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lindi Young & Wild 2 (Digital Sin) 4 starsYoung & Wild 2 (Digital Sin) 4 starsYoung & Wild 2 (Digital Sin) 4 stars
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Young & Wild 2 (Digital Sin)

Young & Wild 2 (Digital Sin)

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Barely Legal
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Speelie's ratings for Young & Wild 2 (Digital Sin):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Young & Wild 2 (Digital Sin) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Young & Wild 2 (Digital Sin) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Young & Wild 2 (Digital Sin) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Young & Wild 2 (Digital Sin) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Young & Wild 2 (Digital Sin) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Young & Wild 2 (Digital Sin) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young & Wild 2 (Digital Sin) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  9/6/2003
Young & Wild 2
Directed by Denis Marti
Digital Sin DVD
Released Summer 2003

Cast : Lucy Lee (aka Adela), Linda, Anastasia (aka Eva, Anastasia Christ), Vanessa (aka Romana), Patricia, Aneta, Natali, Viktorie (aka Lucy), Patrixxx (aka Patrick Palumbo), George Uhl, Max Cortes, Denis Marti

I used to give Denis Marti a hard time, as longtime readers of my reviews will remember. I’ve gradually learned to appreciate the enthusiasm that he shows in his performances, something that brings out the best in his female partners. After several years of working for guys like Nacho and Rocco, Denis and Teo Roccaforte have both recently made the jump to directing their own movies. Teo is well known for being just a bit crazy, and brings that vision to his work. Denis tends to be rather quiet onscreen, so it is no surprise that his movies are subtley understated. He isn’t trying to shock anyone with his Simply Sex series, which for North America is titled Young & Wild. I found the first volume to be a respectable directing debut, which gave me high hopes for the second, especially as it had a promising cast.

Actor/director/camerman Patrixxx seems to work for everyone who shoots in Europe. He’s shooting stills of fan favorite Lucy Lee in the brick dungeon that is the setting for many recent scenes. One thing leads to another, as it always does in porno land, so that Lucy is soon fellating Patrixxx. They fuck, and she takes anal in a couple of positions, and finally kneels to to take his jizz copiously on her face. Lucy looks great, as always, but I’m afraid this scene didn’t do much for me. Lucy is supposed to be shy and reserved in real life, and I don’t doubt it. It takes a lot to break through her shell, and only Nacho has really succeeded, in my viewing experience. Even Manuel Ferrara can’t quite do it, in the new Anal Expedition, leaving her appearances in Killer Pussy 15 and Blowjob Impossible 5 as my personal favorites. Still, I can imagine that those who have somehow never encountered Lucy prior to Young & Wild 2 will be converted into fans.

Much more to my taste is the second scene, featuring a pretty, somewhat plain brunette named Linda. She seems familiar, but I’ve yet to place her, or notice other titles. Actually, I’m almost afraid that other directors will miss her innate sexiness. Denis was wise to keep her to himself. The short set-up sees him leaving for the office, or something like that, after letting Linda in. She starts looking through his closet, and after finding a suitcase, tries on some of his outfits. I can already hear the shouts of, “Boring!” from many viewers, but this is seriously erotic stuff, which shows that Denis has already learned the art of tease. Fast forward at your own peril. Denis soon returns, catching her in the act, which causes Linda to give a charming little pout, with puppy dog eyes to match. The clothes come off so that Denis can lick her pussy (shut up, watching girls squirm while getting eaten out is not boring), and she happily returns the oral favor. The couple then screws energetically in various positions on a table and kitchen counter, and the fun all leads up to his pulling out of spooning to cum in and aound her moth. She follows up with some tender post-cum head.

I remember Anastasia way back, almost two years ago, in movies like Buttwoman iz Bella. She was only 18 then, and not entirely comfortable on camera. I’ve read that she can actually be difficult to work with, with good scenes being a matter luck. That was a surprise to me, because as she worked more, I watched her blossom into a first rate performer. She absolutely glows in Chasin Tail 1 and its sister-title Hardcore Innocence 6, and was also good in Orgy World 4 and 18 & IR 7. After these movies, she added anal to her repetoire, becoming what my friend Gabriel Nine correctly describes as “a maneater” in Hardball 20 and Big Natural Tits 8. The latter also offers wonderful tease and foreplay footage of her, including Christoph Clark making her squirt a couple of times.

Anastasia’s scene here is a bit more mundane. George Uhl and Max Cortes have had too much to drink, and as they doze in a living room, Anastasia joins them for a pleasant dream. George is a steady cocksman, reliable but not that charismatic, while Max always strikes me as selfish. I may be wrong, but I think I’m starting to notice a pattern in which various actresses don’t respond nearly as well to him as they do to some of his friends (the usual crew, Nacho, Ribas, Teo, Juliano Ferraz, even Denis himself). That may be the problem here. The action is plenty energetic, as the guys give her a good stuffing, and she sucks while bumping and grinding, and don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad scene at all. But it might have been better if Denis was one of the studs, because Anastasia doesn’t show quite the spark she has elsewhere. Denis did get his own go at her about this same time, for Anal Expedition, and he succeeded wonderfully in bringing out that spark, which only solidified the point in my mind. Both scenes feature plenty of anal and DP, and if that is all you are looking for, you won’t be disappointed.

Vanessa sure gets around, doesn’t she? She’s about as ubiquitous as Lucy Lee, and arguably a better performer (watch them side by side in several moments of Rocco : Live in Prague, and judge for yourself). I find Lucy prettier, but I appreciate that Vanessa gives her all to her many scenes. This time, she’s with Patricia, who I last noticed in Orgy World 2, as they encounter mechanic Denis in an auto repair shop. It says something about the amazing looks of so many recent Czech actresses that Patricia can almost be described as plain. Certainly, she’s the least attractive girl in the movie, yet objectively, she quite pretty, with a nice slender body. In other scenes she might get relegated to a helping role, but Denis gives her equal attention, as both girls get to ride his pony in various positions. Vanessa does anal with her usual ease, but Patricia seems to find it somewhat distressing. However, the way she clings to him during the poking suggests that perhaps she enjoys it after all. She also looks really good bent over a chair for doggy pussy fucking. It’s the little details, such as positioning the performers and camera operators, which give this movie a smoother feel than what is often found in roughly similar titles.

I’ve never hidden the fact that girl-girl scenes bore me. I’ve been reading some interesting books lately, and one subject that is discussed is the energy that everything gives off. While much recent porn output is unbalanced to the masculine side (think about it for a while if you wonder what I mean), girl-girl of course tilts the opposite way. I’ve figured out that what gets me off personally is seeing a roughly equal exchange of masculine and feminine energies, with both genders giving and receiving. So even the best “lesbian” scenes are usually lost on me, but it is a style that has many enthusiasts.

Covergirl Aneta only does scenes with other girls, at least so far. She’s very pretty, and so is her partner Natali, as we return to the brick dungeon for some extensive rug munching. There’s some toy insertion and such, and it’s all quite pretty, but I hope Denis won’t include too many such scenes in his future releases. If you find that you really enjoy this particular encounter, be sure to check out Patrixxx’s movie Czech Mates, where Aneta and Natali have another go at each other. Patrixxx used Aneta for yet another lez scene in his Enjoy 4 (subtitled “Rags to Bitches”), where she is again the covergirl.

Later, Aneta pays a quick visit to her friend Viktorie. The cute blonde is more interested in dick than in pussy, so she dreams of humping her big stuffed elephant. As she falls asleep on her sofa, the anaimal transforms into Denis, who proceeds to give her an energetic fucking quite similar to the one he gave Linda. Trust me, this is a good thing, if you like seeing people be into each other in the figurative as well as the literal sense. Viktorie doesn’t do anal, and while some might consider that a flaw, it doesn’t bother me, especially since she shows great passion in all her scenes. Patrixxx told me via e-mail that she was his favorite of the recent Czech girls, which explains why he went one on one with her himself in both Czech Mates and Rags to Bitches. Those scenes and this one are full of good, basic, hearty sex. Many people in the industry have told me that this vibe is difficult to capture, but I would argue that it is worth the effort, and I’m glad Denis attempted it! He cums, and she wakes up clutching her stuffed toy to end the movie. Viktorie can be seen again looking better than ever in Orgy World 5, where she uses her real name of Lucy (Vanessa is also in the same scene).

I won’t pretend that Young & Wild is one of the all time classic titles. It is a simply a good, straight forward movie that should appeal to a variety of porn consumers, since it has a little of everything in its scenes. What links it together is a sense of style, shown most particularly by the lack of any crude interview questions and cheap motel beds. Denis has en eye for what is sexy, and along with this, an admirable lack of arrogance. So if you are the sort of viewer who is turned off by big egos, or by seeing the women in movies made into victims or living blow-up dolls, then you might want to check out both volumes of Young & Wild. I expect that these titles will also have considerable appeal to female viewers, as lindi’s review of the first volume demonstrated.

The one real let down on the DVD is the extras. Things have improved compared to past Digital Sin releases in the sense that at least the chapter breaks are appropriate to the action. The transfer is good, as is the source video quality, and the many trailers are nice if you haven’t seen them before. But that’s about all I can say, DVD-wise. The only other extra is a short photo gallery, with some pretty images of the lovely cast.

I’m a historian by trade, that’s how I approach things. So I tend to see the “bigger picture” when I consider something. Young & Wild 2 is only Denis Marti’s second movie. It is not what he will be judged by for posterity (just ask Rocco if he wants to be rememebered for his initial directing releases). In that regard, it is a solid effort that shows Denis is on the right track. As I indicted before, he understands what is sexy, and this is something it took Christoph Clark many years to capture properly on video. Christoph has of course gone on to direct many movies considered modern classics, so my guess is that Denis will have some classics too in due time. So far, he’s ahead of the curve.

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