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Boxcover for Tourist Trade
Tourist Trade 

Release date: 2/6/2002
Reviewed on: 2/15/2003

Starring: Jack Simmons, Alex Powers, Jens Hammer, Jackson Phillips, Thom Barron, Scot Armstrong, Pablo Aduan, Christian Bar, Frederick Burdo, Jens Buttner, Richie Foster, Sasha Vayn
Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: First, I really want to thank all the regular contributors on this site- joeblow69, joe shaver, folkyboy, netguy, and touchdowntony too. They've helped me make some good choices in what to buy, and their reviews (especially joeblow69 and joe shaver) are usually right on the money. Unfortunately, they've written such good reviews on all the good movies out there that all that is left is for the rest of us to warn against the bad or just mediocre ones... Which brings me to Tourist Trade. Probably one of the weaker Titan movies (Gorge, R.E.M., Heat, etc.) and certainly one of the more disappointing Bruce Cam products, Tourist Trade is still better than most of the porn out there- Falcon and (depending on your tastes) Bel Ami being the exceptions. But, it ultimately falls a little flat, and with all the other great movies out there it is hard to recommend this movie, unless you're a big fan of younger German uncut boys mixing it up with circumcised Americans. Scene 1: Thom Barron and Jack Simmons Jack Simmons meets German uber-hottie Thom Barron after a jog.
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Boxcover for Skateboard Sliders 1
Skateboard Sliders 1 

Release date: 8/2/2000
Reviewed on: 8/4/2001

Starring: Dino Phillips, Paul Morgan, J.T. Sloan, Johnny Thrust, Jeff White, Chris Young, Zachary Scott, Richie Fine, Jeff D'Kota, Bobby Golden, Mack Reynolds
Studio: Tribal Pulse

Review brief: SKATEBOARD SLIDERS Coverboy Tommy Sax has a fantasy... and a crush on his boss (Zachary Scott). We get to see a couple of his wet dreams, then a couple of lays, until (of course) he gets to shag his boss. Since a scene-by-scene review has been done in a nother review, I will just hit the high points: Guys' Looks: Pretty hit-or-miss, but the guys with less attractive features hide them behind hats and helmets. Of course, a couple of really hot skaters have the helmets on too much, too. Sax is in almost every scene to some degree, and figures prominently in half of them. The hottest guys (except for the delivery guy, Mack Reynolds, who is at the lower tier of cuteness) are in the shortest scenes (J.T. Sloan, Paul Morgan, and to a lesser degree Johnny Thrust). That said, the major sexual thrust of the movie comes from the scenarios it sets up- voyeurism, young guys getting caught fucking, and hot guys getting fucked in slings while sucking cock (J.T.
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Boxcover for Swim Meat (High Octane)
Swim Meat (High Octane) 

Release date: 5/15/2001
Reviewed on: 8/4/2001

Starring: Sandor, Laszlo, Halasz Mihaly, Csanzi Zoltan, Attila Hogyes, Attila Juhasz, Robert Pagoni, Balazs Szabo, Istvan Szekelyi, Lajos Dombai, Laszlo Fekete, Gabor Marko, Zoltan Lovasz, Imre, Peter Tyler
Studio: High Octane

Directed by: Herve Handsome
Review brief: SWIM MEAT This is the first High Octane film I saw, and I was looking forward to it after seeing several good reviews of other, similar movies by Herve Handsome. The movie is good, but certain things bugged me in it, and I figure that I will try one more of this type, one that got a great review, and see if it is any better. Swim Meat is "about" seventeen guys in a recreation center, centered around a swimming pool. Things start as they seem to be having a swim meet (racing by swimming, for those totally sports-ignorant), when some horseplay starts. One of the boys gets a lungfull of water, and this leads to the first scene... SCENE 1: Milahy H., Istvan S. (Coverboy), and Laszlo L. Milahy and Istvan carry the unconscious Laszlo into a locker room, where Istvan gives poor Laszlo some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Well, when Laszlo starts to come to, he reciprocates with a little tongue, and Milahy, seeing Laszlo distracted, decides to do some mouth-to-cock resuscitation. Pretty soon, the three are going at it like...
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Boxcover for Sirocco

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 7/24/2001

Studio: Pacific Media

Review brief: Sirocco/Desertion Note: this review is of Sirocco- The Director's Cut Most men are not fans of softcore porn, and it seems gay men are especially thus. Still, the occasional softcore porn flick is worthwhile, sometimes as a change of pace, sometimes because you want to watch it with someone to "set the mood," sometimes because softcore porn is free to do more "artsy" stuff, and sometimes because there are hot guys who will simulate gay sex but will not actually have it. And sometimes these guys are hotter than the regular porn stars. Sirocco, from Pacific Media, fits all of these reasons, and it does so superbly. First off, the men in this movie are simply beautiful. Every single guy is gorgeous, and while you never see a hard cock in the entire flick, several of the men are obviously well- endowed. I have always been more of a butt person, myself, so not seeing hard dicks was no great loss.
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Boxcover for Gangsters at Large
Gangsters at Large 

Release date: 10/16/2000
Reviewed on: 7/24/2001

Studio: Kristen Bjorn

Review brief: "Gangsters at Large" is probably the most ethnically diverse Kristen Bjorn video this side of "World of Men," with North American, European, and South American models. Story Synopsis: Tyler Grey has been kidnapped! Private eye Steve Sax has to track him down, defying both the Russian Mafia and the Columbian Lords. Oh, and there is a lot of sex along the way. The plot is about average for most porn, but is Masterpiece Theatre compared to most gay porn... still, I will hold it to the best the industry can offer and give the plot only a three. Scene 1: Steve Sax, the cutest of the American models in this video, goes undercover at the modelling company where Grey was last seen. Of course, the company is a front for a kidnapping operation, and the Sax finds himself drugged while he is supposed to be in a photo shoot.. Boris Tominand Alexei Gromov help him strip down for the cameraman, whose face we never see but whose hard cock is well in (his) hand for the majority of the shoot.
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