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Boxcover for Playing With Nautica Thorn
Playing With Nautica Thorn 

Release date: 9/9/2004
Reviewed on: 8/18/2005

Starring: Brett Rockman, Nautica Thorn
Studio: Anarchy

Review brief: This is not an interactive DVD. Everything said on the cover is a BIG lie! There is no mood switching. The format runs like a regular dvd porn movie, each section such as masturbation, bj, etc... are all made into individual scenes or tracks and you fast forward/back to that scene just like a normal porn movie. The video quality is not so good. Its very dark. The sex was very bland and the camera angle choice is terrible. A few minutes into the DVD I realize I got ripped off.
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Boxcover for Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane
Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane 

Release date: 10/1/2003
Reviewed on: 1/10/2004

Starring: Jesse Jane
Studio: Digital Playground

Directed by: Joone
Review brief: It has been one year since the last release of Virtual Sex, which was with Janine. Personally I thought Digital Playground retired this series and was upset. Its good they didnt quit! Make more Digital Playground! Digital Playground did a good job upgrading the Virtual Sex series. New features include: titty sex, titty massage, ass massage, and cream pie orgasm. Cream pie orgasm has the male actor cum inside Jesse Jane then thefluid drips from Jesses pussy, the cum seems fake but how they did this is amazing. The format is still the same like previous Virtual Sex titles. Strip, biography, foreplay, and sex. Jesse Jane has a cute face and nice petite body. Jesses titties are little sloppy but rest of Jesse makes up for it. There is no condom and real cock is used; in Janine strap-on dildo was used to replace real cock and in Taylor Hayes condom was used. Jesse performs great and has good sex drive.
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Boxcover for Black Street Hookers 43
Black Street Hookers 43 

Release date: 1/8/2002
Reviewed on: 2/18/2003

Starring: Stephanie, Peaches, Cynthia, Tai, Cream, Patrice
Studio: Devil's Film

Review brief: This edition has the best looking chick among the entire series. Patrice. She is young and cute looking with a fabulous ghetto body. Her ass is stunning. The video/audio quality is excellent. The format is cool, TT boy is on the prowl driving his mercedes, picking up hookers off the streets of Los Angeles. Its not real, just acting but still cool. Feels like an adventure. Patrice is the bomb. She looks a bit like Beyonce, hehe. She gets picked off the street by TT then they go to the fuck place. A short strip tease with lots of focus on the ass. Then TT starts to make out with Patrice passionately, TT is so horny that after a minute of foreplay he starts fucking Patrice. Then Patrice gives TT a blowjob then they start fucking for real. There are 2 short blowjob between fucks after the first and real blow job. They fuck in many nice positions for long time including cowgirl, reverse cowgirl. In cowgirl Patrice's awesome ass jiggles up and down. Overall this scene is very hot, 5.0. Other chicks in this edition were unacceptable nasty.
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Boxcover for North Pole 33
North Pole 33 

Release date: 10/18/2002
Reviewed on: 2/18/2003

Starring: Ian Daniels, Peter North, Daisy, Cherokee, Paris, Lindsey, Taylor Rain, Crissy Moran, Paris Showers, Jake Ryan
Studio: Northstar Associates

Directed by: Peter North
Review brief: Another solid editon of North Pole. Typical great couple sex and one 2 on 1 scene. Nice audio/video quality as to be expected. Peter North is great. Crissy Moran - She is the cover girl. Good looking with nice body and nice fake tits. She gets fucked long and good with lots of nice position, the reverse cowgirl part is awesome. Overall a hot scene. Taylor Tain - She is pretty and very slender. She gets fucked really good here, when Peter picks her up and pogle stick fucks her.... Lots of nice position, Peter and Taylor are very passionate when they fuck each other. Overall a hot scene. Taylor also appears in Young as They Cum, a sex scene too but this one is much better. Daisy & Cherokee - Two on one scene. Daisy is hot, she appears in Screaming Orgasm. Unfortunately she don't get fucked enough here, only one position. Most of the time Cherokee is getting fucked. Cherokee is an average looking burnette with big fake tits. Overall this scene gets 3.0. Paris Showers - A blonde. She gets fucked outdoor. Lots of position with anal too. The sunlight is too bright at times.
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Boxcover for North Pole 28
North Pole 28 

Release date: 4/17/2002
Reviewed on: 8/17/2002

Starring: Peter North, Bobbi Barrington, Melissa Milano, Krystal Steal, Samantha Idol, Joelean, Slim Shady
Studio: Northstar Associates

Review brief: Great DVD. The North Pole series just gets better and better. N.P. #28 is excellent! All the ladies in #28 are fresh, good looking with nice body. The camera work is superb, POV views, spreads, nice transitions, angles, close ups, fade effects, everything. The sex is awesome with excellent positions and camera work. Peter North is in most scenes. Its cool to see the same guy, Peter North, take on so many different ladies. He is an awesome actor and I like his style. Then I can count on Peter and North Pole series to have reverse top cowgirl position, one of my fav. The camera man is super. The video/audio quality is excellent. There are 5 scenes total. The format is all the same, you see the chick then foreplay with pussy eating or fingering with blow job followed by hot sex. There are no real stories, just pure QUALITY porn. Scene 1: Melissa Milano and Peter North. Melissa is cute, short hair burnette. Format: Foreplay, blow job, missionary, reverse top cowgirl, doggy, cum on face. Melissa is cool, overall this scene gets 4.0. Scene 2: Joelean and Peter North on hammick.
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Boxcover for Tokyo Lover 2
Tokyo Lover 2 

Release date: 3/26/2002
Reviewed on: 5/24/2002

Studio: Fantadream

Review brief: Wow! These new Tokyo Lover series are great! It features 2 Japanese chicks in 2 sections, so this is not lesbian, similar to the format of twin babes. Twin babes series features younger Japanese girls, around age 18-21. The Tokyo Lover series features mature girls, age 21-25. The good thing about Tokyo Lover is that all the chicks wear "normal" clothing, unlike the school uniform clothing in twin babes. The chicks takes off all their clothes and reveals more! Very nice. They dont keep their clothes as much unlike twin babes series, especially during sex. The format is very good, typical Japanese porn format and well directed. Expect an interview follwed by heavy foreplay, masturbating, etc... then blow job followed by sex in various positions. The main star is the first chick, Utako Mie. She is sexy looking with the nicest natural tits around! They are huge! In the interview she says she's married to some dude studying at a computer college yet she's doing this film, lol. ALl the scenes here are great. WOw, very well done fantadream. The second chick is Akiko Murai.
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Boxcover for RDV37031

Release date: 6/5/2001
Reviewed on: 9/24/2001

Studio: JXP

Review brief: This is an imported Japanese dvd porn. You get the chick in the scenes as the cover shows. Because many times these imported dvds are bullshit, it shows some sexy chick on the cover then when you play the dvd its some other chicks and they are nasty. But this one is alright. Every scene is with the same chick on cover. Total time is 60 minutes. Its divided into 6 sections and around 10 minutes for each. The picture quality is surprisingly decent. This chick is very sexy and cute looking. She has pretty nice tits too. The dvd concentrates on the foreplay. In the foreplay scenes, the time length is good, nice angles, has good close up shots. The dvd starts with the chicks getting dressed for this film. There's another lady helping her out. The film has her at different places, talking scenes, and other cool variations. During the sex part, the length was pretty short.... There are only 2 close up shots during sex (one in missionary and one with ass shown) and they last only for like 5 seconds....
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Boxcover for Twin Babes 1
Twin Babes 1 

Release date: 6/7/2001
Reviewed on: 9/24/2001

Starring: Sayuri Niyosi, Asamiya Sakurai
Studio: Fantadream

Review brief: This dvd features 2 Japanese chicks. Everything is uncensored here. Each scene is around 50 minutes. The picture and sound quality is very good. The dvd follows a strick Japanese porn format and covers all or has broad aspect (nice)! There's an interview with each girl mostly related to sex. There is english subtitle. They both start out wearing school uniforms of Japan. After that the guy starts to work on her. The girls' pussy gets explored, fingered, dildo fucked, eaten, etc.... Then a blow job. Then they fuck in many positions, the angle shots and camera work are very nice all thru out. There are close up shots of pussy during the foreplay and in the sex part of course (penetrations). Overall very well done. Now you know the format, so I will just rate the chick.... Scene 1: Sayuri Niyosi Sayuri Niyosi is the better looking chick on this dvd. She is very cute, foxy and sexy. Her petite body is nice but no big tits. She has very nice skin and legs. Overall this scene is very very good.
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Boxcover for Pretty Little Asians 2
Pretty Little Asians 2 

Release date: 6/28/2000
Reviewed on: 9/23/2001

Starring: Karen Izumi, Chika, Yuka Kawashima, Hiromi
Studio: Avalon

Review brief: This dvd basically features 4 Asian/Japanese chicks. Each scene is around 20 minutes. There is not much of close up pussy examinations, dildos, and close up penetrations in this edition. Scene 1: Hiromi Hiromi is the best looking chick on this dvd, so is her scene. She is pretty, cute, sexy, and slutty looking. She plays with herself first then gives a blow job. Then the guy fingers her and they have sex in few positions. Overall this scene is very good. Scene 2: Karen Karen is cute. Overall this scene is so so. Scene 3: Chika Chika is average looking. Her sex scene is pretty decent. Scene 4: Yuka She is ugly and has a nasty body too. Forget this one. Final Thought: This edition sucks compared to the later ones.
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Boxcover for Twin Babes 4
Twin Babes 4 

Release date: 6/7/2001
Reviewed on: 9/22/2001

Starring: Tomomi Ozawa, Nana Shimizu
Studio: Fantadream

Review brief: This dvd features 2 Japanese chicks. Each scene is around 30-35 minutes. Everything is uncensored! There is english subtitle so you can know what they are talking about. The first chick is Tomomi Ozawa. She is a real AV idol. I've seen her pics online (that's how I know she is actually a famous AV chick), but she goes with the name Tomomi Kuribayashi. (Check her out at My guess is that this was probably her first time on video so the fantadream was somehow able to get totally uncensored sex. Tomomi is very pretty, cute, and has a nice body and ass. There is an interview in the beginning and Tomomi answers many questions mostly related to sex of course. Like traditional Japanese porno format, her pussy is then explored and she opens and closes her lovely beaver like a mouth with nice close up shots with good time length. Then followed by fingering and eating of Tomomi's pussy. There's blow job too, dont worry. The sex is very good and has plenty close up penetrations, many positions, and long fucking time length.
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Boxcover for Chest Full Of Asians 1
Chest Full Of Asians 1 

Release date: 8/29/2000
Reviewed on: 9/20/2001

Studio: Avalon

Review brief: This dvd features 10 Asian chicks with big racks. As the title suggests, the main focus is "Asian tits" Most of the scenes involve heavy foreplay, kissing, licking, juggling, titty fucking, etc... of the titties. Some scenes dont have sex, but most at least have blow job. All the girls are natural, no breast job done. scene 1: Hiromi The best looking chick on this dvd. Her tits are not that big but still nice. She is very cute and sexy looking with a nice body. I like her alot. Its a full scene with foreplay and sex. Overall this scene is very good and hot. Good picture and sound quality in this scene. She also appears in volume 2 of the "Pretty Little Asians" series. scene 2: Misa She is very cute and has size D tits. She gives a short blow job and gets fucked doggy style. scene 3: Yuri She is pretty cute with size C tits. There's a short pussy spread, blow job, and missionary/doggy/her on top/missionary fucking. scene 4: Kyoko She is very cute and has size EE tits. Very nice set of natural tits.
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Boxcover for Pretty Little Asians 12
Pretty Little Asians 12 

Release date: 6/12/2001
Reviewed on: 9/20/2001

Starring: Haruka, Mayu, Reika, Yuna
Studio: Avalon

Review brief: This dvd features 4 Asian/Japanese chicks. Each scene is around 20 minutes. This dvd follows a traditional Japanese porn format. The chick is "presented" in front of you, the way its shot reminds me a little bit of "My Plaything and Virtual Sex". The angle is direct from a person's point of view, revealing, and well choiced. The camera man works smoothly zooming in and out. The chicks have foreplay, get fingered, eaten in various position. There are a lot of tits playing, this seems to be another Japanese porno trait. Then she gives the guy a blow job. They fuck in various position while most chicks "act" innocent but deep inside they are horny and it shows in their pussy language. The angle shots during sex is well done and shows nice close up penetrations. So now I've assured you that the production is pretty well done, I will just rate each chick. The quality (the sex, the actions) of each scenes varies from scene to scene or among different volumes, overall they are all quite good and somewhat predictable.
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Boxcover for Pretty Little Asians 10
Pretty Little Asians 10 

Release date: 4/20/2001
Reviewed on: 9/20/2001

Starring: Mina, Hiromi, Ai Asami, Natsumi
Studio: Avalon

Review brief: This dvd features 4 Asian/Japanese chicks. Each scene is around 20 to 30 minutes long. The picture and sound quality is pretty good. All sex are totally uncensored. The foreplay, sex, cum shots and the actions are all very good. In each scene, there's a focus on the pussy when its getting eaten, fingered, or fucked by dildo. The shots are very close, nice and revealing. In this version of Pretty Little Asians, the general presentations are very good and covers all the aspects of a basic porn scene, better than other editions of Pretty Little Asians. If you're familiar with the "Pretty Little Asians" general sex format/outline, then I will just get to the point. There is a short intro for each chick, she walks on the streets of Japan while talking, making comments or poises to seduce you. Scene 1: Asami Asami is very cute looking. The dildo scene is very nice and she is very horny, although she tries to act innocent. She has nice sized tits. The sex is very good and she fucks with a smiling girlie attitude.
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Boxcover for Pretty Little Asians 9
Pretty Little Asians 9 

Release date: 2/17/2001
Reviewed on: 9/20/2001

Starring: Anna, Kuroswa Ayumi, Yayoi
Studio: Avalon

Review brief: This dvd features 4 Asian/Japanese chicks. Each scene is around 20 to 30 minutes long. These chicks are wannabe AV Idols, or just amateurs. Some of them are just as hot and sexy as their AV counterparts. Everything is uncensored here. The picture and sound quality is very good. Typically, all the scenes follow a similar outline. The chicks have foreplay with the guy. She gets touched everywhere, fingered, fucked by dildo, and gets her pussy eaten. Then followed by a blow job and the guy takes her in various position. The sex are all pretty decent and the camera angles well shot. So I will just rate each chick and a brief comment about each scenes' sex. Each scene starts off with the chick walking on the streets of Japan and you see her walking and talking. This is kinda nice and works like a little intro/bio about each girl. Scene 1: Rei Rei is not the best looking chick on this dvd. The stand out part is that her pussy gets explored, played, fingered, etc.... quite well and long in here.
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Boxcover for Pretty Little Asians 5
Pretty Little Asians 5 

Release date: 7/31/2000
Reviewed on: 9/20/2001

Starring: Yui, Mayu, Momoko, Rina
Studio: Avalon

Review brief: This dvd features 4 Asian/Japanese chicks. Each scene is around 20 minutes long. The angles are well shot and the sex is pretty good. Although this dvd is not a true "AV type" movie, but it follows the traditional Japanese porno format. Japanese pornos are often shot in a way as if the girls' pussy are being "explored", then toyed, fingered, etc.... tits being played and examined, and full body rub down are just some examples. These Pretty Little Asians series features Asian/Japanese amateurs, some of them are just as hot and sexy as the real Japanese AV girls. But these dvd offers totally uncensored sex! The angles are well shot, props to the Asian Eyes camera man. Scene 1: Rina She is cute and slutty looking. Her body is nice and sexy. Rina and the guy have foreplay first which includes him rubbing her pussy thru the underwear. Then he dildos her with a funky 2 way pink dildo in various position. She gives him a blow job and gets fucked in various position. Overall this scene is very good. Scene 2: Momoko Momoko is cute.
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Boxcover for Pretty Little Asians 3
Pretty Little Asians 3 

Release date: 6/18/2000
Reviewed on: 9/9/2001

Starring: Mami, Hitomi, Miyako, Shiho
Studio: Avalon

Review brief: This dvd basically has 4 asian/japanese chicks. Each scene is about 20 to 30 minutes long. The typical scene is like this: there's foreplay and fingering (sometimes the chick gets fucked with funky dildos)and pussy eating then the guy gets a blow job. The guy fucks the chick in various position and cums. The angles are good and when the chicks' pussy gets played, you can see it very closely. Generally.... the presentation is good you wont be disappointed, so i will just rate each chick. Asian Eyes camera man is pretty good overall. The first scene is with hitomi. She is the best looking chick on this dvd. She is very horny and you will like her. The second scene is with miyako. Miyako is cute with nice tits, but during the sex its hard to see the intercourse for some reason. The third scene is with shiho. She is cute and slutty looking. She gets fucked pretty well in this one. The fourth scene is with mami. She is cute and chunky.
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Boxcover for Twin Babes 5
Twin Babes 5 

Release date: 6/7/2001
Reviewed on: 8/30/2001

Starring: Yuiko Okuyama, Hamayo Shiraki
Studio: Fantadream

Review brief: This dvd features 2 japanese girls. Each one is about 45 minutes, for a total of 90 minutes. The first chick Yuiko Okuyama has a very cute sexy face with a pair of huge tits! First, there's a interview with her. Then she gets played and fingered in few positions. The pussy shots are very close and revealing. Then she gives the guy a blow job. Follow by sex in different positions. Then a short cum finale. The sex is decent, but the japanese guy's hang time is a bit short. The angle shots are pretty decent thru out. The second chick goes thru a similar outline. She gets pumped a bit longer and better though. Hamayo Shiraki is not as sexy as the first chick, but she is still pretty decent. The sex are totally uncensored, the picture quality is very good. In my opinion, Yuiko Okuyama is the best chick in the twin babes series.
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Boxcover for Multi Angle Sex
Multi Angle Sex 

Release date: 10/23/2000
Reviewed on: 1/15/2001

Starring: Oceane, Silvia Saint, Kate More, Daniella Rush, Estelle Desanges, K. Sandra, Lou Valmont
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Fred Coppula
Review brief: There are 6 scenes, and you can choose 4 different angles for each scene. Only the first scene and silvia saint scene are decent. The other 4 scenes are pretty bad. Overall, dont buy this dvd. Try to rent it. You are not missing out much. And for the other guy that said silvia fucks super special in this one. Obviously he hasn't seen other silvia saint movies. If you want the best silvia saint scenes, there are 2 movies available in the pick-up line series for silvia saint. Or you can just wait for her to come out in "my plaything" sometime this fall.
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