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Boxcover for Private Tropical 13: A Hidden Pleasure
Private Tropical 13: A Hidden Pleasure 

Release date: 9/13/2004
Reviewed on: 8/24/2005

Starring: Alicia, Christina Bella, Jessica May, Claudia Ferrari, Alexa May, Cindy Lord
Studio: Private

Directed by: Alessandro Del Mar
Review brief: Another of Del Mar's tropical series. It seems to me that these films, like Sunset Memories, are filmed together as the scenes, locations and cast are almost identical save for a slightly different plot. So whats it all about eh? Its about a voyeuristic guy who unfortunately keeps getting caught watching people screw, then naturally he gets the living crap kicked out of him. So a dodgy local bloke, yes the same one from Sunset Memories, gives our pervy hero the power to be... wait for it.... invisible. Not only that, he can touch people without them actually feeling anything.
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Boxcover for Private Tropical 14: Sunset Memories
Private Tropical 14: Sunset Memories 

Release date: 12/10/2004
Reviewed on: 8/24/2005

Starring: Philippe Dean, Francesco Malcom, Alicia, Kevin Long, Christina Bella, Jessica May, George Uhl, Donna Marie, Claudia Ferrari, Cindy Lords, Phil Holiday
Studio: Private

Directed by: Alessandro Del Mar
Review brief: I have found Alessandro Del Mar's tropical films to be a bit of a let down. My main gripes are that the individual scenes are too quick cut (in regard to positions) and are mostly very short. But nevertheless, i gave this title a go... As far as story goes, its about a guy (George) who cant get it up for his hot wife (Cindy Lords). So after taking some advice from some dodgy local bloke whilst on vacation, George decides to let other men poke his wife while he watches. Much fun ensues... Im not going into any detail about the scenes, but i will say that i did enjoy quite a few of the scenes in this film, especially those with Lords, Ferrari, Bella and Alicia.
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Boxcover for Private Gold 63: Sex Experiment
Private Gold 63: Sex Experiment 

Release date: 2/10/2004
Reviewed on: 3/14/2004

Starring: Robert Rosenberg, Frank Gunn, Sebastian Barrio, Nika, Mandy Bright, Donna Marie, Steve Hooper, Alexa May, Bobbi Eden
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: After Private Eye, i was pretty reluctant to invest in another Adamo film because they have become so lacklustre in the past. However I was intruiged by this title, so I thought that I'd give it a go As with many porn productions, this takes a spin on a commercial film. The film being the german release 'Das Experiment', where volunteers are separated into two groups within a prison enviroment, wardens and prisoners. The idea is to observe human behaviour, or in this case their sexual behaviour. The women are portraying the dominant guards, whereas the men here are playing the mistreated prisoners. The film opens with the applicants being shown. The first scene features the overseeing scientist and a very British girl (not really a compliment!). Although the inclusion of a Britsh actress helps the narration a great deal, as previous Private titles have had somewhat incomprehensible translations or eurobabes trying their best with their broken english. Bobbi Eden looks great in her two scenes and the prison storyline adds a great deal of atmosphere overall.
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Boxcover for Private Movies 8: Island Fever
Private Movies 8: Island Fever 

Release date: 9/6/2003
Reviewed on: 11/1/2003

Starring: Violet, Silvia Lancome, Sophie Gently, Andrea Morali, Maya Gold, Steve Hooper, Lara Stevens, Tony De Sergio, Katja Kassin
Studio: Private

Directed by: Tom Howard
Review brief: Over the years, Private have seemingly stuck with the same directors which in the end delivered a great deal of features with the same overall feeling. Adamo is undoubtably a good director, with a great eye for beautiful women, however the sex has always lacked. Before his migration to Hustler, Woodman had also very good quality showings. After a while though, it felt like we were seeing the same thing from Private over and over. New Private director Tom Herald takes control of this feature. And even though it isnt the best porn film ever, it is a breath of fresh air that Private so desperately needed. There are some new concepts here, that have been seen rarely from Private, such as guys coming inside the actress, or the woman masturbating after the guy has done his thing! Anyway basics aside, I really enjoyed Island Fever. The women were beautiful and the sex was very good. The location also added some heat (in both senses of the word).
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Boxcover for Private Ninn 1: Perfect
Private Ninn 1: Perfect 

Release date: 11/5/2002
Reviewed on: 11/5/2002

Starring: Julia Ann, Mia Smiles, Tina Tyler, Tyce Bune, George Kaplan, Gino Colbert, Eric Masterson, Layla Jade, Dale Dabone, Brooke Hunter, Dave Cummings, Shay Sights, Nikita Denise, Wendy Divine, Don Hollywood, Monica Mayhem, Sabrine Maui, Flick Shagwell, Nick Manning, Kristal Summers, Kelly Fire, Kiwi, Fujiko Kano, Dru Berrymore, Jodie Moore, Hamilton Steel, Alex Rox, Hamilton Steele, Art Core
Studio: Private

Directed by: Michael Ninn
Review brief: Cast: Jodie Moore, Nikita Denise, Wendy Divine, Shay Sights, Sabrina Maui, Monica Mayhem, Mia Smiles, Layla Jade, Lauren. Kristal Summers, Dru Berrymore, Brooke Hunter Studio: Private Director: Michael Ninn Running time: 2 hours (Disc 1) 1 hour 45 (Disc 2) Private seem to be pushing for a higher quality in its DVD releases since The Private Gladiator was unleashed. And now here is Perfect, but is it? Under the direction of the highly decorated Michael Ninn, Private have taken a seemingly American cast, (not unlike that to Adamos Center of Sex) in the hopes of widening their market share. Also a notable point, is the inclusion of Jodie Moore who is now under an exclusive contract with Private, (also recently seen in The Private Sex Survivors). The box itself has a beautiful sleeve covering a fold-out disc holder which contains both discs and a picture booklet with one text in different languages.
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Boxcover for Eiskalte Engel
Eiskalte Engel 

Release date: 8/30/2002
Reviewed on: 8/29/2002

Starring: Kelly Trump, Steve Holmes, Sabine, Andy, Conny Dachs, Fanny, Mandy Mystery, Dirk, Titus Steel, Amir, Diana (Monique La Belle), Jens, Sty, Denise La Bouche, Horst S.
Studio: MMV

Directed by: H. C. Meteor
Review brief: Starring: Denise, Kelly Trump, 'some guy' Sterling and Steve Holmes amongst others. A german offering that is very well produced. It borrows a little from Private's Antonio Adamo in that b/w cuts are included during the sex scenes, which do disrupt the flow of things at times. Basically, this film roughly follows the plot to Cruel Intentions but then develops more of a story of it's own. The main character Paul (Sterling), living a life of sex, drugs and so on, is also into his sister Samantha (Denise) amongst other girls. Opening with Paul putting some powder up his nose from his sister's belly button, he starts to put the moves on her. She escapes into the next room for a two on two, Paul not being included. The next scene is Paul and his therapist Kelly Trump in a bath. The scene is okay actually.
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Boxcover for Private Penthouse 12: Without Limits 2
Private Penthouse 12: Without Limits 2 

Release date: 5/18/2002
Reviewed on: 7/16/2002

Starring: David Perry, Steve Holmes, Sophie Evans, Franco Roccaforte, Loureen Kiss, Lynn Stone, Toni Ribas, Claudia Jackson, Sandra Iron
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: Actresses: Sandra Irons, Sophie Evans, Lynn Stone, Loureen Kiss, David Perry, Steve Holmes, Franco Roccaforte, Tony Ribas, Claudia Jackson. Directed by: Antonio Adamo I was really into the first part, even though it was somewhat lacking in feeling. This seems however, to be the final in the Private Penthouse series making 12 in all. It seems a little sad that what was lacking in the other films, finally makes an appearance here in the last movie. And that feature is the quality of the sex. All of the films looked great, but the sex was a little sterile, here the girls get a little more than usual in a way of harder sex, by Adamo's standards anyway! Sandra looks great as usual and the sex scenes are a real turn on. The leggy Claudia Jackson gets a particularly hard banging, which makes me think she was being punished for being late on set or something!! I won't go through each individual scene, but i'll say this it's a better film than the first film, and better quality than the other 11 movies. So in all, this is probably the best of the entire selection.
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Boxcover for Private Penthouse 10: Without Limits
Private Penthouse 10: Without Limits 

Release date: 11/7/2001
Reviewed on: 1/21/2002

Starring: Maria, Sophie Evans, Natalli, Sophie Angel, Lynn Stone, Claudia Jackson, Christelle
Studio: Private

Review brief: Stars: Sophie Evans, Sandra Iron, Lynn Stone, Sophie Angel, Claudia Jackson, Maria, Christelle, Natalli, Veronica Carso, Diane Blonde. Directed By: Antonio Adamo. Bearing more than a passing resemblence to the story and characters of 'American Psycho', this really is a well-rounded feature. The main charater, Andrew (Tony Ribas), is a rich, successful yuppie type, who coincidently has no control over his darker side, (sex and violence). Andrew is totally self absorbed within his looks, status, possessions and doesn't much care for anyone else. So we move to the first scene with dvd covergirl, Sandra Iron. Sandra is absolutely stunning and notably invested in body arts, (tongue , nipple , vaginal and nose piercing. A small tattoo above her pubic hair, and a large dragon crawling down her back. This may sound bad, but check out the large dvd cover!) Oddly, there is only anal in this scene. We then move to a nightclub where two of Andrew's friends have their way with two dancers as Andrew bows out of the scene.
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Boxcover for Private Penthouse 4: Dangerous Things 2
Private Penthouse 4: Dangerous Things 2 

Release date: 1/24/2001
Reviewed on: 1/10/2002

Starring: Maria, David Perry, Dora, Silvia Saint, Nacho Vidal, Lea de Mae, Frank Gunn, Freddy Dalton, Estelle, Franco Roccaforte, Sonia Smith
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: Stars: Silvia Saint, Lae De Mae, Melody Kord, Dora. Directed By Antonio Adamo Check out my review of the first film. When i started to view this film, i thought it was a bit oo similar to the first film. The first three scenes are in a way, the same sort of thing. The first scene is with Silvia and a guy, although this time on a beach. The scene is good, although a little slow. The second scene is in the same room from the first with with a guy and a girl on a bed. Then we have the sacrifice pillar that also featured in the first film. By now i was getting a little weary, but the disc picks up from here. There is another two scenes with Lae, one of which is with two guys on a boat. Then we have the big white bed scene with Silvia and another couple. Finally we have a mimic of a scene from the first film with the big statue in the background. The film feels very much the same, even though that is a good thing, it can be repetitive. Silvia has 3 scenes and doesn't attempt any anal. Lae shines in this film as she is gorgeous.
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Boxcover for Private Black Label 18: Desert Camp Sex Exchange
Private Black Label 18: Desert Camp Sex Exchange 

Release date: 5/17/2001
Reviewed on: 1/7/2002

Starring: Steve Holmes, Nick Lang, Chrystal, Christina Bella, Blond Panni, Mark Josilee
Studio: Private

Directed by: Kovi
Review brief: Stars: Chrystal, Kristina Bella, Stella Virgin, CG, Panni, Alexi, Nick Lang, Steve Holmes. Directed by: Kovi I was in two minds about this feature. Initially i picked this up after having seen 'Dangerous things' and wanted to see more of Kristina Bella. This isn't the best private film, but the sex isn't bad and the girls range in sexiness. And then there's Steve Holmes... You see Private films have a way that the girls play to the camera in the sex scenes. It can be fun and sexy, especially during a facial as it has a close up, (and if the girl is especially hot, which is usually the case, then it's a real plus!). Under NO circumstances should a guy play to the camera!!!! I managed to ignore Steve Holmes in Sex Sliders, which is the point. The guys should be ignorable, without being too ugly or old etc. In fact, i don't mind when the guy is 'fit', as it keeps my girlfriend quiet! But the guy is never center stage really. As degrading as it sounds, a typical porno is usually a girl(s), cock(s), and a few sexual postions.
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Boxcover for Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things
Private Penthouse 3: Dangerous Things 

Release date: 11/10/2000
Reviewed on: 1/4/2002

Starring: David Perry, Andrea, Silvia Saint, Alexa, Isabelle, Sandra, Nacho Vidal, Katja Love, Alberto Rey, Leslie Taylor, Nick Lang, Lea de Mae, Franco Roccaforte, Christina Bella, Carmen Santana
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: Stars: Alexa, Katia Love, Lea de Mae, Silvia Saint. Directed by: Antonio Adamo The wafer thin plot of a writer, (Saint) seeking to up her sales isn't even really a factor. As with most porn productions, the plot is usually in the way of the sex and is complimented by bad acting. Sometimes however it does add to the insensity of the sex scenes. I am going to be objective in this review, as there are a few other reviews here. I have seen a great deal of private films, and i have to say that this is the best one i have seen so far. The girls look fantastic, the scenes have the actual girls moaning (instead of Private dubbing it over as in most cases!), it looks like a thousand bucks and the guys aren't the 'off putting' dirty old men type. A problem with Adamo films is the sexual heat. Scenes can often look loveless and sterile, and basically without feeling. Some of that is present within this movie, but not enough to block the progress of the film. Adamo's style may also need getting used to as it is very arty.
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Boxcover for Private Gold 42: Madness 2
Private Gold 42: Madness 2 

Release date: 2/10/2001
Reviewed on: 1/3/2002

Starring: Andrea, Paola, Holly, Alberto Rey, Judith Fox, Tamara, Adele, Tunde, Edina, Agnes, Brigitta, J.P.X., James Brossman, Melody Kord, Franco Roccaforte, Pascal St. James, Gabreilla Tchekan, Soraya Curiel, Suzan Strong, Adrienne Klass, Monica Rossi
Studio: Private

Directed by: Pierre Woodman
Review brief: Stars: Adrienne Klass, Brigitta Fazelas, Cindy, Edina, Gabriella Tchekan, Holly, Judith Fox, Laura, Melody Kord, Paola, Soraya Curiel, Suzan Strong, Tamara. Directed by: Pierre Woodman Unlike most of the usual Private films, this has a running time of almost 3 hours which is a real bonus. So, i haven't seen the first part so i can't compare the two, but we are given an introduction to the story with brief clips from the first outing. Impressive it looks too! So the main guy is in jail, for a rape that he didn't commit. The plot continues as he tries to get free. There are some great sceneries and the women, most of whom are in the first part from what i can tell, are really hot. Unfortunetly, Judith Fox and the main cover girl don't get much screen time. But that's okay as Melody Kord fills in the space, and then there's also a scene with the gorgeous Gabriella. The sex is good, and lenthy, the breasts are real, there is anal, DP's, facials, the usual Private stuff.
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Boxcover for Private Black Label 7: Uranus Experiment 2, The
Private Black Label 7: Uranus Experiment 2, The 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 12/20/2001

Starring: Wanda Curtis, Silvia Saint, Christine, Gabriella, Christina, Sonia, Bettina, Leslie Taylor, Caroline Cage, Vanda, Cristina Dark, Noemi, Julia Taylor, Melody Kord, Estelle, Stephanie Steele
Studio: Private

Directed by: John Millerman
Review brief: Stars: Bettina, Caroline Cage, Christine, Cristina Dark, Estelle, Gabriella, Julia Taylor, Melody Kord, Noemi, Silvia Saint, Sonia, Stephanie Steel, Vanda Vitus, Wanda Curtis From Private Black Label. I didn't see the first part of the film, however there is a brief recap at the beginning of the film. Somehow, this film just felt like it was put together with the parts of the first film that were left on the cutting room floor. Even though the film was well produced, looked great and the stars were hot, there was no real heat there. There are some good scenes however. The first one on Earth with the two oversexed astronauts and the two girls was enjoyable. The girls looked good, and it was fun. Then we have the two spaceships docking with a three on three in alleged no gravity. The scene is slow, a little dark, and quickly intercut with eachother so you don't get that much of wach. Saint, Curtis and Gabriella look great though. Back on Earth, there is Bettina with a guy, then Julia and another girl in the sauna.
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Boxcover for Italian Flair
Italian Flair 

Release date: 2/18/2001
Reviewed on: 12/19/2001

Starring: Roberto Malone, Eva Falk, David Perry, Nikki Anderson, Frank Gun, Nacho Vidal, Daniella Rush, George, Laura Angel, Sophie Evans, Alberto Ray, Franco Roccaforte, Ian Scott, Sandra Russo, Lynn Stone, Toni Ribas, Denis Marti, Daniela Ognibene
Studio: Private

Directed by: Antonio Adamo
Review brief: Stars: Daniella Rush, Eva Falk, Laura Angel, Nikki Anderson, Sandra Russo, Sophie Evans. Directed by: Antonio Adamo Synopsis: Marco is a successful photographer in the fashion industry who is called upon by a client, Gianni De Gay. Working on a new product, he intends to release a commercial in the future. He is searching for a girl who has the right look to be the face of the new product. Another in the Penthouse collection that usually looks so great. This is no exception, it looks fantastic, but may loose some eroticism through all it's flashy editing. The sex is done in stages, oral, vaginal, and then anal. There is a b/w quick recap of the scene before moving to the cumshot, which is mostly a facial. The actresses looks fantastic, with ansd without clothes. The plot is good, for a porn movie, and the acting isn't that bad. The voiceover tells most of the story to lonk the scenes together. Nikki, Evans and Angel all have smaller roles. The real show stealer is midway throught the film, a three on three with great looking girls.
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Boxcover for Private Gold 3: Chase, The
Private Gold 3: Chase, The 

Release date: 4/4/2001
Reviewed on: 12/18/2001

Starring: Kristina, Jan Hedin, Holly Black, Elone, Johanna, Cherette
Studio: Private

Directed by: Jane Waters
Review brief: Private have a really good collection under many different banners. This is in the Gold collection and I really wasn't all that impressed. All is forgiveable since this is a pretty old title. The girls are not really up to Private standard, the sex is just okay, and the attempt at a plot is just hilarious. The sex scenes are very mediocre, but there is a fairly okay scene in the middle of the film, as well as the orgy at the end.
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Boxcover for Blonds on Fire
Blonds on Fire 

Release date: 1/24/2001
Reviewed on: 12/17/2001

Starring: Genevieve, Silvia Saint, Monique Covet, Katja Kean, Caroline Cage, Gabriella Bond, Greta, Cassandra Wild, Sophie Evans, Kata Lynn, Magdelana, Sidonie, Dru Berrymore
Studio: Private

Review brief: I'd actually been after this DVD for a while now. Finally i was able to get a hold of a copy and it really didn't disappoint. Stars: Caroline Cage, Cassandra Wilde, Dru Berrymore, Genevievre, Grety, Katja Kean, Magdalena, Monique Covét, Silvia Saint, Sophie Evans, Gabrielle Bond. Running time :+90mins. There are actually 12 girls in this compilation tape, but the last name escapes me right now. Private compilations are usually a mixture of good scenes, balanced out with so-so one's. I found myself enjoying every scene as they offered something a little different. Kicking off is a scnene from Sex Shot. Now this is a good scene with Cassandra Wilde and two guys as she is placed in a sex swing. Laura Angel and Zenza look on, but do not get involved. Cassandra is a leggy blond with a great body, the scene really looks great. Next and in no specific order is a scene from Italian Flair.
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