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Boxcover for Sex, Thick & Chunky Style
Sex, Thick & Chunky Style 

Release date: 8/19/2000
Reviewed on: 3/6/2001

Starring: Alex, Guy DiSilva, Gia, John Janiero, Armando, Angel (VI)
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Roman Pornanski
Review brief: Sex, Thick, & Chunky Style from Metro Studios. Running time: 2 hrs. Well if you looking for woman that are slightly overweight and like to fuck, then this is the raincoater you been looking for. The action is pretty hot with girls showing that their not sexually shy and most of them take if up the ass too. The film has no story line and just has little setup before the sex begins. Sont expect to see anybody in shape in this feature even the male talent. I thought was intresting to see how some of these stars have slipped out of shape, but they still can fuck. The picture quality is still pretty clear for a underbudget porno feature & the sound is right on the money. I had a hard time trying to find out who did what scene so Id just describe the girl as she looks on the cover. Scene 1: Blonde wearing black with one guy. Blonde is posing for the guy in camera before giving him a nice sloppy blowjob. The guy returns the favor by going down on her by licking her ass and clit.
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Boxcover for Pussyman's Jr. College Tramps
Pussyman's Jr. College Tramps 

Release date: 12/27/2000
Reviewed on: 3/6/2001

Starring: Billy Glide, Sana Fey, Steve Hatcher, Dave Hardman, Rick Masters, Mariah, Kaylynn, Lee, Miko Lee, David Pussyman Christopher, Alana Evans, Alexandra Quinn, Eva Moore, Kiki Daire
Studio: Legend

Directed by: David Christopher
Review brief: Pussymans Jr. College Tramps Running time: 1:30:00 Scene 1: Alana Evens blonde. with 2 guys. Alana is pretty hot blond and likes to talks dirty as the guys go down on her. Dave Hardman bends her over and gives to her, while she blows the other guy for a while. She then does reverse cowgirl while both guys double vag her. She occasionally talks to the camera and guys dirty nasty stuff. The guys then take her into a DP (13:00) which she takes in great stride. They guys take in different DP positions before having her kneel down and popping their loads into her mouth. Nice hot scene and should get a 9.0 Scene 2: Miko Lee oriental & Sana Fey redhead. Well Miko looks good and young wearing the schoolgirl plaid skirt. But on the other hand Sana Fey is a hot redhead with big huge tits and dosent follow in the teen look just dirtyy porn slut. The girls get into lesibians scene with Pussyman watching but not saying much. The girls get on some strap-on and other toys on each other.
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Boxcover for Amazing Ass to Mouth Cumshots 1
Amazing Ass to Mouth Cumshots 1 

Release date: 5/20/2000
Reviewed on: 1/22/2001

Starring: Jasmin St. Claire, Mila, Shay, Anna Malle, Randee Lee, Shyla Foxxx, Sweet
Studio: Metro

Review brief: Amazing Ass to Mouth Cumshots - DVD Reviewed by: Devient on 01/22/01 Well Metro put together a pretty tight complation of just anal and then the popshot in the mouth. The box says 2 hours, but I found out that ends at 1:47:44. No big deal, because the DVD deliverys pretty much does what its says Ass to Mouth scenes. Most of the scenes where all only 1.5 minutes long to 2 minutes long each, so there is a lot of differnt scenes to watch. Don't bother using the chapter select, because there isn't one from the main menu, just play movie. Every time I hit the chapter foward button it would just go 15 minutes ahead, so hope you know where your going. I did notice that scenes were all good and had alot of action going on. Always starts in the anal and then continues til the popshot in the mouth. Some popular Sinclair St Claire, & Max Hardcore. I didn't expect to see ole' Max, but heres in her about 8 scenes from his Casting Call series.
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Boxcover for Maxed Out 11
Maxed Out 11 

Release date: 9/12/2000
Reviewed on: 1/13/2001

Starring: Max Hardcore, McKenna, Diamond, Regan Starr
Studio: Legend

Review brief: Maxxed Out # 11 - DVD Reviewed by: Devient on 01/13/01 First time I ever seen this series, and Max takes 3 girls to the extreme. I was surprise in how mean and hard he was to the woman and they still play like little fuck toys. I would this is a must for people that want to see girls get degraded, and take it form Max. CHAPTER 1: Reagan Star Max is checking out the the racing scene and finds this girl that want to meet one of the drivers. So he takes her back to his place and fucks her senseless. Reagan is a skinny tall blond that plays stupid and takes max's antics very well. Max take her throug some postions and then goes anal on her. He gapes and keeps fucking her in a bunch of positions, esp. RCA. Max fists her jaw and she then smokes a cigeratte after wards with adick in her ass. Max also shows how he gape her with his needle dick.
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Boxcover for Amazing Ass Trilogy
Amazing Ass Trilogy 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 1/7/2001

Starring: Jasmin St. Claire, Alyssa Allure, Candy Apples, Angel Hart, Sunny, Sinderella, Dawn Burning
Studio: Metro

Review brief: Amazing Ass Trilogy - DVD Reviewed by: Devient on 01/7/00 On this DVD there are 3 feature films that makes this DVD over 4 hours long. I didn't really nothing really edited out of the movies, seems all the action is there and action is pretty good. The Amazing Ass Trilogy has nothing to do with each other, except having ass in their names and plenty of anal sex. The films on this disc are: PIECE OF ASS: Angel Hart, Candy Apples, Dawn Berning, and Alexxx Knight. KISS ASS: Alyssa Allure, Sunny, Little Sinderella and more. PUNK ASS: Jasmine St. Claire, Mishka, Candy Apples, & Menage Troix. DVD QUALITY: THE PICTURE QUALITY: The picture was good, but it was filmed a couple years ago and somtimes seem a little grainy. The soun was right on the money. CONCLUSION: Metro should do this more often make a DVD that holds two or more features in it, because most of their 2 hr. comp. disc suck and sell for about $9.00 on the internet Write to me @ with your thoughts and hate.
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Boxcover for Shades Of Sex 3 (Metro)
Shades Of Sex 3 (Metro) 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 1/6/2001

Starring: Julian, Mark Davis, Jake Steed, Mia Smiles, Dee, Obsession, Vince Vouyer, Summer, Malitia, De'lia, Wynona Winter, Aniyah
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Alex Ladd, Michael Adams
Review brief: Shades Of Sex # 3 - DVD Reviewed by: Devient on 01/6/00 Basic premise inter-racial screwing of all race, and not just white and black. The sex is wall to wall and no story and filler to keep you waiting for the action. Condoms were used and sex is so so. I also hard time piece together the girls names. I cant be sure what one are in what scenes, sorry. Girls are: Wynona Winter, De'Lia, Dee, Summer, Aniya, Obsession, Mia Smiles, and, Malitia. CHAPTER 1: Brunette & Asian Girl with one guy. Both girls are hot, but the asian girl is even more of a wet dream. Vince Voyer takes on both girls in various positions. He eventually bends over each other and slide in both of them so he dosent have far to go. He then has the girls kneel down and blast good size load into their waiting faces. CHAPTER 2: really dark black girl with long hair. She gets in the pool and give a white guy an pretty boring blowjob.
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Boxcover for Flesh Peddlers 1
Flesh Peddlers 1 

Release date: 6/28/2000
Reviewed on: 1/6/2001

Starring: Sana Fey, Julian, Alex Sanders, Mark Davis, Randy Rage, Rebecca Wild, Azlea, Kary Evers, Melanie Stone, Torri
Studio: Metro

Review brief: Flesh Peddler # 1 - DVD Reviewed by: Devient on 01/6/00 Basic premise just wall to wall sex and no story and filler to keep you waiting for the action. Condoms were used and sex is so so. I never could understand why Metro releases all these titles that have such boring sex, the camera action and everything is great, but the sex is just stale. CHAPTER 1: Rebecca Wild with one guy. Rebecca gives the guy head and he then takes to missionary position. She actually really into scene and seems to be enjoying the sex. She then gets on top and pussy is definetly really wet. The guy then tit fucks her in big fake tits then cum under her chin to her chest. A pretty decent scene. CHAPTER 2: Azlea & Melinie Stone. An girl/girl scene with pretty good looking brunettes with curves. Pretty mean lezibian scene that has lot action with long dongs and strap-ons. Melinie put her legs up and Azlea give her a fast deep vibe in the but as she rubs her cllit. Azlea pulls out the blue vibrator out to show her gaping pucker hole.
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Boxcover for Pirate Video Deluxe 4: Fetish Therapy
Pirate Video Deluxe 4: Fetish Therapy 

Release date: 6/2/2000
Reviewed on: 1/6/2001

Starring: Eva, Mike Foster, Czilla, Christine, Mercedes, John Walton, Christina, Sheila, Fernanda, Leslie Taylor, Fovea, Kevin Long, Cassandra Wild, Gili Sky, Fernanda Diaz
Studio: Private

Directed by: Frank Thring
Review brief: Fetish Therapy by Pirate - DVD Reviewed by: Devient on 01/6/00 After watching this DVD I know this should get some nominations in some adult award shows, or they are watching the wrong films. The settings, woman, and sex is top notch. This film is specially dedivated to rubber and high high-shoe enthusiasts. "Fetish Therapy" brings 90 minuets of hot hard sex comprisin 4 dps, 11 anals, 17 facials plus a climatic 11-person gangbang that get the blood boiling. CHAPTER 1: Mercedes with boyfriend. Mercedes is masterbating on the couch thinking about all sorts of kinky stuff. her boyfriend walks in and sees her dressed up in full kinky clothes, he's not pleased, and dosent wants her not be so kinky all the time. She dosent take off her gear and proves that it can be fun, if he give a try.
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Boxcover for Nineteen College Girls Video Magazine 28
Nineteen College Girls Video Magazine 28 

Release date: 5/18/2000
Reviewed on: 1/2/2001

Starring: Julie Meadows, Roy L. Shaft, Julianna Sterling, Simon Templer, Mariah Wind, Jezaree, Jayne, Robbie James
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Don Marque
Review brief: Nineteen # 28 - DVD Reviewed by: Devient on 1/2/00 First time I ever seen this series, but what I seen is pretty damn good. Kinda corny set up for the scenes, but that ok when the girls are pretty damn hot. CHAPTER 1: Mariah Wind redhead on the cover 0:05:59 Well I guess the story is the director dreaming about when he was young and doing porno around a pool. He fires the male porn star, and he has to be in the scene now himself. I think he just wanted to get it on with this very hot young redhead, and she is hot. He goes threw the motions of getting it on with her, but he yells off orders to his bumbling camera staff too. Sounds annoying, but its done pretty funny. Mariah obviously dosent need direction cause she gives a good sloppy head and like to be fucked. Pretty damn funny when the director spots a guy picking his nose in the back ground and tells him go do that somewhere else. He never stops giving it to the girl and she is into it.
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Boxcover for Euro Babes 5
Euro Babes 5 

Release date: 6/1/2000
Reviewed on: 1/2/2001

Starring: Jessica, Alexa, Lisa, Amanda, Lucy, Shelly Elson, Atilla, Nici Taylor, Katka, Dolly Rosten, Pal, Renate, Chrystyn, Bianca Aster, Kamil Klen, Cloda
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Frank Thring
Review brief: Euro Babes # 5 - DVD Reviewed by: Devient on 9/14/00 Metro only puts out two strong titles that everybody accepted, and those are Euro Babes & Blowjob Fantasies. Euro Babes is a pretty decent Gonzo film with something for everybody ie cumswapping, anal, and reverse gangbangs. Thats more then I expected before watching it, pretty damn good dvd to rent or own. They really out did themselves in this one and the earlier ones were good too. When I saw Euro Babes 2 I like it, but I thought the girls wore to much make up and it was scarey not actractive. In this Volume they didn't use condoms and makeup was not painted on the girls. Why cause the girls in Euro Babes 5 are so very hot and very good looking they didnt even had to really cover up the acne or blemishes the girls had in # 2. These girl have so much natural beuty that plastering make up on these girls would of been a crime. CHAPTER 1: SYLVIA short blond hair. . We meet Sylvia (21) with two studs over looking an Hugarian town.
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Boxcover for Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 4
Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass 4 

Release date: 8/16/2000
Reviewed on: 9/9/2000

Starring: Sean Michaels, Felecia, Mark Davis, Sierra, Violet Love, Laurel Canyon, Bronze, Daneille Rogers
Studio: Pleasure

Review brief: Rock That Ass # 4 - DVD Reviewed by: Devient on 9/9/00 Sean Michael is one of those porn stars that I never do get bored watching. Why? First thing is Sean does knows how to treat the women. He always eats the girls out probably cause he likes doing it, or that how it seems. Also his long E.T. fingers he can do some serious one finger probing as he down there. Secondly we all probably know that he does have this 11' inch anaconda that seems to glide into these women like butter. Wow! I still can't get over how he can put his long member in these girls asses and they enjoy it so much, truly amazing. CHAPTER 1: SIERRA black chick with a tight body and big mams: Sean and his partner in crime Mark Davis are sneaking around a Med Lab until they get caught by Sierra. Next thing we see is Sean & Mark are tied up and captive by one girl, LOL (wow she must have skills). Sierra then begins to taunt them by showing them her huge tits, and rubbing up against them.
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Boxcover for Assman 2
Assman 2 

Release date: 7/25/2000
Reviewed on: 8/27/2000

Starring: Eva, Monika, Christophe Clark, Patricia, Sophie, Leslie Taylor, Yves Le Prince, Steve Hard, Nora, Nicollete, John Lenin, Jean-Yves Le Castel
Studio: Anabolic

Review brief: ASSMAN # 2 DVD Reviewed by : Devient 8/27/00 Well as we know by now is that Anabolic is now leaking their features onto DVD. Assman is a very solid series, and it's like watching the pre- Debauchery days. Same guys, but we are now back into the 1997 days. There is still hot eastern bloc girls being molested by the dirty french guys that some of us come to like. The stress is on anal gaping, so watch out if ya don't like this kinda stuff. Another gonzo raincoater with excellent camera work and crystal clear DVD tranfer. Anabolic did a good job here, and I also that the loud volume problem I had with the first ASSMAN wasn't there this time ( I would have my volume on one and that still louder then I wanted sometimes, and who wants to watch porn muted??). Bottom line from the start this a definte renter if ya dont go buy it. CHAPTER 1: MONIKA: blond Monika got a hard job of showing these french guys how to scretch before a good exercise.
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Boxcover for Debauchery 5
Debauchery 5 

Release date: 6/2/2000
Reviewed on: 8/26/2000

Starring: Jessica, Dora, Alice, Petra, Paula, Robert Rosenberg, Attila, Jean-Pierre, Kinga, Karma, Janos, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Reinhardt
Studio: Diabolic

Review brief: If ya like anal gaping and hot Euro girls then this film is for you. All the girls in this film are very hot, and they take anal sex with ease. This feature is a real rain coater and the sex is hot and so the chick so what else can be said. If you do see this in the title in an adult rental you can't really go wrong with getting it. If anal sex is your bag then this should be in your collection. CHAPTER 1: ALICE brunette & PAULA redhead: Paula the burnette with slutty sexatary outfit on with glasses and all is joined by her light complected red-heaed friend Alice. DAMN both chick hot and start off with a little exploratory lesibian action. And the main focus is the ass so the girls make sure they give each other a couple tounge lashing in anus. Fingers and tounges are used and girls get really hot, but wait 11:00 on the clock the girls found some cocks.
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