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Boxcover for Private Life Of Kate More, The
Private Life Of Kate More, The 

Release date: 2/24/2004
Reviewed on: 4/12/2004

Starring: Ursula Moore, David Perry, Silvia Saint, Andrew Youngman, Kate More, Leslie Taylor, Laura Angel, Sophie Evans, Frank Gunn, Franco Roccaforte, Joe Lemon
Studio: Private

Review brief: Once again we're treated to another in the excellent 'Private Life of' Line. This time Dutch beauty Kate More gets the 2-Disc treatment. I was really excited when i heard about this title. Kate was the girl that really attracted me to the Private line via the Amanda's Diary series. And the extras just keep getting better and better on these titles. Disc one isn't just the standard VHS edition, where it also includes a (hidden) scene from Amanda's Diary 2, (the scene from the museum). I was glad to find this on the disc, as i was a little perplexed to find it not within the scene listings. The extras disc not only includes extra scenes amounting upto a total that outspans the VHS edition, but there is also an exclusive scene specially filmed for this disc. I haven't seen anything new from Kate in a long time, so i was really surprised by this.
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Boxcover for Private Life Of Laura Angel, The
Private Life Of Laura Angel, The 

Release date: 1/13/2004
Reviewed on: 2/1/2004

Starring: Zenza Raggi, Mike Foster, Silvia Saint, John Walton, Kate More, Nick Lang, Frank Major, Kevin Long, Laura Angel, Cassandra Wild, Frank Gunn, Tony De Sergio
Studio: Private

Review brief: This has been one of the more anticipated titles in this series. Laura is a hottie with long black hair, who also goes under the name Lenka. The first disc is the standard film. It includes 6 of the most important scenes of Laura's work for Private. Scenes included are from: Helles Belles (with Silvia Saint), Xtreme Desires (with Monique Covet), Sex Shot, Italian Flair (with Nikki Anderson), Fashion and another random scene. Laura offers a better interview about her life than others that i have seen, such as Jodie More. Disc two offer 10 scenes in total, running at over 2 and a half hours. Scenes include Sex Shot (2), Helles Belles, China Box and more. There is also a beautifully filmed extra scene exclusive to this disc, like found on PLO Lea De Mae. You may view this in a hard or soft version. As well as the usual trailers, photobooks and magazine shoots, you get the now standard quiz game. You are rewarded, upon completion, with the final scene from the, up until now unreleased, Cleoptra 2. Probably one of the best PLO discs i have seen.
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Boxcover for Best By Private 51: Dangerous Curves
Best By Private 51: Dangerous Curves 

Release date: 12/9/2003
Reviewed on: 2/1/2004

Starring: David Perry, phillipe Soine, Robert Rosenberg, Judith Fox, Alain Deloin, Gabriella Bond, James Brossman, Pascal St. James, Stacy Silver, Jane Darling, Laura Lion, Gabriella Tchekan
Studio: Private

Review brief: Private have at least made some headway with compilations in recent times. We aren't being fobbed off with lackluster 90 minute jobs anymore. This compliation runs at 2 and a half hours which is better considering the amount Private DVD's cost. Scenes are (no particular order): Judith Fox from Superfu*kers 2. Good 2 on 1 scene in the snow. Directed by Pierre Woodman Gabriella Tchekan from Superf*kers 4. Again a 2 on 1 from Mr. Woodman. Jane Darling from Extreme 1: Bachannal. The box cover (small picture - not Stacy's picture mind!) and the disc itself show Jane with long blonde hair, looking hot. The scene features her looking not so great however, with short brown hair. Come on guys, dont do that! Porn is mostly sold from the boxcover artwork. Gabriella Bond from the Fugitive. 1 on 1 from Mr Woodman again. Nice beach scene. Cecile, forgotton where its from, but you can see its age. Stacy Silver (main cover girl) and Laura from Extreme: Anal Agency. Fun car-washing scene. Agnes from Mr. Woodman's Madness. This is one of my favourite scenes.
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Boxcover for Private Life Of Dora Venter, The
Private Life Of Dora Venter, The 

Release date: 7/15/2003
Reviewed on: 10/18/2003

Starring: David Perry, Mike Foster, Monique Covet, Leslie Taylor, Claudia Jamsson, Nick Lang, Alex Mantegna, Sheila Scott, Choky Ice, Dora Venter, Bob Terminator, Claudia Jameson, Tiffany Diamond, Gabriella Dion, Tony De Sergio, Csoky Ice
Studio: Private

Review brief: The Private Life of... series is probably the strongest line in the private series. For your money you get two discs, with approx. two hours more material than the VHS version, and more frequently in the series nowerdays, better special features such as extra scenes. Dora was never one of my favourite Private girls, considering this series has covered the likes of Covet, Wild (Cassandra and Michelle), Anderson and many more. I have seen her previously in many features and whilst she was good, she never really stood out in my mind. This compilation did somewhat to change that. The interview, which binds each of the scenes is shot on a beach and Dora's english isn't the best but understandable. On the first disc there are 6 scenes in the feature with an extra scene, (also there is a hidden scene but i cant be assed to look for it!). The scenes vary in quality, the first being frm Rubberfuckers Rule from Tanya Hyde. I do like this scene as it was quite strange and Monique, wig and all, provided adequate support.
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Boxcover for Best By Private 24: Holiday In & Out
Best By Private 24: Holiday In & Out 

Release date: 4/4/2001
Reviewed on: 12/18/2001

Starring: Ursula Moore, Nikki Anderson, Chris, Dina Pearl, Melody Kord, Grety, Adrienne Klass, Lynn Stone, Henriette Blond, Doroty Lake
Studio: Private

Review brief: Stars: Adrienne, Adrienne Klass, Dina Pearl, Doroty Lake, Grety, Henriette Blond, Lynn Stone, Melody Kord, Nikki Anderson, Sharon Bright, Sissi, Ursula Moore. Another in the line of Private's compilations, this time with the theme of Holidays. With a selection of twelve girls and at just over an hour and a half, there will be something for all tastes really. Overall all the scenes were above average, with some standing out from the rest. As always, it's only worth investing in these compilations if you don't own the movies that they came from, so be careful. The betters scenes are headlined by amongst others, one with Henriette Blond on the beach with one guy. Taken from Indy Mack. Then the boat scene from Italian Flair which also pops up on another recent compilation, including the likes of Nikki Anderson, Lynn Stone and a guy. Adrienne Klass has a great scene with two guys on a balcony in some pretty hot weather.
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