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Boxcover for Bi-Sexual Encounters Of the Exxxtreme Kind
Bi-Sexual Encounters Of the Exxxtreme Kind 

Release date: 12/24/2005
Reviewed on: 2/4/2006

Starring: Luke, Marcia, Diana Gold, Anna Diabola, Jonny Deep, Peter Palmer
Studio: Avalon

Directed by: Roy Alexandre
Review brief: (Just a quickie review, I'll let someone else do a scene-by-scene) My first reaction on watching this: "Holy Fuck! GOOD Bi-porn? What planet am I on?!?!?" Most of the bi-male porn that been produced... well, EVER, has totally sucked. Ugly performers, limp dicks, and listless mechanical fucking. This film, on the other hand, had HOT boys and girls, all of them enjoying each other fully. Unlike most bi-porn, the girls were actually into the action, and the boys were into the girls as much as each other. The boys never had problems keeping their erections while being fucked, unlike the limp-dicked bottoms in most bi-porn. There were no long stretches of time where the girls just sat around and watched; they were _always_ involved with a helping hand or mouth on the dick of the guy getting fucked. The girls took it in the ass too. All scenes were bareback, which was a minor plus (I can take or leave condoms in my porn, but some people get all whiny).
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