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Big Raider Fan Young Harlots: Foreign Exchange 4 starsYoung Harlots: Foreign Exchange 4 starsYoung Harlots: Foreign Exchange 4 stars
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Young Harlots: Foreign Exchange

Young Harlots: Foreign Exchange

Studio: Harmony
Category:  Barely Legal , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Comet Man's ratings for Young Harlots: Foreign Exchange:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Young Harlots: Foreign Exchange overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Young Harlots: Foreign Exchange Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Young Harlots: Foreign Exchange Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Young Harlots: Foreign Exchange Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Young Harlots: Foreign Exchange Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Young Harlots: Foreign Exchange DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young Harlots: Foreign Exchange A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Comet Man  on  9/23/2010
Scene 1 (Sharon Lee)
Out in the schoolyard, girls are fondling their breasts. Two professors at the school are interviewing an asian french girl (slightly chubby body with a slutty look from the garish purple eyeshadow) and ask her to show them what she knows about sex by demonstrating on a student. Sharon is wearing the typical private school outfit and the student guy is sitting naken on the couch stroking himself. She goes over, licks him and then pulls down her underwear and skirt before riding him RCG, then doggy. The professors then offer to show her how they do it and go over to let her suck on them while the student cums on her feet.

Sharon (still wearing jacket, shirt, red heels, and fishnet stockings) sucks on one professor while the other does her missionary. Then she does RCG (only wearing necklace heels, stockings) while sucking on one professor, then missionary while yanking on the guy on the bottom, then RCG, then CG, then CG DP, then RCG DP, then doggy anal on the floor, then RCG anal while sucking on a guy, then RCG DP on the floor. She then sucks them both at the same time while getting fingered hard, then spoon and spoon anal on the floor, then one legged missionary (why does the guy has to spit on her hole?) until the guy she is sucking on jerks off on her face and she sucks it clean. The other guy jerks off on her stomach. She kneels and sucks both of them.

Sharon is pretty enthusiastic about her sex including slapping the guys to get them to fuck her faster. Don't think a french girl would say "fuck me stronger though" :-)

Scene 2 (Roxy Taggart)
The two professors are giving a student (cute brunette with a butterfly stomach tattoo and tongue piercing and what look like large natural breasts) a lesson as they all site on a canopy bed about how sex is for the anus and she doesn't believe them, so they have to give her a demonstration. They take her shirt off and jiggle her ample breasts and then suck on them. She takes off her dress/jacket/shirt and ends up wearing only black knee high stockings and black heels. She spits on her breasts before giving one guy a tit fuck while the other guy fingers her. She then kneels down and sucks both of them. She rides CG while sucking on a guy, then she gets missionary, then anal missionary, then RCG, then RCG anal, then RCG DP, then CG DP, then doggy anal (great breast bouncing) while she sucks the other guy, then piledriver and piledriver anal, then a guy tit fucks her until she jerks him off, then she sucks and jerks off the other guy, then fondles her sperm covered breasts.

Roxy seemed to take anal a bit too easily for a first timer. Not as much heat as Sharon.

Scene 3 (Logan)
A professor is introducing Sharon to a class of girls. He tells the girls they've been naughty so they have to be punished (in front of Sharon so she gets a lesson). All the girls have to take their clothes off.
Logan (pretty blond w/ dolphin stomach tattoo) is watching all this just outside the doorway and fingers herself while all this is going on. She fantasizes that she's in there with the naked students watching as she takes off the professor's clothes and he takes hers off and licks her on the table (she's only wearing knee high black bowtie stockings and black heels), then she sucks him, then she does CG, then doggy anal, then spoon and spoon anal, then RCG anal, then RCG, then she deep throats him, then missionary anal, then doggy anal until the guy cums in her ass and she pushes it out, then fingers her asshole and licks her fingers.

Logan did a good job making faces while fantasizing about the sex but doesn't look as excited about the actual sex.

Scene 4 (Michelle Moist and Candy Alexa)
Michelle (a very cute blond with tongue piercings) is the head girl and is showing the new girl Candy to the headmaster. Candy is put on the bed in doggy while Michelle pulls down Candy's underwear and sniffs it before licking Candy. The professor gives Michelle a big black dildo to use on Candy's asshole. The headmaster comes over for some sucking by Michelle before doing doggy anal with Candy, then doggy before they both suck on the headmaster. Michelle then takes Candy's shirt off to reveal large natural boobs held back by a pink polka dot bra and the headmaster gets a tit fuck by Candy. Candy then pulls up her skirt and does RCG anal, then spoon anal while kissing Michelle. Michelle finally loses her shirt and makes Candy suck on her breasts. Michelle gets stripped down to stockings/heels before getting missionary on the bed. Both girls suck on the guy on the bed for a while, then Michelle hops on for RCG, then missionary, and the guy finally jerks off in Candy's mouth with is over Michelle's stomach and Candy licks him off before putting him back in Michelle.

Michelle had great facial expressions during this scene and played the head student well.

Scene 5 (Henessy)
Henessy (very cute brunette with stomach tattoo) is in the library where she strips out of schoolgirl outfit and puts on a short blue polka dotted skirt and then the two professors come in to find out that she's getting ready to go to a party which is not allowed, so they have to teach her a lesson. Her dress gets pulled down so one of them can massage her breasts, then she turns around and pulls out a professors cock to suck on while the other spanks her butt with a whip. She gets sat on the couch while deep throating one of the teachers until the other one comes over to get sucked on so she has to do RCG with the other one, then she gets spooned on the couch (her dress is now around her waist) while sucking on the other teacher, then one legged missionary, then doggy anal, then she tit fucks one guy while getting doggy anal, then CG DP (the guy on the bottom looks like he's going to pass out with her breasts rubbing his face), then RCG DP (her natural breasts do a great bouncing), then RCG anal (her skirt disappears), then RCG, then RCG DP, then RCG DPP, the she sucks both of them at once, then CG, then CG DP until one guy cums on her ass before continuing w/ the CG DP, then CG anal, then CG DPP, then missionary while sucking the other guy until the missionary guy pulls out and jerks himself off on her stomach, then she sucks him clean while the other guy does missionary until he jerks off on her stomach. She kneels down and licks both of them to finish the scene (too bad her eye liner is smeared everywhere).

Henessy looks like she is enjoying herself and you wouldn't expect her to do all she does with such an innocent face. She also makes great faces while having sex and she has a great ass that we don't see enough of.

Cumshot recap, Photo gallery (not that great...I could have lit them better), Trailers (Aphrodiziac, Tori Black Nymphomaniac, Ladies Who Lust, Young Harlots School Trip, Evil Elegance, Young Harlots Private Lessons)

Other Comments:
The sex had more heat than I expected for a gonzo style movie. The scenes are fairly long as you can probably tell. It's probably the best of the Young Harlots series if the trailers are any indication. The lighting isn't as good as Dorcel's movies (you could tell there were a few bare bulbs and there's uneven lighting in this movie).

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