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ZOD-01 Zoom 1

ZOD-01 Zoom 1

Studio: Samurai
Category:  Asian

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Linus's ratings for ZOD-01 Zoom 1:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
ZOD-01 Zoom 1 overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks ZOD-01 Zoom 1 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks ZOD-01 Zoom 1 Male looks rating 1 star
Sex ZOD-01 Zoom 1 Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting ZOD-01 Zoom 1 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras ZOD-01 Zoom 1 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality ZOD-01 Zoom 1 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  11/20/2004
ZOD-01 Zoom 1

Preview Expectations: I have seen other Samurai productions, so I feel fairly confident on what to expect, and that is fairly soft sex with Japanese girls. This appears to be an all sex or gonzo style japanese title, so I'm interested to see if there is much in the way of variety or if it sticks to more of a template as so many others do. The girls look good, so I'm willing to give it a rip.

Initial Thoughts Another hardcore porn pushing the limits of softcore is the way this one feels, the girls are all nice looking japanese girls and everyone speaks japanese only, but the sex is real soft and timid. It looks much like a professionally done amateur porn movie, and just doesn't do anything spectacularly. Couples might not like it's lack of sensualism or eroticism, and raincoaters and hardcore fans might and probably will find it too timid. If your in the middle and looking for some nice slow buy real feeling japanese sex action, this might do it for you. Condoms where used in this movie.

Technical thoughts Pretty solid, Picture quality is usually quite good, clear and smooth. Sound although in Japanese, is pretty clear, it tends to be a bit quiet and distant at times though. Camera work is OK there are times you wonder why is it pointing there, but it is passable, Lighting is for the most part reasonably well done and not too much of an issue here it is mostly well lit and fairly consistent.

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Sana Nakashima and guy

This asian couple is sitting in a bed, and the guy slowly starts to fondle her and play with her nipples from outside the shirt, they try to be a bit sensual, but it comes off to me as more just slow moving and uninspired, they progress with the teasing and touching, and it stays pretty mild. Shortly she begins to suck his rather small asian dick, and things level off from there. Sana is a small thing asian girl, very small breasts, but not a bad looking girl with a nice body and shaved pussy. Her oral skills are pretty mild, but she gives him a decent blowjob for a short time before they begin to fuck. The doggy here looks really quite hot as this really thin girl gets pounded and looks real sweet during the action. There is a long part of the scene though that for some is gonna be a turnoff. She gets on top early and rides him in a couple of positions, he has a condom on, and I'm quite sure it is just lube, but it is blood red in color maybe a bit orange, but it smears onto her pussy and just below her anus, and it really looks like blood. The scene goes on and nothing is done about it, but on the close ups and even long shots it is really obvious, and it just looks kind of gross, some may find this a turn on in some way, but I didn't. Fortunately they move on and he continues to bang her pussy in missionary and sidesaddle, there is no anal action, and soon he shoots his wad on her butt and pussy, she winks her anus which is covered in cum, but that is about the highlight there. This scene was really repetitive in my oppinion, they got in a position, and went at it with no real movement, but it did seem sort of real. Duration: 25: 04 mins

Scene 2: Myu and guy

This scene is almost a carbon copy of the first, except for a change of cast, the couple goes through the tease, kissing, fondling, stripping, and oral sex routines in almost an identical motion too. This girl is not completely shave, but is very similar in body frame and looks to Sana from the first scene, I find her a little more trashy looking, but in a good way. Another very small dicked guy for our starlet to work on, but she licks and sucks with a little more energy than the first girl. This scene also suffers or excells depending on your point of view, with the very amateurish and repetitive feel to it, they just kind of seem to be going through the motions for much of the scene, and I guess you could make the argument has a more unpolished real feel to it, but in my experience real sex is a lot more exciting than these two seem to be making it. He pounds her in missionary, side saddle, doggy, standing doggy which is quite hot to watch this little japanese girl take, then RC and back to missionary, with suprisingly little movement, they change position then just rhythmically fuck until the next position change, it gets boring unless you really like that sort of sex. He finishes by shooting a meager load on her asshole. Duration: 28: 58 mins

Scene 3: Mikan Tokonatsu and guy

This girl is probably the cutest of the lot in my opinion, and this scene is also a little better than the other 2 too, we again get some nice tease, kissing and fondling to start, but it's a little more passionate looking a less canned, it is pretty short though and soon Mikan is giving another meager asian prick a sucking. This girl easily gives the best looking head in the movie, she uses her lips and some spit and gets a nice looking rythm going for quite a while she also is our first nut licker of the group too. Another condom scene, and the fucking is off and running, this part sadly goes back to the lackluster stage for most of it, but there is some pretty hot action for a while too, she looks really hot riding his dick in RC, and parts of the doggy action are nice. Sadly though this scene is soon over after the heat starts to build, and he fires a weak load onto her butt hole. The best scene on the disc, but still lacking high energy and chemistry. Scene Duration: 24:10 mins

Extra Stuff

There are no extras on this disc of any kind.

In The End

I don't know, I like the true japanese girls and the japanese audio, but in the end it's just a short, energy and chemistry less, Japanese take on an all sex title, with a passing attempt at couples and amateur porn, but with it's short comings and complete lack of extras, I am not sure what group of people are really gonna dive into this. If you like real mild hardcore, and average or better looking japanese girls, your gonna like this disc, but for everyone else, I think it falls short in far too many areas to give it a solid thumbs up. Rent or buy at your own risk on this one. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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