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Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets

Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets

Studio: Harmony
Category:  All Sex , Barely Legal , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Aaryanna's ratings for Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  11/25/2010
Looking for a New Young Girl Series? How About One from England?

I was looking for a new young girl series. One that I could watch with my guy as a prelude on those nights when I play ‘dress up’ – as a young school girl, what else? (You know; short plaid skirt, white cotton socks, open white blouse -- the whole bit.)

I happened upon this title – because the girl on the box (Sandy Cage) with her big eyes -- reminded me of Sasha Grey.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was ultimately very pleasantly surprised. The opening scene had some nice girl-girl action which got my juices flowing. After that it was strictly boy/girl. But most scenes had multiple guys – which, of course, increased the flow of cum at the end significantly. And the girls, fortunately, drank or tasted whatever came their way.

What set this movie apart, though – was the amount of finger poking and fisting in pussies and ass holes (which I had seen before in other European flicks). But since this video featured young English girls – it was both very refreshing and exciting to see these acts perpetrated -- on babes young enough to seemingly still have their cherries. Even better, some of these young whores were endlessly banged satisfyingly back-and-forth in their cunts and bung holes repeatedly, after they had been sufficiently dilated ahead of time, of course.

One girl, the one on the box – even did double-vag and double-anal in the same scene, without ever falling out of character once as a barely adolescent teen. Bravo!

Here is some of the surprisingly abusive nasty young girl action you can expect to enjoy:

Scene 1: The movie takes place at a croquet school for girls. The girls all gather outside for lessons, and there are some nice upskirt shots of thong knickers under too-short pleated skirts. Very tasty.

Two pony-tailed lasses engage in some nice girl-girl kissing and nipple licking in the foyer of the academy. It’s amazing how creamy breasts can appear when peeking out from between unbuttoned clean white blouses. Meanwhile, Eve Angel drinks orange juice sensuously at the breakfast table while another eager coed nibbles on her pussy down below.

The other two girls get more serious by moving to the staircase to lick each other’s twats. The camera work with close-ups on faces and private parts (throughout the entire film) was superb. The girls’ finger fucking and pussy licking is surprising wet and nasty.

There’s a nice up-close shot of Eve’s gorgeous dangling breasts which jiggle as she’s dildo fucked doggy in her pussy by her friend.

The girls in the foyer are eventually discovered by one of the men, so they transition seamlessly into taking turns sucking on his dick. The fun part comes when one of the girls takes charge by grabbing the other girl’s jaw – to forcibly thrust the babe’s mouth upon the stiffened dude’s schlong. She later does one better by deep throating him down to his balls. Nice!

The dude starts fucking one girl doggy in her pussy which displays her gorgeous arse – while the other tart sucks and deep throats him when he pops out. Lucky bastard!

One slut then lies atop the other, and the gent goes back and forth between their snatches as both girls howl with delight. One brat then takes it up doggy up her ass – and then in her pussy – as she licks her partner’s cunt hungrily down at the other end. One of the bitches later sits on her best friend’s face – before the guy shoots his warm load across both of their chests. But they lick it all up to share, so the movie’s off to a rousingly good start.

Scene 2: In the second scene, the girl on the box, Sandy Cage, is being spanked bare-bottomed next to an open window. She lays face-down serenely across her man’s lap like a good little girl.

I didn’t understand the significance of this at first, but the dude spends a lot of time lubing up her ass, and then sticking fingers of one or both hands in there, as well. Sandy, with her cute bangs and pony tails, doesn’t look a day over fourteen. So those of you who’d enjoy watching a barely adolescent lass doing the nasty her in rear might be pleased by what happens next.

He eventually jams his whole hand into her ass hole, her pussy – and her mouth – and she definitely enjoys the flavor. I was beginning to worry that this pervert would keep this up all day. But, fortunately, another gent joins in – and the two of them spend the rest of the afternoon fucking her instead. Thank God.

She rides one dude’s dick on the love seat. She’s a howler, so the other gent silences her by jamming his rod into her sweetly pubescent mouth. That’s better. She has a pink pimple on the inside of her ass cheek, and I got dizzy watching it going up and down. The bastard then takes advantage of the extensive lubrication her gave her earlier – by shoving his member into one of her holes and then the other. What a cad!

But the other guy wants his piece. Why not? So they DP Sandy instead, and she takes it all in without a whimper. Good girl! I’m almost embarrassed to admit this – but this was the best DP segment I’ve seen in ages. It gets even nastier moments later when both dudes stick their dicks simultaneously into her ass; and later when she’s face up, they repeat the maneuver – into her very young vagina!

Sandy starts to tire and grimace towards the end, especially as the lubrication, both natural and artificial, begins to wear out.

The fucking of her pussy and asshole becomes even more abusive, as the gents make Sandy prop her butt up in the air – and as they take turns screwing down into both holes forcefully back and forth while Sandy squeals in agony.

Both men come across Sandy’s tummy after fucking her lovingly one last time in her twat. They use their fingers to scoop their milky cum into Sandy’s mouth, and she smiles earnestly at the camera afterwards.

This was easily one of the most disgustingly exciting pussy-to-ass young girl fucking I had ever witnessed.

In looking at the credits, I see that this might’ve also been Sandy’s only on-screen appearance. Gee, I wonder why?

Scene 3: The action shifts back to Eve and Susana who are now atop the dining table and enjoying each other in a sixty-nine. They are soon discovered, of course – and Susana is peeled off by one gent – to get fucked solo in one of the bedrooms.

The dude licks the digits of one hand – and then slides half into her pussy – and half into her arse. If you imagine him giving the Vulcan salute – to both of her lower orifices – you won’t be far from the truth. And that’s exactly where he poles her moments later – in her ass, pussy and mouth – in succession.

Another guy joins in, no surprise. But they take turns screwing her from both ends; one in her backdoor or cunt, and the other in her mouth. The camera work was excellent, and I couldn’t stop enjoying the pretty view of Susana’s delicate slit.

Susana shoves her backside into the air – and the men take turns drilling down into both upturned holes. With her beautiful heart-shaped face, Susana looks a lot like Lanny Barby while being subjugated.

In a really despicable finish, the perps ejaculate across the inside surfaces of Susana’s pleated skirt – how rude! And Susana just leaves it there – what a whore! But she does suck appreciatively on both dicks afterwards. How truly lovely.

Scene 4: Just when you think you’ve seen it all, THREE gents have their way with Poppy Morgan, who reminds me of a young Lauren Phoenix (one of my favorites).

Poppy, of course, enjoys the distinctive of having ALL of her orifices filled at once. Poppy also gets a pussy stretching double-vag. The guys even lay her up against the bed – to throat fuck down into her pretty saliva and pussy juice covered face.

In the most romantic finish, Poppy takes all three loads into her mouth and swallows whatever she can. She smears the rest across her breasts – and takes a last loving swig from each penis – before the camera cuts away.

Scene 5: Sandy returns for a nice upskirt croquet lesson cameo at the start. But it’s another British blonde who is taken into the bushes – for some very healthy mouth fucking – and whatever else the brutish cad has in mind.

The blonde, who has the largest speaking part -- has an unbelievably delicious set of boobs – which the guy enjoys by sticking his dick in between them.

The girl rides him in her pussy while facing in both direction. She then does it while standing, with him behind her -- and in front as though they were ballroom dancing.

She begs for his cum in cockney – and the guy obliges – by dripping it deeply into the back of her throat. And she continues to savor his hardness as the delicious semen drips off of her chin and on to her gorgeous tits.

Scene 6: Time for Eve Angel to get fucked, right? Wrong. But we do get an encore performance from Carmel (who appeared in the first scene) who gets her mouth and pussy impaled while in an elegant Elizabethan bathroom.

The finish arrives fairly quickly and is delivered across Carmel’s tongue, face and boobs. Carmel pushes her globes together – to squeeze the semen out. She also plays pop-goes-the-weasel with his dick – by making a popping sound when his penis flicks out of her mouth. How cute.

As extras, there are some fun interviews with the girls. As a suggestion, you might want to watch the interviews first. Hearing the bitches’ English accents ahead of time might make it easier for getting in the mood to watch.

There’s also some additional kissing between Eve Angel and Susana Abril which was absolutely delightful.

To conclude, I’d have to say that the energetic and erotically repetitious pussy-to-ass fucking is what really makes this film note worthy.

I also didn’t mind letting my guy watch this type of action being inflicted upon other young women – because he certainly isn’t going to get this in his real life, is he? But isn’t that what porn is all about?

Hopefully I’ll get to see another episode of the ‘Young Harlots’ from Harmony really soon. In the meantime, don’t miss out. Enjoy.

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