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Young Ripe Mellons 1 (Red Light District)

Young Ripe Mellons 1 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Busty
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Young Ripe Mellons 1 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Young Ripe Mellons 1 (Red Light District) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Young Ripe Mellons 1 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Young Ripe Mellons 1 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Young Ripe Mellons 1 (Red Light District) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Young Ripe Mellons 1 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Young Ripe Mellons 1 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young Ripe Mellons 1 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/6/2002
Red Light District has two series dealing with big breasted women. 110% Natural seems to star more Euro babes and now we have Young Ripe Mellons which would seem to star more ladies from this side of the pond,lol. We have Vince Voyeur at the helm and I have seen many fine efforts from this director so I am expecting good things in this film. So let's see just how Young and Ripe these Mellons are shall we!!!!

Our first woman to grace the screen goes by the name of Lolly. She has a nice face and shoulder length black hair with tinges of brown in it, I think,lol. She is 19 and of course she has a great rack. Vince likes to do some talking so we get some chit chat with Vince alternating the camera shot from her face to her huge breasts. Lolly gives her nice sized nipples several pinches before Vince has her stand up and bend over showing off her ass. Lolly then lies down and spreads her 19 yr. old Spanish pussy wide open and she even speaks dirty talk in Spanish. Soon Sledehammer, great name,lol, enters and right away he goes muff diving. His face almost disappears inside Lolly's pussy and he even tongues her ass. Lolly is then ready and swallows that big cock using her tongue nicely around the head as well as up and down the shaft. The camera wisely is focused square on her mouth as it is wrapped around this huge black cock. I would have liked to see her look at him more instead of looking at the camera so much but that is a small complaint. Next we see her sit on his cock in reverse cowgirl and Vince gives us great views up close and a wide angle shot as Lolly bounces up and down. Her breasts get some nice squeezes in this position. Lolly does get off to taste her juices from his cock and the action then moves to some doggy sex. The full view works good here as you get to see both her ass and face as he pounds her pussy. The two then move on to some missionary loving and she asks if he likes that tight pussy, Ahh Yes!!!! Soon we get a pullout and a decent load is left on her face and a bit in her mouth. Lolly does some nice cleanup to close out a good scene.

Next up is a very attractive blond who calls herself Taylor Lynn. Right away her beautiful eyes jump out at me. Both of her nipples are pierced and we find out she is 23. Even Vince gets in some fingering to her pussy. Taylor loves oral sex and all positions. We get a treat or Vince does as he works his cock into her pussy. He pulls his cock out after a bit and Taylor gives some great head complete with superb eye contact. She really rotates her hands around his cock as she works it in and out. Taylor then rides Vince the cowgirl position and we get great close views of her pussy and also of her breasts. They next move to some doggy sex briefly before going back to mish leading to a nice load on her face.

Taylor isn't done and she gets to party with Mark Davis next. Immediately he is sampling her hooters and there are a couple of soft kisses between the two. Mark soon works his way down to her pussy and we witness some fine oral sex from Mr. Davis. Taylor's soft moans show her appreciation for Mark's efforts. Taylor is to happy to sit up and take his cock into her mouth and once again Vince gives us excellent and varied views of Taylor swallowing Mark's sword. Mark even stands over her to feed his cock to her hungry mouth, always a nice shot. Next up is a superbly shot reverse cowgirl complete with beautiful bouncing breasts. They also do doggy, mish, and mish anal with Mark telling her to breath slowly as he works his cock into her pooper. Vince offers a nice full body shot in the mish anal which was a good choice as we get to see the cock going into her ass and also Taylor caressing her breasts. Next they move to reverse cowgirl anal and she asks if it feels good in her ass, I'm sure Mark would say, Yes!!! They end with a nice pop to her face/mouth and she licks it up and swallows. So we get two great scene from Taylor.

The next girl up is Loni. We find out she is Filipino/ Chinese. I like her entire body, her face, eyes, long black hair, and of course she is well endowed. She is 24 now but it was around 12-13 when she began growing those puppies. Loni enthusiastically shakes those melons for Vince and then she bends over showing off both her ass and pussy. Lee Stone is here and starts off kissing her breasts and then works his way down to her pussy. There is some very good pussy licking and even some rimming to Loni's ass. Loni then returns the favor swallowing his cock almost whole. She even pays some attention to his balls. The penetrations begin with reverse cowgirl and again we see both wide angle and close views of the action. The wide shot showcases her bouncing titties while the close shot emphasizes her pussy hugging his cock. They move to doggy for a period before returning to reverse cowgirl but this time he is in her ass. They also do some doggy anal and she does some brief ATM here. After a brief period we get a pullout and a good load is sent towards her face and Loni does some nice cleanup afterwards.

The next girl up is a hot sista by the name of Carmen. She right off takes her tits out and is caressing them and letting them bounce around. Carmen tells us she is Creole/ Irish and Vince seems to think that is a nice mix and would tend to agree. Carmen does some walking around and posing for the camera showing off her entire body. Carmen gets to play with two guys here, Steve Holmes and Brian Pumper. Both men sample her ample breasts and she even joins the German Steve Holmes in licking one of her nipples. Soon we get some ass slapping from both guys. Brian then buries his face in her beautiful fucking ass to use his words and in front we have Carmen sucking on Steve's cock. There is even some tongue action from Brian as he continues his pussy/ ass play. Soon Carmen sits up and both men stand beside her head as she works her way from cock to cock. Carmen even manages to take both men in her mouth at the same time. This dual blowjob goes on for a nice long time before we move to her riding Steve in reverse cowgirl and Brian is there to make sure her mouth is full of cock. The two guys soon switch positions in revrese cowgirl but happily her tits still bounce around as she is drilled. We move on to some mish sex and she really has her legs spread wide open as Steve thrusts into her. Brian also gets to pound her in mish. The two trade off a couple of times in the mish position and we also see Steve position himself over her face so she can suck his cock. The pops soon follow and they are both good with Brian's going in her mouth and Steve's drops a really good load into her mouth. She does some really nice cleanup.

The next girl up is Cameron and I have liked this Tennessee beauty ever since I saw her in Swallow My Pride 1. This 21 yr. old has an awesome rack and some real pretty eyes. The white top she is wearing here really showcaes her bountiful breasts underneath. Even Vince is impressed when she shows those puppies off. We get to see Cameron do some posing showing off her entire body and she still is a bit unused to the camera being there. Cameron likes to make a guy feel good all over so she has come to the right place!! Soon Tony Tedeschi comes in and Cameron is still shy but lets Tony get in some healthy licks on her big hooters. Soon he is down at the promised land,lol, and is furiously licking her pussy and Cameron's soft moans are really nice as opposed to some fake ooh's and ahh's. There is also some nice finger action to her pussy and Cameron seems to be getting into the scene now. She is into it all the way soon enough as she is swallowing Tony's cock a she gives some nice eye contact. There is even some attention paid to his balls before she goes back to the bj. The first position used is reverse cowgirl and once again the views showcased are great. I can't get enough of seeing nice big breasts bouncing around in reverse cowgirl. They move next to doggy and then to mish. The mish position looked good as you get to see her breasts bounce around and she asks the silly ? of Do you like fucking me, I think the answer is Fucking Hell Yeah!!! or something like that,lol. We end things with a nice pop to her face and Cameron does some superb cleanup. Once she is doing anal on a regular basis she is a strong candidate for either a Gang Bang or a Seven the Hard Way type scene.

The last girl up is the cover girl, Avy Scott. What can I say except she is hot and I love her gung ho attitude. The blue top she starts out wearing was a great choice. I also like her eyes and the way she is wearing her hair. Avy does some posing for us before she gets down to pleasure Vince who is getting some more action with a hot babe!!! The closely shot oral is great as is her eye contact. They do some mish sex and she licks one of her nipples which makes Vince pullout and there is a humerous moment later on after the scene is over dealing with this very act of her licking her nipples. Soon she is riding him in cowgirl which gives us a great close up view of her twin towers. After some more mish Vince pulls out and shoots a nice load in her mouth. Avy is to happy to swallow it but she isn't done yet folks as we then cut to a shot of Mark Davis and his bald head is buried in the pussy of Ms. Scott. There are some more soft moans this time from Avy and I like that so much more than fake noises from the performer. Mark then has her stand up so he can get behind her and lick her pussy. It is then Avy's turn and she easily swallows Mark's cock. Mark has her reach around and grab her heels for some no hands head, very sexy shot. They lead off the penetrations with the best one, a reverse cowgirl and Avy's breasts really bounce around here. Once again Vince gives us superb views of the action and Avy looks great in all of them. We get another shot of her licking one of her nipples and again this will pay off with some laughs later. They move then to a good hard pounding in the doggy position and Mark even sticks his finger in her ass and lets Avy taste it. Avy also licks her nipples in this position and then it is on some more mish action. There is some more nipple licking and he just can't contain himself much longer after this and so he drops a good load in her mouth. The humerous moment comes after the scene as the credits roll. Vince mentions to Avy about not licking the nipples as it can really send a guy over the edge to a pop much sooner than he would want and Mark lets Vince know the licking of the nipples was what lead to the pop. I really liked this title and would easily recommend it for either rental or purchase.

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