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Boxcover for 2 In the Can
2 In the Can 

Release date: 5/15/2005
Reviewed on: 5/26/2005

Starring: Trevor, Alex Sanders, Rick Masters, Johnny Thrust, Lyla Lei, Steven French, Audrey Hollander, Otto Bauer, Tyla Wynn, Trina Michaels, Kelly Wells, Jay Lassiter
Studio: Mayhem

Directed by: Jim Powers
Review brief: Warning!! This video is aimed at an audience that has an appetite for hardcore extreme sex. If thats what u like u will enjoy this film. This flick is hosted by Audrey Hollander. She is the trainer of this sex academy. She coaches all the girls through the DA process. I won't get into any extreme detail cuz I don't wanna spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen it. I'm sure another reviwer will dive deeper into that anyway. What I will say is I've been watching porn for awhile now and I can say that the scene with Tyla Lynn seems revolutionary. They came up with a new way of doing DA which as far as I can tell they call "seesaw" action. It seems to have a potential for triple pen if the girl can handle that. The girls on this video will be the ones to do that. Lyla Lei scene even include triple pen as she get Doubled up and sticks a toy in her vag. She performs with a lot of energy. Audreys scene is the nastiest as she is the master of this. See any of her hardcore videos and you'll see why.
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Boxcover for Asian Cheerleader Cavity Search 4
Asian Cheerleader Cavity Search 4 

Release date: 3/13/2005
Reviewed on: 3/26/2005

Starring: Mika Tan, Asia, Yumi, Rui, Luci Thai, Arcadia
Studio: Devil's Film

Review brief: I persoanlly love this series. Hot asian girls with mostly black guys going on here. In this edition we have hot Asia, Lucy Thai and Arcadia as the main girls. Also the action here is more intense than the previous volumes. Asia of course had to do her signature double vag (how does she do this every movie? Has she had a kid?). Any she also does regular DP and the whole scene is very hot. Mika Tan is here and she takes on a guy in a one on one scene She is looking good. Personally the scene with Lucy Thai getting ganged is worth buying this video alone. She also does the ever popular double vag and it's kinda novel cuz I never really see the black guys doing DV. Mayb this is becoming the new trnd all around. Kinda cool. Anyway she is also put into various positions and the scene is hot. Yumi is a pretty hot Japanese girl who fucks with two gus. She's a bit timid, new and young though, so no DP going on here. If you like Asian girls you should definitely get this one.
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Boxcover for Double Vag 2
Double Vag 2 

Release date: 2/2/2005
Reviewed on: 3/15/2005

Starring: Dave Hardman, Sean Michaels, Mark Davis, John Strong, Steve Taylor, Asia, Brian Pumper, Stacey Cash, Elizabeth Lawrence, Harmony Rose, Avy Lee Roth
Studio: Red Light District

Directed by: David Luger
Review brief: I had been anticipating this video since I've seen the release date of it. It was however little dissapointing. The concept of this movie is obvious. Stuffing two cocks into the vag. If you are not a fan of this kind of action, don't bother with this title. We start with Harmony, the new girl on the block. She's a decent looking blonde girl with big tits. She gets the two dicks going and seems to be the most emotional girl here. Well the memorable girl here seems to the veteran Elizabeth Lawrence who works with Brian Pumper and John Strong. The contrast colors of the dicks is interesting played in her creamy white pussy. The scence with Stacy Cash started off slowly but didn't really pick up until she was put into RC DV. The guys really seemed to do a good job of getting up in there. The thing I guess that dissapointed me was Asia's. Anyone a fan of DV is probally all about this girl right now. The thing is, she does DV in almost all of her videos and she just seemed not into it for this scence.
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Boxcover for BBB: Big Big Babes
BBB: Big Big Babes 

Release date: 12/9/2002
Reviewed on: 2/11/2005

Starring: Taylor, Yoko, Trinity, Lani James
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: This is a oodone for BBB lovers! I know your out there. And this movie is worth seeing. Especially if you like big asses. We start with Yoko a huge Japanese girl I'm guesing. She has a round ass and huge titties. Face is ok. But for a big girl she can move here. We watch er strip and tease. Then she suck and rides RC and CG. The only problem I had is we couldn't see the huge ass when she was in doggy. Taylor another huge ass girl is ok. I thought the box suggested more teasing but not so much from her. She does her thing here and we get to see her from all positions. Taylor is yet another huge ass. Round rump and ready to pump as well. We can see her ass well when she is taken from behind. Thisis probally the 2nd best in the BBB series after the 2nd one.
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Boxcover for BBB: Big Big Babes 9
BBB: Big Big Babes 9 

Release date: 1/15/2005
Reviewed on: 2/11/2005

Starring: Mercy, Sasha Brabuster
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: I almost bought this one but was glad I only rented it. BBB9 seemed like it was going to a cool title but it was more of the same. Old guys and big girls who are only mediocre. Sasha Brabuster the cover girl gives a pretty good scene as she is put in a position I've never seen a girl that big do on her back and her head laying on the floor. Pretty interesting. But as for the rest of the girls here, the sex just lacked. The last girl whos name I didn't even bother to look at was just plain nasty to watch. Don't waste your time here and if you want to, at least don'twaste your money.
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Boxcover for Oriental Orgy World 1
Oriental Orgy World 1 

Release date: 1/15/2005
Reviewed on: 1/21/2005

Starring: Mika Tan, Asia, Kami, Jassmine, Avena Lee, Nautica Thorn, Luci Thai, Arcadia, Finess Navaro, Nakia Ty, Asami
Studio: Evasive Angles

Review brief: I waited a while for this one. As you know i am a big fan of Asians. But why is this called Oriental? That's so old fashioned and it's like the N word to Asian people. They need to change that title. Anyway they split this into two scenes as usual. Rated on a 1-10 scale. Scene one with Nakia Thai (another Thai sister?)6, Lucy Thai 7(just for being in every damn Asian movie, Finesse 8, Kami 7, Mika Tan 9 and Asami 6. Well we start off outside and TT meets the cast. He mentions how he never got it on with Mika, who looks pretty good here. The action starts a bit here with some oral. We go inside to about the ugliest set-up room. The walls are gold and the furniture is all shit brown. The actions goes from vag to anal. The action in here is tame and then Kami takes a Dp. I think she is the highlight here. Luci Thai is hot but dosen't even look like Lucy Thai. People say Katja's the most overworked girl in porn, I say Luci Thai is.
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Boxcover for I Wanna Get Face Fucked
I Wanna Get Face Fucked 

Release date: 11/4/2004
Reviewed on: 1/21/2005

Starring: Mary Jane, Asia, Jada Fire, Lucy Lee (Asian), Ariana Jollee, Kayla Marie, Katin, Melissa Lauren, Chiquita Lopez, Nautia Thorn, Katja Kassin
Studio: Anabolic

Review brief: You thought Gag Factor was tough! I think this movie is great for fans of hardcore cocksucking but a few things here were a bit too extreme. I think all the girls here are beautiful, I really can't complain about any of their looks. The couple things that bothered me though are 1.) the scene wit Lucy Lee. I Luv Lucy and she puts up a good scene but half of it was wasted with a bag over her head. What?! I love Lucy Lee's face, I think she is the prettiest Korean in porn and we're lucky to see her on screen. Show a lil respect! Also the thought always came to mind that a cheek could get torn these days the way they stretch girls cheeks out...and just as I was thinking it Lucy metions that (pissed off too)! Kinda kills the mood when the girls complaining. I like hardcore stuff, but when the hardcore talent starts complaining I think the actors and directors need to step back and take a look at how hard is too hard. I don't want to see my fav girls leave the biz becuz of some jerks being well, jerks.
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Boxcover for Gangbang Auditions 14
Gangbang Auditions 14 

Release date: 11/24/2004
Reviewed on: 1/17/2005

Starring: Asia, Martina, Cora Carina
Studio: Diabolic

Review brief: I really have to give it up to Diabolic. The last few GBA's have been really fantastic. And this one is no exception. We start off Cora Carina. She is a skinny blonde who is somewhat hot. She looks very young and one might wonder how she is going to this gangbang thing. But she does. It's a beautiful thing as well. She doe's DP and ATM's. Long scene, but it didn't really interest me cuz she's not my type but she's ok. The reason the money jumped out my pocket so fast was of course I saw that Asia was on this DVD. I have such a thing for her and she's already been doing the nastiest things so I had to see how nasty she can get. And we can deinitely see it here. She doe's everything the guys basically have their way with her. DP, DV, ATM merry go rounds. She is so damn sexy too. She still talks trash while the guys merry go round her ass while her head is on the floor and ass in the air. She takes wonderful pop shots at the end too. Martina is just as sexy though.
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Boxcover for Black Street Hookers Cream Pies 4
Black Street Hookers Cream Pies 4 

Release date: 12/20/2004
Reviewed on: 1/16/2005

Starring: T.T. Boy, Mark Anthony, Avalon, Nikki, Brian Pumper, Anastasia Sands, Cash, Jada Kiss, Max Black, Kandi Kream, Olivia Winters, Kylie Brown
Studio: Evasive Angles

Review brief: Black Street Hookers Cream Pies. This is the first ediiton I've seen of this series. Have to say it's not bad. I think the girls are pretty good looking and the sex is standard. Jada (not fire) kicks the movie off with TT. She's has light skin and long hair pretty sexy. She's 19. She sux him then does all the other standard positions. Doggy, RC etc. We can see she has a really nice pussy when he does doggy. He cums in her RC and we see the cum drip out a little. Next we have the hottest girl and scene on the disc. Olivia Winters (what a great name!) is a 19 year nasty girl with light skin and big breasts. She is one of the sexiest black girls to come out since Obsession whom I was obsessed with. She has a very sexy attiutde and gets down with Mark Anthony. He does some good positions with her and puts her through the paces. She's got a nasty BJ and when he does CG we can really see her big ass bouncing. She talks a lot of trash too (You're digging me out, she yells) though her enthusiasm is a little lacking. She is the reason I got this DVD. Next up is Candy Cream.
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Boxcover for Anabolic Asians 1
Anabolic Asians 1 

Release date: 9/9/2004
Reviewed on: 1/16/2005

Starring: Brian Surewood, Mark Davis, John Strong, Mr. Marcus, Tony T., Alberto Rey, Frank Gunn, Lucy Lee (Asian), Roxy Jezel, Nautica Thorn, Luci Thai, Scott Nails, Banesca, Keeani Lei
Studio: Anabolic

Directed by: Sal Genoa
Review brief: WOW! That's the first thing I can say about this DVD. Any fans of Asians can easily see that this give Invasion a run for it's money for best Asian video of the year. An all star cast and as always I love that we turn the music off on Anaboli/Diabolic releases. But even the music here is good. It's like some Asian techno beats that go really well with the scences. All the scence are set outdoors on top of a hill and it dosen't look like California, but some fields of Cambodian or somewhere. Very beautiful scenery. It almost looks likeit was shot overseas because for some reason the camera is not that generic digital glare but little grainy almost. Maybe it was shot on video? Anyway, to tell the truth I couldn't finish watching these scenes but I'll say the highlights here. Lucy Lee does what I believe to be her first DP. And it's hot. The makeup on her is unbelievible both blue and pink eyeshadow she really looks like a Korean streetwalker. So beautiful. Nautica Thorn wears her hair up like an traditional Japnanese woman and takes two guys.
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Boxcover for Chubby Chicas
Chubby Chicas 

Release date: 10/21/2003
Reviewed on: 1/16/2005

Starring: Vanessa Jay, Vanessa Lee
Studio: Totally Tasteless

Review brief: For what this video is aout I think it is a very good flick. Chubby Chicas or chunky spanish girls. Only a few things hold this back from recieving higher ratings but I think it's the best in it's genre. I'm not talking about fat spanish ass, there are a lot vids like that, but on the spanish plumpers level it's really decent. We have Vanessa Lee who also appears in many black phat ass videos as well. She has a huge beautiful ass and we see it CG, doggy, and RC. She sucks a lot too and although with the old balding guy who plagues these vids (anyone know his name) she still makes it excting. Next is Shannon. She is ok, but the scene is mostly a blowjob with some sex thrown in. Not that cute face, but a nice chunky body. Vanessa Jay is what I thought would be the highlight here. She is hot, but her is not. The guy has a big dick which she sux alot but the sex lacked here too. Still Vanesa Jay is hot enough to look at here. She goes, CG, RCG and doggy. The last girl is Jazmine a hot Chica. Though she older she is wearing a white girdle that looks like lingerie.
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Boxcover for BBB: Big Big Babes 6
BBB: Big Big Babes 6 

Release date: 6/16/2004
Reviewed on: 1/16/2005

Starring: Katrina, Adora, Electra
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: Ok so here we go for all you BBW lovers. This vid is is very OK at best. My overall comments are that this video is reminisent of every Big Girl video in that all the guy performers are so damn old! We begin with Electra. Her face is ok, and I think her body is decent. She has a nice huge ass that we don't get to see from very good angles except for when she modeling. Unfortanately, she has to fuck a very old bald guy that dosen't have much power to him and she seems bored throughout. The best part is when she ride CG nad we can really see her huge ass. Weak pop ending. Next we have Carmencita. She sux off two guys and then fucks the black guy. They both take turns fucking her the angles are okay, but again more weak pop shots end this. Adora is the highlight here. Her body seems nice but there must be something wrong cuz she never removes the black dress that cover her belly. I like her BBW type body and she gets fucked by two guys decently. Not a bad facial ending. Katrina the last girl seems aimed for those who like the alternative style of girl.
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Boxcover for 65 Guy Cream Pie
65 Guy Cream Pie 

Release date: 12/17/2004
Reviewed on: 1/13/2005

Starring: J.J., George Uhl, Anthony Hardwood, Ariana Jollee, Miky Sem, Thomas Lee, Lucky Smile, Robert Driveman, Marcel Manigati, Vladislav Juracka, Zdenek Valenta, Kamil Broza, Roland Somsak, Jason Novak, Boris Mateho, Antonin Fric, Jan Brabenec, Jan Kulisek, Jiri Remak, Martin Raska, Martin Schwerhert, Miki Sem, Milos Rejzek, Miroslav Kos, Miroslav Warenknecht, Oleh Pavlov, Petr Dloulty, Radamir Turcak, Roman Huska, Sergiy Kholod, Stanislav Zenisekm, Thomas Vergen, Tomas Vrba, Vojteck Ockal, Zdenek Kozmar
Studio: Devil's Film

Directed by: Tristan Seagal
Review brief: If you like dirty cum filled gangbangs than this is the movie for you. It's all here. Ariana starts off teasing the camera and then teasing the guys. She then begins to blow them all for about a 1/2 hr. After that the sex just beings and she is put in doggie, standing, dp, anal dp and then back to DP. Then for the next hr we have all the guys cumming inside her. The only problem I have is that the first 50 guys or so evertime after she gets came in she immediately takes it out. No lot Cum Filled Ass Overload where the guy would fill the girl up and she would dump it all out. She does do that for the last 15 guys and put it all in cup and dumps it out all over her body.
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Boxcover for BBB: Big Big Babes 3
BBB: Big Big Babes 3 

Release date: 8/5/2003
Reviewed on: 1/12/2005

Starring: Seanna, Dixie, Angel Baby
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: The thing wrong with the big women videos I guess is the action and the girls. I never can understand why there are never any big women with a pretty face on these videos. Also the action is ussually with an older out of shape porn guy who is 20 years out of his prime like Don Fernando, making for slow paced action. This video is no exception. We start off with Angelwho is big girl with a bigbody and not a good mug. Some guy goes through standard positions with her and pops. Redd is the highlight here. She takes on two guys while wearing a red body stocking. she's a lil hotter and the only reason I scored the video the way I did. The black guy here pounds her up pretty good and she actually seems a little excited. Seanna isn't that bad either. Big ass and very nasty. she fucks outside and her pussy must smell pretty bad cause flies show up in this scene. If you like your porn that nasty than this is for you. Dixie, to tell the truth was so bad looking I couldn't finish watching the scene.
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Boxcover for Orgy World 7
Orgy World 7 

Release date: 8/17/2004
Reviewed on: 1/9/2005

Studio: Evasive Angles

Directed by: TT Boy
Review brief: I really never liked this series but this one intigued me because of yep, Asia again. Also more hot Asian girls seemed to be included in this edition so I picked it up. The first scene is ok, the girl are ok too. The hotties here are Venus and Leanna (for some reason the cover calls her Zena). The girls are rated in the bonus section and Melanie X a very unatractive girl is rated nicely for her nastiness. Venus and Alex are arted good too, and I think they are bothe very hot. The scence itself is just standard orgy sex and just ok. The second scene is hotter. It starts off with the girls in cheeleading outfits and they'sdoing cheers (give a D-I-C-K). They are all crazy but the craziest is Destiny a hot brunette who talks a lot of stuff, but in the end is told she can't handle them. The winner is (YES) Asia and Keiko. Asia probally for her brutally nasty talk and Keiko for a blazing Dp.
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Boxcover for Bring'Um Young 17
Bring'Um Young 17 

Release date: 12/15/2004
Reviewed on: 1/9/2005

Starring: Steve Taylor, Tony T., Asia, Kat, Jazmin, Anthony Hardwood, Sascha, Benjamin Bratt, Shayna Knight, Sydnee Capri, Tina Fine
Studio: Anabolic

Directed by: Robby Fischer
Review brief: Bring em Young continues in Anabolic tradition. I guess this is where most girls start after they get broken in by one TT Boys series. (why do so many girls wanna start with him}? All girls are about 18 or 19. Most of the girls on this video are very hot. It all begins with Jasmine, a very hot, dark skinned Indian looking girl. She has a pretty face and amazing body. She is set upwith just one guy and we have aninterview and then she begins sucking on some cock. From there it's a few standard positions, doggy, Rc, CG etc until the guy pops on her face. A good pop shot but mostly he missed her and only a bit grazes her lips. An ok finish. Next up we have Tina Fine, a tall, slim white girl. She is average but she makes up for it in fucking. She is joined by 2 big cocks that are shoved in her mouth. The guys lay her on her back on a couch and she fucks and sucks them. Standard position until she is place in cowgirl and we get a DP. Here we can see she really has a nice ass. We then go to a RC Dp.
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