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Boxcover for Blue Jean Teens
Blue Jean Teens 

Release date: 7/27/2003
Reviewed on: 10/13/2003

Studio: Avalon

Review brief: Blue Jean Teen Latin ladies at their best. 1 Scene : Camila is walking down the street with her blue jeans. I have to say WOW. She meets up with a dude and they both go back to his place . They both have a oral sex by the pool. They both walk into the house and have sex. Note: Seeing Camila getting fuck cowgirls style and seeing her ass move up and down is just worth purchasing this dvd. 2 Scene : Marcela starts off walking around the pool with her sexy jeans. Marcela see a dude sitting down by the pool and walk over. They both have good sex!! Marcela is very beautiful also. WOW. I also enjoyed the cowgirl style sence (THANK YOU). 3 Scene : Shyva walking on a dock by the water,showing off her white tank top and her blue jeans. I have to so guys OMG WOW SHE SO SEXY !! Then they switch to her bedroom she tease's and does a strip tease. Shyva contiues and tease us by slowly removing her daisy duke jeans OMG HOT HOT HOT. She lay in her bed and masturbate by putting her hand down her PINK thong.
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Boxcover for Pretty Little Latinas 4
Pretty Little Latinas 4 

Release date: 12/14/2001
Reviewed on: 12/30/2001

Starring: Kelly, Linda, Lua, Shaquira, Corina
Studio: Avalon

Review brief: Pretty Little Latinas # 4 The quality of this dvd is really good. I enjoy the catchy tone they played at the menu. The sound is very good, though if you only understand english , then you won't understand what they are say, but who really cares. First girl name Lua : She masturbates at first then a dude walks in to the room and she suck him off. She is an attractive young lady. She had very beautiful eyes when she looks up in the camera. It seem to me she loves to play with her pussy a lot, but hey that's a big bonus to me. LOL The sex between both is really hot. I really enjoyed this! Next girl: Kelly : It starts off by giving a dude a back rub. This girl wearing high leather boots. To me she doesn't seem to have much energy, she sexy, but a dead fuck. Next girl: Linda: This one starts off with a dude walking in to a room hand her a gift and then she gets up in this HOT red mini shirt. They both start kissing and they fuck. It was a okay scene, but not the best. Next girl : Korina She's my favorite in this movie.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Tera Patrick
My Plaything: Tera Patrick 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 1/7/2001

Starring: Tera Patrick
Studio: Digital Sin

Review brief: My Plaything : Tera Patrick I would like to start off saying Tera Patrick is a very attractive lady, and she could get anybody rock off, but when I view this DVD I was every disappoint when finding out the segments are only 1.5 min in length. 1. How can anybody concentrate on this beautiful woman in 1.5 min ? How can anybody get off in 1.5 min ? My concentration was distracted, because of the short segment and the loop back. The loop back is a good idea, but maybe if the segment was at least 4 min long. I am sure I could of got myself off without a problem. I am sure their was plenty of space left on the DVD for such lengths. I also was disappointed on her eye contact. I heard good reviews on her eye contact , but when played this DVD, I was disappointed again. tho maybe it was because of the fat camera man I saw in the section of the bloopers. LOL Tear Patrick beautiful eyes should not be wasted on film, or I should say her entire sexy body .
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