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Boxcover for Aunt Peg (NuTech)
Aunt Peg (NuTech) 

Release date: 10/16/2000
Reviewed on: 8/25/2004

Starring: Sharon Kane, Mike Horner, Jamie Gillis, John Holmes, Billy Dee, Michael Morrison, Seka, Serena, Holly McCall, David Morris, Mike Ranger, Juliet Anderson
Studio: NuTech

Directed by: Anthony Spinelli
Review brief: Year of Release: 1980 Writer/Director: Wes Brown (aka Anthony Spinelli) Producer: Arthur Cutter Cinematographer: Jack Post DVD Runtime: 78 min. 43 sec. Actors Juliet Anderson.......Aunt Peg Norton John Holmes...........John Jamie Gillis.............Franco Serena...................Susan Michael Ranger.......Michael Ranger Michael Morrison.....Jack (Sheilas father) Seka..........................Seka Shirley Woods (aka Sharon Kane)....Sheila Dotty Hart Review Right after the credits finish, we are thrust into a sex scene with a naked John Holmes (once again playing a character aptly named 'John') lying next to a brunette named Pam. John rolls over to her and as things look like they are ready to take off, we hear, "Cut!" It's a film set loaded with lights, cameras and crew. Producer Peg Norton (Juliet Anderson) calls a break for lunch and the set clears. John tells Pam to hang back because he needs to talk to her, and before you know it they are, I mean rehearsing.
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Boxcover for Indian Lady
Indian Lady 

Release date: 9/15/2001
Reviewed on: 8/24/2004

Starring: Jerry Davis, Andrea Martin, Debbie Truelove, Charles Antony, Toni Alessandrini, Harry Moran, Rick Valenzio, Angela O'Day, Sunny Summers, Starr Johnson, Kelly Matthews, George Beaumont, Carolyn Brandt, Kelly Guthrie
Studio: Classic X

Directed by: Ray Dennis Steckler
Review brief: Year of Release: 1981 DVD Runtime: 1 hr. 16 min. 13 sec. Credits (As they appear) Starring Debbie Truelove Toni Reenee Charles Antony Jerry Davis with Andrea Martin Rick Valenzio Sunny Summers Kelly Mathews Harry Moran Angela ODay Starr Johnson George Beaumont Photographed & Edited by Hans B. Anderson Written, Produced, & Directed by Cindy Lou Sutters MTVs Real World, CSI, The Casino, Dr. Vegas, Father of the Pride, American Casino, etc. Television is quickly turning Las Vegas into one of the most recognizable cities in the world. The glamour, the lights, the mega resort casinos. Was Vegas always this big and clean? Why not take a trip to the Vegas of yesteryear and see how much it has changed. The story of Indian Lady if you can honestly call it a story has Debbie Truelove roller skating back and forth across early 1980s Las Vegas, voyeuring her friends during their most intimate moments.
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Boxcover for Seka's Fantasies (Caballero)
Seka's Fantasies (Caballero) 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 8/23/2004

Starring: Randy West, Mike Horner, Crystal Dawn, Seka, Blair Harris, Herschel Savage, Cris Cassidy, R.J. Reynolds, Connie Peterson, Vic Falcon, James Fulton, Frank Jones, Cindy Lewis, Jayne Paygan, Sophia Solano
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Bobby Hollander
Review brief: Also Known As: Passions Year of Release: 1981 Director: Bobby Hollander Actors: Seka......................Fantasia Laura Lazare..........Marge Michael Morrison...Milton Sophia Solana........Kara Connie Peterson.....Jill (aka Cynthia) Mike Horner..........George Cris Cassidy Herschel Savage Blair Harris Crystal Dawn Review: Seka's Fantasies has long been a staple of classic porn lovers, present in many personal collections that I've seen. Why this is, I really can't say. The plot is flimsy at best, the sex is okay but undistinguished (aside from the multiple double penetrations [DP]), and Seka is just not star material in my book. But many people adore her. I admit she is very pretty but I cannot get past her cold demeanor and lack of acting ability. Still, it is one of the better-known films from its age and it does have its moments...and to her fans' delight (not mine) it has Seka. Whoopee! The film starts with George packing his suitcase and leaving his wedding band on the bed.
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Boxcover for More Than a Handful 1 (NuTech)
More Than a Handful 1 (NuTech) 

Release date: 2/17/2001
Reviewed on: 6/27/2001

Starring: Gabrielle, Ron Jeremy, Eric Edwards, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler, Cyndee Summers, Shone Tee, Candy Samples, Colleen Brenan, Honey Wilder, Laura Lee, Lotta Topp, Greg Rome, Herschel Savage
Studio: Cal Vista Classics

Review brief: Runtime: 86min. Original Format: Video Cast: Candy Samples, Herschel Savage, Brett Neilson (aka Gabriella), Colleen Brennan, Honey Wilder, Ron Jeremy, Cyndee Summers, Eric Edwards, Billy Dee, Laura Lee, Shone Tee, Greg 'Rocky' Rome Review: It isn't often that I find myself enjoying a compilation video because I enjoy plot with my sex, but More Than a Handful #1 is a rare exception. The tagline promises that "BIGGER is definitely BETTER" and they must be right because I had a great time watching it. The sex was hot and every scene that they chose showed people really enjoying themselves. There is not one moment in the whole DVD where someone looks bored or appears to be faking it. These scenes are the good stuff - porno gold! All the women have nice, big breasts and, best of all, they're real. No silicone or saline here folks, only good old-fashioned boobs like mom used to have. Only these girls are prettier and nastier than mom - they are hot sex fiends. The video has 10 separate scenes, featuring 5 busty vixens: 1.
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Boxcover for Debbie Does 'Em All 3 (NuTech)
Debbie Does 'Em All 3 (NuTech) 

Release date: 3/19/2001
Reviewed on: 6/21/2001

Starring: Scott Irish, Barbara Dare, Buck Adams, Don Fernando, Alexis Storm, Carol Cummings, Sasha Gabor, Tabatha Fox, Kim Spies, Brett
Studio: Cal Vista Classics

Directed by: Adam York
Review brief: Director: Adam York Screenwriter: Todd Sellers Director of Photography: Ken Peterson Year of Release: 1989 Runtime: 79 min. Original Format: Video Cast: Barbara Dare, Tabatha Fox, Kim Spies (aka Carol Cummings), Alexis Storm, Scott Irsh (Irish), Don Fernando, Buck Adams, Sasha Gabor, Brett (Next) One of the many adult films that feature a 'Debbie' doing someone or something, this one is nothing special. Barbara Dare plays Debbie, "America's Most Desired" woman, in a story that is painfully simple. Hal (Brett Next) is the host of a television show called "America's Most Desired." He has toured the country in search of the most desirable woman in America. He is now down to four finalists that he proceeds to showcase for our viewing pleasure. Finalist #1: An ugly hairdresser named Carolyn Carter (Carol Cummings) with dark hair and a bad boob job. The stats that are flashed on the screen say she is 26 years old, but 46 seems closer to the truth.
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Boxcover for Bad (VCA)
Bad (VCA) 

Release date: 11/28/2000
Reviewed on: 6/18/2001

Starring: Tom Byron, T.T. Boy, Ashlyn Gere, Jamie Gillis, Lauren Hall, Iesha
Studio: VCA

Directed by: John Leslie
Review brief: Director: John Leslie Screenwriter: Dominic Ruth Director of Photography: George Wally Runtime: 66 min. Format: Video Cast: Iesha, Tom Byron, Ashlyn Gere, Madison, Marc Wallace, Peter North, Lauren Hall, Joey Silvera, Rayne, Michelle Monroe, T.T. Boy, Randy Spears, Jamie Gillis (nonsex) Finally someone has made a porno and taken the time to slap on the appropriate title. John Leslie's Bad is indeed bad. Not bad in the Michael Jackson 'it's good to be bad' way but bad as in I think I'll throw it out with an empty shampoo bottle, lint from my pocket, and other trash. Congratulations to Mr. Leslie for not misleading the porn buying public. The same praise cannot be given to VCA regarding the cover art, however, and bonus points go to anyone who can find the girls on the box in the video. This 'classic' was shot on video and released in 1991, well past the golden age of porn.
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Boxcover for Hot Rackets
Hot Rackets 

Release date: 11/28/2000
Reviewed on: 3/29/2001

Starring: Desiree Cousteau, Rhonda Jo Petty, John Martin, Laurien Domineque, Turk Lyon, Candida Royalle
Studio: Cal Vista Classics

Review brief: Directed by Robert McCallum 1979 Runtime: 1 hour 20 minutes 38 seconds Truly a classic adult film. That it is a product of the seventies is clear from the opening credits where the screen is broken into four parts with a tennis ball in the middle. Over the tennis ball are displayed the names of the cast and primary crew, and the four screens play various clips from the film whetting the viewers appetite and preparing them for what is about to come. It all starts when Herb Adler (John Martin) wakes up and rolls over to his nude wife, Liz (Candida Royalle). He begins to grope her and tries to arouse her, but she will have none of it. Through an angry exchange on Herb's part, we find out that this is their usual behavior. Herb claims she is frigid. She does not deny this, and Herb storms off to get a shower. In the shower, the maid Sally (Chris Cassidy) expresses her sympathy for Herb.
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