Opinion: Average Dvd with chapter menu and fantasy menu (fetish), Two Extra scenes with unknown actreses. Not 100 internal pop shot. 1 Naudia Nyce- Excellent Body - M on F oral, BJ Mouth / Hand Combo, Cowgirl, Stand and ride, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, missionary, Cream Pie. Good Vocal / Energy. No Anal. 2. Erika Kole - Okay Body (Flabby Boobs) - BJ Throat Jamming Session hand/mouth combo, 69 position, cowgirl, spoon, doggie, vertical pounding, Cream Pie. Good Energy/ Vocal. No anal. 3. Fallon Sommers - Good Body - BJ with Throat Jamming, M on F oral, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, PTM, Doggie, Pop Shot to Open Mouth. Good Energy / vocal. No anal. 4. Simone - Nice Body - BJ hand/mouth combo, M on F oral, missionary, cowgirl, doggie, reverse cowgirl, cream pie. Mild Vocal/ Energy.
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Boxcover for Young Fuckers 6 (Metro)
Young Fuckers 6 (Metro) 

Release date: 3/13/2004
Reviewed on: 12/6/2004

Starring: Catalina, Kody, Aurora Snow, Ashley Blue, Alaura Eden, Felix Vicious, Fiona Cheeks
Studio: Metro

Review brief: Title: Young Fuckers 6 Cast: Catalina (only anal), Felix Vicious, Ramona (hand job), Aurora Snow, Fiona Cheeks, Alaura Eden, Ashley Blue (only anal/ATM). Overall Opinion: Good Porn disappointing with two hand job scene and Cover Girl Desert Rose Not on DVD. Not able to jump to fetish to fetish on DVD. 1. Catalina - Good body - Slimy BJ throat jamming session, Three Finger Anal session, straight to Anal reverse cowgirl, Many gapping anal, missionary anal, ATM, pop shot to open mouth/facial/BJ combo with swallow. Good Energy/ Vocal. No Vaginal 2 Felix Vicious - Excellent Body (Tongue Ring ) - Brief Interview - BJ Throat jamming session, M on F oral/Analingus, Cowgirl, doggie, missionary, brief toe sucking M on F. Bad Aim with Pop Shot. Good Energy and vocal. No Anal 3. Unnamed Actress - Nice Body (Older/Latin) - Hand Job Scene, Pop Shot to tits. 4. Ramona - Excellent body (Latin), Hand Job Scene, Pop Shot to tits. 5. Aurora Snow - Good Body - M on F oral/Analingus, Missionary, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl. Pop Shot open mouth. Medium Vocal / Energy. No Anal. 6.
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Boxcover for Baby Dolls (Baby Doll)
Baby Dolls (Baby Doll) 

Release date: 11/4/2003
Reviewed on: 12/5/2004

Starring: Tyce Bune, Charmane Star, Sergio, Simone, Cheyne Collins, Brittney Skye, Trevor Zen, Jackie Moore, Serena South, Faith L'Amour, Faith Lamour
Studio: Baby Doll

Directed by: Rick Davis
Review brief: Title: Baby Doll Cast: Servena South, Brittney Skye, Simone (Latin), Faith LaMour (Latin), Jakie Moore (anal), Charmaine (oriental). Overall Opinion: There are better porn films out there choose something else, the models are barely mid twenties age and average models. 1. Servena South - Nice Body - BJ with Tongue ring/ Hand/mouth combo, male on female oral, missionary, PTM, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Facial Closed Mouth. Medium Vocal / Energy. No anal 2. Brittney Skye - Nice Body (good size boobs), BJ (Tongue ring), Male on female oral, Missionary, PTM, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon Position, Weak Facial. Good Vocal / Energy. No Anal 3. Simone - Nice body with flabby boobs, male on female oral, BJ mouth/hand combo (Tries to deep throat), Doggie, PTM, Cowgirl, Spoon position, Repetitive with Oh Yeah, weak facial. Mild Vocal / Energy. NO Anal. Worst Scene. 4. Faith LaMour - Nice Body Male on female oral, BJ, Missionary, PTM, Doggie, Reverse Cow Girl, Likes to watch herself in the mirror (distracted), Facial. Low Vocal / Mild Energy. No anal 5.
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Boxcover for Young Anal Fantasies 3
Young Anal Fantasies 3 

Release date: 10/18/2001
Reviewed on: 12/5/2004

Starring: Giovanni Lucca, Remigio Zampa, Robert Ribot, Marisol Cusani, Rosaria D'Angelo, Chiara Martini, Daris Paletti, Paola Santi
Studio: Metro

Review brief: Title: Young Anal Fantasies part 3 Overall Opinion: Find another Porn. The models are average at best and not young. Theme of the Porn Murder investigation foreign language spoken. 1. Cover girl Nice Body Age is late twenties - No Anal - BJ with hand/mouth combo, 69 position, Cow Girl, Reverse Cow Girl, Spoon position, Doggie, Missionary, Pop shot to mouth with facial. Medium Energy / Medium Vocal. 2. Short haired Brunette, Chunky body, 30+ years old, Male on female oral, BJ with ball licking, Missionary on kitchen counter, doggie, (anal missionary, cowgirl), pop shot to wine glass - girl drinks sort of, Low vocal / Low energy. 3. Long Brown haired girl that is 30 + years old, oral on female, BJ with hand/mouth combo, missionary doggie, reverse cowgirl, pop shot Facial. Low Energy / Low Vocal NO ANAL 4.
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Boxcover for Legal Skin 10
Legal Skin 10 

Release date: 6/23/2003
Reviewed on: 12/4/2004

Starring: Angel, Barbara, Mona Lisa, Nick Lang, Fabiana, Foxy, Choky Ice, Roge, Hugo, Giovani, Barbara (France), Csoky Ice
Studio: Smash Pictures

Directed by: Tom Stone
Review brief: Title: Legal Skin 10 Cast: Angel (blonde/anal), Fabiana (Latin/anal), Mona Lisa (Latin/anal), Barbara (Latin,/Threesome), Foxy (Latin/anal).Nick Lang, Giovani, Choky, Roge, Hugo. Overall Opinion: Excellent Hot Models and Great Scenes. All Scenes Condoms. No ATM Scene Descriptions: 1. Angel = Nice Body, BJ Hand/Mouth Combo, Reverse Cow Girl, Doggie, (Anal Missionary), Medium Vocal/Energy, Pop Shot Facial/partial mouth with BJ Approx. 18 mins. 2. Fabiana = Excellent Latin Body, BJ with creative tongue action, Oral on female, Missionary, Doggie, (Anal Doggie, Reverse Cow girl), Medium Vocal, Good Energy, Pop Shot to Mouth with Smile. Approx. 18 mins. 3. Mona Lisa = Excellent Latin Body, BJ with Ball Sucking, Oral on female, doggie, message anal, (Anal Doggie, Reverse Cow Girl), Medium Vocal, Good Energy, Pop Shot to Facial/BJ. Close to ATM. 4. Barbara = Nice Latin Body, Three some with two other guys, Dual BJ, Oral on female, One position whole scene = doggie with BJ, Blinded with Pop Shot Shower. No DP or Anal. Medium Vocal/Energy. 5.
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