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Young Ripe Mellons 2 (Red Light District)

Young Ripe Mellons 2 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Barely Legal , Busty , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Young Ripe Mellons 2 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Young Ripe Mellons 2 (Red Light District) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Young Ripe Mellons 2 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Young Ripe Mellons 2 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Young Ripe Mellons 2 (Red Light District) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Young Ripe Mellons 2 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Young Ripe Mellons 2 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young Ripe Mellons 2 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/10/2003
So how do you like your breast, small, medium, or large!! This RLD series serves up this delicacy and the portions are of the large natural variety!!! Vince has collected a whole new cast of big chested beauties who are ready to show off their incredible hooterlicious mellons!! So get ready for some boobs and more boobs!

Tiana Lynn:

The first sight we see are her 34C breasts spilling out of her yellow lace bra. Tiana does a fabulous job of shaking those babies. She really has a nice smile and a good laugh plus she has a gorgeous pair of eyes. Tiana's enthusiasm starts right off and doesn't let up throughout the scene. Vince gives us great tease footage and Tiana is talking to us the whole time even leaning down to lick her pierced nipple. Tiana does the required interview but it is real fun to listen to her as she gives good answers plus her smile just lights up the screen. We also see Tiana has a nice meaty ass! Even Vince has a seat next to Tiana and he gets a little finger action going with her pussy and of course he sucks on her tits and Tiana leans over to suck her other nipple!! Tiana then gets her turn and she leans over the other way to give Vince's tool some much needed attention. The floor view was used well for this blowjob. Vince does a bit more fingering to her pussy before he thrusts his bad boy in there. They soon start fucking and we see:

Doggie & RC-- Tiana's yellow panties are pulled down allowing Vince easy access to her lovebox. Good hard strokes also from Mr. Voyeur. As for the RC this looked really good especially from floor level. Tiana bounces up and down very well and Vince has her legs spread wide open so we get a great view of the action.

Scissors & RC anal-- The legs are open and so is Tiana's backdoor!! The pace Vince has going is a good steady one and Tiana is still talking to us as Vince nails her. On to the RC anal where there's more great footage in this awesome position, though it is brief this time before they change to doggie anal. After some regular doggie and RC sex Tiana takes a super pop to her mouth. Just an awesome scene from a girl who clearly was having a good time and I really look forward to seeing more of her!!

bono-Meter: 9.0

Scotti Andrews:

Wow!! The first thing you see come onscreen are two gigantic tits shaking, they are covered though by a hot looking sky blue top. Then you see Scotti's face and I really like her look here and the top is soon lowered so we see those babies in all their glory!! Scotti does lot of caressing and shaking of those twin 36DD peaks of hers! The accent is another huge turn on here, all the way from Scotland-- If it's not Scottish it's crap!! The interview here is really cool because you get to hear Scotti talk and you see on either side of her is a man, Randy Spears and Joel Lawrence. The two guys are soon sucking on her titties and telling her to be a nasty little slut! Scotti then gets down for some good hard cock sucking and the double b is shot well which is a good strength of just about every RLD release I have seen. Scotti even takes both heads into her mouth on several occasions so she is doing the nasty part quite well. There are great views of her tits, it's a boob movie after all, as Scotti gives this superb double blowjob. After some extensive knob polishing we get to see her big meaty body pumped full of cock. As for the positions we get to see:

RC and mish-- Bouncing mammaries are aplenty here as Scotti rides a cock hard and fast as well as grinding slowly at times. She rides both men in this fine position before they move on to missionary. In mish we get more good shots of her titties as we see her pussy get filled to capacity.

Doggie and RC anal-- Scotti opens up her backdoor and Joel eases his schlong deep into her pooper. Lovely shot of her tits swaying underneath as Joel pumps into her and Scotti even does some ATM to Joel's bad boy. On to the RC anal where Randy gets to keep sitting on the couch and Scotti lowers herself onto his stiff cock. Nice close shots of Randy drilling her ass and also of Scotti sucking off Joel. Soon her swings around to fill her pussy making this a smokin RC DP!! We get a mish finish for one pop and the second one comes after some fine looking titty fucking. Scotti is superb swallowing both loads and this was an absolutely awesome scene for this Scottish lass!!

bono-Meter: 9.5


This is our only ebony action for this dvd and she shakes her huge titties as we see them thru her hot neon pink top. Vince has a set next to her and gets a feel for those gorgeous breasts and he does the interview sitting next to Adriana. Soon her top is pulled up so we get a full on view of those puppies and Vince gets in a few good sucks on those beauties as well as fingering her shaven slit. We move right to the sex and it featured:

Doggie & RC-- Good easy strokes from Vince and he lets Adriana know she has a tight little pussy. Vince gets beside her making it more of a scissors position and there are some good shots of her tits bouncing. On to the RC where we se a superb view from floor level as Adriana rides Vince and the bouncing tits looked fabulous. It is here we get our first blowjob action as she climbs off.

Piledriver & Mish-- Always love seeing this position, wish the first two girls had done this one. Vince really pumps good and hard plus he takes his cock out so Adriana can suck it clean. As for the mish sex there are good thrusts from Vince and Adriana asks for the pop in her mouth and you know Vince will accomdate her. He delivers a good shot into her open mouth. I thought this was a decent scene but just didn't sense the same overall enthusiasm the first two girls had.

bono-Meter: 8.0


Bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, squeezin, squeezin, thrust together-- you get the picture!! Absolutely awesome start to her scene. Then we see this London babe as she sits on a couch and chats with Vince. The pink outfit really showed off her impressive cleavage and once again we have a sexy accent to listen to. Mr. Marcus gets to play with this British import and he stands behind Caitlin after joining the scene caressing her tits as well as reaching underneath to finger her pussy. Soon his cock is free and we see some good fast titty fucking. Next Caitlin sucks on his cock, though the bj seems a bit short. On to the sex where we see:

RC & Doggie anal-- Wow, the short bj is quickly forgotten as this awesome position is shot. Caitlin also rubs her shaven slit and the up close view really looked hot. She even gets off for some ATM and says his cock is tasty!! On to the doggie anal where there is a good underneath shot of Mr. Marcus filling her pooper.

Scissors ana-- Some good aggressive thrusts here and those juggs bounce beautifully. After going back to doggie anal briefly we get a pullout and a good pop to her face. Caitlin is smiling and laughing as she does some cleanup. A good scene!

bono-Meter: 8.5


Well this girl isn't hiding much as she's wearing a very flimsy see thru top-- Alright!!! We soon see that gone and she smiles and pulls on her tits plus the required shaking which was awesome. Oh Fuck! She even licks her nipples which is just a great site and she does it often!! Reese does some good talking while showing off her hooters. We soon see Vince and Dick Delaware sitting on either side of Reese who was around 12 when those huge breasts started developing-- 36C fellas! Dick and Vince each take a tit in their mouth. Then we see Dick wanting a taste of pussy so he moves down and starts licking while Vince stays right there playing with Reese's funbags. We soon get out first cock play as Vince stands over her face thrusting his cock down her throat. Reese then gives both men a treat taking turns swallowing their schlong. As for the sex we got to see:

RC & Doggie-- Once again this looked great and you see it all-- bouncing titties and a super floor view of Vince thrusting upwards into her pussy Reese also has a ride on Dick's cock in this position. On to the doggie where we get a good fast pace from Vince which causes her tits to sway. The guys switch so both get to tap her pussy from behind.

Scissors-- Good sideways fucking plus more super cock sucking above. Vince has Reese spank her ass and then Dick really gives her bootie some hard love taps. After some brief doggie sex we see both men pop on her face and Reese shakes her boobs plus rub some spunk into them. This was fun effort from her so good going!!

bono-Meter: 8.0

Alicia Rhodes:

Oh my goodness, this lady is smoking!!! The hot black top she is wearing barely contains her heavenly hooters. We have ourselves another English babe and shortly after saying where she's from Alicia frees her boobs and they are spectacular, 34DD!! Alicia squeezes those beauties a few times and this 24yr old loves to fuck and that is always nice to know! Great dirty talk from Alicia and Vince has another good chat and Alicia really seems enthused about her scene. Vince gets Alicia to lick her nipples which kicked ass and then he gets down for some ass fingering and Alicia is a nasty girl as she cleans those fingers off. Next we get a super blowjob from Miss Rhodes and she easily takes Vince's tool deep into her mouth. Great eye contact and she really shows her nasty side as she gazes into the camera. As for the sex we see:

RC & Doggie anal-- Ok they start off with a spectacular position and Alicia just looks awesome riding Vince's tool. Her tits look great too as they bounce about. The ATM from Alicia was great to see and there even some gape shots shown. On to the doggie anal and Vince turns her around from RC, not taking his cock out, and he keeps on pounding her ass! Alicia does some more ATM and she really gets nasty as she rims Vince's ass!! Alicia also leans her head off the couch for some seriously hot throat fucking.

Piledriver & Cowgirl anal-- Well this girl has really proven herself to me and seeing her fucked in this unique position really seals the deal so to speak. We see more gaping plus some throat fucking ATM. As for the cowgirl anal we see this from Vince's POV at first as Alicia leans back so those big boobs move about and we also see the position from behind like you usually do. Vince really drills her hard even picking Alicia up while fucking her!! Vince finishes off in mish and shoots a good load onto her face. Wow, this scene kicked serious ass!! I can't wait to see this babe again.

bono-Meter: 10!

Well this dvd kicked major ass from start to finish. I liked all the scenes especially Tiana's, Scotti's, and Alicia's!! So I would highly recommend this to any big boob fan who also like some good sex to boot. Be sure to check out the boner footage with Tiana and Alicia plus the behind the scenes is usually worth a look as well. So great job Vince and I can't wait to see the next volume!!!

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