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Boxcover for Dark Day For Darling
Dark Day For Darling 

Release date: 6/16/2005
Reviewed on: 6/17/2005

Starring: Darling, Dave Darke
Studio: Dan Hawke

Review brief: DD03-Dark Day for Darling 5/15/05 by BaronOrca DD03 (Dark Day for Darling) is Dave Darke's ( third video release. This video features Dave Darke as the Birthday Guy, it's his birthday and he's getting a birthday present, the present is Darling (if anyone had a name in this, I didn't catch it), and she's his gift from his girlfriend. The setting is what looks like a bondage studio (perhaps a converted warehouse), with lots of BDSM toys on the wall and lot's of places to tie someone from or to. Darling is a super sexy strawberry blonde, who has a great body, (warning, she large tattoos on her back, however, they aren't seen much in this video).
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Boxcover for Annihilation Of Summer, The
Annihilation Of Summer, The 

Release date: 2/14/2004
Reviewed on: 5/19/2004

Starring: Summer Cummings, Donita Dunes, Tanya Danielle, Candy Cox
Studio: Totally Tasteless

Directed by: Summer Cummings
Review brief: All Girl, rough sex video. Themes: Big Tits, Lesbians, BDSM, tuff chicks Cast: Summer Cummings, Donita Dunes, Tanya Danielle, Goldie, Kandi Cox. Running Time 1Hr, 53Min + previews & phonesex ads Plotline: Summer is upset over her separation from Skye and starts getting self-destructive, her friends get together and do a "tuff chick lesbo" intervention on her. Scene 1 (of 4) Donita Dunes & Kandi Cox. I didn't like this scene (don't care for Donita), but it's a long 2 girl scene, heavy on the toys & it looks lke both girls had a good time. Scene 2 (of 4) Summer Cummings. A solo with toys, waxing, noose play, and a safetypin. (If I hadn't seen & talked with Summer at the 2004 Expo, I would have been quite concerned about her after seing this scene- she did a very convincing act of a very disturbed woman) This is a very rough scene, and I liked it. Scene 3 (of 4) Tanya Danielle & Goldie A hot scene between two of my favorite Big Bust Blondes. They show up early and have some fun with each other.
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Boxcover for Knife Point 2
Knife Point 2 

Release date: 3/31/2003
Reviewed on: 12/31/2003

Starring: Kelli Thomas, Cleo Nicole, John Chasm
Studio: B&D Pleasures

Review brief: KnifePoint 2 (Relative Evil) B&D Pleasures 2003 Starring Cleo Nicole, Kelli Thomas, and John Chasm. This is different, sort of a BDSM Slasher flick. Being a BDSm video there is no sex, and not even that much explicit nudity. The premise; (Kelly Thomas) is looking for her lost sister (see Knifepoint 1) and is captured by Rufus, the demented knifeloving psycho from Knifepoint 1. After a little bit of torture, she manages to convince him that she is his long lost sister, so he grabs another girl to abuse, this is Amber (Cleo Nicole). Rufus abuses her, Kelli's character abuses her. And it goes on, some surprises, some nasty torments, some bloody knives.... and only one will return for Knifepoint 3. Running time 1hr 9min with about 30+ min of making of and interviews. 25 or so pic photo gallery, commentary(this was really great, but I want to make fetish videos...) Recommended for Kinksters who want something a little different (and disturbing).
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Boxcover for Secret Toys
Secret Toys 

Release date: 9/4/2002
Reviewed on: 9/23/2002

Starring: Layla Jade, Mika, Cheryl Dynasty
Studio: Horizon

Review brief: False adertising alert! Cover of disc claims that this Is Layla Jade's first bondage video. It's not, so why do they bother to lie? Secret Toys Volume One John Nystrom Productions/ Elite Multimedia Produced June 2002 Cast: Mika Tan, Cheryl Dynasty, and Layla Jade Run Time: Just over an hour (1hr 8min) Extras: Photos (20), footage from (?)upcoming volumes Secret Toys (vol 1) is a bondage video, and not a very good one at that. The cast is OK + (Mika is a fave of mine and Cheryl and Layla are OK). The bondage is actually quite good (in a stylish way) and the picture is quite clear. The problem with this disc is in the basic idea behind it. It's a bondage video, and thats all it is, the girls each in their own 20 min segment are shown already tied, they struggle a bit, whimper a bit then it's off to the next tie, more struggling, more whimpering......
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Boxcover for Traffickers

Release date: 11/5/2001
Reviewed on: 3/14/2002

Starring: Gia Regency, Teagn Quinn
Studio: B&D Pleasures

Review brief: 1st Review Traffickers (Bon-Vue 2001) 50 min. feature, 4 min. making of, 6 min. trailers, 40+ photos. Directed by Bob Hollywood Starring Tagen Quinn, Gia Regency, Damien Hall. Cheezy short bondage/sm video. Basic plot seems to be that two female federal agents are captured by Columbian Drug Lord and his thugs, of course the girls are used and abused by the Drug Lord and his thugs. Action (such as it is) include bondage of both girls (separately and together), forced dildo rape, spankng, whipping, lesbian sex, and (non-explicit) rape. My Opinion of this video is that I'm glad that the makers of this movie at least tried to do something more than the standard "rack em and whack em" BDSM flick. Too bad their aim was higher than their ability.
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