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Young Tight Latinas 9

Young Tight Latinas 9

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Latin
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Young Tight Latinas 9:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Young Tight Latinas 9 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Young Tight Latinas 9 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Young Tight Latinas 9 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Young Tight Latinas 9 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Young Tight Latinas 9 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Young Tight Latinas 9 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young Tight Latinas 9 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  4/11/2006
Prologue In the ever compartmentalized world of porn, there's a niche for everybody and everything. Latina women have an ever growing category, and on a personal note, have long been some of my favorite people to know and socialize with. Sweet, fun and fiery, with some old world attitudes about men and women. Devoutly Catholic, yet sexually free. I like them, and so, apparently, does Tim Von Swine, who gets to helm this video. The absolutely luscious body of Nikki Nievez graces the cover, and amongst the cast is Marquetta Jewel, whose fabulous rear is creating a stir these days. I've seen Dulce tame Mandingo, and my girl Victoria Sweet has been relegated to a bonus scene. The other chiquitas must be en fuego for that to happen, so let's see.
The video opens up with the striking looking Dulce sitting on a couch and wearing purple undies. She tells Von Swine that she's a mutt composed of Mexican, Egyptian and Peruvian. The Arabic influence is strong in her face, which is framed by a wild shock of mostly auburn ringlets with blonde highlights. She can't keep her hand off her pussy as she answers Tim's questions. He has her pull the panties aside and we're faced with a true porn rarity. Pubic hair! She also has a meaty clit that should get its fair share of friction today, as Dulce is slated for two guys. She claims to do DP's in her private life, not just on camera. A quick look at her ass, then send in the meat vendors, Tee Real and Brad Baldwin. They're up and ready, and Dulce's first oral forays look like she enjoys the taste of cock. Some gentle face fucking, throat probes and ball licking. Dulce doesn't make much noise, much to Von Swine's chagrin, but her smile is high wattage. She rides CG on Baldwin while Tee pumps her face. After leaving a nice cream coating on Brad, she moves onto Tee's cock in RC while hoovering the savory member. Dulce arches back to take a short skull fuck, delivered with care. Some "me time" for Tee, then a cut to side entry anal, Baldwin returning for head. I love the way she carresses his balls as she sucks cock. A2M while Brad gets his piece of ass in doggy. Tee gets under her to anchor a CGDP. Clinging to Tee, Dulce moves like a bitch in heat and has an orgasm. Cut to RCDP with the guys remaining in the same holes. Both guys are getting in deep and Dulce's joy juice is giving Tee's cock a nice glow. She scrambles to her knees and sucks the dicks clean, then asks for their creamy tributes. Typical cut to pop as first Tee cums on her mouth, then Brad splatters Dulce's face. Jon Dough offers her a towel for cleanup and Dulce thanks him with a bj. She makes quick work of him and takes his load in her mouth, spitting it out in defiance of his order to swallow. She shovels some back in and takes it down, making Jon happy and solidifying her slut credentials.
Very basic setup. Interview. Fuck through the basic positions. Cum. It works well when the fucking is good, and it was good here. Maybe a little too edited for my taste, but what there is, works. Cute ending with the extra pop from Dough.
Wearing a diaphonous, black one piece with a bejewelled collar, is Carmen Sancha. Aside from her very tasty looks, Carmen has a sexy husky voice. There appears to be some history between her and Von Swine. Hailing from Washington and Mexican by bloodline. Carmen is another girl who can't keep her hands off her snatch. No anal for this fine piece of ass...yet. She gets Jon Dough as a partner and he walks in naked and hard. Carmen kneels in the submissive pose with hands behind her back as Jon pumps her face, then adds some spanking as she takes the face fucking on all fours. Without ceremony, Jon plunges into Carmen's pussy in an up and over, then comes right back to her mouth with some flayva. Another trip back and forth, then a move to missionary on the couch. More P2M on her knees. Carmen gets propped on the armrest of the couch and gets taken in mish again. A return to her knees and P2M. Carmen shows a hint of nastiness by asking Dough to fuck her face. They move back to the couch for RC. Carmen gets at it with some nice hip action. P2M with some "forced" face fucking. Back to RC and some productive pumping from underneath as Carmen looks close to orgasm. Of course, another P2M with Carmen looking like she's trying to prime the pump this time. She climbs the cock in CG and takes a spanking on her ride. She's visibly trying to angle her spot and drain some pleasure out of the hard dick. Another P2M and a move to piledriver. P2M on her knees. Doggy on the couch. Scramble to the floor and a mouthful of cum. Show, gargle and swallow. PCH to get the last drops. Carmen had a good time and graces the camera with some body shots into the fade.
Too much of this scene was pornstar training. To me, that's a big problem with most Jon Dough scenes. Everytime it looked like Carmen was on the fast track to "O"ville, there's a pullout and suck. I have to admit that my mind took a walk during stretches of this scene. I think Carmen is deserving of a less chemically imbalanced partner. Even at that, I wouldn't call this scene bad. Just very average.
Ahhh! Marquetta Jewel. Her goodies are wrapped in white net halter, skirt and stockings. Panties with windows at the pubes to match. The body of a real woman and the face of a naughty little boricua angel. She's so fucking hot, they introduce her twice. She's a dancer from Ohio and got her cherry popped at 13. Von Swine can't keep his hands off of her, a problem I think is shared by many. He has her do a little striptease and her meaty pussy draws a moan from him. She pulls off her panties and he thumbs her cunt, then lets Marquetta masturbate. Tits hanging out and pussy lubed, she gets to her knees for a POV bj on Tim. Marquetta takes it fairly deep, but not all the way, then turns to give Von Swine the scenic view as he plugs her in doggy. Pussy cream covers his cock as he plumbs Marquetta deep. She fucks back nicely, then sucks the flayva off his cock. Cut to mish. More P2M and back to mish. P2M and a cut to CG. I'm loving her body but the closeup shots are too jittery as Marquetta gets a lively bounce. Another P2M, then a cut to RC. You can really see her inner walls clinging to the cock on the outstroke. Something that looks that good has to feel heavenly. Long, slow strokes mixed in as Marquetta rides the shiny pole. Von Swine orders another P2M even though she clearly wants to keep fucking. Cut to a mish insertion. Marquetta works her clit on this stretch run to the denouement. Von Swine blasts Marquetta's face with a couple of huge pops, one of which shuts her left eye. She's not too happy about that, but puts on the happy front for the adios.
I'm not a big fan of POV, so this scene had limited appeal for me. The shots are too limited and the action too restricted to really make use of such a hottie. Great ass shots, though, and a face to launch a thousand loads.
Naveah is another young woman who sports braces. There seems to be a strong trend in this direction and I'm wondering if a lot of girls are entering the business to pay for their orthodonture. She's cute and sports a nice rack, 34B. She's 20 yrs. old and Colombian. This is her first fuck scene with only one bj on her resume to this point. She only lost her virginity a year earlier. She's all shy and giggly answering Tim's questions. She says she's studying law (right!). She's already got things backwards, as lawyers do the fucking, not the other way around. John Strong is going to be the fifth dick ever stuck into this tight body. Naveah gets to her knees and starts sucking. Not surprisingly, there's little skill and less throat. Strong cuts it short and has her get naked, then enters in spoon. Her body looks tense but she seems to like it. Strong is definitely liking it as her pussy must feel like a clamp. They roll up into RC and John pounds from underneath. P2M and back to RC. More P2M, then CG. Occasional spanks are leaving a red hand on Naveah's butt cheek. Cut to a mish penetration with Strong pumping like a steam engine. Naveah licks his balls and plays around by his ass, but she's not ready for that level of nastiness. More mish, then another attempt at some salad tossing nastiness. Doggy till she's ready for cum, but first P2M and some flying. Strong slam fucks her in mid-air, then sends Naveah to her knees for the cumshot that she spits out. Naveah is all giggles as they wrap. I wonder if she's willing to share whatever it is she's been smoking?
If you like newbies, they don't cum any fresher than this. Basically, the only words out of her mouth the whole time revolved around "Papi". She got a good hard fucking, but did nothing for herself, and not much more for John. This is one of those cases where it probably felt a lot better than it looked.
Nikki Nievez alights a stairway wearing nothing but heels, panties and a big cross dangling between her scrumptious tits. She has a great swagger that denotes a confident sexuality. A Cubano from Miami, Nikki says she gets dirty enough to fulfill her needs. I think she must be very needy because I've seen her get very dirty. Von Swine checks her for tightness, then displays Nikki's ass. She claims to have had many dicks in that fine posterior and declares herself an "anal whore". She gets two dicks to play with in the guise of John Strong and Marcos Leon. She starts off by offering up her throat to both cocks, sucking them together, then back and forth. Nikki takes both cocks to the pubes, just making it on John. He gets first pussy in CG and pounds her to the point that she has trouble sucking dick. Nikki's the first of this video's performers to fill the air with dirty Spanish. P2M, then doggy for Marcos, Strong putting Nikki on the spit. She's laid back for mish but keeps both ends filled. Strong takes a turn in mish and gets those titties wobbling. Nikki rolls into spoon and helps John plant his dick in her ass. She fills the air with trash talk that's guaranteed to get the extra inch in her. Marcos plugs her mouth, then she slides off the cock for no hands, deep A2M. RCA on Marcos. Deep draws on Strong's cock. RCA for John, who pounds hard from underneath. Balls deep, then multiple gapes. A2M facefuck. Cut to a CGDP already in progress. Nikki's squeezed tight on anchorman Strong as the plunge her out. Cut to RCA on Strong with Marcos joining in for the RCDP. John takes full advantage of Nikki's great tits as he seems to be in sensory overload. Cut to Nikki in piledriver anal train. A2M and gaping included. On her knees, Nikki gets a dual serving of hot buttered cum which she dutifully shows and swallows. A last video survey of her hot body and Nikki's asshole winks goodbye.
Nikki's at that point where she combines all the best attributes a pornstar can have. She's lovely, with a great body and attitude. More than willing to do dirty, nasty things with a smile. Good, high energy scene to finish things up.

Boner Footage Victoria Sweet

Victoria Sweet has a new hair color, running toward a reddish bob. A natural beauty under any circumstance. Von Swine told her to get comfortable, so she pulled her panties off. Mexican/Italian, and grew up in Hollywood. She's 20 and got her cherry popped at 16. Giggling in anticipation and copping to being very submissive, Victoria enjoys a light spanking from Tim. She gets to her knees and has her throat filled by Sascha and Steve French. Victoria's as cock hungry as she is beautiful and that makes for some lively bj action. She climbs aboard Sascha for RC and can't pay much attention to French as she gets off strongly. Cut to a piledriver train which makes her pussy queef with Sascha, and eyes roll in her head as she cums again with French. Salad tossing for Steve as Sascha fills her pussy in reverse. Mish with Sascha, then Steve as the Franco-Prussian train continues. Vicki looks like her body's going to explode as her pussy gets pummeled. She tells French she wants his cum and they set her up in the cum dump position, splattering her face and tits, filling her mouth with protein. She swallows for Von Swine after absentmindedly shoveling strays into her mouth. He figures the guys are out for the count but apparently Sascha's Viagra hasn't worn off, so he grabs her and bounces Vicki on his cock as we say goodbye.
Maybe the reason this didn't make it into the main feature is that it was so short. It can't be the content because Victoria took a nice pounding and looked great doing it. A very worthy extra.
Epilogue While this video began and ended with a couple of good double bangs, it was soft in the middle. Dulce brought good energy and happily opened her holes for our perverse enjoyment. Carmen Sancha is beautiful and pleasant, but still a work in progress. Marquetta Jewel was wasted in a POV scene. No offense to Von Swine. I'm just not a fan of the genre, and there was little to make this one stand out. Naveah did nothing for me. She was giggling like she had a good taste of wacky tobaccy, and was little more than a prick cushion. Nikki Nievez, on the other hand, has true star quality about her, and left us with the best scene of the disk. Victoria Sweet was a fine extra, but I think that if she's paired with guys who treat her like more than another day at the office, she's capable of so much more. All this leaves us with a video that's only slightly above average. Von Swine does exhibit a nice rapport with the ladies, but the whole tenor and shooting style is "corporate" RLD. That stasis really only works when you can fill the scenes with Ferrara, Stefano, Everhard and Holmes. Or woman who are self starters like Nikki.
The Disk Along with the bonus scene is a BTS and photo gallery.
Recommendation It could be a good rental. Certainly if you're into Nikki.

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