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Boxcover for My Plaything: Krystal Steal
My Plaything: Krystal Steal 

Release date: 7/26/2005
Reviewed on: 9/16/2005

Starring: Krystal Steal
Studio: Digital Sin

Review brief: This is one of the best simulated DVD. Digital Sid did a fantastic job with this edition. No major flaws, I have no compaints about this DVD. The camera work and angle choice are superb. One thing great about My Plaything is the Random Response Generator, smart looping system, and different cum scene for each mood. All these features make My Plaything tower about the rest. One bad thing about My plaything is that the chicks often wear leg stockings, boots and crap. But they finally did it right this time. Krystal Steal is all naked this time. Krystal looks like a vixenish Christia Aguilera IMO. She has a great sexy body and nice big fake tits. Krystal Steal acts really good. She seduces well with lots of energy. The strip section is one single scene now, no more sub scenes like tits, ass, and pussy. Runs for 5 minutes. Great scene. First and second angle shows different parts of Krystal's tight body. Masturbate section: Fingers, vibrator, and dildo are the options. Krystal is in missionary for fingers and virbator part.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Rita Faltoyano
My Plaything: Rita Faltoyano 

Release date: 6/11/2005
Reviewed on: 9/14/2005

Starring: Rita Faltoyano
Studio: Digital Sin

Review brief: This edition of My Plaything is disappointing. There is NO innocent/naughty toggle! The naughty mode are all anal scenes, so vagina sex is designated as innocent mode. The interface menu no longer obstructs the action, something Digital Sin has done since Jenna Jameson: Its a Boy edition. To Digital Sin: Regarding the sex section, the actress should be 100 all naked.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2 It's a Boy
My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2 It's a Boy 

Release date: 12/14/2002
Reviewed on: 1/9/2004

Starring: Jenna Jameson
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Scott Taylor
Review brief: My Plaything Jenna Jameson 2 It's A Boy is a quality DVD title with some flaws. 'If you liked the original then you will love the sequel', the original or part 1 used a strap-on-dildo to replace real cock and was a fair DVD at best. This part 2 DVD uses a real male cock and blows away part 1. For those who don't know what this title or genre is about, its basically a bunch of different scenes, there are 2 angles for all scene. For example there is masturbation, sex, titty scene, etc.... You dont ever see the male actor, no making out and no kissing. So its you and the star and your imagination, or you is the star. The sex often offers 'best part of the scene from traditional 1 on 1 movies' shot. Such as that direct cowgirl position, that close up of the titties, but now you can view it for as long as you want. This DVD or genre has infinite replay value. Jenna Jameson is the most famous porn star in the world. In my opinion, JJ(Jenna Jameson from now on) has the best titties fake or real on this planet, they are beautiful, big, and the shape is just so perfect.
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Boxcover for She Squirts 4
She Squirts 4 

Release date: 7/31/2001
Reviewed on: 2/18/2003

Starring: Venus, Michele Raven, Ryan Conner, Nina Kornikova
Studio: Digital Sin

Review brief: This Edition of She Squirts is great. The audio/video quality is crystal clear as you would expect from Digital Sin. This is a female masturbation DVD. Each chick play with herself via various dildos, view is generally or all most missionary. Venus - She is the MAIN reason why this DVD rocks! I believe she was a penthouse chick under the name Angelica Costello. She is very pretty witch with nice body and nice big floppy tits. This scene is very hot. Venus plays with herself for over 30 minutes with many different types of toys. Michelle Raven - She is a bit ugly looking with huge natural tits. Overall a decent scene. Nina - She is very pretty blonde with natural tits. She also appears in North Pole, there she have sex. Nina plays with herself for long time here, with many different types of dildo. This scene is hot, along with Nina's appearance in North Pole. Others chicks are just wacked, so I've left them out. Overall this DVD is worth buying a definately a rental.
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Boxcover for Screaming Orgasms 7
Screaming Orgasms 7 

Release date: 8/21/2002
Reviewed on: 9/25/2002

Starring: Elizabeth, Daisy, Foxy Lady, Aria
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Scott Taylor
Review brief: This is a female masturbation DVD. Similar to She Squirts. The girls masterbate with few different dildos and ride the sybian. Nice close pussy views when the girls use dildo. The sybian scene lacks close up pussy shots. My initial expectation was high. This is the first Screaming Orgasms I've seen. I've seen most(1-9) "She Squirts" and they are good so I decided to give Screaming Orgasms a try. The format of Screaming Orgasms is similar to She squirts except that S.O. have sybian scenes added. To be honest, I like She Squirts format better even if it lacks sybian, the chicks masterbates harder and longer. Here's the breakdown of each scene: 1)Aria- She is average looking with big fake boobs. Nice spreading views. Overall this scene gets 3.0. 2)Daisy- The cover girl. She is good looking with nice big boobs. Daisy tucks her bra below her tits, at times the bra slip up and cover some tits, which is bad. Then during most of the dildo scenes, Daisy lies too flat, her tits, body and tummy disappear. Overall this scene gets 3.5.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Gauge
My Plaything: Gauge 

Release date: 1/16/2002
Reviewed on: 8/24/2002

Starring: Erik Everhard, Gauge
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Nic Andrews
Review brief: Great DVD! Gauge is a short cutey with nice natural tits. The setting is great, basically you're in high school. Gauge is a cheerleader and you get to play and fuck with her any way you want. The audio/video quality is excellent. Gauge performs very very well. Tease: Gauge is on top of teacher's desk. Options are tits, ass, and pussy. Foreplay: Gauge is all naket on bed. Finger - Gauge is spread wide open, missionary view, angle 2 shows close up action. Vibe purple - Gauge is in doggy position, angle 2 shows close up action. Vibe white - Gauge is spread wide open, missionary view but slightly to the right, angle 2 is a "side view" close up action. Dildo - Gauge is spread wide open with one leg up, missionary view, angle 2 is close up pussy action. Overall excellent! Very well done, nice variation. Do you/Do me: Gauge's cute butt fills the whole screen in Fingers and Vibrator scene, angle 2 shows the general view. Other options are tongue and blow job. Overall excellent. Sex: Your options are: Missionary, doggie, and cowgirl.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Kylie Ireland
My Plaything: Kylie Ireland 

Release date: 5/28/2002
Reviewed on: 8/24/2002

Starring: Kylie Ireland
Studio: Digital Sin

Review brief: The 8th My Plaything release. Kylie Ireland is very good looking with huge set of tits. Kylie is very charming and "talks" well. A HUGE problem with this DVD is the over lighting, way too bright. There is a soft lighting effect too, therefore cutting down the resolution! There are NO extras! No massage, no sybian, no nada. Tease: Kylie is wearing a long shining dress performing in front of a staircase of a nice house. The pussy option is nice. Masturbate: Kylie is wearing some sexy lingerine and dressed up like a sectary. She don't take her clothes off but angle 2 shows pussy action. Kylie acts really well. Overall average, Kylie should take her clothes off. Foreplay: Kylie is all naked except for white stockings. The first angle is spread-missionary view and the second angle is over-the-top missionary view. So there are NO pussy shots and both angles are similar. The eating out scene is pretty good, Kylie looks very pretty and her tits too. Overall disappointing due to lack of pussy views! Sex: The missionary and anal missionary are nice.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Miko Lee
My Plaything: Miko Lee 

Release date: 11/27/2001
Reviewed on: 12/6/2001

Starring: Miko Lee
Studio: Digital Sin

Review brief: ~The 6th edition of My Plaything is Miko Lee! She is very sexy and TRUELY sluty looking~! She's got a "fuck me" face and body. Miko's body is heavenly, good legs, ass, sexy waist and shape. Her tits are nice but fake, scars under nipple are quite visible and shape is a bit sloppy. Miko Lee's skin is smooth and flawless. Her pussy is clean and tender with no hair in this DVD. If you are not familiar with My Plaything, read other's reviews. Miko performs awesome! In naughty mood, she really comes alive like a sex slut tiger!! Review of each segment: TEASE: Miko is wearing lime green color bikini. The background is a "tatami" house (Japanese style bamboo house, there's crane painting on the wall and Miko dances around a log pole. The options are tits, ass, and pussy. Similar to previous edtions. Overall the tease section is excellent. MASTURBATION: The options are fingers, dildo, and sybian. Miko's pussy and legs are very nice. One serious problem in this segment, Miko keeps her bra on the WHOLE time.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Silvia Saint
My Plaything: Silvia Saint 

Release date: 7/8/2001
Reviewed on: 9/27/2001

Starring: Silvia Saint
Studio: Digital Sin

Review brief: The latest My Plaything featuring Silvia Saint! For those who are not familiar with "My Plaything." Its a interactive sex cd which you have the chick do all kinds of things, from your point of view (POV) with multiple angle, and you can switch the mood of the chick. Silvia Saint looks very hot and sexy as you would expect. She talks ALOT in every scene! Which is great I think, more talking with moaning instead of just boring moaning. Its funny to hear Silvia talking dirty and seducing with her accent. She acts really cute and well. Silvia knows how to communicate, the way she stares into the camera and the looks she gives will turn you on. Tease section: Its similar to other my playthings. You can see Silvia displaying her tits, ass, or pussy. Masturbation section: Its shot different but better. Here Silvia is sitting half mission half sideways on a chair and you can see her entire body (angle 1). She is wearing a cut white shirt but her entire body is exposed well. Then in angle 2 its the close up shot of the actions.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Jenna Jameson
My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 

Release date: 12/15/2000
Reviewed on: 6/27/2001

Starring: Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks, Michael Lynn
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Scott Taylor
Review brief: The latest of the my plaything series and comes with 2 dvd. It has more footage and extra features. Overall this one is good, but personally I am tired of Jenna Jameson. In this one, Jenna performs and fucks great. Besides all the good shit, there are two things that bothers. First, why dont Jenna just lose that piece of clothing. Second, the strap-on cock with Brianna Banks wearing it and acting as the "male part". or "female part" whatever you want to call it, this format aint right. Leave the dildos/fake cocks for the masturbation scenes.... However, this dvd is better than virtual sex with Jenna. Look forward to the next my plaything, which will be Silvia Saint and should be out in just a few more days.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Tera Patrick
My Plaything: Tera Patrick 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 1/17/2001

Starring: Tera Patrick
Studio: Digital Sin

Review brief: This one is the worst "my plaything" in the series. Mainly because tera keeps her clothes on too much. In the sex section, she is not completely naked and the piece of cloth covers her body and breasts. The angles for the sex scenes are bad. Unlike in jewel de nyle and stacy valentine, which has very good shots/scenes. Overall, if you want a interactive cd with tera patrick, I would definately recommend "virtual sex" with tera patrick from digital playground. Instead of this one. Also if you are a big tera patrick fan. She appears in the pick-up line series. In there she dont have sex, but she masterbates super special and that appearance is her first ever on video.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Stacy Valentine
My Plaything: Stacy Valentine 

Release date: 6/21/2000
Reviewed on: 1/15/2001

Starring: Stacy Valentine
Studio: Digital Sin

Review brief: This is the best "my plaything" in the series. Stacy Valetine looks very good in this one, as always. It is just like all the other plaything series such as Jewel De Nyle and Tera Patrick. The new part of this "my plaything" is that there's scissor position in the sex section. A sybian in the masturbation section. The picture is super clear. The scenes and the alternate angles are well shot and offers good effects. This is one of the best dvd of all time! It rivals with the virtual sex series with tera patrick and julia ann by digital playground. The only bad thing about this dvd is that you can't remove the menu bars like how you can in the virtual sex. But this dvd is more fun, better shot, and has more "options" than virtual sex series. Also the background is not a black cloth like how it is in virtual sex, in my plaything you are in a bedroom. If my plaything had the option of removing menu bars, it would definately be better than the virtual sex series. Overall this is a must get dvd for all porn lovers.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Jewel De' Nyle
My Plaything: Jewel De' Nyle 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 1/15/2001

Starring: Jewel De'Nyle
Studio: Digital Sin

Review brief: Jewel de Nyle looks very good in this dvd, perhaps the best ever. Her body is incredible in this dvd. My plaything by digital sin did a awesome job in the interactive sex dvd format. In this dvd, there are many options, a strip tease section, do-you-do-me section, masturbation section, and of course the sex section. You can have Jewel finger herself or you fingering her and also dildos and other tasks. Also there's an anal scene in the sex section in addition to missionary, doggy, top, reverse top. This dvd offers a lot more options when compared to virtual sex by digital playground. The scenes in my plaything are well shot, and the 2nd angle is well choiced and if it is a close up then it moves smoothly up and down or side to side to showing what's going on and adds a nice effect. The scenes in the sex section are very well shot, and shows the action and the girl well.
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