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Boxcover for Link 2 Link
Link 2 Link 

Release date: 1/21/2003
Reviewed on: 7/10/2003

Studio: All Worlds Video

Review brief: Man, oh, man, and have mercy on me for my depravity--this is one serious, filthy, nasty and aggressive, wild, over-the-top, WAY beyond vanilla suck-and-fuck DVD! And I loved every damn minute of it! The cast is chock full of hide-bound muscular studs, most of them with looks and/or bodies that could get me off in ANY DVD. But for my tastes, throwing all these guys into a pig flick like this is manna from heaven! This DVD is serious, raw sex from the git-go; non-stop, no story and with minimal music. There are few extras (Hey! Like I care?). Just 120 minutes of clear, crisply edited, wonderfully raunchy film with incredible close-ups and some nasty verbiage to boot. The filming was done by Bruce Cam so the video quality is excellent. Who could ask for anything more? Not me. Miss Chi Chi outdid herself with this one. Most of the cast is hot, hot, hot. Even the few that dont exactly pull my chain, like Zachery Scott, are so aggressive they almost make up for it.
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Boxcover for Score

Release date: 11/12/2001
Reviewed on: 7/10/2003

Starring: Scott Davis, Dave Nelson, Leo Masters, Blake Harper, Tuck Johnson, Jason Branch, Paul Dawson, Dave Casino, Jack Stuart, Ethan Wright, Jacob Scott, Andrew Lennox, Mike Radcliffe, Mondo, Steve Rambo, Ray Harley, Carson Cole, Tony Cruz, Erik Holtz, Steve Masters
Studio: Catalina

Review brief: This Catalina story-driven DVD is far from a great sex romp. The story is a Strangers on a Train kind of a deal, and sort of movie about making movies. Nasty movie director Steve Rambo and his financial angel and lover Blake Harper have a relationship that is on the rocks, mainly because film star Jason Branch, who is film score composer Ray Harleys lover, is actually doodling director Steve on the side. Anyway, Ray finds out by looking at the daily rushes (seeing some extra footage of Steve and Jason doing dirt), so Ray arranges for Blake to strangle Jason and Blake has Ray shoot Steve. Confused? Never mind. Weve seen this plot before and of course much better done by Hitchcock, and the same can be said about the man-to-man sex (except for the Hitchcock part. I dont think he ever filmed man-to-man sex. Although, if Psycho had taken a different turn, I really wouldnt have ruled it out for Anthony Perkins.) Sorry if I confuse the issue further. Anyway, a major fault of this DVD for me is that the suck-to-fuck ratio is WAY too high.
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Boxcover for Plowed (Treasure Island)
Plowed (Treasure Island) 

Release date: 2/3/2003
Reviewed on: 6/17/2003

Starring: Chris McKenzie, Michael Brandon, Jesse, Billy Boyd
Studio: Treasure Island Media

Review brief: Bareback sells. Im not going to get into a discussion of the pc-ness of it; Im a libertarian on this, as on most subjects. And Im not particularly a bareback freak, but I still get off a little more when I see that dick skin on asshole action, sans latex, and I suspect thats true for most guys. But whether or not you get any extra thrill from seeing guys do it bareback, this is ONE HOT DVD. The sex alone sells the flick. Just dont look for any major exploding cum shots in this one. Theyre all pretty much internal. But you will see a fair amount of man juice oozing out of bungholes and even the occasional felching of spunk. Fairly amazing. Except for some camera shakiness in spots, the filming is very good quality, especially the close-ups. And, man, are there a lot of great close-ups! If you love assholes, you have to put this DVD on your to do list. The video has some of the sharpest close ups of assholes (leaking cum, too) Ive ever seen in porn. The guys are all at least decent looking face/body-wise, and most are way better.
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Boxcover for Biker Pigs From Hell 2
Biker Pigs From Hell 2 

Release date: 3/26/2003
Reviewed on: 6/17/2003

Starring: Rod Berry, Jackson Reid, Eduardo, Joe Romero, Cole Tucker, Matt Bradshaw, Rick Allen, Sandy Sloane, Jacob Scott
Studio: Wildcat Productions

Review brief: Another dose of pigs. This sequel in name only had such promise. The premise is the same as the original BPFHwhich wasnt bad itselfbike theme with a touch of leather; big, muscular men sporting tats; raunchy, nasty sex. But the artsy fartsy direction brings the film down a notch below what could have been excellence. Scene 1 opens with a sling sequence featuring Rod Barry, Matt Bradshaw, and Anthony Coxporn vets all. In spite of my strong affinity for a man in a sling, this was probably the weakest scene on the DVD. Oh, the sex is good enough even if it lacked a bit of chemistry, but the reddish camera filters and the annoying multiple split screens and fancy schmantzy dissolves serve only to distract from the action. (The editing style makes it look like Bud McCoy was trying to do a porn version of The Thomas Crown Affair.) Scene 2 features pairings of Rick Allen and Eduardo, and Jackson Reid and Jacob Scott. Eduardo is one of my faves and he does not disappoint here.
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Boxcover for Biker Pigs from Hell
Biker Pigs from Hell 

Release date: 11/1/2002
Reviewed on: 6/17/2003

Starring: Steve Cannon, Frank Parker, Sweet Williams, Eduardo, Chad Donovan, Joe Romero, Bo Garrett, Mark Kroner
Studio: Wildcat Productions

Directed by: Thor Stephens
Review brief: Ive been getting a little bored with the body beautifuls and vanilla fuck and suck porn Ive been watching lately. So I went in search of something a little more raunchy, filthy, and piggythe kind of stuff that would, maybe, make both my hair and my dick stand on end. First upI thought that any porn with the outrageous term Biker Pigs in the title might be a possibility. And with inky bad boys Bo Garrett and Steve Cannon starring in this one, I figured it held some promise of what I was looking for. So heres a quick review of Biker Pigs From Hell to be followed shortly by a review of BPFH 2. BPFH is not as raunchy as I had hoped for, but the sex scenes are mostly filled with good action. And Bo Garrett never looked better or greasier. Its too bad hes out of porn for now and really didnt make all that many flicks when he was in it. The premise of the film is that cheap trick Steve Cannon spends the night with Bo Garrett and as the film opens, Steve awakens and leaves a still sleeping Bo, taking his money, wallet, and Harley. Very, very, very bad move Steve.
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Boxcover for Mavericks 2
Mavericks 2 

Release date: 10/19/2001
Reviewed on: 3/11/2003

Starring: Casey Williams, Pierce Vendetta, Logan Reed, Blake Harper, Rick Hammersmith, Jackson Price, George Fleece, Clint Fox
Studio: Studio 2000

Directed by: John Travis
Review brief: Mavericks 2: same ranch, different cowboys. This flick is actually a tad better than the original Mavericks. The cast includes favorite porn vets Logan Reed and Blake Harper and the hunky Rick Hammersmith, who will gratify those who like to see a muscular big boy take it like a man. The thin plotline revolves around ranch hands sluffing off work to have sex, foreman Logan Reed catching them, and two city boysJackson Price and Rick Hammersmithdriving around in their 2-seater Beemer and running out of gas near the ranch. In scene 1 Blake Harper and little Clint Fox get up late and run to the outside shower. After some preliminary mutual sucking, boss Logan arrives and joins in the action. A real nice 3-way ensues. A highlight is when Logan tops Blake. Logan Reed has been in a ton of flicks and he always delivers a professional performance. The climaxing cumshots are excellent as little Clint becomes the splooge repository--Blake shoots his load on Clints face and Logan shoots all over Clints chest. Overall, though the scene would probably rate a B.
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Boxcover for Mavericks 1
Mavericks 1 

Release date: 6/19/2000
Reviewed on: 3/11/2003

Starring: Trent Reed, David Thompson, Chad Conners, Sunny Markham, J.T. Sloan, Chad Donovan, Rob Cryston, Bo Garrett, Mark Montana, Tony Piagi, Pagan Prince, Scott Randsome, Beau Saxon
Studio: Studio 2000

Directed by: John Travis
Review brief: Cowboys, western gear, outdoor scenes, good bodies, man-to-man sexIt all has the makings of a really worthy porn DVD. Unfortunately, it just doesnt quite deliver. JoeBlow69s review pretty well summarizes this flicks high points and low points so I wont go into the blow-by-blow, but Ive added some additional comments in this review. The main criticisms I have of this DVD are: 1) too many limp dicks and too many puny cum shots; 2) sex that lacked passion; and 3) (a thing that perhaps only I would find fault with) theyre supposed to be cowboys and ranchers and Mark Montana has on a pair of biker boots and theyre all driving puny little Ford Rangers and foreign pickups. I lived in Montana and Ive never seen ranchers there drive anything but full-sized Fords, Chevys, GMC or Dodge trucks. Even so, there are some positive things to be said here. In scene 1, Mark Montana does have a really nice dickbig and thickly veined. He does have problems, though, as JB69 reports, in getting it up and keeping it there. And his cumshot is really weak. J.T.
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Boxcover for Conquered

Release date: 5/14/2002
Reviewed on: 3/11/2003

Starring: Casey Williams, Billy Herrington, Tom Katt, Blake Harper, Jay Ross, Andel
Studio: All Worlds Video

Review brief: Miss Chi Chi LaRue strikes again, this time with a DVD with a semblance of a story. Yes, sports fans, a story. With apologies to Russell Crowe, Billy Herrington is a gladiator, Tom Katt serves as his slave, with Andel and Trent Cougar as their guards. In the next cell, Casey Williams and Tino Lopez share a bed. In the Emperors throne room, Blake Harper (who, I must interject here, is as HOT as I have EVER seen him) plays Caesar, attended by Colton Ford as his centurion and Jay Ross and Nino Bacci as slaves. Now that weve got that straight Beefy muscular Billy Herrington returns wounded from the arena and Tom Katt attempts to sooth his pain. The guards intervene, tossing Tom Katt into the straw pile, and go to work on our gladiator Billy. Mutual sucking occurs but Billy is clearly the top in this arena. Trent Cougar bottoms and looks for all the world like hes gone to heaven, getting porked by both Andel and Billy. But why not? Who among us wouldnt want the big guy spittin on our meat and plowin our ass? Let me halt right here to discuss the dialog.
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Boxcover for Sting: A Taste For Leather
Sting: A Taste For Leather 

Release date: 5/19/2002
Reviewed on: 1/16/2003

Starring: Montana, Fernando, Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Christopher Scott, Dylan Reece, Thom Barron, Clay Maverick, Chip Noll, Chad Kennedy, Tristan Paris, Cameron Fox, Addison Scott, Virgil Sainclair, Palmer, Jeff, Tony Lazzari, Nick Riley
Studio: Falcon Studios

Review brief: Note: The DVD I viewed is the so-called censored version, which I rented. If youre planning to buy this DVD, be aware that, as described below, Falcon has exorcised what may be a big chunk out of the last scene. The uncensored version is available directly from Falcon but might show up in resale. See Message Board on this site for further info. The DVD opens with Chip Noll being kidnapped while half asleep by Chad Kennedy, Dylan Reece, and Tony Lazzari. They put a hood over his head, strap him to the roof of an SUV like a 5-point buck (really!), and away they go. Where? Well get to that shortly. But first up we find Tristan Paris is poised to service a cigar smoking, leather-harness-and-chaps-wearing Clay Maverick. Clay looks just great in this scene! They say to make it in gay porn, you need at least 2 of 3 thingsgood looking face, a great body, and a big dick. Well, Clay has hit the trifecta. Tristan caresses the big guys meat like he was worshiping it.
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Boxcover for Bare Muscle
Bare Muscle 

Release date: 1/29/2002
Reviewed on: 1/9/2003

Starring: Steve Tuck, Steve Hurley
Studio: Hot Desert Knights

Review brief: Leather and titpigs and bears, OH MY! After being mildly entertained by HDKs Dungeon Fuck Party (DFP), I decided to look further into the studios DVDs. This HDK selection, like DFP, is 100 sexno acting, no plot. It opens in the middle of a five-way scene among guys wearing leather harnesses and goes pretty much non-stop from there, beefy guys in various combinations having tough man-to-man sex. The film uses largely amateurs or at least quasi-amateurs. None of these stars are household names (at least if your house is filled with gay porn!) Steve Parker has been in some films, notably Fallen Angel IV (see reviews) and Steve Hurley specializes in furry features and has been a bunch of bearish DVDs and tapes from Catalina and others And little Steve Tuck has played the poor unfortunate fuck-ee in some films, as he does here. Ive always been attracted to this kind of sexhairy muscled guys slamming and sucking each other on the rough side, provided the guys are hot looking, in shape, and love what theyre doing. Well, in this flick most of them arent and dont.
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Boxcover for Dungeon Fuck Party, The
Dungeon Fuck Party, The 

Release date: 8/23/2001
Reviewed on: 10/4/2002

Studio: Marina Pacific

Review brief: Dungeon Fuck Party is a production of Hot Desert Knights Studios, which bills itself as the industry leader when it comes to 100 consensual, contemporary bareback videos. Given the title and description, a blow by blow synopsis hardly seems necessary. This DVD is about guys in leather chaps or butt naked who want to suck and be sucked, fuck and be fucked. It is filmed cinema verite style, purportedly an actual fuck party as it happens held in the HDK dungeon with invited guests. As might be expected, the lighting is consequently poor and the sound track almost negligible. The drama consists of casual pairings of 2 or 3 guys doing their business, and apparently enjoying every minute of what theyre doing. And a word of cautionthe title will be somewhat misleading for those who, seeing the word dungeon in the title, are expecting some serious B&D activity. That simply isnt this DVD.
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Boxcover for 3 Degrees of Humiliation
3 Degrees of Humiliation 

Release date: 3/27/2001
Reviewed on: 10/4/2002

Starring: Will Clark, Doug Jeffries, Cole Tucker, Michael Vista, Rick Allen, Robert Black
Studio: Paladin

Review brief: This DVD contains 3 scenes in which 3 top dogs chest-punch, slap, spit on, verbally abuse, and eventually fuck 3 guys who have to take every bit of it. Theres a special The Making of bonus extra scene in which the director and casts in each of the 3 scenes are shown giving and getting direction. You also get to see the several camera angles of the same take, as the director does, during the filming. There are also previews of 3 other MSR releases: Dont Ask Dont Tell; Size Is Everything; Sex in the City, none of which would particularly inspire me to run out and rent or buy the respective DVDs. First Degree Doug Jeffries picks up cheap trick Michael Vista and takes him back to his walls-covered-in-stone playroom. Michael does not take kindly to Dougs abuse, but take it he does. As Director Jack Francis tells them in setting up the scene, Theres a lot of tension. Eddie (apparently referring to Doug) is very hostile. Michaels attitude doesnt improve things.
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Boxcover for Easy Inn
Easy Inn 

Release date: 2/18/2001
Reviewed on: 9/20/2002

Starring: Jason Branch, Jack Stuart, Lance Gear, Ric Hunter, Tom Vaccaro, Michael Cooper, Dewayne Gill, Mack Kurtis, Seth Tochet
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: David Wexler
Review brief: Whoa! I think Ive actually stayed at this place in SF or a place just like it! Never saw any of these goings on there, though. :) Scene One -- Tom Vaccaro and Ric Hunter. HmmLets seeTom Vaccaro topped Dean Coulter in an outstanding scene in Sexpack Two and Ric Hunter did the same to Deans bubble butt in Boner!, so Im wondering whos gonna do what to who here. After the obligatory prelim foreplay, we get down to the meat of the storyToms meat, to be exactwhich Ric eats with some gusto. (BTW, I know Titan men dont shave but Tom Vaccaro looks hairier, rougher, skankier in this scene than in some of his others, which is, of course, OK by me.) (Also, as Ive mentioned in another review, you gotta really, really like the look of Tom Vaccaros dick. I mean, its not the biggest in gay porn, but its really full-sized and thick, nicely proportioned, with a great head.) Then Ric slides around to plant his face and tongue on Toms very hairy asshole (did I mention he hadnt shaved any body parts for this flick?) Great close-up shots here.
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Boxcover for Boner! - Man's Best Friend
Boner! - Man's Best Friend 

Release date: 12/12/2000
Reviewed on: 9/19/2002

Starring: Mike Roberts, Eric Masterson, Dean Coulter, Blake Harper, Lance Gear, Ric Hunter, Tom Vaccaro
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: David Wexler
Review brief: Two other reviews of this DVD (Joeblow69 and Netguy) give good synopses of the sex basics of the four scenes. My comments are supplemental views on these. Scene One--This is a hot scene. Tom Vaccaro, looking lean and mean, does a lot of horseplay with Blake Harpers ass and then horse plugs his ass. I loved the shots of Tom finger-playing with Blakes hole and, from the looks on his face, Blake did too. You could tell there was a lot of chemistry in this scene. Much more than two guys just going through the motions. Blake Harper is almost always an excellent bottom, as he is here. But if I may inject a note of restraint, I dont think Tom Vaccaro was quite as hot in this scene as he was with Dean Coulter in the first scene in Sexpack Two. Maybe thats because I always get an immediate hard-on when I see Dean Coulter in action. Which brings us to Scene Two--Dean Coulter and Ric Hunter get together in a fairly hot scene that had more potential than it delivered.
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Boxcover for Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion)
Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) 

Release date: 10/5/2001
Reviewed on: 6/5/2002

Starring: Frank Parker, Joe Stack, Robert Black
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Chris Ward, J.D. Slater
Review brief: Note on Rating: My vote is split: Parts I (especially) and II sure as hell worked for me. Part III is a solo dick playing scene where the guy is getting a tattoo colored. And Part IV involves guys with metal in places Id not seen before. Fascinating, erotic, exciting, but the sex just wasnt up to the standard set by the first two scenes. Based on the hotness of scenes I and II, Im giving this a somewhat positive 3 stars. But read the other reviews before you jump on this. Tom Vacarro and Dean Coulter Two American Booties If youre into fairly intense sex between two really great looking beefy guys, without any additions like bootlicking, tattooing and pierced body parts of all sorts, youll probably love this episode the best. Both guys are big and muscular, but Dean is really well muscled. Which is fine with me cause I usually find it a turn-on when the bigger guy is the bottom. Anyway, Tom Vacarros dick is probably the nicest Ive seen in a while in gay pornreally long, thick but not too thick, and able to salute on cue.
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Boxcover for Chapters

Release date: 5/8/2001
Reviewed on: 5/23/2002

Starring: Mike Roberts, Dean Coulter, Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Jacob Scott, Ken Butler, Jeff Halsey, Scott Malone, Mark Wadsworth
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: David Wexler
Review brief: Chapters is reminiscent of early days of gay porn (like the Colt series)little plot or dialogjust lots of fucking sex among some big cocked, muscled, often hairy guys. Which is precisely the kind of sex one would expect from Titan. No twink lovers need apply here. The movie consists of 4 chapters: Blake Harper and Jason Branch having fun; a threesome with Jacob Scott, Jeff Halsey, and Scott Malone; a solo effort by Mark Wadsworth (how appropriate that name); and a hot session with Dean Coulter and Mike Roberts, with a suggestion of B&D. The whole thing is tied together (heres where what little plot there is comes in) by Ken Butler looking through a book of still B&W photos of sex scenes which then fade into the four Chapters. (Get it? A more original plot device for a gay porn film I couldnt imagine. Not.) Anyway, getting down to the sex (which is, after all, why were here), Chapter 1 with Blake and Jason is fairly hot. I mean great bodies, great dicks and good action.
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