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Boxcover for Joy Of Fooling Around
Joy Of Fooling Around 

Release date: 4/7/2009
Reviewed on: 7/7/2009

Starring: Monique Du Prez, Erica Swanson, Valerie Ashley, Jessica Dublin, Carla Messina, Marga Ever, Theresa Gollum, Samantha Romana, Magda Makri, Leo Zamidis, Aleka Kalafati, Kevin Raymond, Sal Pontini
Studio: Cal Vista Classics

Directed by: Jack Matthews, Pierre DuBois
Review brief: The Joy Of Fooling Around is a rather dull Greek softcore film which American director Jack Genero decided to revamp with the help of some well matched XXX inserts. Well, they don't help much. Neither does VCX's video based transfer, nor the bad dubbing, nor the VCX bug!
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Boxcover for Dancers, The
Dancers, The 

Release date: 7/25/2005
Reviewed on: 3/14/2009

Starring: Randy West, Mai Lin, Joey Silvera, Georgina Spelvin, John Leslie, Vanessa Del Rio, Kay Parker, Richard Pacheco, Mike Ranger, Anna Turner
Studio: VCX

Directed by: Anthony Spinelli
Review brief: Anthony Spinelli's best film from the 80s gets inferior treatment on DVD from VCX whose shoddy tape based transfer leaves much to be desired visually from this otherwise all but flawless film.
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Boxcover for Memories Within Miss Aggie
Memories Within Miss Aggie 

Release date: 9/18/2003
Reviewed on: 2/24/2009

Starring: Eric Edwards, Harry Reems, Mary Stuart, Darby Lloyd Rains, Kim Pope, Deborah Ashira, Patrick L. Farrelly, Ralph Herman, Christopher Kersen, Leo Zorba, Rolf Beck
Studio: Arrow Productions

Directed by: Gerard Damiano
Review brief: One of Gerard Damiano's least known but perhaps his greatest work, Memories Within Miss Aggie is a Gothic drama with psychotic undertones and a tour de force for all involved. Unfortunately Arrow Video has released the movie from such a low quality master, it is almost unwatchable.
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Boxcover for Belles D'un Soir / Parties De Chasse En Sologne
Belles D'un Soir / Parties De Chasse En Sologne 

Release date: 12/3/2007
Reviewed on: 12/26/2008

Starring: Alban Ceray, Marilyn Jess, Maroussia, Dominique Aveline, Guy Royer, Gabriel Pontello, Alain Fonduron, Karine Gambier, Ghislain Van Hove, Cyril Val, Brigitte Lahaie, Jacques Marbeuf, John Oury, Celine Gallone, France Lomay, Tony Morena, Hubert Geral, Daniele David, Gilles Karl, Louison Boutin, Guy Bonnafoux, Herve Amalou, Michel Dauba, Daniel Bellus, Cristel Lauris, Katia Heimerton, Martine Grimaud, Veronique Maugarski, Catherine Leno
Studio: Alpha France

Directed by: Burd Tranbaree, Claude Mulot
Review brief: Alpha France delivers once again with this double feature of two more obscure French hardcore offerings. While Claude Mulot's Belles D'un Soir is one of the finest French X rated films ever made, Claude Bernard Aubert's Parties De Chasse En Sologne is a very average sex filled offering. Both are presented uncut and from nice 35mm elements, though both have been stripped of their original titles and have had superimposed new titles placed over the originals. Even so, this is quite probably the best releases these films will ever get, and considering their rarity, they're well worth the purchase.
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Boxcover for Lasse Braun 3 Film Collection
Lasse Braun 3 Film Collection 

Release date: 6/29/2008
Reviewed on: 12/21/2008

Starring: John Wilson, Lindsay, Dawn Cumming, Brigitte Maier, Carmelo Petix, Catherine Ringer, Jean-Louis Vattier, Jacques Gateau, Tony Morena, Nicole Velna, Robert Leray, Sylvia Bourdon, Louison Boutin, Cristel Lauris, Micky Love, Robert le Ray, Trixie Heinen, Jean Gerard Sorlin, Gilda Arancio, Michele D'Agro, Gemma Gimenez, Mike Lennart, Carlo Manuguerra, Frederique Souchier, Chantal Virapin, Raymond Xirnay, Nathalie Morin, Eva Quang, Frederique Barral, Tania Busselier, Pierre Latour, Bent Rohweder, Nico Wolferstetter, Patrick Anderson, Claudio Rosso, Gwenda Farnel, Henry de Mott, Louis Mayer, Tuppy Owens, Véronique Monet, J. C. Baboulin, Aria Arsikainen, Claudine Beccarie, Elisabeth Welt, Monique van Dam, Solvej Kristensen, Wendy Larson, Lavelle Roby, Lykke Frandsen, Lasse Braun, Willy Bracque, Nico Tierlier, Bent Rohwedder
Studio: Alpha France

Review brief: Once again Alpha France has released a film looking so flawless and beautiful that it puts 90 of DVD companies in general to shame. Although Braun's films are vastly overrated, his masterpiece, Sensations, is given a tremendous release which is guaranteed to please even the most jaded collector.
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Boxcover for Texas Vibrator Massacre, The
Texas Vibrator Massacre, The 

Release date: 3/4/2008
Reviewed on: 12/21/2008

Starring: Rob Rotten, Seth Dickens, Jamie Elle, Roxy Deville, Jack Vegas, Eric Swiss, Ruby Knox, Daisy Tanks, Bella Lynn
Studio: Loaded Digital

Directed by: Rob Rotten
Review brief: Another horror porn, but done seriously this time. A bland but sometimes bloody remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but with absolutely no style or substance. We do get a bunch of punks though. But WHO CARES?
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Boxcover for Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre
Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre 

Release date: 8/10/2005
Reviewed on: 12/20/2008

Starring: Randy Spears, Mike Horner, Tommy Gunn, Eric Masterson, Cherokee, jessica drake, Voodoo, Nicole Sheridan, Rita Faltoyano, Katie Morgan, Manuel Ferrara, Devon Michaels, Rebecca Love, Kris Slater, Kinzie Kenner, Scott Nails, Keri Sable, Taryn Thomas, Stormy Daniels, Katja Kassin
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Jonathan Morgan
Review brief: Wicked has promoted itself as one of the premier feature companies and their movies are supposed to be some of the best. Well, in this case, the feature aspects were forgotten in favor of the endless sex scenes. Avoid this unless you want a boring story with even duller sex.
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Boxcover for No Limits (Digital Playground)
No Limits (Digital Playground) 

Release date: 7/23/2003
Reviewed on: 12/1/2008

Starring: Mike Horner, Devon, Cheyne Collins, jessica drake, Robby D., Herschel Savage, Brittney Skye, Barrett Blade, Jesse Jane
Studio: Digital Playground

Directed by: Nic Andrews
Review brief: One of the most pleasant X rated surprises I've had in some time! A very well made and surprisingly well written hardcore action thriller that doesn't skimp on story for the sake of pointless sex. Marred only by consistently horrible acting.
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Boxcover for Hot Summer In the City
Hot Summer In the City 

Release date: 2/20/2006
Reviewed on: 11/19/2008

Starring: Duke Johnson, Lisa Baker, Bruce Darcy, Linda Hoffman, Dan Timens, Bill Murphy, Shorty Roberts, Stitch Umbas, Coke Cain, Tony Rizzi, Black Orchid
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Directed by: Gail Palmer
Review brief: Alpha Blue Archives has given this very obscure racially themed roughie much better treatment than one would expect from the company.
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Boxcover for Amanda by Night 2
Amanda by Night 2 

Release date: 12/29/2001
Reviewed on: 10/12/2008

Starring: Mike Horner, Nina Hartley, Tracy Adams, Billy Dee, Veronica Hart, Nikki Knights, Alexis Greco, Krista Lane, Herschel Savage
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Jack Remy
Review brief: While Jack Remy isn't nearly as fine of a director as he is cinematographer, Amanda by Night 2 proves to be a much better than average late 80s X rated film. Well written and shot, this is a worthy film which, as things like this go, has received a much worse than it should have treatment on DVD.
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Boxcover for Shortbus

Release date: 12/11/2006
Reviewed on: 4/3/2008

Starring: Paul Dawson, Sook-Yin Lee, Lindsay Beamish, PJ DeBoy, Raphael Barker, Peter Stickles, Jay Brannan, Justin Bond, Bitch, Daniela Sea, Miriam Shor, Jonathan Caouette
Studio: ThinkFilm

Directed by: John Cameron Mitchell
Review brief: "Hollywood" makes a porno, but a lousy one. Enough said.
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Boxcover for Bridgette Maier Triple Feature
Bridgette Maier Triple Feature 

Release date: 5/23/2007
Reviewed on: 4/2/2008

Starring: Brigitte Maier
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Review brief: Tongue, the most "important" film on this disc happens to be the first. Tongue is definitely not your run of the mill LA triple-Xer. Even from its opening minutes its clear its director, credited only as "K.P.," is not the average smut maker and his/her film isn't going to be the average smut film. In fact, there is no real sex for the first 25 minutes.
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Boxcover for Cult 70s Porno Director: Roberta Findlay
Cult 70s Porno Director: Roberta Findlay 

Release date: 1/26/2006
Reviewed on: 3/7/2008

Starring: Marlene Willoughby, Jennifer Jordan, Tara Chung
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Directed by: Roberta Findlay
Review brief: Roberta Findlay was one of a few female directors who worked on hardcore films. Although her films are nothing exceptional, her unique style and passion for violence make her films unique in the annals of 70s hardcore.
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Boxcover for San Francisco Grindhouse Triple Feature: Wendy's Naughty Night
San Francisco Grindhouse Triple Feature: Wendy's Naughty Night 

Release date: 1/23/2008
Reviewed on: 2/7/2008

Starring: Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Annette Haven, Leslie Bovee, Linda Wong, Paul Scharf, Candida Royalle, Nan Johnson, Celeste Laymore, Vicky Lovelace, Bob Migliette, Warren St. Thomas, Lee Warneky, Raymond Warren, Louise Thompson
Studio: After Hours Cinema

Directed by: Nick Philips
Review brief: After Hours Cinema has just provided us with a triple feature consisting of two Nick Phillips films and a genuine obscurity, Easy Alice. I've never been much of a Phillips fan, but I know nothing about these so I'm ever hopeful. Easy Alice is another story.
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Boxcover for Neu Wave Hookers
Neu Wave Hookers 

Release date: 1/17/2006
Reviewed on: 1/27/2008

Starring: Tiger, Felix Vicious, Kurt Lockwood, Dirty Harry, Justine Joli, James Deen, Sierra Sinn, Joanna Angel, Nyomi Zen, Tommy Pistol, Riley Mason, Dana DeArmond
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Eon McKai
Review brief: Eon McKai has developed an interesting niche market in so-called Alt- Porn, but I'm not sure is his movies are developed enough creatively to really stand as the artistic pieces they claim to be.
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Boxcover for Joy (Video-X-Pix)
Joy (Video-X-Pix) 

Release date: 5/2/2004
Reviewed on: 1/25/2008

Starring: Sharon Mitchell, Marco, Eric Edwards, Bobby Astyr, Dave Ruby, R. Bolla, Gloria Leonard, Herschel Savage, Veri Knotty, Clea Carson, Jake Teague, Crystal Sync, Roger Caine, Philip Marlowe, Paula Morton, Melinda Marlow, Ellen Williams, Terry Austin, Frank Kenwood, Jay Pierce, Tony Turco, Jesse Wilson, Ursula Brooke, Lacy Thomas, Melinda Marlowe, Paul Aranas, Neil Lansing, Robert Hill, Don Milo, Bella Via, Lucia Tristao, Pamela Crandall, Margo Latham, Tony Simone, John Henderson, Philip De Hatte, Richard Dell, Helen Howell, Max Cannon, Mark Kaminsky, Gerry Baldwin, Peter Carlyle, Samantha Williams, Wendy Garvey, Hilda Golder, Jaqueline Lithman, Randall Needleman, Butchie Davis, Tony Summers
Studio: Video-X-Pix

Directed by: Harley Mansfield
Review brief: This mysterious but excellent dirty comedy is one for every collector to own.
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Boxcover for Cult 70s Porno Director: Harry Hopper
Cult 70s Porno Director: Harry Hopper 

Release date: 1/26/2006
Reviewed on: 1/23/2008

Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Directed by: Howard Ziehm
Review brief: While not interesting cinematicly, these early works by by future cult director Howard Ziehm are crucial viewing as examples of some of the earliest narrative hardcore cinema.
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Boxcover for Misbehavin'

Release date: 12/15/2003
Reviewed on: 1/15/2008

Starring: Jack Wrangler, Eric Edwards, Leslie Bovee, David Morris, Arcadia Lake, Rikki O'Neal, Georgette Sanders, Gloria Leonard, Sonny Landham, Molly Malone, Marc Valentine, Adam DeHaven, Kurt Mann, Paula Morton, Eric Stannous, Ajito, Dick Galan
Studio: Video-X-Pix

Directed by: Chuck Vincent
Review brief: Chuck Vincent was truly an outstanding director who had a flare for great comedy and great drama, and he shot both with a surprisingly affectionate flare. This is one of his lesser seen films but it's cast and director automatically make it worth watching. Vincent creates a light, fluffy, and very amusing comedy that never knocked me out of my seat with its humor but proved an extremely fun and enjoyable film viewing experience.
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Boxcover for Catherine

Release date: 9/12/2005
Reviewed on: 1/6/2008

Starring: Mike Foster, Niki Blond, Bruno Sx, Valentina Velasquez, Audrey Hollander, Victoria Swinger, Otto Bauer, Adriana Rouso
Studio: Ninn Worx

Directed by: Michael Ninn
Review brief: A confused film which doesn't know whether it wants to be a music video style art piece or stupid porn.
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Boxcover for Expose Me, Lovely
Expose Me, Lovely 

Release date: 3/7/2004
Reviewed on: 1/5/2008

Starring: Bobby Astyr, Sunshine, Eve Adams, Jody Maxwell, Annie Sprinkle, Jennifer Welles, Ras Kean, Cecilia Gardner, Sol Weiner, Rod Dumont, Catharine Burgess, Ian Morley, Todd Pembrooke, Yolanda Savalas, J.J. Jones, Jim Castelli, David Miles, Hurant, Armand Weston
Studio: Video-X-Pix

Directed by: Armand Weston
Review brief: Armand Weston's most narratively complex film which pays homage to film noir while being brilliantly set in the underground world of New York City. A must see.
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Boxcover for Blood Lake
Blood Lake 

Release date: 10/13/2006
Reviewed on: 1/5/2008

Starring: Tyler Houston, India Summer, Sandy Simmers, C.J. Summers, Bobby Banger, Dick Chibbles, David Law, Dan Holmes
Studio: VCA

Directed by: C.L. Gregory
Review brief: This movie is barely worth mentioning. It is by far one of the worst "narrative" modern porns I've ever seen. Avoid this garbage.
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Boxcover for Devil In Miss Jones 3 & 4, The
Devil In Miss Jones 3 & 4, The 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 1/2/2008

Starring: Tom Byron, Peter North, Amber Lynn, Tamara Longley, Paul Thomas, Kristara Barrington, Jack Baker, Lois Ayres, Ron Jeremy, Patti Petite, Marc Wallice, Don Fernando, Tony Martino, Careena Collins, Purple Passion, Erica Boyer, Vanessa Del Rio, F.M. Bradley, Keli Richards, Krista Lane, Steve Powers, Kevin James, Robert Bullock, Kari Foxx, Maggie Randall, Jennifer Noxt, Chanel Price, Robbie Dee, Troy Tanier, Andy Nichols, Angst Argyle, Henry Berger, Steven Harper, Jason Jules, James Robert Parke, Jim Taylor, Lenny Wilde
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Gregory Dark
Review brief: To my surprise and delight, DMJ 3 and DMJ 4 are in fact one film. While titled as sequels to Damiano's 1973 masterpiece, DMJ 3 /4 is closer to a remake, or even more appropriately, a re-telling of Damiano's tale. In fact, besides the name of the heroine and the film itself, as well as the basic premise of a woman dying and ending up in Hell, this film has no similarities to either of the earlier two entries in the series.
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Boxcover for That Boy
That Boy 

Release date: 12/16/2005
Reviewed on: 12/26/2007

Starring: Peter Berlin, Aaron Black, Marc Majors, Phillip Martin, Rickey Davis, Rock Action, Steven James, Walter Wright
Studio: Gorilla Factory Productions

Directed by: Peter Berlin
Review brief: Peter Berlin, if nothing else, is an important piece of American cultural history. His films are regarded as some of the finest gay hardcore films ever made. This film is nothing short of a masterpiece!
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Boxcover for Art School Sluts
Art School Sluts 

Release date: 11/9/2004
Reviewed on: 12/25/2007

Starring: Kyle Stone, Keiko, Brooklyn, Felix Vicious, Talon, Liliane, James Deen, Katja Kassin
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Eon McKai
Review brief: I'm not going to describe the storyline to this video because there really isn't one past the first ten minutes. Essentially, Mia goes to art school and is bored. She has sex... the movie is kinda a self-indulgent satire of hipsters, art school, and the artist-in-name-only types which populate all the major cities of America.
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Boxcover for Society Affairs
Society Affairs 

Release date: 12/15/2000
Reviewed on: 12/20/2007

Starring: Mike Horner, Anna Ventura, Tiffany Clark, Veronica Hart, Tara Aire, Harry Reems, Kelly Nichols, R. Bolla, Laurie Smith, Honey Wilder, Frank Hollowell, Lisa Cintrice, Laura West, Carla Russell, Jack Newton, Jonathan Church, Angelica Dunlap, Samantha Harley, Cecile DeVille, Leanna Grant
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Robert McCallum
Review brief: Gary Graver was one of hardcore cinema's true master filmmakers along with Metzger, Weston, Damiano, DeRenzy, and Costello (which about names all the greats). While Society Affairs is one of his less known titles, it ranks as high in Graver's filmography as his first three masterpieces, 3 A.M., V The Hot One, and Ecstasy Girls.
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