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Boxcover for Corinna & Erin
Corinna & Erin 

Release date: 10/30/2003
Reviewed on: 11/21/2004

Studio: Thursday Night Video

Review brief: Corinna & Erin (TG-23) category: Lesbian director: G. Hunt studio: Thursday Night Video (TNV) starring: Corinna, Erin runtime: 93 Min. date: 2003 If someone likes les movies, then even does not read this, just buy it immediately. This film is honey, wonder, especially on background of these many vulgar, devoid the taste and charm productions. I can sincerely recommend it even to girls which, in this case, they will not could name it "dirty pornography". I have watched several films of TNV and all are done with taste. Girls are young, pretty and natural, on are called amateurs, but for me, their acting is much better than acting of most girls I have seen. Corinna is beautiful blonde, with pretty and mature curves, but also girlish charm of schoolgirl with apparatus on teeth (she carries it seriously!) as well as she has real class and simultaneously simplicity. She is really beauty, she's type of girl who maybe will not call big attention on beginning, but, with time, is attractive more and more, until to pain.
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Boxcover for Jenna Haze Stripped
Jenna Haze Stripped 

Release date: 4/14/2004
Reviewed on: 10/27/2004

Starring: Ashton Moore, Alexis Amore, Monica Mayhem, August, Jenna Haze, Felix Vicious, Cindy Crawford, Summer Sweet
Studio: Jill Kelly Productions

Directed by: Jill Kelly
Review brief: director: Jill Kelly date: 2004 runtime: 89 min Did you ever try to become slim? I try. Good way to this is find something to do, some fun for example. You do not think about grub then, right? Watching movies maybe is not the best way, because during this people usually like to eat something. But during porn? Rather no, at least not I. I think about different needs then than food. Usually, because this time it wasn't so. This film did not touch me at all. Or maybe a little, like I would be watching "Rambo" or "Robocop" for the 50 time. The plot of film is base on this, that we have to get to know true Jenna, as she said. That's why among scenes, we have black and white interscenes from her life, like interview, which they show us how she lives Interscene 1 Jenna announces to us about what the movie will be. Next scene show her when she wake up, she drinks something, and goes on manor to stable. Here she strokes some pony and begin to caressing herself. Scene 1 Jenna Haze and Summer Sweet Summer is masturbating when Jenna entered the room.
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Boxcover for Alexis On Fire
Alexis On Fire 

Release date: 1/19/2004
Reviewed on: 10/20/2004

Starring: Chris Cannon, Cherokee, Alexis Amore, Jenna Haze, Cindy Crawford, Mario Rossini, Mario Rossi
Studio: Jill Kelly Productions

Directed by: Skye Blue
Review brief: "Alexis on fire" reminds "Portrait" so much because of the same climate. In this production Skye Blue (the same director) created very dark tone too. I mean, not "dark" like in "Night of the living dead", but it is darkly, and I do not know how to write this, because instead of to read book, I watch porn and I am not too eloquent. Dark sounds weird, doesn't it? Aha, review, review. Therefore we will not to look our women too good, and it's a pity, because they are very attractive. Darkness just wraps every scene, so even if we see the genitals, breast or leg quite well, the rest of body stays in shadow. Better visibility is only in close ups. It teased me very much, after all as I am typical male, I am visualizer and I want to see, to see and to see once again. When I will be wrinkled 60 years old man and my wife will be wrinkled 60 years old woman - then I will be making a love where is not lighting. Unless I will be rich, then I will have three 20 years old girlfriends and everywhere 100 watt fluorescent lamps and mirrors in bedroom.
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Boxcover for Undercover Operations: Special Agent 69
Undercover Operations: Special Agent 69 

Release date: 10/17/2003
Reviewed on: 10/18/2004

Starring: Gina Lynn, Pantera, Krystal Steal, Travis Knight, Nikki Benz, J.D. Cox, Nick Taylor
Studio: Pleasure

Directed by: Jim Gunn
Review brief: Undercover Operations Special Agent 69 category: feature film, standard director: Jim Gunn studio: Pleasure Productions Starring: Gina Lynn, Nikki Benz, Krystal Steal, Pantera, Travis Knight, Nick Taylor, J.D.Coxxx, Joe Maverick. runtime: beautifully and passionately spended 87 minutes date of production: does it matter? it's timeless like Shakespeare but there is nothing about it at school; 2003 if someone did not conjecture Movie begins the most beautiful view I have seen in my 23 years old life - that is Gina Lynn on horizon. Principle I do not know I watching Gina's movies for her, or I watching movies with her just for movies. I'm joking, surely for her. But she has also very good movies on my taste. So maybe also for movies? Hmm. Forgive me this mess in my head and distraction, I just finished watching this movie. scene 1: Nikki Benz and J. D. Coxxx Gina call to Nikki Benz and invite her on tomorrow's event on yacht.
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