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Boxcover for Private Gold 58: Calendar Girl
Private Gold 58: Calendar Girl 

Release date: 5/1/2003
Reviewed on: 8/24/2005

Starring: Francesco Malcom, Eva, Jenny, Claudia Jamsson, Alissa, Julia Taylor, Marie, Marie-Anne, Nikol, Mick Blue, Claudia Jameson, Denis Marti, Cynthia Fox
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: Its been a while since ive seen an Adamo film, so i dont know if i enjoyed this film more because of that or because it actually was really good. Cast: First off, the cast is really good. Julia Taylor, who has two scenes in this film, is incredible. Other stars include Claudia Jamsson, Alissa, Marie-Anne, Cynthia, Nicol and Alexa May. The girls not only look good, they are also wearing some sexy outfits and are styled really well which make the production values seem really decent. Story: With difficulties in finding the right girl for a calendar shoot, our photographers get up close and personal with some wanna-be models. I particularly liked the scene where 3 girls are waiting for an interview and they are called in one by one, where they drop their clothes and start to work for their money. Sex: There are 8 scenes in total with Adamos typical style, which for those who do not know his work include black and white cuts between the different positions, slow motion shots and girls looking into the camera for some of the scene.
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Boxcover for Private Gold 63: Sex Experiment
Private Gold 63: Sex Experiment 

Release date: 2/10/2004
Reviewed on: 3/14/2004

Starring: Robert Rosenberg, Frank Gunn, Sebastian Barrio, Nika, Mandy Bright, Donna Marie, Steve Hooper, Alexa May, Bobbi Eden
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: After Private Eye, i was pretty reluctant to invest in another Adamo film because they have become so lacklustre in the past. However I was intruiged by this title, so I thought that I'd give it a go As with many porn productions, this takes a spin on a commercial film. The film being the german release 'Das Experiment', where volunteers are separated into two groups within a prison enviroment, wardens and prisoners. The idea is to observe human behaviour, or in this case their sexual behaviour. The women are portraying the dominant guards, whereas the men here are playing the mistreated prisoners. The film opens with the applicants being shown. The first scene features the overseeing scientist and a very British girl (not really a compliment!). Although the inclusion of a Britsh actress helps the narration a great deal, as previous Private titles have had somewhat incomprehensible translations or eurobabes trying their best with their broken english. Bobbi Eden looks great in her two scenes and the prison storyline adds a great deal of atmosphere overall.
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Boxcover for Private Penthouse 12: Without Limits 2
Private Penthouse 12: Without Limits 2 

Release date: 5/18/2002
Reviewed on: 7/16/2002

Starring: David Perry, Steve Holmes, Sophie Evans, Franco Roccaforte, Loureen Kiss, Lynn Stone, Toni Ribas, Claudia Jackson, Sandra Iron
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: Actresses: Sandra Irons, Sophie Evans, Lynn Stone, Loureen Kiss, David Perry, Steve Holmes, Franco Roccaforte, Tony Ribas, Claudia Jackson. Directed by: Antonio Adamo I was really into the first part, even though it was somewhat lacking in feeling. This seems however, to be the final in the Private Penthouse series making 12 in all. It seems a little sad that what was lacking in the other films, finally makes an appearance here in the last movie. And that feature is the quality of the sex. All of the films looked great, but the sex was a little sterile, here the girls get a little more than usual in a way of harder sex, by Adamo's standards anyway! Sandra looks great as usual and the sex scenes are a real turn on. The leggy Claudia Jackson gets a particularly hard banging, which makes me think she was being punished for being late on set or something!! I won't go through each individual scene, but i'll say this it's a better film than the first film, and better quality than the other 11 movies. So in all, this is probably the best of the entire selection.
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Boxcover for Private Penthouse 4: Dangerous Things 2
Private Penthouse 4: Dangerous Things 2 

Release date: 1/24/2001
Reviewed on: 1/10/2002

Starring: Maria, David Perry, Dora, Silvia Saint, Nacho Vidal, Lea de Mae, Frank Gunn, Freddy Dalton, Estelle, Franco Roccaforte, Sonia Smith
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: Stars: Silvia Saint, Lae De Mae, Melody Kord, Dora. Directed By Antonio Adamo Check out my review of the first film. When i started to view this film, i thought it was a bit oo similar to the first film. The first three scenes are in a way, the same sort of thing. The first scene is with Silvia and a guy, although this time on a beach. The scene is good, although a little slow. The second scene is in the same room from the first with with a guy and a girl on a bed. Then we have the sacrifice pillar that also featured in the first film. By now i was getting a little weary, but the disc picks up from here. There is another two scenes with Lae, one of which is with two guys on a boat. Then we have the big white bed scene with Silvia and another couple. Finally we have a mimic of a scene from the first film with the big statue in the background. The film feels very much the same, even though that is a good thing, it can be repetitive. Silvia has 3 scenes and doesn't attempt any anal. Lae shines in this film as she is gorgeous.
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Boxcover for Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things
Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things 

Release date: 11/10/2000
Reviewed on: 1/4/2002

Starring: David Perry, Andrea, Silvia Saint, Alexa, Isabelle, Sandra, Nacho Vidal, Katja Love, Alberto Rey, Leslie Taylor, Nick Lang, Lea de Mae, Franco Roccaforte, Christina Bella, Carmen Santana
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: Stars: Alexa, Katia Love, Lea de Mae, Silvia Saint. Directed by: Antonio Adamo The wafer thin plot of a writer, (Saint) seeking to up her sales isn't even really a factor. As with most porn productions, the plot is usually in the way of the sex and is complimented by bad acting. Sometimes however it does add to the insensity of the sex scenes. I am going to be objective in this review, as there are a few other reviews here. I have seen a great deal of private films, and i have to say that this is the best one i have seen so far. The girls look fantastic, the scenes have the actual girls moaning (instead of Private dubbing it over as in most cases!), it looks like a thousand bucks and the guys aren't the 'off putting' dirty old men type. A problem with Adamo films is the sexual heat. Scenes can often look loveless and sterile, and basically without feeling. Some of that is present within this movie, but not enough to block the progress of the film. Adamo's style may also need getting used to as it is very arty.
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Boxcover for Italian Flair
Italian Flair 

Release date: 2/18/2001
Reviewed on: 12/19/2001

Starring: Roberto Malone, Eva Falk, David Perry, Nikki Anderson, Frank Gun, Nacho Vidal, Daniella Rush, George, Laura Angel, Sophie Evans, Alberto Ray, Franco Roccaforte, Ian Scott, Sandra Russo, Lynn Stone, Toni Ribas, Denis Marti, Daniela Ognibene
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: Stars: Daniella Rush, Eva Falk, Laura Angel, Nikki Anderson, Sandra Russo, Sophie Evans. Directed by: Antonio Adamo Synopsis: Marco is a successful photographer in the fashion industry who is called upon by a client, Gianni De Gay. Working on a new product, he intends to release a commercial in the future. He is searching for a girl who has the right look to be the face of the new product. Another in the Penthouse collection that usually looks so great. This is no exception, it looks fantastic, but may loose some eroticism through all it's flashy editing. The sex is done in stages, oral, vaginal, and then anal. There is a b/w quick recap of the scene before moving to the cumshot, which is mostly a facial. The actresses looks fantastic, with ansd without clothes. The plot is good, for a porn movie, and the acting isn't that bad. The voiceover tells most of the story to lonk the scenes together. Nikki, Evans and Angel all have smaller roles. The real show stealer is midway throught the film, a three on three with great looking girls.
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Boxcover for Call Girl (Private)
Call Girl (Private) 

Release date: 6/2/2000
Reviewed on: 12/17/2001

Starring: Philippe Dean, David Perry, Brigitte, Silvia Saint, Caroline, Frank Gun, Lisa Belle, Kate More, Peggy Sue, Richard Langin, Frank Major, Bruno Sx, Eric Leroi, Monica Moore, Angela Tiger, Ian Scott, Monica Sweetheart, Vivien Martines, Philippe Durock
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: Stars: Angela Tiger, Brigitte, Caroline, Kate More, Lisa Crawford, Monica Moore, Monika Sweetheart, Peggy Sue, Silvia Saint, Vivien Martines. Directed by: Antonio Adamo. The original Private Penthouse movie. It's success made it known even in the U.K. If i'd have seen this a few years ago, i might have been more impressed. The fact is, Private and Penthouse have bettered themselves a million times over since this film, but that does not make this a bad film. The film centers around a married journalist. His growing obsession around a Call Girl (Saint) that he is studying. Saint looks great as always, and is in a few scenes that probably make the film better. Crawford plays the journalist's wife who really has a great rack, (natural if i remember correctly!). I was quite interested in the film because of Kate More who, i might add, goes unnoticed as she looks a little toned down compared to what she looked like in Amanda's Diary and Fashion. What really surprised me are the deleted scenes.
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