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Young Cream Pies 8

Young Cream Pies 8

Studio: New Machine
Category:  Barely Legal , Cream Pies
Starring: , , ,
Released on: 
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Zoid's ratings for Young Cream Pies 8:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Young Cream Pies 8 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Young Cream Pies 8 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Young Cream Pies 8 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Young Cream Pies 8 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Young Cream Pies 8 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Young Cream Pies 8 DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Young Cream Pies 8 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Zoid  on  9/29/2004
YCP is a compilation of scenes from (mainly) Randy West's Up & Cummers line. I wanted to get my hands on #8 because it contains the famous scene with young Jenna Jameson, and also Crissy Moran. It's curious that the title in the video itself reads "Fresh Cream Pies 8" and I don't know what the deal here is.


Runtime: 2 hrs.
Region: 0
Extras: Photo Gallery, previews from 7 other New Machine releases
Audio/Video: Quality varies greatly because some clips are relatively old. Some scenes have lousy VHS quality, while some others are significantly better.
Notes: I've experienced some strange hiccups with this DVD. For the sake of review, I watched it on my computer (+ DVD-ROM) and during playback, it was okay; but as soon as I paused or tried to fast-forward and then resume with normal speed, the disc kept spinning and at some point, picture froze completely. I thought it might have been some issue with my DVD-ROM, so I tried it on my normal player. It was better, but reading from disc was still not optimal. For the record, the disc was brand new, clean and without scratches. I thought I should mention this.


Scene 1 - Jenna Jameson and Randy West (from Up & Cummers 11)

Jenna Jameson hopefully needs no introduction. The scene starts with Randy eating her pussy. There is also some fingering and rimming, including anal, I think. Jenna then gives some head to Randy as well. Afterwards, the have sex in mish., cowgirl and doggy positions. Randy deposits his load inside Jennas pussy and she squeezes it out with this yummy, farting sound.

Great scene. These two clearly had some fun together. Whoever said Jameson was a lame performer should be silenced forever. My only complaint is that during the intercourse, the camerawork is somewhat inexplicit for my taste. You don't get to see actual penetration often enough. Score:

Scene 2 - Chante and Ed Powers (from New Ends 7)

Chante is giving Powers a BJ. Afterwards, they get straight to business which means anal in spoon position. Then doggy anal. Finally, Ed switches to vaginal, mish. and cums inside Chante's pussy. He then grabs the camera and we see a miniscule load leaking out.

Well, what can I say? You can either like Ed Powers or dislike Ed Powers, there is no way in-between. I don't like him, however, the scene as a whole is not entirely worthless. Chante is hot. Unfortunately, Powers is shooting it himself having a camera on a tripod or something which subsequently makes the picture very "static". Score:

Scene 3 - Nika and Randy West (from Up & Cummers 110)

Nika is a very young looking, cute, Asian girl. As usual, things start off with some oral work. Randy moisturizes Nika's pussy with his tongue, and she returns the favor with a nice, juicy BJ. They proceed to have sex in mish. position, followed by some cowgirl and RC riding. We are then treated with a nice variation of doggy style sex where Nika is lying flat on her stomach and Randy is humping her from behind. After that, the scene cuts to another, very brief BJ intermezzo. Finally, Randy fucks her in missionary position again and cums inside, leaving an okay cream pie.

Hmmm! This scene has its moments, but I am not entirely happy here. First of all, Nika behaves or acts in somewhat infantile manner, almost like a kid. In combination with her very juvenile looks, this doesn't exactly make me comfortable. Her moaning is not really convincing either. Secondly, Randy also doesn't get better with age, and his face turns extremely red during sex which is a turn off. Score:

Scene 4 - Crissy Moran and Jake Ryan (from Up & Cummers 111)

Scene kicks in with a 69 oral sex where we can see Crissy giving Jake a sensual blowjob. Afterwards, Crissy rides him in cowgirl position. They change to a variation of missionary (don't know how it's officially called) where a girl lies on her side. Lastly, they revert back to cowgirl and, presumably, Jake unloads inside, BUT wait...where is the cum? There is none whatsoever, not a drop. Crissy attempts to scoop something out with her finger, but fails. Disappeared it has.

This scene is hot. Crissy is a gorgeous, sensual chick with a terrific ass. Such ass is a pleasure to watch when a girl rides a guy and there is a lot of cowgirl action here. Sweet! However, much is ruined by a non-existant, internal cumshot. I mean what's up with that? Score:

Scene 5 - Pantera and Maverick (from Up & Cummers 108)

Pantera is a blonde, Russian babe who's performing with her husband here, if I am not mistaken. Following the standard formula, the action starts with oral sex where Maverick does some pussy eating, ass rimming and toe licking, and naturally, also receives a rather brief blowjob. Intercourse contains mish., doggy, mish., and cowgirl positions, and ends with a fantastic internal pop shot. We get to see another rapid, blowjob+handjob combo which ends in a 2nd cumshot. Nice touch is that Pantera brings Maverick to orgasm completely on her own. Sadly, she misses her own tongue and jizz lands on her chest and stomach. She continues with the post-cum BJ for awhile, but is doing it gently this time.

I liked this scene a lot. Internal cumshot was the highlight of the action for me because it happened exactly as I like them: in cowgirl position, when girl lifts her butt and cum drips out of her pussy. The only points of criticism that I have are a) Pantera's over-the-top moaning and screaming, and b) toe sucking, especially with the shoes on. This is something I can live without. Score:

What I liked:

  • Female cast, for the most part.
  • The mirror in the scene. Randy West has this big mirror in the room, so at times, it feels like you are watching a couple fucking from two different angles at the same time. Very cool effect.
  • Randy's personal touch. Sometimes, he does a bit of kissing, fondling and makes some personal comments. That adds more chemistry between him and his partner.

What I didn't like:

  • Camera man in the mirror. Yes, I liked the mirror, but I don't want to see a person with the camera in it, unless he takes part in the action, and in this case, he does not.
  • Editing cuts. There are points in Randy's scenes where you get the feeling that he's about to cum but doesn't want to, so he decides to take a break and the camera goes off. Then action resumes from a different point in time and usually, with different position. This is something I don't want to see as it screws up the natural flow of sex.
  • Ed Powers in this compilation. I don't know, he just doesn't fit in.
  • DVD hiccups (see Technical above). This can very well be my own problem, but so far this is the 1st DVD with such glitch.
  • Photo Gallery in DVD Extras. It contains only like 10 pictures of Jenna Jameson. What about the rest?


Pretty well put together compilation. The presence of Jenna Jameson also gives this video some additional value, in my personal, humble opinion. The sex and internal cumshots were mixed in quality, but overall, the action was quite satisfactory. I only wish the cumshots were more spontaneous. What happens now is something like, "Hey baby, now I am going to cum". Bang! Bang! Bang! "Here you go, baby." Anyway, this one is recommended for rental, especially if you're a fan of JJ, Crissy and Pantera.

-Zoid (for questions and comments:

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