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Dawg69 Young Tight Latinas 8 5 starsYoung Tight Latinas 8 5 starsYoung Tight Latinas 8 5 stars
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Young Tight Latinas 8

Young Tight Latinas 8

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Barely Legal , Latin
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Young Tight Latinas 8:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Young Tight Latinas 8 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Young Tight Latinas 8 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Young Tight Latinas 8 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Young Tight Latinas 8 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Young Tight Latinas 8 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Young Tight Latinas 8 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young Tight Latinas 8 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  7/7/2005
Prologue The title pretty well sums up the appeal of this video. Hot, spicy women. Kat has already blazed a trail of hot anal scenes and Mika Brown has been showing up in a lot of videos lately. Victoria Sweet is as pretty as a girl can be and I've heard good things about Paola Rey. They'll all be given the RLD treatment, and that's a good thing.
The video opens with an overhead view of Manuel Ferrara's head between the thighs of Brazilian beauty Paola Rey. He unzips to let his beer can loose and Poala gets an adorable smile on her face as she moves to gobble it up. They may be doing this for money but there's an obvious attraction between these two. Poala has a real presence and does some nasty talking to Manuel that should turn him on even more. I know it did for me. He whips his pants off and carries Poala to the stairs, sitting on the bottom step and pulling her pussy over his cock. Once she's got him seated and has adjusted to his size, Paola starts to dance on his turgid weapon. And I do mean dance. She's shaking her hips like a samba was playing and it's almost too much for Manuel right away. She continues to make use of his hard member and has a permanent smile plastered on her face. They switch to doggy so Manuel can regain some semblance of control and Paola moans from the deep thrusts. Even here she can't help but move her hips and shake that ass, making Manuel crazy. She wants him to bring it and smacks his ass in frustration. Manuel spoons her and fingers her pussy, then RC and a reach around. Paola's lit up and she wants more. P2M and they run upstairs to a couch. Another rousing CG ride and Manuel has to hold her ass in place or he's going to lose it early. Paola's having too much fun and poor Manuel is being put to the test. Her tight pussy and active ass could cause a nuclear meltdown. He resorts to g-spot manipulation and brings copious juices out of her cunt. Paola tastes it and Manuel goes back in making her cunny cream flow down her leg. Cut to spoon, Paola's tight body looking marvelous with her tits shaking so nicely. Another cut to Manuel jerking off into her mouth and Paola picking up the stroke from him as he nears climax. You can see her cheeks blow out as he nuts in her mouth. The joy juice flows down his cock when she opens up and Paola plays with the mess. Jake Malone picks now to give her a brief interview and she's delighted with what has transpired. So am I and I definitely intend to see more of her.
Megan Martinez is wearing a burgundy cocktail dress with cleavage cut down to her waist. She's got a choker that says "Foxy" and I concur. She's hot looking. She's Mexican and 21. Jake has her display her fine tits and Megan also lifts her dress to show her bare pussy. She plays with herself as Jake tries to drag some dirt out of her but she's still very innocent. He's leaving her to Steve Holmes, who has a very smug look on his face as he awaits her. He'll be joined by Manuel and Megan is getting a real test right off the bat. Steve sticks his face in her ass and Megan starts rummaging around in Manuel's pant's before they do a little kissing. She wraps her lips around his cock and gives us a devilish look while telling Manuel that she wants him. Steve works his way into her pussy from behind and comments on how tight and wet she is. Manuel breaks from them to get undressed and Megan starts to fuck back at Steve as she's getting very worked up. She and Steve break to undress but when her shoes come off Manuel decides to use her little feet to pleasure him. He pulls her into a spoon and Steve feeds her face some cock. She's hotter than a firecracker and her pussy really is wet as the two men delight not only in her holes, but her gorgeous body. Cut to a now naked Megan getting spooned by Steve and sucking Manuel. She keeps asking if they like it and I'm left wondering how she can even ask such a question. Megan gets fucked in CG by Manuel as she sucks Steve. She moves over to the fresher cock of Steve in the same CG and sucks her juices off of Manuel. Her tits are getting some nice play by Steve, who has been entranced by them since the opening bell. Megan gets to the floor and gives the boys a tandem suck and stroke. They adjourn to a bed in another room and Megan rides Manuel in RC. Steve stands over her head to skull fuck her gently. Megan looks like she cums on Manuel's cock as Steve gets off to help her out. P2M and she climbs on Steve in RC. Manuel supplies the skull fuck here as Steve brings Megan to another climax. She tastes her juices from his cock and Manuel pulls her over for doggy. Her snatch is very wet and leaking, her awareness is impaired. Cut to Megan on all fours over a full length mirror and Manuel buried in her pussy in an up and over doggy. Very creative shot, and effective. Steve takes his turn as they wring every bit of pleasure they can out of this lovely. Manuel has her lick her image in the mirror while he fucks her in spoon. Steve offers her some cock to lick and she runs her tongue up the sides before swabbing his balls. Steve promises to cum on her face, but first he has to fuck her some more. Mish on the bed. He works up his load and squirts a mess of man juice all over her pretty face. Manuel follows by hosing her down with his seed and Megan looks like she just did a Baker's Dozen.
Kat is walking up the stairs carrying a beaded anal toy and some lube. She plops down onto a couch and greets Jake. She's 18 at the time of this shoot and had only done anal a couple of months previous to this. Her sex life had only started about six months before her porn career. Jake opens her yellow blouse to bare her tits and then has Kat pull off her blue panties to show one of the puffiest pussies in the valley. She's a combination of Mexican and Spanish, totally adorable. Kat sinks the toy into her ass and works in one big ball before being told to lick it. She walks downstairs with the toy embedded, sits on the couch and gives Jake a masturbation display. He has two guys for her, Mike Stefano and John Strong. They come out hard and she comes out sucking. Strong spoons her and gets rid of the toy as it's in his way. He sticks his cock in her ass and Kat gags herself on Stefano's cock. She tastes her ass and Stefano pierces her tight pussy from behind. Kat gives Strong a ball wash and Stefano slips into spoon. Strong gags her and Stefano relocates into her ass. Cut to a totally naked (except for fishnet socks) Kat sitting on Strong's cock in RCA. He lifts her off in a gape and Stefano fills in with his cock. She gets passed back to Strong for more RCA and she does A2M. Stefano grabs her for CG anal. Strong offers her a skin throat lozenge to quiet her moans and she bats her tonsils with it. Stefano picks her up to bounce her bung on his cock and drops her to the floor for clean-up. She climbs on Strong in RCA and he gives her the same dance. Kat gets passed over to Stefano for a few strokes and back to Strong. She hasn't graduated to DP's just yet. Deep throat A2M held for several seconds and Stefano gives her an up and over doggy anal. They do some gaping from here and Kat is wide open. Strong takes his turn with the same routine. Cut to a side entry mish anal for Strong. He pulls out for A2M and the two guys jerk off over her face as she kneels on the floor. Stefano lays a creamy nut right on her tongue and Strong doubles the pleasure. Kat plays with her prize, blowing bubbles and gargling before swallowing.
Mika Brown has been getting a lot of play lately. She's a very pretty, dark skinned Latina who's body is a little stretched out. Her pussy looks more comfortable than tight. Kind of like a favorite old glove. Mika's lips (on her head) seem to be perfect for wrapping around cock. She tells Jake she's half Cuban and starts to play with her body. Digging into her fat pussy, Mika shows some hot pink. She plays with her tits and studded nipples, licking one erotically, and even giving it a second pass so that even bono-one would be satisfied. Mika finger fucks herself and seems to enjoy the taste. With her ass facing the camera, she's joined by Mike Stefano who gets his head in there. Mika rocks her ass in his face and Stefano does some anal probing before offering her some cock candy to gag on. Mika appears to be very into this. She's got great energy and an active tongue. Mike face fucks her and she sucks up the streamers. They start to fuck on an ottoman in a side entry mish. Stefano feeds her one of her tits to lick again. She really goes for that. Mike dicks her deep and then goes down on the hot twat. Mika gets a charge out of that as she grabs his head tighter to her mound and orders him to "Eat that pussy!" Mika pulls her legs back, presenting her ass to him, and tells Mike to "Stretch that fuckin' asshole!" Her legs are locked under her arms and she's worrying her little love button to a frazzle as Stefano picks up some steam. Her pink pussy inner lips are sticking out past the outer lips as Stefano's anal probe is making room in her very flexible asshole. Several instances of A2P, then Mika sticks four fingers in her fuckhole. A2M and they move by the bed for standing doggy vag. Back on the floor, Mika puts her head on the ottoman and Stefano fucks her in an up and over doggy anal. A2M skullfuck and back to her oven. More A2M with Mika deepthroating from underneath. CG that starts with a hellacious pounding and changes to Mika grinding on Stefano with great energy and purpose to make her pussy cum. She spreads her cheeks for the anal and takes his hard thrusts, then sucks her ass juice from his cock and making a meal of it. She gets back on it in RCA and tells Mike she likes it and to fuck her harder in Spanish. Mika sticks her hand in her pussy and reiterates her love of the action and that she wants it harder. More A2M and they set up for the pop with Mika strumming her clit while kneeling under Stefano. Mike cums on her face, giving Mika a nice milk moustache, and she licks the remaining cum from his unloaded gun. A very good scene.
Victoria Sweet is one chica bonita. She's doing her third porn scene for this video and just looks fresh and spunky. Jake has to take a feel of her tits and when she turns her ass to him, smacks the tight globes. Jake has the camera all over this girl as he finds out that she likes it a little rough. Victoria's being matched with Pascal St. James, who looks like Christmas came early for him as he spreads Victoria's thighs. His tongue goes right to the honeyhole and gets her worked up. She plops into his lap and they do some hugging and kissing. Victoria wants to suck cock and does it seated on the couch. Some no hands shot from underneath and an attempt to take him deep. Pascal takes down her panties and starts to fuck in doggy. He starts off slowly with Victoria's hot b-cups flopping around sexily, then pounds her hard. She climbs on in CG and takes a nice ride. He picks her up to do some hard pounding in mid-air and drops her onto the couch for mish. They move to RC, then Victoria blows Pascal, taking him deeper than before. Back to RC, the shot from the floor showing Victoria's juicy cunt filled with dick. She's rolled into spoon and Pascal starts fiending on her nubile body. Some hot kisses and even hotter Spanish. Victoria rolls on top into RC. Pascal plays her love button while stroking with his dick. He picks her up for a standing 69. Laying her back on the couch, he drives into her pussy in a deep mish. P2M and back. Rinse and repeat. Pascal pounds Victoria into the couch and then pulls her up to meet his cock. She pulls him off into her open mouth for a very heartfelt, almost painful, orgasm. Victoria swallows like a good girl.
Jackie Diaz comes to Jake's door looking like a private schoolgirl. Black pleated skirt, white uniform blouse and tie. Jake tells her this is Sean Michael's training academy. She really looks nervous and horrified at the thought that she might be talking to Mr. Michaels. Jake assures her, he's only the assistant. She agrees to do whatever she's told while she's there and Jake roughly rips open her blouse showing some nice tits. She turns to the door and shows black bows on her white thigh highs. Lovely black panties with white lace trim. She's hot! Jake has her get on the floor like a dog and pull her skirt off. She crawls the floor at Jake's bidding, then climbs some stairs and drops her panties. Jackie spreads her cheeks and gets nervous when Jake makes a comment about her virgin asshole. Her pussy looks wet already. Sometimes I wish we had smell-o-vision. Jake stuffs her panties in her mouth and has Jackie go upstairs. Somehow, she's back on the ground floor on all fours with the panties still in her mouth as Sean appears at the top of the stairs. He's all decked out in a dark pinstriped suit and red tie. Sean is taking on the role of trainer seriously as he inspects the tight and tender flesh of Miss Diaz. Jackie has a gloved hand working her soaking slit as Sean helps with his own hand. He smacks her ass sharply, then feeds Jackie some of her own juice. Sean's cock comes out to play and Jackie looks at it in wonderment. She's never seen suck a big dick. Jackie sinks to her knees to worship the massive hard-on. Sean immediately teaches her about no hands and trying to work it deep. He allows her to play with her pussy while he's feeding her. Cut to CG on the floor. Sean works her ass over his big dick, filling her pussy to the max. P2M and RC. More P2M as Jackie really tries to get down on the pussy destroyer. Back to RC, Jackie's lucky she has strong legs to keep from sitting all the way down on him. She asks for permission to cum. A few more strokes and she's up against the bannister as Sean dogs her from behind. He stuffs those panties in her mouth again. From underneath we can see that her mons is coated with her hot juice. More P2M and Sean leads Jackie to the couch for mish. She asks if she's tight enough. Sean probably feels like his prick's been in a vise. Things go quiet for a few moments until it looks like he hit her spot in a major way and she cums. Sean goes down to lap at her hot juices. He gets back into her for a few strokes, then gets Jackie on her knees for more cocksucking. Jackie makes a meal of his balls while stroking his bat. Sean smacks her ass up and bends Jackie over for doggy. Jackie creams on his big cock again and Sean feeds her the juices. He puts her back on the couch for mish and works her clit while skewering her. Ordered to the floor with her hands behind her back, Jackie takes Sean's gonad offering on her tongue and around her mouth. Pretty nice load for someone that doesn't always come up big in this situation. This tight, hot Latina probably had something to do with that. She swallows the load and kisses his balls, thanking him for the fine training session.

Boner Footage

Jake finds a hot naked chick sunning herself on his patio. Her name is Monique and she's from Colombia. She's not sure she wants to be a pornstar but she's a friend of Kat's. Jake wants Kat to blow him while her friend is just a few feet away, possibly asleep. Kat's game for anything and pulls out his cock and goes to town. The horny little bitch can't keep her hands off of her own pussy and the two of them plot to get Monique involved somehow. Kat calls her over to watch while she puts on a show. Jake cons her into letting Kat stick her tongue up her ass. Monique scampers away and leaves Kat to the hard cock. Jake opts for an interlude of tease, then they take the bj inside to one of the bedrooms. Kat may look young, and she's tiny, but she really knows how to move her body when she's walking. This girl understands the power she wields and likes using it. Kat gets naked and does some posing on the bed before taking Jake in Skeeter's heel grabbing position. Jake lays back and Kat lodges his cock in her throat, choking herself for several seconds at a time. She gets into this, obeying Jakes commands and doing it over and over. Her slime lubes his cock and he forces her down on his balls. Kat rims and sucks Jake's asshole, then promises to drink his cum. More gagging, then she kneels on the floor to suck cock. No hands tonsil banging and choking. Some forced ball sucking, then she's left to her own devices to get Jake off. Hand stroking and ball sucking, Kat jerks Jake off into her mouth as he squirts his seed over her face and down her gullet.
Epilogue I was pleasantly surprised by how good this video turned out to be. Usually I get a little hinky when there's a "Young" in the title. I'm either faced with new girls that have no clue or older women pretending to be teenagers. This was a legitimately young and willing cast. I was blown away by Paola Rey. Actually, Manuel was blown away by her. She rendered him helpless. Her sexiness and energy got the disk off to a rousing start and Megan Martinez got a sound fucking from Manuel and Steve. I could totally relate to the look of delight on the guys faces as they plundered the body of this little beauty. Kat stepped up and added some nastiness that looks so out of place with a girl who looks so sweet. Mika Brown kept the heat up and, to his credit, Jake shot her as well as I've ever seen, minimizing the flaws in her body and maximizing her great attitude about hardcore sex. That led to the one slight misstep in this video. I have nothing against Pascal and I think he did a good job here. In fact I appreciate the way he was fiending on the exquisite body of Victoria Sweet. The thing is, this was her third scene and IMO she should have been given a lesson in sex. Somebody with good communications skills would be perfect. Not unlike what Sean did in the next scene with Jackie, but less fetish oriented. I was thinking that somebody like Mark Davis is the perfect guy in a situation like this. He could have given her blow job lessons and made sure she was talking and responding throughout. No matter. Victoria provided serious eye candy and looked like she had a great time. Sean and Jackie Diaz closed things out with some kinky style and left me happy. A really good job overall.
The Disk There's the aforementioned boner footage, BTS and photo gallery. The BTS is mostly about Paola. Her photo shoot and some extra sex showing her and Manuel masturbating for each other and sucking their big toes. Paola gets herself off and it's very arousing to say the least. The RLD watermark is present throughout the feature.
Recommendation This is an easy one to recommend. If you like Latinas and RLD style, you'll like this.

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