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Boxcover for Gooey Buns 14
Gooey Buns 14 

Release date: 10/12/2005
Reviewed on: 11/14/2005

Starring: Natasha, Eva, Candi, Juliano Ferraz, Juliya, Joachim Kessef, Wiska, Laki, Margarete
Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Synopsis : Welcome to Gooey Buns 14, a new improved all anal edition with bombastic fart sounds. Scene 1 : Margarete (brunette), Laki (dark blonde), Joachim Kessef, Juliano Ferraz The girls are dressed in sexy fishnets, they give us a little tease dancing to the music and then sucking their tits and showing their butts to the camera. Joachim and Juliano arrives to kiss the girls and getting their dicks sucked. Then they went to a couch and Margarete takes Joachim's dick in doggie and Laki gets fucked by Juliano in legs up position. Laki rides Juliano's dick in CG and CG anal, Joachim starts to ream Margarete's ass. Laki goes also in doggie position, both girls doing ATM and showing us their big gapes. Then Laki rides in CG and we see huge gapes again when Joachim takes his dick out of her ass. The girls are kissing each other. Laki's ass gets more reamed in legs up position by Joachim and we see a lot huge Monster Gapes, wow. Margarete does CG anal, then Laki does CG and CG anal.
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Boxcover for Milk Junkies
Milk Junkies 

Release date: 10/26/2005
Reviewed on: 11/8/2005

Starring: Natasha, Eva, Lili, Selina, Wiska, Wiana, Yelta, Geona
Studio: Sineplex

Directed by: Patrixxx
Review brief: Synopsis: Welcome to Jaysin's new unique masterpiece of enema explosions. It's a dirty and kinky and funny movie, but without the brutal rough stuff that you know about from Meatholes or Max Hardcore. You have never watched an extraordinary movie like this before for sure ! Scene 1 : Geona (blonde), Lili (blonde), Jazz Duro, Juliano Ferraz The first scene starts with Geona sitting in a plastic chair wearing a strap-on dildo. The girls teases and sucking the dildo, then they grab the tube of an enema bag and milk is floating over their bodies. The girls clean up the milk from their bodies and pussies. Then Lili rides the strap-on dildo in CG and RCG. After that she takes place in doggie and Geona gives her ass the first milk injection. Many more enemas will follow, Lili sprays the milk out of her ass to Geona's face and mouth many times and also on a blue teddy bear. Geona uses a dildo for Lili's asshole and every time she takes the dildo out the milk squirts out. Geona cleans Lili's ass and the girls have to laugh a lot when there's a fart sound.
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Boxcover for Priscilla's Perversions
Priscilla's Perversions 

Release date: 9/19/2005
Reviewed on: 10/16/2005

Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Synopsis: Here we have the super cute Russian frontrunner in four scenes of a movie. This must be a great movie and for sure it is. Let's have a look at her perversions. Scene 1 : Priscilla(brunette), Katya(brunette), blonde guy Priscilla talks to the camera: "I will do some very kinky today", the girls are dressed like nasty nurses and Priscilla wears a strap-on. They tease and Katya sucks Priscilla's strap-on. Priscilla spits on Katya's pussy and ass and licks her nicely. Katya bent over and Priscilla fucks her pussy. "Guys, i will do some kinky shit now" Priscilla told us, she went to the couch and fucks the blonde guy with her strap-on in his mouth while both girls sucking his dick. Then Katya rides the dick and sucks the strap-on. Priscilla gets her pussy and asshole fucked from the guy and Katya licks her ass and does ATM. Then Priscilla gives an anal punishment to the guy with her strap-on, Katya sucks the dick and cleans the dildo from the guys ass. Priscilla licks the guys asshole and he shoot his load in Katya's mouth.
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Boxcover for POV 4 (Sineplex)
POV 4 (Sineplex) 

Release date: 10/2/2005
Reviewed on: 10/13/2005

Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Scene : 1 Katya(brunette), Vivian(blonde), 1 guy The girls shaking their butts in front of the camera then playing with their tits doing masturbation and sucking each others pussys. Katya gets her butt oiled and the cameraman fingers her butthole. Vivian takes a black mouth strap-on and penetrated her pussy. Katya cleans the strap-on and both girls getting their tits oiled. The girls play with anal beads then starts to suck the guy. They are rubbing the dick between their oiled tits. Then Katya gets her pussy fucked, Vivian licks her nipples and does PTM. Now every girl takes the dick doggie style. Vivian shows some gapers and Katya cleans the dick. Finally the guy lays on his back and shoot the load over his body, the girls suck the dick again and kissing. This in an average scene, there is oil, anal, gapes, but i can't feel much heat between the performers. The complete penetration was not shot in real POV style! scene duration : 44 minutes rating : 3,0 Scene 2 : Renee(brunette) ,Selina(brunette), Joe Monti The scene starts with the girls doing homework, cleaning up.
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Boxcover for Monster Gapes 2 (Sinsational)
Monster Gapes 2 (Sinsational) 

Release date: 9/19/2005
Reviewed on: 10/12/2005

Starring: Natasha, Kelly, Vivien, Foxy, Kelly Wells, Klava, Zoya
Studio: Sinsational

Review brief: Synopsis: Welcome to Monster Gapes 2 edition, one of the nastiest movies on the market! Scene 1 : Kelly gapin Wells, one big dick guy(don't know his name) The first scene starts wit Kelly shaking, spanking massages her butt in front of the camera. She takes place on a couch, grabs a yellow dildo and pushes it in and out of her butthole, showing some gapes. The guy joins and spits in her mouth then he gets a deep throat BJ, Kelly gags on his cock. In spoon position the guy pumped his dick in her pussy and ass. Then he stretched Kelly's ass with the dildo some more in legs up position. Kelly sucks the dildo and talks very nasty. Now she takes the cock and the dildo at the same time in her asshole. She gags on the cock again and sticks four fingers in her ass in doggie. Then she stuffs anal beads in her ass and three fingers too. She gets long time doggie analed including huge gapes and interruptions for sucking. Then she rides the dick in Beam position with two more fingers in her asshole. Finally we see an over 10 minutes piledriver session with Monster Gapes.
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Boxcover for Perfect Teen (Sineplex)
Perfect Teen (Sineplex) 

Release date: 10/1/2005
Reviewed on: 10/11/2005

Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Synopsis: Perfect Teen is a new movie line from Sinsational. In the cast list they have some anal veterans like Priscilla, Wiana and some newcomers. Let's have a look. Scene 1 : Geona(blonde), blonde guy Cute Geona shows us some tease at the beginning. She's rubbing her pussy then the blonde guy joins to lick her pussy. After a short BJ he fucks her pussy in piledriver. She sucks his dick and they change to RCG. They continue with more fucking and sucking in doggie position. Then Geona takes the big cock in her ass. She screams loud when the cock reams her tight butthole. We can watch some little gapers and the guy goes from ass to pussy. Finally he shoot his load in her asshole and she farts the cum out. scene duration : 24 minutes rating : 4,0 Scene 2 : Candy(blonde), Jazz Duro Candy tells to the camera that this will be her first scene. She teases, rubbing her panties in her pussy. Then she takes of her panties and spreads her ass cheeks for the camera. On the couch she masturbates her pussy then grabs a red dildo to fill her pussy and asshole.
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Boxcover for Kiss My Ass 3 (Sinsational)
Kiss My Ass 3 (Sinsational) 

Release date: 9/19/2005
Reviewed on: 10/10/2005

Starring: Juliana, Anna, Becca, Polina, Millena, Yana, Chasey, Wilda
Studio: Sinsational

Review brief: Synopsis: Here we have an ass licking / gape rimming masterpiece. I have never seen so much of this nasty action in one movie. Scene 1 : Polina(brunette), Anna(blonde), Jazz Duro Polina was sitting on the couch rubbing her pussy, then she goes in doggy to finger her ass and pussy. Jazz Duro and Anna joins to spank her butt a little bit. Both girls going in doggie position to getting their assholes licked by Jazz. After Polina has licked Anna's butthole Jazz starts to fuck Anna's pussy. Polina does some PTM and licks Jazz butt. Then the girls suck his dick. Polina rides his dick in RCG and Anna licks her ass. Now is time for Polina's anal treatment. During this Anna licks Jazz asshole and when he pulls his dick out, she stick her tongue in Polina's gaping asshole. Then they change for some RCG for Anna and Polina does the rimjob. Anna is in doggie position now and sucks the dick while Polina licks and fingers her butthole. Then Anna gets her pussy fucked in doggie while Polina rims her butt. Finally Polina does a great anal doggie with gaping pull outs.
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Boxcover for Hardcore Climax 11
Hardcore Climax 11 

Release date: 6/27/2005
Reviewed on: 7/27/2005

Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Synopsis: This is a Sineplex DP movie with the cute Russian frontrunner Priscilla. Scene 1 : Pamela Princess (nice darkhaired french girl) and two guys Pamela told to the cameraman what she will do in this scene than shows her boobs, pussy and ass to the camera. The two guys come for a BJ than she lays back on the couch to get her pussy fucked ,sucking the other guy. After a few seconds one guy fucks her ass. The other guy was fingering and spitting on her pussy. They change for doggy anal and she sucks the other dick coming from her ass. After an RCG anal follows doggy anal again, she's sucking always the other dick. Now it's time for DP action for Pamela in RCG and CG, than RCG again. Finally the guys shooting their loads on her face, she sucks the dicks and gives a kiss to the camera. There was not much heat in this scene. Pamela talks to the camera: "I love two dicks at the same time" with the energy like she's going to the bakery and asks for some bread.
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Boxcover for Ass Wide Open 4
Ass Wide Open 4 

Release date: 6/11/2005
Reviewed on: 7/25/2005

Starring: Jean-Yves Le Castel, Sabina, Sue, Greg Centauro, Nikki Sun, Myra, Vyona, Yvette Balcano
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Jean-Yves Le Castel
Review brief: Synopsis: The name of this movie is program. Be warned if you are not into this kind of gaping fetish ,this movie have tons of it. The gape master mixed up the cast list with nice newcomers and anal veterans. Scene 1 : Yvette Balcano / Vyona (two brunettes) and JYLC The two nice newcomers gave us some tease with touching their bodies and rubbing the pussys. Than both girls spreading their butt cheeks open for the camera. JYLC jumps into the scene and the girls take place in doggy on chairs. After a good ass rimming both girls sucking his dick and balls a bit. Vyona sits on the chair and JYLC fucks her pussy ,PTM goes to Yvette. He changes to fuck Yvette's pussy and PTM for Vyona. Now the gape master grabs his secret weapon ,the girls go in doggy on chair to getting their assholes lubed. Than Yvette takes the doggy anal and Vyona does ATM. We see some medium sized gapes from Yvette. Vyona takes place on the chair legs up and get the next ass pounding with some gaping, than the same for Yvette.
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Boxcover for Triple Stacked 1
Triple Stacked 1 

Release date: 1/16/2004
Reviewed on: 7/23/2005

Starring: Marina, Nina, Tonya, Monica, Katja, Linda, Frenchy, Luda
Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Scene 1 : Debie / Kaja / Polina (two beautiful blondes, one sexy redhead) one guy Sex Acts from Debie (blonde): Tease, BJ, Pussy Fuck, PTM, Finger Banging Anal, Doggy Anal, ATM, Stacked, ATP ,ATA Sex Acts from Kaja (blonde): Tease, BJ, PTM, Pussy Fuck, CG, ATM, Stacked ,ATP Sex Acts from Polina (redhead): Tease, Pussy Licking, BJ, Pussy Fuck, PTM, Finger Banging Anal ,Doggy Anal, ATM ,Ass Gaping, Stacked, ATP, ATA , Cum Shot in Ass Highlights: Very beautiful girls getting stacked onto each other.
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Boxcover for Gooey Buns 11
Gooey Buns 11 

Release date: 4/19/2005
Reviewed on: 7/23/2005

Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Scene 1 : Zarina (nice blonde Russian Girl) / Alisa (darkhaired Russian girl) and Joachim Sex Acts from Zarina: Dildo Anal, Finger Banging Anal, BJ, ATM, CG, CG Anal, RCG Anal, Spoon Pussy, Spoon Anal, ATP, Doggy Anal, Doggy Pussy, Ass Gaping, Cum Shot in Ass ,Cum Farting Sex Acts from Alisa: Dildo Anal, BJ, ATM, CG Anal, Doggy Anal, Small Gape, Spoon Anal, Spoon Pussy, ATP, Cum Fart from Zarina's as to her mouth Highlights: They have a box of ice cream in this scene and Joachim used his cock and a dildo to feed the girls. The ice cream was used as anal lube for the dildo and his cock. Ice cream runs out of the asshole.
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Boxcover for Winkers 5
Winkers 5 

Release date: 6/2/2005
Reviewed on: 7/20/2005

Starring: Moni, Jessi, Polina, Wiana, Venuss
Studio: Sinsational

Review brief: Synopsis: Here we go with my review of Vol. 5 of the best anal series at the moment in my opinion. This series have everything for butthole maniacs. We see nice girls with magic winking buttholes,lesbian analsex, anal toys, ATM, ass rimming and ass creampies. Scene 1 : Moni / Jessi In the first scene we see two of my favorite Sineplex babes dressed in sexy outfit. The guy is sitting on the couch ,when the two girls step into the scene. The girls go both in doggy position and start to winking their buttholes followed by some spitting and ass licking. After a BJ for the guy, Jessi rimms Moni's butthole intense and give her some spanking. Than the guy fucks Moni's pussy, while she licks Jessi. Now the time comes to stretch Jessi's asshole in doggie position. During the action the guy pulls his cock out for Moni's ATM while Jessi opens and closes her asshole. Moni is smiling the whole time and have to laugh ,when the guy gives her the cock to smell it.
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Boxcover for Monster Gapes (Sinsational)
Monster Gapes (Sinsational) 

Release date: 6/12/2005
Reviewed on: 7/20/2005

Starring: Anastasia, Vika, Teena Fine, Danyelle, Deju Daire, Torontina
Studio: Sinsational

Review brief: Sypnosis: This is the first one of a new series from Sinsational. I have picked this one for my first review ,because i like ass-gaping. First of all ,forgive me if i make some grammatical errors ,english is not my native language. Scene 1 : Anastasia In the first scene we have Anastasia ,a dark-haired girl with a fat ass. She starts with some dancing tease and than probes her pussy and ass with a red double headed dildo. Her ass began to gape and Joachim jumps into the scene to fuck her ass immediately. He does some ATP and ATM at the beginning, than the girl takes plce in CG and pushes the dildo in her pussy too. After that follows RCG anal with big gapers ,than standing anal. In piledriver anal she shows us the biggest gapes of the movie and Joachim pushes the double head dildo with both ends in her ass. She takes a good ass rimming from Joachim in doggy and a lot of ATP in classical position. The cumshot is on her ass ,but Joachim's balls seems to be very empty.
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