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Boxcover for Breeding Mike O'Neill
Breeding Mike O'Neill 

Release date: 9/18/2003
Reviewed on: 5/27/2003

Starring: Joe Stack, Steve Parker, Mike O'Neill, Erich Lange, Mark Magnos, Paul Morris, Tom Shannon, Tom Tomorrow
Studio: Treasure Island Media

Review brief: Title: Breeding Mike O'Neill Studio: Treasure Island Media Producer(s): Paul Morris Director(s): Paul Morris Videographer(s): Paul Morris & Damon Dogg Editor(s): Paul Morris & Damon Dogg Music: n/a Cast: Mike O'Neill, Jesse, Erich Lange, Rom Shannon, Mark Magnos, Steve Parker, Joe Stack, Tom Tomorrow and more. Date of Production: 11/2002 Running Time: 89 minutes The Story (from the box) PAUL MORRIS introduces young cum-hungry bottom MIKE O'NEILL to hardcore bareback fucking: a dildo made of frozen cum and a gangbang that lasts all afternoon leave MIKE grinning, exhausted and oozing gobs of cum from his stretched-out hole. Pt 1 Filling Mike's GLASS with cum Basically, we open on a shot glass inside a man's mouth and a punk/skater boy shooting a wad down inside of it. There's lots of dialogue to back this up and everyone discussing basic sexual acts they've done or want to do and discussing the cum itself. It's really amatuer and fun and has some sexy humor to it all.
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Boxcover for Macho Men
Macho Men 

Release date: 3/7/2003
Reviewed on: 5/23/2003

Studio: South American Pictures

Review brief: Title: Macho Men Studio: Producer(s): Leo Bothelo, Paul Viana, and Richard Maia Director: Leo Bothelo Videographer: Leo Bothelo Editor: W. Silva Cast: Alan Dias, Dudu Boy, Felipe Santos, Frank Lemos, Hugo Garanhao, Junior Lolito, Reinaldo Vieira, Ricardo Mendes, Richard Maia, and Victor Hugo Date of Production: 9/2002 Running Time: 1 hour and 52 minutes Extras: A puny photo gallery and nothing else, but the scene selection is top knotch so you won't miss it. By Line: Nobody Likes A Pussy. The Story There really isn't a tying storyline here. Basically it's "yeah, I look hot. Film the fucking scene. Let me be Brazilian." I promise, this doesn't matter much. Another thing highly key here is the scene selection feature that's built into the main film itself. With just the quick flick of the button, you can move from the sucking to the fucking to the cumming.
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Boxcover for Lumberjack Gang Bang
Lumberjack Gang Bang 

Release date: 3/6/2003
Reviewed on: 4/19/2003

Starring: Troy Michaels, Blue Blake, Matt Sizemore, Robert Harvey
Studio: Big Blue Productions

Directed by: Blue Blake
Review brief: Title: Duke Miller's Lumberjack Gang Bang Studio: Arena Producer(s): Blue Blake Productions Director(s): Blue Blake Videographer: Andre Adair Editor: Drew Warner Music: Rock Hard Cast: Duke Miller, Brad Rock, Matt Sizemore, Rhett O'Hara, Kelly Madison, Damian Steele, Staten McCormack, Troy Michaels, Robert Harvey, and Blue Blake (as "The Boss") Date of Production: June 2002 Running Time: 70 minutes Extras: Interactive Menus, Instant Scene Access, Bloopers and Outtakes, Hardcore Photo Gallery, DVD Rom Compatible The Story Set on a logging camp, all of our stars are bulky and chopping block and carrying water. They interrupt from their busy ax grinding work for a bit of mail call and everyone is treated to a letter (or two) from their sweeties back home. However, their perfume scented letters come tainted with another sense of news straight from their Boss's (Blue Blake) mouth. Seems the bridge that leads to town is down and won't be prepared for close to six months.
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Boxcover for Bringing Out Brother
Bringing Out Brother 

Release date: 8/25/2002
Reviewed on: 4/1/2003

Studio: All Worlds Video

Review brief: Title: Bringing Out Brother Studio: All Worlds Producer: Dan Cross Director: Doug Jeffries Videographer: James C. Stark Editor(s): Andrew Rosen Music: Rock Hard Cast: Devon Barry, Rod Barry, Sean Paris, Billy Kincaid, Alex Le Monde, Aaron Tanner, and Colton Ford Date of Production: December 2001/January 2002 Running Time: 96 minutes Extras: Chapter selection, photo gallery, Doug Jeffries commercial for All Worlds Resort The Story Devon Barry receives a "Dear John" card from his girlfriend Tina. Realizing it's the end of a relationship he held dear to him, Devon decides that the only thing he needs is his older brother Rod. After flying out to Rod's lavish mansion and resting and relaxing, Rod has no choice but to "take care" of his brother. After he finishes, Devon won't even remember Tina's name... Scene One (Rod Barry & Billy Kincaid) The movie starts out with Rod receiving the infamous phone call from his brother. He's "busy" and tells him he'll meet him at the airport after he finishes up.
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Boxcover for Cowboy

Release date: 11/14/2002
Reviewed on: 3/31/2003

Starring: Tom Katt, Evan Taylor, Caesar
Studio: Big Blue Productions

Directed by: Blue Blake
Review brief: Title: Cowboy Studio: Arena Producer(s): Blue Blake Productions Director: Blue Blake Videographer: Andre Adair Editor: Michael Zen Music: Rock Hard Cast: Caesar, Brad Rock, Tom Katt, Rhett O'Hara, Dane Brando, Sal Lombardi, Staten McCormack, Ray Stone, Kelly Madison & Evan Taylor Date of Production: 04/01/02 Running Time: 1 hour, 58 minutes Extras: XXX By Line: some MEN are just born BAD The Story Caesar plays a ramblin' man who is running from his dark past. He uses the boys and rides off into the sunset on the search of yet another heart to borrow to heal his wounded mind. He eventually sets his sites on a young proprietor named Jake (Dane Brando) and they share a blissful romance on Jake's ranch. That is, until a Cowboy decides to get honest... Scene One (Caesar & Rhett O'Hara) After a restless sleep with visions of cocks and asses dancing in his head, our hero Cowboy awakes to Rhett O'Hara over him. Rather than admit any vulnerablity that might be amiss inside this drifter's head, Caesar orders Rhett to suck his cock.
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Boxcover for Going Down & Cumming Out In Beverly Hills
Going Down & Cumming Out In Beverly Hills 

Release date: 2/13/2002
Reviewed on: 3/28/2003

Starring: Logan Reed, Kevin Kramer
Studio: Great Dane Productions

Review brief: Title: Going Down & Cumming Out in Beverly Hills Studio: IMD Producer(s): Great Dane Productions Director(s): Dane Preston Videographer(s): Sam Dixon & Ed Maxx Editor(s): Fay Dubois Music: Sharon Kane Cast: Logan Reed, Eric Wood, Kevin Kramer, George Fleece, Jack Ryan, Matt Sizemore, Kurt Wagner, Michael Mattel, Pete Davos (and in non-sexual roles) Brandon James, Rob Franklin, Jazmine, Kitt Marlowe. Vivian, Stephanie Blake, and Dino Phillips Date of Production: 04/2001 Running Time: 108 minutes DVD Features: DVD Compatible, Multi-Chapter Menu, Full Motion Chapter Directory, Slide Show, Model Galleries with Stats, Bloopers, Previews, AC-3 Dolby Stereo Sound, No Regional Coding The Story Apparently the plot line is based loosely on the movie with a similar name only this one doesn't have Bette Midler and all of the men are about as good looking at Nick Nolte (yuck!). I missed the original in my gay treck across cinema blue screen, but quickly catch up with the help of IMD and their porn star contemporaries.
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Boxcover for Titan Men Hardcore Portfolio
Titan Men Hardcore Portfolio 

Release date: 12/14/2002
Reviewed on: 3/24/2003

Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: When I purchased a package from Titan Studios, I actually received a 2 DVD set of previews from their collection. It's basically a promotional tool to get me to buy more from them and boy did it work! The Hardcore Portfolio ends up clocking in at over 3 and a half hours and spans through every realm of what Titan has to offer. Disc One This disc is mostly just all the previews. Each preview clocks in at around 4 minutes long and gives you full detail of exactly how the film is going to be without actually spoiling the whole picture. Any of the bonus features (as advertised on the cardboard slipcase the discs come in) are on disc 2. Basically, the way Titan works it's hardcore previews, is we're shown a scrolling credit for each actor along with various scenes from the film where the actor would star in. The company rarely disappoints so you're sure to want to write a few down after you see the extended previews.
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Boxcover for Jacked To Vegas
Jacked To Vegas 

Release date: 12/27/2001
Reviewed on: 3/22/2003

Starring: Rex Ruben, Patrick Allen, Nino Bacci, Shane Bailey, Jason Hawke, Emilio DiMedici
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Review brief: Title: Chi Chi LaRue's Jacked To Vegas Studio: Channel 1 Releasing Producer: Joe Slade Director: Chi Chi LaRue Videographer: Hue Wilde Editor: Scott Coblio Music: Rock Hard Cast: Kyle Kennedy, Mason Jarr, Jason Hawke, Nick Yeager, Patrick Allen, Doug Jeffries, Jeremy Tucker, Shane Bailey, Nino Bacci, Emilio DiMedici, Spike, Julian Pierce, Chi Chi LaRue & Mistress Mona Date of Production: May 2000 Running Time: 85 minutes Menus & Chapters: 4 chapters with also 4 cumshot chapters Extras: 3 Hardcore Previews; Photo Galleries of the models, a hardcore photo gallery and then a Chi Chi LaRue photo gallery; Behind The Scene Outtakes and of the porn convention and then a night out at the Vegas bar, Links to Chi Chi's sites Packaging: Jefferson designed the package and it was awesome. It's a lot like the menu screen on the film which is kind of unique.
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Boxcover for Married Cops Do
Married Cops Do 

Release date: 7/8/2001
Reviewed on: 3/18/2003

Starring: Blue Blake, Joe Romero, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Hank Hightower, Chad Connors, Duke Miller, Caeser
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Blue Blake
Review brief: Title: Married Cops Do Studio: IMD Producer(s): Blue Blake Productions Director(s): Blue Blake Videographer(s): Max Ferrarri Editor(s): Kevin Glover Music: Sissy Vagina & Green X Cast: Introducing Duke Miller, Caesar, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Hank Hightower, Joe Romero, Chad Connors, Glen Matthew, (and in non sexual roles) Tony Valentino, T.J. Hart, Cherry Taylor, Delilah, and Blue Blake Date of Production: August 2000 Running Time: 89 minutes Menus & Chapters: 9 chapter selections! I was actually surprised because the scenes weren't very long. I didn't think that they would garner more, but obvious I was mistaken. It's always nice to have more than less. Extras: A photo gallery and 2 previews (Demolition Daddy & Tales From The Treehouse) Packaging: The cover art was really smart and the byline reads "Sometimes the Code of Silence is stronger than the bond of matrimony." Duke Miller & Caesar grace the cover. The Story Duke Miller is the basic butch straight cop with a bitch wife (T.J. Hart) at home that nags him all the time.
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Boxcover for Slammer

Release date: 8/22/2002
Reviewed on: 3/17/2003

Starring: Jon Galt, Scott, Dred, Billy Wild
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Harold Creg, Brian Mills
Review brief: There are always 3 basic type of porn that we can count on. These would be what we call "different" and "unique" but are really prerequisites to any good porn industry. There's always the normal bed hopping and even those poolside porns that they love to show us. Those aren't the 3 I'm discussing, however. Those type of porn are cheap and easily shot on whatever resort the studio is using to fund the much more elaborate settings. Yes, my fellow fans, I'm referring to the "location" shoots. Now any good fan knows that in order to have a successful location shoot, one has to have the men to back it up. Some studios have failed in this aspect considerably (Bacchus) and some are just merely a standard everyone sets themselves by (Falcon). Titan came along and changed the world of Leather porn with it's Fallen Angel series. To most, it was just merely porn type 1 and we would pop it in and expect something pleasing and aggressive. Titan Studios came along and changed all that.
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Boxcover for Bang!

Release date: 8/22/2001
Reviewed on: 3/10/2003

Starring: Talvin Demachio, Marco Mancini, Yuri Breshnev, Shane Rockford, Enrico Vega, Daniel Reed, Gordon Gage
Studio: Falcon Studios

Review brief: The Director: Chi Chi LaRue The Studio: Mustang/Falcon Time Length: 1 hour 18 minutes Cast: (in order of appearance) Luke Sabre, Enrico Vega, Shane Rockford, Daniel Reed, Talvin Demachio, Marco Mancini, Gordon Gage (misspelled in title as Gauge), Yuri Breshnev The Plot Inadvertently, Bang! doesn't start off with a bang. Rather, it takes us till scene two, before any banging actually takes place. It's almost weird to actually call it, Scene two as the whole entire movie is filmed in this greyscale warehouse with a few props placed randomly around. But anyhow, our movie begins: Scene One I liked how it kind of starts with this main title and face shots of each actor giving coy eyes at the camera. Finally, it whittles itself down to just two actors (Enrico Vega and Luke Sabre) and our scene begins. Right away, I felt the editing was a bit distracting. Everytime they switched positions, we'd get one of those montages of their faces staring sexily into the camera and then back to the scene at hand.
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Boxcover for Gorge: Limited Edition 2-DVD Set
Gorge: Limited Edition 2-DVD Set 

Release date: 3/7/2003
Reviewed on: 3/6/2003

Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: Gorge puts me in mind of a very Quigley Down Under frame of film. Clearly, Dred Scott is aborigine and all these gruff men are frolicking in the wild. Filmed on location at the Grand Canyon (Page, AZ to be exact), Bruce Cam has spliced together shots of beautifully unkempt men just roaming around. This all feels a bit like Absolute Arid if you ask me but one asked me. I'm merely the reviewer and this is merely... Gorge The Director's Expanded Edit offers us something only a limited edition few will ever see. Two delectable discs (one of the film, and one of bonus material) jam packed full of action. We start off on Disc One as the film opens. Right away, I loved the soundtrack. It's got this dijidarro in the background and these grandiose woodwinds. Totally beautiful and really give you a sense of the landscape. I love landscape porn and the movie really doesn't disappoint in that aspect. It switches from letterbox format to full screen so our eyes never lose sense of everything that is around us.
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Boxcover for Trespass (Titan Director's Hardcore Edit)
Trespass (Titan Director's Hardcore Edit) 

Release date: 12/14/2002
Reviewed on: 3/2/2003

Starring: Billy Wild
Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: This morning's news brought to you by Titan... The lead story this morning is the ongoing search for prison escapee Dred Scott. Sweeping the countryside since the breakout early this morning, correctional officers and local freedom fighters continue to search the ranch lands surrounding the prison. Scott is known to be in prime physical condition: aggressive and extremely dangerous. Scott is 6 feet in height, 185 pounds and is wearing full correctional overalls... And so begins Bruce Cam's Trespass (Director's Hardcore Edit). Not for the faint of heart and fans of twinkdom, but definitely all male! Spanning 3 discs and 12 beautifully sculpted men along a wheat field straight out of Gone With The Wind, you would never really know this was a porn movie. It feels like an epic.
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Boxcover for White Trash (MSR)
White Trash (MSR) 

Release date: 8/25/2002
Reviewed on: 2/25/2003

Starring: Clay Maverick, Chad Johnson, Rod Barry, Anthony Shaw
Studio: MSR Releasing

Review brief: Director: Tony Alizzi Cast: Clay Maverick, Rod Barry, Trent Cougar, Bret Wolfe, Anthony Shaw, Chad Johnson, Luke Pearson and (in non sexual roles) Rowdy Carson, Sharon Kane, & Frieda Lay Brown The Plot Our movie begins in the trailer of an unhappily married couple. Trent Cougar is busy watching Jerry Springer (on a well played tape, I might add) while his wife Rowdy Carson prepares herself for the local karaoke finals. Her friend Sharon Kane comes over and both Rowdy and Trent try and talk her out of running due to her less than lackluster singing voice. She will have nothing of it, though, and she carries off, leaving Trent (who goes by the name "Luther") with their young cousin, all alone. Scene One: After getting through a horribly acted intro and shitty camera work beginning, it was nice to see how the real movie would play out. Bret Wolfe was down on his knees sucking off his "uncle" Trent.
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Boxcover for Sexus

Release date: 12/23/2002
Reviewed on: 2/17/2003

Starring: Lance Gear, Sky Donovan, Tom Vacarro, Peter Raeg, Luke Bronson
Studio: Raging Stallion

Review brief: SeXus marks Director Chris Ward's 50th film for the industry and boy does the man know how to pack a wallop! Presented in SeXaScope, Chris Ward takes us on a journey through skin to skin sweaty bear sex on a lone bed on an empty set. (It definitely has an art design feel to it.) Where the lack of money spent on elaborate sets went, we are certainly treated in the camera portion. Incendiary editing and perfect angles clearly set this movie apart from any all sex videos on the market. You get the feeling that something special is about to happen the moment the DVD slips into your player. The title theme has this one big giant white "X" with several blocks depicting various actions on the film. It's like it's all happening at once and you'll get that feeling too once we've begun. Lance Gear and Peter Raeg start us off by doing what comes natural. Showing his prowess and dominance over Peter, Lance heartily sucks Peter's prong greedily, taking every inch to the hilt.
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Boxcover for Knight Spot
Knight Spot 

Release date: 1/21/2003
Reviewed on: 2/14/2003

Starring: Chad Knight, Antonio Madiera, Jeremy Jordan, Jack Ryan, Jason Hawke
Studio: All Worlds Video

Review brief: I delved into Knight Spot without any reservations whatsoever. I actually purchased the disc due to a sale price at GayDVDEmpire and the fact that a Mr. Jeremy Jordan was among the headliners. Oh! Also for Jason Land who actually intrigues me more than beguiles me of his performances. Both men are bleach bottle blondes and very yummy. Another factor in my selection, would be the name Chad Donovan. Not only was he an amazing performer (do I actually list his cock as the performer?), but his movie "Carnal Intentions" won awards. So, naturally, unable to purchase "Carnal Intentions" on DVD, I turn to "the next best thing". Knight Spot takes me into a weird little L.A. dive that features strippers and all their ilk. Porn "legend" Chad Knight is our ever popular MC and the movie opens up to Sean Paris shaking his monkey maker. Ordinary men gather 'round and spill their weekly paychecks into his jock. He actually puts on one hell of a show and soon has me singed.
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Boxcover for Heat (Titan Director's Expanded Edit)
Heat (Titan Director's Expanded Edit) 

Release date: 12/14/2002
Reviewed on: 2/11/2003

Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: In these cold winter months, I felt a bit strapped for some warmer weather. Realizing that I would end up having to pay excruciatingly high electric bills to achieve this, I opted to warm the weather up in my pants. I purchased "Heat" from Titan Media. Titan actually has an offer going where you can purchase it with "Trespass" for only $99. Both of them are the full hardcore DVDs and they even come with a 3+ hour Hardcore preview DVD set as well. So you're getting like over 10 hours of movie for like $99. it's a pretty good deal. (One I couldn't pass up, anyway.) Titan bills this as the top grossing gay porn DVD of all time and I can see why! It's funny because I totally hate big budget movies when I go to the theaters. I want my movies with lots of dialogue and very little money. But when I watch porn, I totally swoon on those landscape shots and those locales. "Heat" makes the landscape around it part of the storyline. You begin to love it as much as you love the actors. Right away, I got the feeling that this was Super Porn.
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Boxcover for Bad Behavior (Falcon)
Bad Behavior (Falcon) 

Release date: 7/27/2001
Reviewed on: 2/7/2003

Starring: Sam Crockett, Rex Ruben, Scott Matthews, Nino Bacci, Marcus Iron, Gage Michaels, Enrico Vega, Chad Kennedy, Nick Young, Jeremy Jordan, Addison Scott, Caeser
Studio: Falcon Studios

Review brief: Bad Behavior is yet another mouth-watering masterpiece brought to you by the Falcon Studios Family. The basic plot revolves around 2 Bible Salesmen going door to door in San Francisco, trying to convert the gay boys who frolic there, that it's time to turn things over to the Lord. The Bible Salesmen end up turning the tide over and succumb to the sinful desires of the men they try to convert. I know it seems like it'd be weird and lame but it totally isn't! In fact, a lot of the reviews I read called it only "so-so". This totally surprises me when I get my nose in. Bad Behavior never looked so good! The front of evil that eradicates the boys is non other than Falcon Exclusive Addison Scott. He laughs at their belief system and then forces them inside. Poor Marcus Iron and Chad Kennedy can do nothing but bare crosses to the dominant man's words.
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Boxcover for Porn Academy (All Worlds)
Porn Academy (All Worlds) 

Release date: 1/19/2003
Reviewed on: 2/7/2003

Starring: Will Clark, Ron Jeremy, Chi Chi LaRue, Chad Donovan, Blake Harper, Chad Knight, Court Logan, Jason McCain, Danny Lopez, Andy Hunter, Tino Lopez
Studio: All Worlds Video

Directed by: Bud Light
Review brief: The Students: Andy Hunter (aka The Bad One) Court Logan (aka The Innocent One) Danny Lopez (aka The Quiet One) All Worlds Exclusive Tino Lopez (aka The Good One) and Introducing Jason McCain (aka The Straight One) The Instructors: Will Clark Chad Donovan Blake Harper Chad Knight Chi Chi LaRue and Ron Jeremy as The Headmaster PORN ACADEMY: Class Of 2002 First off, I actually got this film because I read Joe Shaver's review. I'd seen the movie in All Worlds' catalogue but it really didn't interest me that all that much. Or, should I say, it didn't look like it would interest me all that much. The sets seemed like they would be cheesy and the story seemed like more of a comedy and it all seemed pretty basic. And guess what? All of that is true! Except maybe the last part.... But I completely LOVED this film! It reminds me a bit of those late night infomercials that they feed you.
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Boxcover for Sit Tight
Sit Tight 

Release date: 11/12/2001
Reviewed on: 2/6/2003

Starring: Rick Matthews, David Bradley, Tristan Paris, Luc Jarrett, Virgil Sainclair, Lee Driver, Chris Barlow, Dean Temple
Studio: Falcon Studios

Review brief: Ok, so I had been looking forward to this film for quite some time. Ever since my lust for Tristan Paris began in my VHS days of the Falcon Family. Knowing Tristan was on the cover of Sit Tight only increased my lust for the film. And when I looked it up and saw that a director by the name of Jeff Russell directed it, I was doubly intrigued. Not only had I not seen him direct anything before this, I was curious to see his take on my beloved Tristan. This is what I get for wondering I wouldnt go so far as to say Sit Tight is bad. Its got a lot of things going for it. Virgil Sinclair and his foot long hot dog. Rick Matthews and his baby doll smile. Chris Barlow and that hairy chest of his. Tristan Paris working his ass. And Lee Driver driving it home. Plus the cum shots are incredible! Theres even a point where Tristan cums in his own mouth whilst Virgil Sinclair fucks it out of him. So My problem with Sit Tight? Jeff Russell. Ive seen a enough Falcon films that Videographer Max Phillips has worked on to know that this was not his problem. I have no idea what affect Mr.
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Boxcover for Lickity Split
Lickity Split 

Release date: 5/24/2002
Reviewed on: 2/5/2003

Starring: Thomas Bond, Tiger, Logan Reed, Lance Gear, Rick Ritter, Chad Hunt, Jackson Price, Evan Taylor, Logan Krewe
Studio: All Worlds Video

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Review brief: Lickity Split was described as An Oral Confection and boy is it! Shot in Studio 5533 in North Hollywood, California, this delectable flick offers us some interesting choices in flavors. The basic storyline revolves around young Jackson Price and his buddy Tiger working behind the counter of a 50s style ice cream shop. Both wear these sailor hats and striped shirts that gave me this weird feel to them. Tiger isnt really my taste anyway, and his Depeche Mode hair dangling down underneath a sailor hat made this look very gay. Jackson had blonder hair here than I was used to seeing (this film was shot in May of 2001), but the hat totally made him look hot. The little spiky gay boy hair peeking out and his olive colored skin with those piercing green eyes. He was the perfect ice cream parlor boy. I thought the credits were a neat touch as well. As the picture introduces us to the setting (Chat Hunt, Dante Foxx, and Logan Reed all eating ice cream), neon colored credits appear on the bottom of the screen. Each buzzes when the next one is displayed.
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Boxcover for Sting: A Taste For Leather
Sting: A Taste For Leather 

Release date: 5/19/2002
Reviewed on: 2/2/2003

Starring: Montana, Fernando, Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Christopher Scott, Dylan Reece, Thom Barron, Clay Maverick, Chip Noll, Chad Kennedy, Tristan Paris, Cameron Fox, Addison Scott, Virgil Sainclair, Palmer, Jeff, Tony Lazzari, Nick Riley
Studio: Falcon Studios

Review brief: The Details Title: Sting: A Taste For Leather Studio: Falcon Director(s): John Rutherford & Jeff Russell Videographer(s): Todd Montgomery & Max Phillips Editor(s): Delta Productions Music: E.M. Diaz Cast: Clay Maverick, Jeff Palmer, Virgil Sinclair, Christopher Scott, Cameron Fox, Addison Scott, Tristan Paris, Thom Barron, Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Fernando Montana, Dylan Reece, Chad Kennedy, Chip Noll, Tony Lazzari, & Nick Riley Date of Production: November 16, 1999 Running Time: 145 minutes Menus & Chapters: 4 Chapters for 3 scenes. The middle scene is so long, however that youre wishing there were more. Extras: None which is sadly disappointing considering the epic proportions of the film. Packaging: Clay Maverick on the cover looking good enough to eat! Leathery pictorials of each of the films stars on the back. (I would have liked to have seen more of these in a photo gallery or something they could have included on the DVD. The Story Nothing really unifying here. Chip Knoll gets captured by some of his friends for a birthday present.
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Boxcover for Thrusted

Release date: 6/7/2001
Reviewed on: 2/2/2003

Starring: Scott Davis, Alex Wilcox, Zach Richards, Dylan Reece, Clint Cooper, Javier Duran, Colby Taylor, Jeremy Jordan, Cox, Anthony
Studio: Falcon Studios

Review brief: The Details Title: Thrusted Studio: Jocks Producer(s): Falcon Studios Director: Chi Chi LaRue Videographer: Max Phillips Editor(s): Delta Productions Music: Sound Designs Cast: Colby Taylor, Alex Wilcox, Dylan Reece, Zach Richards, Jeremy Jordan, Anthony Cox, Scott Davis, Clint Cooper, and Introducting...Javier Duran Date of Production: July 19, 2000 Running Time: 1 hour & 20 minutes Menus & Chapters: 4 chapters, one at each scene's beginning Extras: None in the menu, but at the end of Chapter 4, you get to see a preview for "Big As They Come II". Packaging: Alex Wilcox in a foamy jacuzzi on the cover with profile pictures of the several of the film's stars on the back. The Story Colby Taylor and Dylan Reece play lovers. They're basically engaging in foreplay whilst discussing their zealous sexual past. Each argues that the other is by far the sluttier one. Thus, each scene is created. Scene 1 (Colby Taylor, Anthony Cox, Clint Cooper, Jeremy Jordan, Scott Davis, & Javier Duran) Colby is admiring Anthony Cox's solo j.o. in the seedy boiler room of a hotel.
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Boxcover for Stock: Released (general release)
Stock: Released (general release) 

Release date: 2/3/2003
Reviewed on: 2/1/2003

Starring: Rex Ruben, Thom Barron, Travis Wade
Studio: Falcon Studios

Review brief: Set in a futuristic world (it took me a minute to get this), Falcons Stock series takes us into the wild bordellos of a world where all the women have been obliterated and all the men rule everything. Men are captured and used as stock to service the pleasures of the higher power. Those that do well, survive. Those that faildo not. There are no laws if you are stock. You have a number and that is it. Part 2 is titled Released and Im not really sure why. The plotline basically revolves around how everything that we saw before in part 1 was really a dream that Ross Vincent slips in and out of. If you like movies like this (which I do), then youll love how the plotline fucks with your sense of reality. The futuristic story starts us at the party thrown by Tyler Hill. Ross Vincent slowly montages scenes from part 1 before dropping us plum smack in the middle of an orgy. Everyone is at this thing.
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Boxcover for Stock: Sentenced (general release)
Stock: Sentenced (general release) 

Release date: 1/30/2003
Reviewed on: 1/29/2003

Starring: Casey Williams, Rex Ruben, Thom Barron
Studio: Falcon Studios

Review brief: Set in a futuristic world (it took me a minute to get this), Falcons Stock series takes us into the wild bordellos of a world where all the women have been obliterated and all the men rule everything. Men are captured and used as stock to service the pleasures of the higher power. Those that do well, survive. Those that faildo not. There are no laws if you are stock. You have a number and that is it. Part 1 is aptly titled Sentenced. Casey Williams was working in the field and the next thing he knows, hes thrown in a stall with the rest of the stock. Theyre all covered in dirt and wearing basic underclothing. Hes scared, but Drew Damon, David Bradley, and Rick Matthews make him feel at home. They share a hot roll in the hay with Gregor Yelson looking on in excitement. I loved the dirty talk here. Drew Damon is really good about making people out to be the fuckpigs they are. And David Bradley was a lot hotter than I expected. His tattoo is correct in labeling him Toxic. I couldnt last in the room five seconds with his carrying on before Id nut.
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