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Boxcover for Desert Fire
Desert Fire 

Release date: 3/26/2003
Reviewed on: 12/2/2003

Starring: Roland Dane
Studio: Studio 2000

Review brief: First Word: I picked up this video because it has some models whose work I had not seen but wanted to.Video: Desert FireStudio: Studio 2000Director: John TravisDate of Production: October 2002Cast: Trent Atkins, DC Chandler, Sal Correlli, Roland Dane, Cade Devilin, Dick James, Alex Leon, Tino Lopez, Antonio Marquez, Tico Martin, Jim SladeThe Story: Despite this director's reputation for including plots in his videos, there is no story here. The premise is that Professor Roland Dane takes some students on some sort of expedition to a desert camp, which merely serves as the backdrop for the sex scenes.Scene 1 (Antonio Marquez and Trent Atkins): Trent roams around the camp and finds Antonio bathing in what can be characterized as a large outdoor bathtub or a child's pool. He walks up to Antonio and they kiss as Antonio strips Trent and then lifts him into the pool. Trent sucks Antonio very briefly before Antonio fingers Trent. Antonio penetrates Trent as Trent stands with one foot on the edge of the pool.
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Boxcover for California Gold
California Gold 

Release date: 9/12/2001
Reviewed on: 3/31/2003

Starring: Jasper, Jason Nichols, Tommy Saxx, Clint Fox, Lee Walbash, Roberts, John, Chris Owen, Eli, Chris Masters
Studio: Rad Video

Review brief: First Word: This was the best available for rental recently, and I had seen a lot of interesting stills on the site, so I decided to check it out.Video: California GoldStudio: Junior StudioDirector: Richard MorganDate of Production: August 2000Cast: Christian Owen, Lee Walbash, Jasper, Clint Fox, Tommy Saxx, John Roberts, Chris Masters, Eli and Jason NicholsThe Story: Christian Owen narrates a story about how he and his friends "found gold" in the forest areas not far from Los Angeles.Scene 1 (Lee Walbash): Lee, the taller guy on the cover, is riding his motorcycle shirtless and pulls over on a beautiful overlook to take a leak. Inspired by who knows what he gets back on his motorcycle and jerks off. Lee is a bottle blond with a nice enough physique who, despite his short stature, has a long dick. Unfortunately, it's not very appealing, as it is skinnier than two fingers and has a crook in the middle that makes it look like a boomerang.
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Boxcover for Dreams (Gai Studios)
Dreams (Gai Studios) 

Release date: 9/15/2002
Reviewed on: 2/7/2003

Starring: James, Jesse, Jesse James
Studio: GAI Studios

Review brief: First Word: I bought this one on an impulse last summer after reading a very enthusiastic review and then seeing the video at the store, plus I wanted to try out my DVD player.Video: DreamsStudio: Giovanni American Images (GAI)Director: Ginetto Di MasoloDate of Production: February 18, 2002 (according to title) or January 29, 2002 (according to box cover)Cast: Damon West, Julio Icente, Roy Fischer, Clint Baxter, Matt Fuller, Cameron Stone, Don London, Lee Walter, Mason Tyler, Jesse James, Jarred Kentley, and Jamie BladeThe Story: As we see introductory shots of the cast, a man in accented English (probably the director) asks, "...How many times in your everyday life have you seen an incredible-looking guy that you just wanted right there, on the spot, only to just let him pass by...and all we are left with are dreams of what could have been?" This video contains five vignettes of situations where those dreams become reality.Scene 1: All the scenes start out the same, showing an encounter between a couple guys.
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Boxcover for Crush, The (Falcon)
Crush, The (Falcon) 

Release date: 8/17/2001
Reviewed on: 1/20/2003

Starring: Scott Davis, Tuck Johnson, Marcus Iron, Christian Taylor, Travis Wade, Colby Taylor, Cameron Fox, Drew Damon
Studio: Falcon Studios

Review brief: Disclosure: Although I am not gay, I enjoy watching gay porn as much as straight porn. Why should you read my review then? While I acknowledge I may not appreciate (and therefore convey in a review) elements of gay porn that relate to "being gay," I know when I see what I like, and that is high-quality production of erotic encounters between very good-looking people. I think my review can at least convey how well the video matches my expectations.First Word: I wanted to see this video to watch Daniel Montes and see why the scene between Colby Taylor and Travis Wade won a GayVN award for best couples scene.Video: The CrushStudio: Falcon (FVP95 Platinum Edition)Date of Production: May 11, 1999Cast: Colby Taylor, Travis Wade, Cameron Fox, Drew Damon, Marcus Iron, Scott Davis, Tuck Johnson, Christian Taylor, and Falcon Exclusive Daniel MontesThe Story: Colby Taylor and Travis Wade play former high-school buddies who have not seen each other in a while. Colby is gay and has invited Travis to his place to come out to him.
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