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Young Cummers (FusXion)

Young Cummers (FusXion)

Studio: FusXion
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Young Cummers (FusXion):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Young Cummers (FusXion) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Young Cummers (FusXion) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Young Cummers (FusXion) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Young Cummers (FusXion) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Young Cummers (FusXion) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Young Cummers (FusXion) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young Cummers (FusXion) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  1/26/2005
Pat Myne's: Young Cummers

Initial Thoughts: Well in porn or in any other entertainment genre, to set yourself apart and get a following these days, it takes a little something different. With a title like "Young Cummers" one might expect a series to contain scenes of younger or newer women, but no this one does not do that, in fact the cast list is quite a well established one at that. The fact is, is that this title doesn't really do anything that stands out, there is no real "genre" here, it's just a collection of new 1 on 1 scenes. There isn't anything wrong with that, a couple of these scenes are pretty good, and well done, but too often things are just a little flat and mechanical for my tastes, , it's not exceptionally passionate or energetic, and a average list of extras doesn't change that either. Overall a nice effort but just nothing that I can jump up and scream about.

Technical thoughts: No real complaints, balance on the audio could have been better, and camera work and lighting have a few issues from time to time, but on the whole it's plenty acceptable. Menus are simple and easy to read and navigate through.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Tyla Wynn and Marc Davis

Tyla has gotten to "old pro" status in a hurry, but she is far from being old, and is one hot little babe. She starts out with a nice bit of tease, and talks about getting her ass fucked. She rubs her pussy and spreads out her ass and fondles her breasts for the camera. She walks over and bends down to suck Marc's cock, and we get a nice underneath look at her breasts hanging down as she blows him. She gets a brief titfuck, and the BJ is a little bit sluggish. Marc fingers her ass, and licks her pussy before fucking it in missionary, things are a little slow at first and there isn't a lot of chemistry as they move to doggy, things get going more and Tyla does a great job in reverse cowgirl next, as she bounces up and down on him, Marc picks her up and lays her down on the couch and centers his dick right in on her butt, and after some slow going at first, he gets to work opening up her ass. She rides him with short strokes in reverse cowgirl, and gets off to clean his cock with her mouth for some ATM on a couple of occasions throught the position. The just cut to Marc cumming on her face, and it's really abrubt. Tyla gets a good facial though, but they don't give her the screentime to do much cleanup. This scene just was kind of flat and stayed that way. Duration: 25:41 mins

Scene 2: Roxy Heart (Roxy Jezel) and Benjamin Brat

Roxy is posing in a doggy position, bent over the stairs, and crawls up them and gives us a flash of her pussy now and then as she strolls up the steps. Once she gets up top, she strips down more for us, and inserts a buttplug right where it is supposed to be, and leaves it there. She starts to play with herself, but before she gets too involved, Ben comes in and starts to face fuck her, and she "loves it" she gets out as she takes a breath, before he can see how far he can stretch out her cheek. Roxy gives some good head and spends a fair amount of time sucking balls before she mounts him in cowgirl and rides him hard as he holds onto the buttplug still inside her. The plug finally comes out, and goes straight to her mouth, while he fingers her asshole and soon replaces them with his cock, and she rides him even harder. Roxy dismounts and there is some discharge of fluid (not sure from where) and she does some ATM and licks his ass before remounting in reverse cowgirl this time and picks up the energy right where she left off. More ATM follows, before he fires away at her butt in doggy, and stops to finger her a few times. The move to sidesaddle, missionary and piledriver, all anal, and the ATM fest continues before Benjamin finishes weakly on her thigh with a brief cleanup to follow. Good energy, but things kind of fell off into an exhibition after a while. Duration: 30:37 mins

Scene 3: Taylor Rain and Marc Davis

Taylor has a sexy white outfit on, and goes right to teasing us and showing off just how much she can shove up her ass. She smiles and starts ramming fingers in there and soon pulls out some toys and DPs herself with some orfice to mouth action. Soon though she is seen on her knees holding onto her shoes as Marc inserts his cock into her mouth. She gives a great BJ and stares right up into his eyes nearly the whole time as she no hand blows him all the way to the root with plenty of spit. She goes back to fingering her ass as she blows him, and soon he puts her pussy to work as she gets on him in cowgirl and rides him. She keeps the top on, and looks so sexy as she keeps uping the pace riding up and down and grinding on his cock, both of them get into it, and Taylor stops just long enough for Marc to switch holes and start to fuck her ass. She spins around and rides his cock up her ass in several cowgirl variants, and gets down for some ATM before going back to business. Marc picks her little frame up, and fucks her ass in standing reverse cowgirl, before going to doggy anal. Taylor is her usual vocal self, and flaunts her ass for us as Marc gapes her a bit. They kiss briefly as he slides into her ass in missionary, and she sucks his cock out of her butt a few more times before several cuts in the final seconds lead up to a very good facial, Marc pumps a good load of cum on her face and into her mouth as she looks up at him. Taylor blows some cum bubbles and gets a good bit of froth out onto her face. I did't care for the multiple cuts towards the end it kind of took away from the buildup to the finish, but it was still a pretty good scene, although Taylor has done better. Scene Duration: 24:54 mins

Scene 4: Sabrina and Monique

Both girls are sitting out by the pool in bikinis, and they start to oil each other up with some baby oil, and do some nice tease, they walk together around the pool and into the house where they start to strip each other down and get more acquainted with each other's bodies. They kiss and run thier tongues and hands around each other before getting down to some muff licking and fingering. Thier both in a fun mood, but thier not really into one another sexually, atleast it doesn't look that way on camera, it's more like two friends having some fun and sticking fingers and toys into each other as entertainment, it lacks eroticism. The toys come out for a few minutes, and a vibrator and glass dildo find thier way into each girl at the other ones hand, and there is some PTM and the like, but again these two are just kind of doing it to do it, there is not too much heat in this one, and the girls are not getting off like gangbusters either. Not the best girl on girl scene, but it had some decent teasing. Duration: 20:23 mins

Scene 5: Porscha Blaze and Marc Davis

Porscha is swimming in the pool when we first see her, and she comes up for air in a kind of Bo Derek attempt. She looks sexy and talks to the camera and teases us with a good boob display and a good look at her other various assets, she walks down the poolway, and there stands Marc with his hard on exposed, and being the nice girl she is, Porscha gets down on her knees and uses her mouth to take care of that dick. It's more face fucking than anything, and Porscha is cute and smiling, but she just kind of takes the it more than participate in it. Marc helps her get out of the rest of those wet clothes, and goes down on her with the flicking tongue. He soon tires of that, and slides into her pussy with his cock, and fucks her in missionary briefly before she goes down on him again, she rides him in reverse cowgirl, and livins up a little, with some PTM stoppages as she gets boned in doggy and smiles sweetly as she rides him energetically in cowgirl before he has her get up so he can shoot a wad of cum on her face. She smiles and cleans up her face with her finger and takes a good taste of cum off it. Duration: 22:38 mins


Extra Stuff

Behind the Scenes: 25:40 mins a good look into the backside of the film, lots of posing and some tease and masturbation and a good length of interview type stuff.

Photo Gallery: 20 pics of sex shots from the feature.

Other Extras: Web Access, Trailer reel, popshot access (played all together) and phone sex adds.

In The End

This one just stuck with the basics, and didn't try to cater to a fetish outright. I especially like some of the rather long tease segments, but I found that far too often, much of the action was just uninspired, I don't expect performers to always be in the "I need to fuck or I'll die" mode, but this one got too mechanical, where it felt too much like some of them didn't want to fuck at all. The editing and length of some of the stoppages really interrupted the rhythm of the scenes, and that hurt at times. I liked the cast, and if a few things would have been done differently, this one may have had some real heat. I think appeal for this one is more towards raincoaters than couples, but some couples may find some interest too. I guess I just find this one running into the realm of average, I am one of the biggest Taylor Rain fans out there, and I l like Tyla quite a lot too, and I can say you may want to check this one out if your big fans of them, or any of the cast for that matter, but they were not allowed to be thier best in this one. Maybe a rental, but I'll leave you to make up your own minds. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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