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Young Stuff (Simon Wolf)

Young Stuff (Simon Wolf)

Studio: Simon Wolf
Category:  Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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1on1Fan's ratings for Young Stuff (Simon Wolf):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Young Stuff (Simon Wolf) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Young Stuff (Simon Wolf) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Young Stuff (Simon Wolf) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Young Stuff (Simon Wolf) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Young Stuff (Simon Wolf) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Young Stuff (Simon Wolf) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young Stuff (Simon Wolf) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by 1on1Fan  on  8/22/2004

Young Stuff (Simon Wolf), 1h 43min.
Director: Robert Herrera. Camera mans: Michael Bruno, Jack Remy.
There is nothing before every scene, no Interviews, nothing.

Scene 1, Outdoors: 23min.
Female: Sabrina Snow, blonde. Her boobs: Natural, Small size.
Her pussy: Shaved, just a little bit hair (hard to see).
Her tattoos: Very small nice looking tattoo on front. Medium size tattoo on her back.
Her piercings: Nipples, Belly-button.
Male: Frank Gun, Big arm tattoo, we don't see that much.

Foreplay: Kissing. Neck kissing. Topless, Nipple sucking.
Kissing. Nipple sucking and licking. Breasts play.
On her back. Nude. Pussy fingering and sucking. 3 fingers in her pussy.
Licking and fingering her Clit.
Franks turn to lay back. Blow job.
After 5min 30sec Foreplay, Vaginal sex positions are: Cowgirl.
On her back. Pussy sucking. Screwing continues.
Doggy. little bit pussy gaping and Screwing continues.
Reverse Cowgirl. Quick blow job.
Frank jerks off and girl licks Frank's dick, 20sec and Cumshot. She sucks it.
Rating: Sex: 8,5. Cumshot: Weak.
Comments: Nice Foreplay, but Blow job is only 50sec long, She is good.
Screwing -part is hot. Reverse Cowgirl position is best, it's 7min long, and sometimes during that position her boobs swing little bit.

Scene 2: 19min.
Female: Ariana Jollee, brunette. Her boobs: Natural, Big size. Her pussy: Totally shaved.
Her tattoos: Small nice looking arm tattoo and very small tattoo on her back.
Her piercings: None.
Male: Joey Ray.

Foreplay: Ariana has shorts on. Butt worship with hands. Her top down and Nipple sucking.
Shorts off, panties are still on, more butt worship and Nipple sucking. Kissing.
Nude. Kissing,+ Joey same time jerks off.
Blow job + handjob. She swallows whole dick. Blow job, Balls licking and Hand job.
After 6min long foreplay, Vaginal sex positions are: Cowgirl.
Cowgirl,+ she fingers her ass. Cowgirl.
Blow job. Reverse Cowgirl,+ Her boobs are swinging. On her back.
He jerks off 2sec and Cumshot. Blow job. Kissing, 10sec.
Rating: Sex: 10. Cumshot: Good.
Comments: No pussy sucking, but Foreplay is really good.
Blow job is 3min long and she is GOOD.
Damn she is hot, Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl positions are best.
Last position is also good.
Pussy only -scene from Ariana was Very nice surprise.

Scene 3: 18min.
Female: Brooke, brunette. Her boobs: Natural, BIG ones. Her pussy: Totally shaved.
Her tattoos: Ugly medium size tattoo on front. Ugly medium size tattoo on her back.
Small tattoo inside on her arm. Her piercings: Belly-button.
Male: Chris Cannon, Ugly arm tattoo.

Foreplay: She is Topless, Nipple sucking and licking.
Breast play and Nipple sucking. Nude, Pussy licking and fingering.
Fucks her pussy with 2 fingers+ licking it.
Pussy sucking. Blow job. Blow job + Hand job.
After 6min long Foreplay, Vaginal sex positions are:
Reverse Cowgirl. little break, She smiles. RC continues.
another break after 10sec, She smiles again. RC continues.
Reverse Cowgirl+ her swinging boobs. 3rd break. RC continues.
Reverse Cowgirl+ her swinging boobs.
Doggy. 4th break, he slaps his dick. Doggy continues.
Short blow job. On her back. 5th little break, Screwing continues.
He pulls his dick out and slaps it, Screwing continues.
On her back+ Her boobs are moving little bit.
He jerks off 2sex, Cumshot and boobs are creamed.
Ratings: Sex: 7,5. Cumshot: Weak.
Comments: Very good foreplay. Blow job is only 1min 40sec long, and She is pretty good.
I don't like her tattoos, still she is very pretty.
It's sad that her partner is Chris Cannon, he almost cums several times, so then he takes
some little breaks during screwing. During breaks his dick is out.
Reverse Cowgirl position is best, because she rides pretty fast and her boobs are swinging.
And also On her back position is pretty good, during that position Brooke masturbates little: boob play or clit play.
Doggy is only 2min long, and it's actually good thing, because it's weakest position, he just fucks her too slow.

Scene 4: 17min.
Female: Amber Rain, blonde. Her boobs: Natural, small tits.
Her pussy: Shaved, only little bit blond hair on top, that is just so cute.
Her tattoos and piercings: None.
Male: Tristan Seagal.

Foreplay: Kissing her neck, and his hands are all over her body.
Nipple sucking. She takes her top/shirt off. Kissing her upperbody.
Nipple sucking + titty play. On her back and Nude.
Pussy licking. Pussy fingering. Fucks her with 2 fingers. Licking her pussy. Pussy fingering.
Tristans turn to lay back. No hands Blow job, looks more like mouth fucking. Kissing.
No hands Blow job. Mouth fucking.
After 8min long Foreplay, Vaginal sex positions are: Reverse Cowgirl.
Screwing side ways,+ her tits are swinging, and sometimes Tristan sucks her right Nipple. Doggy,+ her tits are swinging.
He jerks off 7sec and Cumshot. Blow job.
Ratings: Sex: 9. Cumshot: Good.
Comments: Very good Foreplay.
No hands Blow job and Mouth fucking was Not forced, and it's 3min long.
Doggy is too short, only 1min 15sec long. Fucking looks good in all positions.

After Titty play and after Blow job they kiss, but we only see 1 or 2sec and Cut, and then
we see them in next position. Why did they cut away some good kissing.

Scene 5, Outdoors: 21min.
Female: Michelle B, blonde. Her boobs: Natural, Big size.
Her pussy: Shaved, only little bit blonde hair on top, that is just so cute.
Her tattoos and piercings: None.
Male: Joey Ray.

Foreplay: Bikinis on. Kissing. Topless and breast worship begins.
On her back and Nude. Joey fucks her pussy with 3 fingers,+ pussy licking. Fucks her with 2 fingers, + pussy licking.
Michelle in doggy. She gives Blow job,+ Joey fucks her pussy with 2or3 fingers.
Michelle blows and Joey has now 1 finger inside her ass and 1 inside her pussy.
No hands blow job.
69, No hands Blow job,+ Joeys 1 finger inside her ass and 1 inside her pussy. (but no fucking with them.)
After 8min long Foreplay, Vaginal sex positions are: Cowgirl.
Short blow job. Cowgirl. Reverse Cowgirl,+ her boobs are swinging sometimes.
Doggy,+ Joey pulls her hair. Doggy.
Doggy?(her 1 leg and 1 arm is up). Doggy.
Girl turns around, Cumshot and She sucks it. Her eye is little creamed.
Ratings: Sex: 10. Cumshot: Good. (Creamed eye is not)
Comments: Joey did not jerk off before cumshot, girl turned just in time, and Joey shoots load on her face.
Good Foreplay. Blow job is 2min long, and 69 is also 2min long. And in those we see her more working with Joeys dick, it's like 65/35. and she is good.
Screwing -part looks very good, every position. During doggy position her boobs are swinging. Hair pulling was not hard.

Short Summary: Very good cast, All girls are Natural, Very good Camera work. 1on1, Pussy only -action.
And what i really liked: Blow jobs are NOT forced, and there is No Choking.
Cast: All girls are Teens, or close to that.
Guys in Scenes 1, 3 and 4: Frank Gun, Chris Cannon and Tristan Seagal, look young, maybe they are 30 or something.
Joey Ray must be over 40, still he looks good.

Boxcover: Brooke on Front cover, her front tattoo is under "S"-letter.
Back cover is misleading, only if you look it really carefully. You see Ariana in Reverse Cowgirl Anal, same picture is also in Photo gallery. But her scene in movie is Pussy only.

Disk: Good picture quality.
Chapter stops: Before every scene and almost before every sex position.
Bonus materials: Photo gallery,
Trailers: Young Pink 3 (2 girls do anal), Young Natural Breasts 2 (pussy-only),
Wet Teens 3 (1 girl, Ariana Jollee does anal) and Naughty Bedtime Stories 2 (1 girl does anal, Feature movie). Those anal scenes in those movies are not anal-only.
Behind The Scenes, 9min 40sec: Interviews and Making of -material.

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