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Boxcover for Mean Bitches Erotic Femdom 7
Mean Bitches Erotic Femdom 7 

Release date: 3/30/2010
Reviewed on: 5/18/2010

Starring: Sydnee Capri, Nikki Rhodes, Bridgette B., Angelina Ashe
Studio: Kick Ass

Directed by: Glenn King
Review brief: With so much porn available on the Net, the only justification for buying physical media these days is the superior picture and audio they can offer. Why else spend the extra cash, and why else take up precious shelf space? Though I was hoping for DVD-caliber visuals in this release, I was hit instead with a nasty surprise. Of the four scenes on this disc, only two are watchablethe first and the fourth. Scenes two and three are riddled with the worst case of aliasing I have ever seen in a DVD image. The sound is equally patchy, typical of MeanBitch productions. The content is standard fare for this series: nubile bitches receiving copious amounts of oral stimulation. However, with the exception of Sydnee Capri, the performers here dont do as much trash talking as one might see, or rather hear, in this genre. Scene one kicks off with Angelina Ashe, who has a luscious rump, the camera generously showcasing it as she gets her cunt and anus polished by an eager tongue.
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Boxcover for Mean Bitches Erotic Femdom 4
Mean Bitches Erotic Femdom 4 

Release date: 8/19/2008
Reviewed on: 3/25/2009

Starring: Darryl Hanah, Cassandra Cruz, Christina Aguchi, Kiara Marie
Studio: Kick Ass

Directed by: Glenn King
Review brief: Mean Bitches Erotic Femdom 4 makes good on its promise to deliver the goods: hot, trash-talking bitches demanding oral satisfaction, their feet, pussies, and asses getting thoroughly licked and sucked.
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Boxcover for Philippine Teen
Philippine Teen 

Release date: 1/11/2007
Reviewed on: 3/17/2007

Starring: Angel, Nicole, Sugar, Razel, Jack B. Kwik, L.J.
Studio: Sin City

Directed by: Shag Manila
Review brief: This title is more about blowjobs than about the pretty girls depicted on the DVD cover art. Each scene consists of two-thirds cocksucking and one-third fucking. I found myself fast-forwarding through the fellatio sequences, which go on ad nauseum. The camera angles are mediocre, and during close-up shots, which occur frequently, the camera goes in and out of focus so many times that I literally became dizzy. There are unpleasant moments (thankfully only a few) when, while the sole male performer in the video (he alone does all five girls) pounds away in missionary, you get to see close-ups of his asshole. The guy's face is never shown, only his body. Interestingly the description on the DVD art says that the feature contains "Asian amateurs . . . swallowing huge cocks." One would expect the plural to indicate more than one guy. Are the viewers so dumb they can't tell it's the same headless body and cock in every scene? All the girls but one seem inexperienced (in keeping with their "amateur" status) and they never utter a word, not even a moan.
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Boxcover for Femdom Face Sitters 3
Femdom Face Sitters 3 

Release date: 5/23/2006
Reviewed on: 7/24/2006

Starring: Tiffany Taylor, Domino, Nyomi Marcela, Hillary Scott
Studio: Gentlemens

Review brief: Those who are tired of the usual porn fare, i.e., female performers used for male sexual gratification and then disposed of, will likely find this fetish feature an invigorating departure from the norm. Four attractive performers assume the roles of bitchy college women who force their "victims"--college professors in two of the scenes, a janitor, and a student--to fulfill their sexual needs. The first scene, one of my favorite, opens with sexy, raven-haired Domino, who orders her professor to lick her feet, ass, pussy, and armpits clean. Hillary Scott appears in the second scene, the best in the feature, as a foul-mouthed, sadistic shrew who forces a janitor to eat her asshole, which she claims is dirty, slapping his face and cock at intervals. In scene three Nyomi Marcela doesn't do much talking, but when she does, it is usually in the form of unconvincing commands lacking the kind of energy and enthusiasm the previous two performers exhibited.
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Boxcover for Sweatin' It 5
Sweatin' It 5 

Release date: 4/22/2003
Reviewed on: 2/22/2004

Starring: Alec Metro, Chris Cannon, Pat Myne, Athena, Melody, Jay Ashley, Vanda, Dillion Day, Angel Long, Veronica Lace
Studio: Kick Ass

Directed by: Andre Madness
Review brief: It is a natural tendency for many who frequent health clubs to spend part of their workout routines ogling women in addition to (or instead of) pumping iron. How nice it would be to see the women doing leg curls, pull-downs, and sit-ups in the buff. That's part of what Sweatin' It 5 purports to afford its viewers. There are five scenes in all, each one commencing with two random questions the girls are asked to select and answer from a set of cards, followed by a game involving a die rolled by the male performers. Although the questions, whose answers the guys must guess first, are inane and time wasting (e.g., "Have I ever had a vegetable inside my pussy?"), the die game is engaging. Each number on the die corresponds to an oral act the guy must perform on the girl for approximately thirty seconds. For instance, if the die lands on 1, he gets to lick her feet; on 2, her asshole; on 3, her breasts; on 4, her pussy; on 5, her armpit; and on 6, her belly button.
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Boxcover for Whoriental Sex Academy 2
Whoriental Sex Academy 2 

Release date: 11/2/2001
Reviewed on: 2/12/2004

Starring: Mia Smiles, Catalina, Kamiko
Studio: Sin City

Directed by: Alex Ladd
Review brief: Whoriental Sex Academy 2 is among the finest Asian flicks I've seen. The cast includes cuties like Kamiko, Catalina, Mia Smiles, Poison Envee, and buxom Kirsty Lee. What these women have in common, aside from tight bodies and silky skin, is girlish enthusiasm, which invariably adds an important dimension to their sex appeal as performers. It's always easy to tell when a performer is not enjoying herself: the sex ends up being dull and lackluster, and the viewer finds himself doing little more than fast-forwarding the picture. Not so in this movie. In scene one Kirsty Lee appears in a sexy black corset that gradually comes off as she happily gets it on atop a desk. Scene two showcases Kamiko adeptly handling two guys and culminates in a great DP scene. The third scene is another desk-top encounter, though this time it's with Poison Envy, whose small shapely breasts bounce memorably as she rides away in reverse cowgirl. Sexy Catalina appears in scene four, which kicks off with good cunnilingus-fellatio action.
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