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Boxcover for Coed Fever
Coed Fever 

Release date: 10/12/2003
Reviewed on: 10/1/2015

Starring: Mike Horner, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy, Don Fernando, John Leslie, Samantha Fox, Vanessa Del Rio, Michael Morrison, Lisa De Leeuw, Serena, Annette Haven, Jon Martin, Juliet Anderson, Arcadia Lake, Frank Hollowell, Brooke West, Lysa Thatcher, R.J. Reynolds, Tawny Pearl, Eric Stein, Esmerelda, Devon Harrison, Lisa K. Loring, Jason Thorpe, Byron Lord, Aaron Stewart, Debbie Davison, Terri Dolan, Larry Strong
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Robert McCallum
Review brief: Filled with frat-boy pranks and sorority-sister skanks, "Coed Fever", an exceptional, 1980 release from Caballero and Robert McCallum, offers up some of the best that the Golden Age has to offer in terms of collegiate comingling, copulation, and carnality.
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Boxcover for Alice In Wonderland (Arrow)
Alice In Wonderland (Arrow) 

Release date: 5/27/2004
Reviewed on: 9/26/2015

Starring: Jason Williams, Tony Richards, Juliet Graham, Terri Hall, Angel Barrett, Nancy Dare, Bree Anthony, Ron Nelson, Kristine DeBell, Bradford Armdexter, Alan Novak, Kristin Steen, Astrid Hayase, Gila Havana, Melvina Peoples, Bruce Finklesteen, Ed Marshall, J.P. Paradine, Larry Gelman, John Lawrence
Studio: Arrow Productions

Directed by: Bud Townsend
Review brief: A trippy, sex-fueled journey to a bizarre land populated by dancing, singing (...and fucking...) denizens finds a young, repressed librarian, Kristine DeBell, reevaluating her priorities in life in "Alice in Wonderland". An overall-good, Golden Age release from Caballero and Bud Townsend, this 1976 production is certainly something of a curiosity. Indeed, it plays very much like a Broadway musical, complete with multiple song and dance numbers and original costuming throughout...but with sex.
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Boxcover for Story of Joanna, The (Alpha Blue)
Story of Joanna, The (Alpha Blue) 

Release date: 9/18/2003
Reviewed on: 9/23/2015

Starring: Jamie Gillis, Terry Hall, Gerard Damiano, Zebedy Colt, Juliet Graham, Steven Lark, John Busche, John Koven, Roy Carlton
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Directed by: Gerard Damiano
Review brief: A young, aristocratic woman, played by Terri Hall, falls headfirst into Jamie Gillis' dark and ultimately deadly web when she has a chance encounter with the harsh, unfeeling millionaire one fateful evening. Indeed, from the moment of their initial meeting at an establishment of fine-dining, Hall finds herself entranced and enveloped by Gillis' austere and mysterious demeanor, and the dark, sinuous path upon which the two set forth turns not only sinisterly sexual but dangerously controlling, as well. How it all will turn out for the pair is anybody's guess, but the outcome certainly looks best. Such is the case in "The Story of Joanna", an acclaimed Golden Age release from director Gerard Damiano and the Alpha Blue Archives.
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Boxcover for All in the Family (LBO)
All in the Family (LBO) 

Release date: 3/16/2008
Reviewed on: 9/19/2015

Starring: Tom Byron, Kristara Barrington, Rick Savage, Kevin James, Robin Cannes, Jennifer Noxt, Lorimarr
Studio: LBO

Directed by: Bobby Hollander
Review brief: If nothing else, the mid-80s film "All in the Family", from VCR / LBO and Bobby Hollander, certainly lives up to its namesake. Indeed, as one might expect, it's an incest-themed production that doesn't pull many punches and that delivers on its purported premise...fucking in the family. (Note: All material is clearly of an adult / fantasy nature.)
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Boxcover for Girls on Fire (VCX)
Girls on Fire (VCX) 

Release date: 8/11/2000
Reviewed on: 9/19/2015

Starring: Ginger Lynn, Angel, Shanna McCullough, Raven, Jamie Gillis, John Holmes, Harry Reems, Misty Dawn, Cody Nicole, Kimberly Carson, R. Bolla, Robert Bullock, Shaun Michelle, Frank Hollowell, Bill Amerson, Blossom Leigh, Stacy Pool, Linda Kay, Denise Munson, Rudy Kaz, Ted C. Beejun, Sean Amerson, M. Murrey
Studio: VCX

Directed by: Jack Remy
Review brief: It's all about running and raunch (...and not necessarily in that order...) when two insurance investigators, Jamie Gillis and Robert Bullock, discover that the subject of their recent inquiry is a low-level mob boss, Frank Hollowell, in "Girls on Fire", an overall-good, mid-80s release from VCX and Jack Remy. (**Don't miss the Ginger Lynn / John Holmes coupling here. It's something special.**)
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Boxcover for Inside Desiree Cousteau
Inside Desiree Cousteau 

Release date: 5/19/2002
Reviewed on: 9/18/2015

Starring: Sharon Kane, Mike Horner, Crystal Dawn, John Holmes, Don Fernando, Misty Regan, Michael Morrison, Desiree Cousteau, Serena, Richard Pacheco, John Seeman, Juliet Anderson, Johnny Harden, Dorothy LeMay, Aaron Stuart, Jesse Adams, Ken Scudder, Susan Nero, Lisa K. Loring, Charly Rule, Karen Boston, Steve Marty, Barry Garnett, Debbie Rose, Patty Lester, David Maurice, Jerry Hess, Vernon von Bergdorfe
Studio: VCX

Directed by: Leon Gucci
Review brief: The Betty Boop of porno past, the lovely and charming brunette cutie, Desiree Cousteau, has certainly led a colorful, sex-filled life if "Inside Desiree Cousteau", an exceptional 1979 release from Leon Gucci and VCX, is to be believed. Indeed, this showcase features the bubbly young beauty in her pornographic prime and portends to be an autobiographical flick (...suspend disbelief...) highlighting the many lives of Ms. Cousteau and the varied and sordid sexual escapades accompanying them.
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Boxcover for Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls
Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls 

Release date: 8/31/2003
Reviewed on: 9/18/2015

Starring: Paul Thomas, John Holmes, Desiree Cousteau, Dominique, John Seeman, Laurien, Bob Chinn, Christian DeShaffer, Candida Royalle
Studio: VCX

Directed by: Damon Christian
Review brief: At the Country Girl Pizza Parlor, the pies are always served up piping hot and with a smile (...a vertical smile that is...), as all of the restaurant's male (and female) clientele quickly finds out. Such is the case in "Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls", a very good, classic adult film from Bob Chinn.
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Boxcover for Dirty Western, A
Dirty Western, A 

Release date: 3/19/2003
Reviewed on: 9/18/2015

Studio: VCX

Review brief: Rape, pillage, and revenge ensue when three armed and dangerous escapees from the territorial prison chance upon the unfortunate Barbara Bourbon's southwest homestead in "Dirty Western", a passable Golden Age film from VCX and Adele Robbins.
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Boxcover for 8 To 4
8 To 4 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 8/13/2015

Starring: Paul Thomas, Mike Horner, Lisa De Leeuw, Veronica Hart, Annette Haven, Juliet Anderson, Jesse Eastern, Loni Sanders, Herschel Savage, Jesse Adams, Tigr, Lee Carroll, Michael Scott, James Price, Jason DeWitt
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Louis Lewis
Review brief: With one of their bosses as a predatory a-hole (Herschel Savage) and the other a heartless, selfish bitch (Juliet Anderson), Annette Haven and the girls of the Osborne Insurance Office take matters into their own hands. Such is the case in "8 to 4", a very good adult takeoff on the 1980 mainstream flick featuring Dolly Parton and company, "9 to 5".
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Boxcover for Insatiable Collector's Edition (VCX)
Insatiable Collector's Edition (VCX) 

Release date: 2/21/2007
Reviewed on: 8/12/2015

Starring: John Holmes, Marilyn Chambers, John Leslie, Jessie St. James, Serena, Jesie St. James, David Morris, Richard Pacheco, Mike Ranger, Joan Turner, Robert Pennard
Studio: Media Blasters

Directed by: Godfrey Daniels
Review brief: A young model and heiress finds herself incapable of taming her unquenchable and endless sexual appetite in "Insatiable", an exceptional, 1980 release from director Godfrey Daniels. Showcasing none other than the original adult film industry legend herself, Ms. Marilyn Chambers (RIP), this film bounces from sequence to sequence demonstrating her nymphomaniacal tendencies in full force...and the result is smokin' hot.
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Boxcover for Debbie Does Dallas (VCX)
Debbie Does Dallas (VCX) 

Release date: 8/19/2000
Reviewed on: 8/11/2015

Starring: Eric Edwards, Merle Michaels, Christie Ford, Bambi Woods, David Morris, Arcadia Lake, Rikki O'Neal, Georgette Sanders, R. Bolla, Herschel Savage, Jake Teague, Robin Byrd, David Pierce, Kasey Rodgers, Ben Pierce, Tony Mansfield, Jenny Cole, Paul Hughs, Peter Lerman, Debbie Lewis, Steve Marshall
Studio: VCX

Directed by: Eric Edwards, Jim Clark
Review brief: When Bambi Woods (Debbie) wins an opportunity to be a Texas Cowgirl, she and her fellow cheerleaders will stop at nothing to pay for the trip, even if it means providing special "services" to the local community's men. Such is the case in "Debbie Does Dallas", a very good, extraordinarily recognizable classic from director Jim Buckley and VCX.
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Boxcover for Ms. Magnificent
Ms. Magnificent 

Release date: 6/12/2006
Reviewed on: 8/11/2015

Starring: Sharon Kane, Mike Horner, Desiree Cousteau, Jessie St. James, Holly McCall, David Morris, John Seeman, Jesse Adams, Liza Dwyer, Starr Wood, Freddi Nobodi, Vernon Von Bergdorf, Larry Davis
Studio: TVX

Directed by: Joe Sherman
Review brief: When her boyfriend and co-workers fall into the clutches of an evil, intergalactic empress who's hell bent on universal conquest, it falls upon Ms. Magnificent to put a stop to her nefarious plans. Relying as much on her pussy as her superpowers, the young heroine braves both foe and fuck alike in a valiant attempt to save the day. Such is the case in "Ms. Magnificent", an exceptional 1979, sci-fi release from Joe Sherman that features the awesome "Betty Boop" of porno past, Desiree Cousteau.
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Boxcover for Resurrection of Eve
Resurrection of Eve 

Release date: 8/1/2002
Reviewed on: 8/11/2015

Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Jon Martin, Tyler Reynolds, Mimi Morgan, Dale Meador, Ken Scudder, Johnny Keyes, Kandi Jones, Al Rand, Nancy Weich, Matthew Armon, Damona Marin, Cozy Edmundson, June Richards, Bentley Christmas, Pam Francis, Dana Fuller, Binky Bish, Zachary Strong, Mark Ellinger, Gerald Greystone, Curt McDowell
Studio: Mitchell Brothers

Directed by: Artie Mitchell, Jon Fontana
Review brief: After a severe car accident that results in facial reconstruction and also while acting under the influence of a sexually obsessed and overbearing boyfriend / husband (Matthew Armon), a young woman named Eve ultimately finds herself wrapped up in the deviant debauchery of the swingers lifestyle of the early-70's. Such is the case in "Resurrection of Eve", an overall-good, 1973 classic from Artie Mitchell and Jon Fontana.
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Boxcover for Moment, The
Moment, The 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 8/10/2015

Starring: Michael J. Cox, Ruby, Randy Rage, Leslie Glass, Deva Station, Toni James, Sin, Ricky O
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: Ralph Parfait
Review brief: It's a sad life for Michael J. Cox, a young man who spends his time cruising Venice Beach looking for ladies, obsessing about a "girlfriend" (Leslie Glass) who won't let him into her pants, and paying for hookers, and it's unclear as to whether there will ever be a happy ending for the young lad. Such is the case in "The Moment", an overall-good 1997 release from Vivid Video and Ralph Parfait.
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Boxcover for Devil In Miss Jones, The (VCX)
Devil In Miss Jones, The (VCX) 

Release date: 6/11/2000
Reviewed on: 8/8/2015

Starring: Georgina Spelvin, Harry Reems, John Clemens, Marc Stevens, Judith Hamilton, Levi Richards, Gerard Damiano, Erica Havens
Studio: VCX

Directed by: Gerard Damiano
Review brief: When a virginal, middle-aged woman (Georgina Spelvin) takes the easy way out and slits her wrists, she's given one last opportunity to fulfill her unsated, lustful desires before heading to eternal damnation. Such is the case in the "Devil in Miss Jones", an exceptional, Golden Age release from VCX and director, Gerard Damiano.
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Boxcover for Barbara Broadcast (VCA)
Barbara Broadcast (VCA) 

Release date: 11/28/2000
Reviewed on: 8/8/2015

Starring: Sharon Mitchell, Jamie Gillis, Bobby Astyr, Annette Haven, Constance Money, Cami Graham, Alan Marlow, Michael Gaunt, Clea Carson, Peter Andrews, Camilla Farrell, Sybil Kingmaner, C.J. Laing, Wade Nichols, Zebedy Colt, David Savage, Suzanne Mcbain, Shirley Peters
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Henry Paris
Review brief: A young reporter (C.J. Laing) sent to interview a famed prostitute turned acclaimed author (Annette Haven) ultimately finds herself lured into the lurid, free-lovin' lifestyle of her subject, and with all of the fucking and sucking going on, she's certainly not turning back. Such is the case in "Barbara Broadcast", a very good, Golden Age release from Radley Metzger and VCA.
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Boxcover for Axel Braun's Farmer Girls
Axel Braun's Farmer Girls 

Release date: 7/29/2015
Reviewed on: 8/3/2015

Starring: Evan Stone, Jay Crew, Alec Knight, Will Powers, Eric John, Riley Steele, AJ Applegate, Valentina Nappi, Scarlet Red, Miley May, Katrina Jade
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Axel Braun
Review brief: It's rednecks, purple heads, and blue balls in "Axel Braun's Farmer Girls", a real barn-burner of a release from the acclaimed director and Wicked Pictures. Indeed, this fine flick offers up five rustic romps, each with its own down-home theme and each capable of cooking up a carnal country storm of the first order.
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Boxcover for Deep Inside Ginger Lynn (VCA)
Deep Inside Ginger Lynn (VCA) 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 7/29/2015

Starring: Ginger Lynn, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy, Cindy Brookes, Shane Taylor, Harry Hardwood
Studio: VCA

Review brief: For my 500th review here at, I've decided to go with an all-time favorite of mine (...and just about everyone else's...), the coquettish blonde superstar of yesteryear and the biggest thing to come out of Rockford, Illinois since Cheap Trick, the amazing Ginger Lynn. Indeed, I've waxed poetic and waned pornographic about Ms. Lynn before...all for good reason...and in this compilation, VCA's "Deep Inside Ginger Lynn", she once again demonstrates just why she was such an industry tour-de-force.
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Boxcover for Deep Throat (VCA)
Deep Throat (VCA) 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 7/28/2015

Starring: Linda Lovelace, Harry Reems, Carol Connors, Gerard Damiano, Bob Phillips, Dolly Sharp, Bill Harrison, John Byron, Ted Street, William Love, Michael Powers
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Gerard Damiano
Review brief: Comical, clever, risque, and featuring an erotic talent (deep-throating) then unknown to a much more innocent world, it's easy to understand why Gerard Damiano's "Deep Throat", starring Ms. Linda Lovelace, took the early 1970's by storm.
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Boxcover for Golden Age Of Porn, The: Ginger Lynn
Golden Age Of Porn, The: Ginger Lynn 

Release date: 11/4/2004
Reviewed on: 7/25/2015

Starring: Tom Byron, Ginger Lynn, Raven, Crystal Breeze, Lois Ayres, Blake Palmer, Jerry Butler, Pamela Jennings, Lynn Ray, Stacey Donovan, Jay Serling, Craig Roberts, Starbuck, Roxanne Rollan
Studio: Gentlemens

Review brief: What can be said about Ginger Lynn that hasn't already been said? Indeed, the petite, blonde porn queen's career spanned nearly three decades, and her mark on the industry is essentially beyond compare. Perhaps the single biggest star of her era (the 80s) and also a perennial radio and podcast host, it's near impossible to be a fan of adult fare and not be familiar with both her and her work. Indeed, she crossed over into the mainstream on multiple occasions, and she continues to be a presence in the industry to this day. With this, this review of "The Golden Age of Porn: Ginger Lynn" (Gentlemen's Video) focuses upon the early portion of her career and offers up six, sexy sequences, all of them featuring the awesome Ms. Lynn.
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Boxcover for Golden Age Of Porn, The: Jacqueline Lorians
Golden Age Of Porn, The: Jacqueline Lorians 

Release date: 12/22/2006
Reviewed on: 7/23/2015

Starring: Sharon Kane, Mike Horner, Joey Silvera, Jacqueline Lorians, Erica Boyer, Blair Harris, Lili Marlene, Kerri Hart, Chris Chase
Studio: Gentlemens

Review brief: Featuring the porcelain-skinned, pouty-lipped, French starlet of the early-80s, Ms. Jacqueline Lorians, in all her pornographic glory, "The Golden Age of Porn: Jacqueline Lorians" truly delivers the goods. Indeed, this very good compilation from Gentlemen's Video offers up six, steamy sequences featuring the sexy starlet of yesteryear, each and every one of them worthy of a look. From her raunchy romps involving Lili Marlene to her New Age, domination-themed encounter with Erica Boyer, this one has a lot to offer in a short period of time.
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Boxcover for Golden Age Of Porn, The: Candida Royalle
Golden Age Of Porn, The: Candida Royalle 

Release date: 5/26/2006
Reviewed on: 7/22/2015

Starring: Joey Silvera, Merle Michaels, Candida Royalle, Lesllie Bovee
Studio: Gentleman's

Review brief: Featuring the original porn feminist herself, Candida Royalle, in a slew of scenes taken from her illustrious carnal career, "The Golden Age of Porn: Candida Royalle" certainly hits its mark. Indeed, a very good compilation from Gentlemen's Video, this release shows off the stunning beauty and raw sexuality that characterized its brunette subject's onscreen persona, all as it bounces from one erotic encounter to the next.
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Boxcover for Porn Star Legends: Desiree Cousteau
Porn Star Legends: Desiree Cousteau 

Release date: 5/20/2007
Reviewed on: 7/21/2015

Starring: Paul Thomas, John Holmes, John Leslie, Desiree Cousteau, Serena, Aaron Stuart, Pat Manning, Jesse Adams
Studio: Porn Star Legends

Review brief: This compilation presents essentially the same scenes as Gentlemen's Video's "The Golden Age of Porn: Desiree Cousteau" (linked review within), but in a different order. It also throws in a wildly erotic and comical enema scene.
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Boxcover for Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here
Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here 

Release date: 12/25/2003
Reviewed on: 7/21/2015

Starring: John Holmes, Annette Haven, Joan Devlon, Missy Sue, Veronica Taylor, Carlos Tobalina, Damon Christian, Carl Adams, Felicia Sanda, Tyler Moore, Michaelle Scher, Lazaro Valdes, Michael C. LeDuff, Fermin Castillo del Muro, Rosario Carrillo, Greg Anderson, Jerry Wade, Elsa Sanchez, Amparo Salazar, Eddie Carrillo, Norma Posulez, Tommy Batello, Daniel Hu Song
Studio: Arrow Productions

Directed by: Bob Chinn
Review brief: Nothing but trouble (...and sex...) follows, when Johnny Wadd (John Holmes) is called down to Mexico to help his old war buddy (Damon Christian) take on a drug dealer who's married Damon's junkie ex-wife (Veronica Taylor). Such is the case in "Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here", a tepid 1976 release from Arrow Productions. While the plot is fairly good for a porno of its era (...despite its narrated storyline motif and jumpiness at times...), and there's a decent amount of cheesy, shoot-'em-up style action, the sex itself is incredibly tame...especially given that the legendary cocksman, Holmes, is involved. Indeed, there's plenty of fine fucking to be found in releases from the time period, just not here. There are also better plots from the era, as well.
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Boxcover for Porn Star Legends: Chessie Moore
Porn Star Legends: Chessie Moore 

Release date: 5/20/2007
Reviewed on: 7/20/2015

Starring: Chessie Moore
Studio: Porn Star Legends

Review brief: This overall-good flick from Porn Star Legends offers up the same four scenes as those found in "The Golden Age of Porn: Chessie Moore". See my review (linked) for that compilation, as it will work for this one, as well.
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