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Boxcover for Not Just Another 8 Teen Movie 3
Not Just Another 8 Teen Movie 3 

Release date: 4/2/2004
Reviewed on: 5/8/2005

Starring: Nico, Chris Charming, Mark Wood, Manuel Ferrara, Estella, Tristan Seagal, Shawnie, Nautica Thorn, Scarlet O'Whora, Lee Ann
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Directed by: Greg Alves
Review brief: Not Just Another 8Teen Movie 3, 2hr 12min 50sec. Directed by: Quasarman. Camera by: Quasarman. I know Greg Alves is listed as director, but just watch BTS and you see Quasarman directing. Females: Estella, Nico, Lee Ann, Shawnie, Scarlet O'Whora, Nautica Thorn. Estella has bra almost on and Lee Ann has only shoes on during fucking, Other girls are totally naked during fucking. Scene 1, Estella, brunette, Natural boobs, No Tattoos, Pierced Belly-button. Intro: Interview, 2min 25sec. With Manuel Ferrara, 18min 15sec (total time with guy). Foreplay, 5min 30sec: Kissing. Mouth fucking(not forced). Blow job+ at the same time Manuel jerks off. Mouth fucking, girl gags. Titty fucking. Forced mouth fucking, she gags several times. Manuel forces her to take it deep several times, she gags... Vaginal sex, 11min: Cowgirl. Cowgirl,+ hard hair pulling. Reverse cowgirl. Doggy. On her back. Cumshot target: Mouth, Swallows. Rating: Sex: 0.
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Boxcover for New Releases
New Releases 

Release date: 9/18/2004
Reviewed on: 5/1/2005

Starring: Mark Wood, Kat, Mark Ashley, Sascha, Benjamin Bratt, Veronica Lynn, Madison Monroe, Christina Agave, Keri Sable
Studio: 3rd Degree

Directed by: Danny Case
Review brief: New Releases, 2hr 14min 50sec. Directed by: Danny Case. Camera by: Chris Streams, Danny Case. Females: Veronica Lynn, Keri Sable, Madison Monroe, Kat, Christina Agave. Kat is Totally naked during sex, other girls only have socks or/and shoes on. (Chapter stop1) Interviews, Makeup and other BTS stuff with Veronica and Keri, 5min 40sec. Veronica Lynn, brunette, Natural tits, No tattoos, Pierced Belly-button. Intro: Interview, 6min 20sec. Masturbates, 2min 20sec. Her scene begins with Mark Wood, 14min (total time with guy), and action is.. Foreplay: Blow job, Mouth fucking, 2min 30sec. Vaginal sex, 10min 50sec (time without cumshot): Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, On her back. (Cs2) Cumshot target: Open mouth and tits, no swallowing. Rating: Sex: 3,5. Cumshot: Ok. Comments: No titty play during Foreplay:( Girl is little too vocal i think. Anyway, good scene. (Rating scale is: 0-5, 5 is best, Cumshot rating scale is: Weak, Ok, Good.) (Cs3)Keri Sable, blonde, Natural boobs, No tattoos, No Piercings. Intro: Interview, 3min 40sec.
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Boxcover for Big Wet Tits 2 (Elegant Angel)
Big Wet Tits 2 (Elegant Angel) 

Release date: 2/4/2005
Reviewed on: 2/27/2005

Starring: J.J., Dark Angel, Laura Lion, Daria Glower, Veronika Vanoza, Angel Dark, Veronica Da Souza
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: William H. Nutsack
Review brief: Big Wet Tits 2, 1hr 54min. Directed by: Thomas Zupko. Camera by: William H. Females: Daria Glover, Laura Lion, Angel Dark, Veronica Vanoza, Veronica Da Souza. All girls have natural big tits, No tattoos and No ugly piercings. All girls are totally naked during sex, except Veronica Da Souza...(read her scene) Scene 1, 26min 50sec. Daria Glover with J.J. Intro: Daria plays with her tits, 2min 20sec. Foreplay: Blow job, Hand job, No hands Blow job, 7min. Daria licks his ass, 1min 15sec. Turn off. Blow job continues, 1min 10sec. Vag and Anal sex, 13min 40sec (time without cumshot): Reverse Cowgirl(vag and Anal), Side ways(Anal), Cowgirl(Vag), Doggy(anal). Almost always we see her tits Swinging. Cumshot target: Tits, after that little bit titty fucking. Rating: Sex: 4. Cumshot: Ok. (Rating scale is: 0-5, 5 is best, Cumshot rating scale is: Weak, Ok, Good.) Scene 2, 20min 30sec. Laura Lion (pierced Belly-button) with J.J. Intro: Laura plays with water, 1min 50sec. Foreplay: J. J.
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Boxcover for Young Stuff (Simon Wolf)
Young Stuff (Simon Wolf) 

Release date: 11/5/2003
Reviewed on: 8/22/2004

Starring: Chris Cannon, Brooke, Frank Gunn, Joey Ray, Tristan Seagal, Sabrina Snow, Amber Rain, Ariana Jollee, Michelle B.
Studio: Simon Wolf

Directed by: Robert Herrera
Review brief: Young Stuff (Simon Wolf), 1h 43min. Director: Robert Herrera. Camera mans: Michael Bruno, Jack Remy. There is nothing before every scene, no Interviews, nothing. Scene 1, Outdoors: 23min. Female: Sabrina Snow, blonde. Her boobs: Natural, Small size. Her pussy: Shaved, just a little bit hair (hard to see). Her tattoos: Very small nice looking tattoo on front. Medium size tattoo on her back. Her piercings: Nipples, Belly-button. Male: Frank Gun, Big arm tattoo, we don't see that much. Foreplay: Kissing. Neck kissing. Topless, Nipple sucking. Kissing. Nipple sucking and licking. Breasts play. On her back. Nude. Pussy fingering and sucking. 3 fingers in her pussy. Licking and fingering her Clit. Franks turn to lay back. Blow job. After 5min 30sec Foreplay, Vaginal sex positions are: Cowgirl. On her back. Pussy sucking. Screwing continues. Doggy. little bit pussy gaping and Screwing continues. Reverse Cowgirl. Quick blow job. Frank jerks off and girl licks Frank's dick, 20sec and Cumshot. She sucks it. Rating: Sex: 8,5.
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Boxcover for Wet Teen Panties
Wet Teen Panties 

Release date: 2/11/2004
Reviewed on: 8/17/2004

Starring: Chris Cannon, Dillion Day, Joey Ray, Estella, Tristan Seagal, Shawnie, Aspen Stevens, Iyesha, Aurianna Love, Aurianna
Studio: Simon Wolf

Directed by: Robert Herrera
Review brief: Wet Teen Panties, 1h 36min. Director: Robert Herrera. Camera mans: Michael Bruno, Jack Remy. Beginning every scene Girl is wearing wet panties, and Guy says: "Your panties are wet." or something similar. After that it's pretty typical Simon Wolf -scene. Scene 1: 19min. Female: Aspen Stevens, brunette. Her boobs: Natural, BIG ones. Her pussy: Totally shaved. Her tattoos and piercings: None. Male: Chris Cannon, Bad looking arm tattoo. Foreplay: Aspen On her back, pussy play. Her top down and nipple sucking. Top off and more nipple sucking and breast worship. Panties off. Pussy licking and fingering. Blow job. Jerks him. Blow job. Dick licking. Blow job. Kissing her tits. After 9min long Foreplay, Vaginal sex positions are: Screwing side ways. little break. Side ways continues. little break. Side ways continues. Side ways,+ clit play. Side ways. little break. Side ways continues. Doggy. He takes dick out and slaps it, Doggy continues. On her back. Jerks off 3sec and cumshot. Rating: Sex: 6. Cumshot: Weak. Comments: Long good foreplay.
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Boxcover for Drive Thru
Drive Thru 

Release date: 7/6/2004
Reviewed on: 8/16/2004

Starring: David Perry, Chris Charming, Demi, Janet, George Uhl, Jane Darling, Tera Joy, Mili Jay, Simone Peach, Janet Peron
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Directed by: Greg Alves
Review brief: Drive Thru, 2h 11min. Cameraman: Quasarman. This is nonstop porn, Camera is rolling all the time, no breaks, no cuts, no edits. So then little errors or what ever the right word is, are written with italic and bold. Qbj = Quick blow job. Qpl = Quick pussy licking. Scene 1: 20min. Female: Tera Joy, brunette. Her boobs: Natural, Small size. Her tattoos: None. Her piercings: Belly-button. Male: Chris Charming. Foreplay: Tera in Doggy, panties off, pussy play. 4 fingers in and pussy gaping. (damn.) Blow job. Pussy fucking positions: Tera on her back. Quick blow job. Screwing side ways, Her top is up, finally we see her nice boobs. Quick pussy licking, Side ways continues. Qbj. Cowgirl. (Camera is too close and Chris kicks it, or Quasar just jerks with Camera.) Tera takes top off. Little pussy gaping and Cowgirl continues. Qbj. Reverse Cowgirl. Qbj. Doggy. On her back, 40sec fucking and then cumshot, pussy lips are creamed. (note: it's not internal cumshot.) Rating: Sex: 9. Cumshot: Good. Scene 2: 22min. Female: Jane Darling, blonde.
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